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Hi everyone! I'm new to this site and I so badly...

Hi everyone!

I'm new to this site and I so badly want the BBL. I've been in love with Dr. J patient results but I've also grown to fall in love with Dr. Salama results too. As much as I like Dr, J results it's too expensive including the expenses I would have for travel , hotel etc. So I checked out Dr. Lagrasso office and it's affordable for me but I don't know... Not everything cheap necessarily mean good quality. I was all for Dr. Salama until I read a review yesterday and the girls butt didn't look any different until months later. Now that was the first bad review I read on this guy so not sure. I wish I could get the surgery ASAP but unfortunately I did not get approved for financing ( prob due to recent bankruptcy) :(

Wish pic

This is work done by a new doctor that I'm hearing about (dr. Duran)

Wish pic

Love how it looks....

Ugh. Me..and my no booty

My big stomach...lol

Notassatall... Smh

So....strongly considering Dr. Duran

So I literally stayed up all last night looking at pictures from this goddess of a doctor. She has tripled my reason for wanting this surgery. Now, I'm just waiting for a quote. I see most ppl on here say its hard to get in contact with her. I e-mailed her on Friday (9/20) after 5pm EST. So I'll just wait for a few days until I get a response.. will update with quote/response from her once I receive it.

I guess while I"m waiting I'll send Dr. Yily an e-mail for a quote today.

Got a quote from Yily!!!!

I literally emailed her earlier today and I got a response with a quote for $3250 which will include:

-Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, armpits, flanks and waist
-Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) via fat grafting to the buttock

I'm sort of happy but sad because I haven't seen a lot of pics for Yily. Torn... :/

Still waiting....

Still waiting on a quote from Duran. I requested her on FB and Instagram which she accepted my requests...but not quotes yet...still remaining hopeful though. I completely understand how busy she must be.

Still Waiting..at least Duran responded "Hi"

Well...I blew up Dr. Duran whatsapp...when I put a sad face she responded and said "hi"....I nearly fell out my seat but was bad feeling anxious again when that was all she wrote :(. I'm still remaining hopeful though...so in the meantime I'm posting some more wish pics...

Thinking of hiring Bella Vita

I'm thinking of hiring Jazmine to coordinate this. I'm becoming so overwhelmed with not getting a response. Is she worth $150 though???? Thinking about..but by 5:30 I think I'm just going to go ahead and pay it...I kind of feel bad though because I thought I would have heard from Duran by now. I've only been waiting a week....#confused

So I hired Jazmine and I received a quote....from Baex

I had previously e-mail Baez before hiring Jazmine...but she quoted me $4,000 for TT, lipo of arms, abdomen, flanks and butt lift. I didn't ask her for a quote for a TT she responded with that. Not quite sure about that. Another thing she mentioned is that I have to be 180 pounds or less for surgery. I am still wanting Duran...despite not getting in contact with her but that's what Jazmine is for now. I know $150 could have been money towards my passport...but I am really anxious by nature and playing this bill collector chasing game is not working for me. I'm praying to hear some good news within the week (maybe 2) about a quote so I can start to see the reality of this entire new body changing experience.

Until next time :)

Well that was quick.....

So I decided to make the decision to hire Jazmine from Bella Vita Consultants...unfortuntely as happy as I was to hear back from her so soon who would have thought my big koolaid smile would turn into tears. Apparently Duran had the chance to review my photos and says that she cannot provide me with a quote because I need to loose 20 pounds. I find this to be unfair because I've been glued on this site and I have saw a lot of my plus size sisters run to Duran because she's good with bigger woman. Now I weigh 190 pounds which I'm sure has dropped down to 185 (been dieting) and I feel like this is personal (yeah yeah yeah say what you want). I feel its personal because I've e-mail Duran like crazy between e-mails, calling, whatsapp, etc. Now I'm considered too fat for surgery??? I am extremely upset by this and honestly this has left me with a sour taste about her in my mouth. At least Yily and Baez recommended weight loss but still provided a quote etc. Duran is turning me away???????? Somebody help me calm down...

Surgery date confirmed.... Jan 29, 2014

So it's official...January 29th is my surgery date and my surgery buddy and I will be transformed. I can't wait because we prayed that Baez had something available in January and she did. She has been very responsive in answering my questions and I feel comfortable. So next thing is to get my passport and book my flight. I'm debating whether I should wait to book my flight or get it now.

Oh and I'll start working on my supply list so I have a lot of things to do. But I'm excited. ..time to watch Scandal...catch ya later......

Can't stop thinking about my new body

Hey ladies...

Honestly...I am so excited and nervous at the same damn time. I can't believe that something I've wanted to do for so long is finally about to happen soon. I just got out of an almost 7 year relationship (was engaged to be married) to a man that decided he didn't want to be with me anymore. Honestly, it broke me down to the core...I literally had to pick myself up and start all over. Now, I'm in a place where everything I wanted to do (but couldn't do) I want to make it all happen. I want to do it for ME. For so many years of my young and adult life I have been extremely embarrassed of being labeled as "no-ass-at-all". My brother used to make fun of me and men would see me and say dang she look good but when they checked me out from the back they would say "hell naw she ain't got no ass". I can't even begin to say how I hated myself because of it. Too bad they never even got a chance to know me. Don't get me wrong to have someone notice me is a plus but NOT the reason why I want to do it. I myself am embarrassed when I get dressed and have to buy booty pads or even wear different shapers to make my non existent behind seem sort of alive. So I am finally going to do something for me....and quite frankly...it feels pretty damn good.

I promise to update this as much as possible for those who are looking to follow my journey. I think the most important thing that women on here love is a well documented journey. If I'm able to answer any questions please feel free to inbox me or post it here (inbox is probably better).

Well...I better start working on my paper..no need to fall behind in school because of this #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat.

Later luvs xoxo

Stay away from the credit card....

So I've kind of been going crazy and buying a whole bunch of random items for my trip. Part I have been doing this out of boredom, depression and excitement (I know it doesn't seem like they all go together LOL). However my surg buddy told me to lay off all this spending and focus lol (She is too cool ;) Anywho..I did apply for my passport on Monday so I'm waiting for that..and so far here are the list of things I purchased:

1. boppy pillow
2. MMH (Make Me Heal) Pre and Post vitamins
3. Compression socks (I'm going to order me the anti-embolism
ones too)
4. Maxi pads
5. Benadryl Extra strength itch gel
6. Antibacterial soap
7. Hibiclens
8. Chux
9. No rinse body wash
10. Desitin Diaper rash cream
11. Bacitracin ointment
12. Diurex


-Lipo foam
-Maxi dresses
-Slip on shoes
- Toiletries
- Plane ticket
-Travel insurance
-Ab board
-scar creams
-Other vitamin (maybe)
-lysol wipes
- Stool softner
- and probably some other stuff I"m missing...can't think now

Received my Supplies..

So...I received the supplies I ordered. It came fairly fast. As promised, I'm not doing any supply shopping but I did buy a new cell phone (LOL). I'm going to start wrapping with the Myitworks wraps. Hopefully that will help with the bit of saggy stomach I have and starting Monday I'm going to eliminate bread, juices, and sweets out of my food choices. I'm going to replace it with fruits and vegetables. I ordered a scale because honestly it's been about a month since I weighed myself. Today I feel heavy so I hope when I get on the scale I don't pass out.

Everyday I'm feeling more and more comfortable with Dr. Baez. She responds to my e-mails and she makes me feel like I'm not just a number or whatever. I have asked her LOTS of questions and she answers them all. I keep seeing her work on here and I"m just too excited for 1/29/14 (The day I will leave the flat side) lol

Catch ya later ladies!

98 days and counting......

Hey ladies!!!!!

So I got my passport last week (YAY!!!) And NO I haven't ordered any more supplies LOL. The next thing I'll be purchasing will be my plane ticket which I plan to purchase that in the next few weeks. I'm getting so excited about this surgery that I'm already seeing my new body in my dreams. I'm also considering trying the ITworks wraps to tighten and tone my stomach a bit AND a guy from my church is going to train me (scared).

I am already at 185lbs and technically according to Baez I would have to be 180 or less. My goal weight pre-surgery is 160lbs. I've read a lot of reviews that recommend you be as close to your goal weight before surgery. So that's my mission.

Also for any ladies curious about the facility in which Dr. Baez does surgery can be change (to the hospital instead of the clinic) for an additional $500.

Until Next time ladies..

So...I've lost some weight

I'm currently loosing weight and trying to work towards my pre-op goal of 160lbs. Right now I'm at 182.6. I have some help from a guy who is a personal trainer. I'm confident that I will get way past that weight but I'm taking it as it is.

I have been dreaming about Duran's work and it is a freakin shame. You mean the same doctor that denied me? Yep, as a matter of fact she recently posted a picture of a heavy set lady and she did the DAMN thing! I mean I literally fell out of my seat when I saw the before and after pictures.

I don't know why or what happened to my pictures. long story but I'm posting my pictures and I will update as we go. I want to be able to motivate other RS sisters that whatever you want, don't be scarrred! LOL

Laters dolls

Had to redo the pics..smh

Ok, current weight of 182.6
Goal weight: 160

Switching doctors..going back to Duran!!

Hey luvs!!! Well you all know that I was pretty pissed about being denied by Duran...but for some reason I was always set on choosing her and I love what she does to the bodies. I initially chose Baez because of her quick responses, etc. But after reading reviews about those RS ladies who are loosing so much volume and having to schedule a round 2 I decided that I needed to do whatever it takes to get Duran to be my doctor. So I loss some more weight and told Jasmine to resubmit to Duran and BAM I got a quote...now I'm just waiting on a date (2/3/13) to go with my surg buddy. I am so excited because I am IN LOVE with Duran work and I need her in my life. So now I'm waiting on confirmation on a date...

Changed doctors!!!!!!!!!

Hey there ladies!!!!

So it was a difficult decision but I decided to changed doctors. I will be going with Dr. Ghurani from Vanity Costmetic Surgery. I got an amazing Black Friday special and I could not resist considering I would feel more comfortable in my own neck of the woods. I love love LOVE Duran's work and if I could really not be so scared to fly out of the country I would do it just for her...but the situation is it's easiest to get things done here. I had initially planned to use FMLA with my job and I heard from reading other RS post that they won't sign the papers until after the surgery, etc. So, that will not work for me because honey I need my j-o-b (LOL). So I will keep everyone updated and I can't wait to get a nice juicy booty. To be honest, I'd be happy with anything other than what I have now..LOL


Don't have a date yet...

I am so determined to be walking on the nude beach with my new booty in a two piece. Girllllls I am dreaming about a booty...I got it so bad that every woman I see with a booty I'm thinking how I want mine to look LOL. I will officially get my date once the balance has been paid in full. I almost postponed my surgery (because I wanted to buy a house instead) but then when the lender spoke to me today he said I should wait another year or so before purchasing a place. So I am going to do that. I should have this paid in full no later than January 24, 2014. But once I know for sure that I'll have it then I"ll start my vitamins. I can't wait to get my ASS. I've been so lost without it LOL

Happy Holidays RS!!!!!!!

Can't wait

Happy New Year!!!!!

Starting today I promise to track and update you all every single step (ok, I'm lying lol) most of everything during the next few weeks. My tentative surgery date is 1/24/14 with Dr. Jonathan Fisher..I cannot wait. I want my booty now!!!!!!! If I could get it done tomorrow, I would (no lie)...I will upload videos and pictures (the whole nine yards) and I will not be about that foolishness that I see here on RS. My profile will only be about surgery pre and post op. That is it. :)

Take care (time is winding down)

I will be back soon!

Just got out of the hospital..

Hey ladies!!!!

Well I just got of the hospital after being there for 4 days. I'm good...nothing major (Thank God) so please forgive me if I haven't responded immediately to your message or post. Also, I am getting crazy nervous. I just told my mom who has tried to convince me that I do not need it. No worries though because I AM GETTING IT. NO MORE DISCOURAGEMENT. WHew! Now that we've gotten that out of the way (lol) I am trying to prepare the FMLA paperwork (leave from work) and also make sure my money is right so I can be comfortable (but uncomfortable) during the surgery. I am really excited and I cannot wait I just want to hurry up.

I am going to try and set reminders to post pics and videos during this entire journey (please bare with me...I'm also a grad student so things can get hectic)

I'll be back in a few more days ....maybe lol


The tea for today!!!

So...I've been researching back and forth trying to decide what doctor should I go with. I've been praying that I do as much research as possible to ensure I'm in the best most qualified surgeon.
So...here's what I found:

Dr. Fisher is a board certified in Otolaryngology. He is NOT board certified in plastic surgery (Which is what we're getting). Sooo, I can no longer choose him as my doctor because of this. It's like going to a foot doctor for a dermatologist issue (does that make sense?) I do not want to discourage others...you most definitely have to do your research in this journey. You all can check with any plastic surgeon on this website: http://www1.plasticsurgery.org/

That site is the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. As it states from the site: "nyone can wear a white coat, but not everyone is board-certified. Using the American Society of Plastic Surgeons' free Find a Surgeon tool, you can find information on qualified, highly-trained plastic surgeons around the world.

The U.S. and Canadian surgeons listed in this service are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery® or The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada®.

All surgeons listed in this service are active or international members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. You can search for an ASPS Member Surgeon by geographical area or name.."

Do your research and let's make an informed educated decision about our lives.

bye for now


Dr. Fisher is board certified in Plastic Surgery. The young lady confirmed it by sending me a copy of his credentials so I seen it for myself. Sorry for the confusion because I AM NOT spreading rumors, just simply documenting my experiences. Please let's not get out of control with it..

So I'm still going with Fisher and I am about to confirm whether or not I'll be sticking with the 24th of this month as my surgery date. I will keep everyone updated.

Happy Friday luvs!!!!!

Consultation Day!!!!!!!!!!! Part I

So I'm at Dr. Fisher's office now waiting to see him so I can describe what I want. I also want to confirm with him whether or not I'm supposed to take pre op vitamins because I was told by the coordinator at Vanity to NOT take any vitamins. I found that to be odd because I always hear of everyone taking vitamins before surgery. It's not completely odd because when I had a breast reduction surgery two years ago I did not take any vitamins before surgery. So I'll update you all about that vitamins situation.

I'm kind of nervous but in a good way. I can't believe it's really happening. Oh before I forget, when I initially started looking into having surgery I wanted to apply for credit for part of my surgery but I initially was declined. The other day I said to myself that I was going to reapply and was approved via CareCredit. So I'm jumping for joy. The only thing I need to purchase is massages. The lady at Vanity quoted me $550 for five or six (can't remember) and 10 or 12 for $550. Now I'm going to do my research to find a good person and at a cheaper price, if possible.

The office in Miami is very clean so far and nicely decorated. I feel good... I'll be back with an update on what the doctor says at my consultation...


Consultation with Dr. Fisher Part II

So the consultation went well!! Dr. Fisher looks exactly like his picture lol. He's really nice and very knowledgeable. He says he can work magic on this body. He's a bit of a jokester too LOL!!!

He said that with the lipo it will leave me with a bit sagging but he wouldn't recommend a tummy tuck because I have not had kids yet etc. So I'm ready to get reconstructed and he's going to help me with it.

I feel so comfortable with him. I do labwork on Wednesday so I'll document that as well LOL. I feel very comfortable with him and I told him "I'll see you in the operating room" BOL.

Time is winding down.........


Received Pre-Op Instructions today!!!!!!!!

Yisel from the Miami office e-mail me pre-op instructions for my surgery on next Friday 0_0 It just became real. Here's what the e-mail looks like:

Vanity Cosmetic Surgery
(PRE-OPS Instructions)

The week before of the surgery you cannot:

· Drink any alcohol
· No natural tees
· No herba life
· No protein shakes
· No aspirin (if you have any pain you may only drink Tylenol)
· No vitamins
· No birth control pills


The day of the surgery you can't have

· Any Acrylic or gel nails
· No nail polish
· No jewelry
· No creams
· No make up
· No eye contacts

After the surgery

After the surgery it’s recommended to walk 20 min per hour everyday, starting the day of the surgery.

*The day before your surgery an assistant will contact you to give you the last minute instructions and the time you must be at the clinic. Please reply this message as a confirmation that you received the instructions a week before of your surgery.

Thank You

So tomorrow I will do my blood work since they could not do it on Wednesday. I will update you all tomorrow after I've done my blood work...

5 more days!!!!!!??

Hey ladies!!!

So I tried to get my blood taken once again and it was a complete fail. Apparently, my veins are so small and deep that they couldn't get the three measly tubes they needed. So I got a script to go to Quest Diagnosis to get this done. I'm so anxious and excited and all other emotions at once. So I'll try and go to quest tomorrow if they are opened...

Until next time

4 More days until I get a booty

So great news: Quest was able to draw my blood. I did like 5 tubes but I didn't care I was just happy to get this blood work done so I can continue fantasizing about my new booty lol. I ordered a maxi skirt and it came today. I believe a few supplies that I ordered will be arriving either today or before my surgery. I ordered my garment last week and I'm praying that it comes before surgery.

Well I'm in lala land all this week and I'll be posting updates everyday until day of surgery. Hopefully I'll have a friend post on my behalf in the event I'm in too much pain to do it myself.

Later dolls!! Xoxo

3 MORE DAYS!!!! 0_0

Hey Ladies!!!!

I appreciate all the love and support from each and every one of you! I am so overwhelmed with everything. I just realized I do not have any clothes to wear for surgery day. I am still waiting for my garment that I purchased from "The Pink Room". I do not know why I have not received any information from them. I am going to call them because otherwise I'll have to purchase one myself. Oddly enough I sell these type of garments but I am sold out on the one I need.

I did have someone from the Miami office call me who did not speak any English and then hung up (weird). So I called my coordinator and told her and she's up on it. I just need confirmation that they signed my FMLA papers and received my test results (which they should by tomorrow).

That's it for now..I am truly excited that I'm finally doing something for ME.

Almost time to retire the name "Noassatall". :)

Later dolls

2 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey ladies!!!!

Time is winding down..so I ended up calling the Pink Room about my garment. They shipped it out yesterday but it says it won't get here until Friday afternoon btwn 12-4 :(. So more than likely I"ll end up buying one from the office. I'll be returning it...maybe my surgery may be in the afternoon (I doubt it) But I"ll officially know tomorrow what time my surgery will be and any other instructions they will give me.

To say I'm excited, is an understatement. Once again, I'm putting my trust in God first to use Dr. Fisher to successfully mold me again. I can't believe I'm finally doing this and I am ready. Continue to pray for me and I may ask my old surgery buddy (Mysexyback35) to log-in and post on my behalf. I'll ask her..she's super cool :).

No big updates..today is my last day at work. I'll be taking a leave of absence and when I return to work I should be at least 60%. Thank you Thank you and Thank again for following my journey!!!!

Later loves

Tomorrow is THEE BIG DAY!!!!!!!!

Hey there ladies!!!!

So I received a call today from Juliet (Dr. Fisher's Assistant). They said my labs were good and I'm all set for surgery at 11AM tomorrow. I was instructed to not wear any creams or make up and to wear loose fitting clothes. Also do not drink or eat anything 8 hrs before surgery! I am so nervous and scared and I can't believe it's finally coming true. I've dreamt about this day for years and now it's about to be reality. My garment is not going to arrive until tomorrow but I'm going to cancel and ask for a refund. I'm just going to buy one at the office there. Whelp, I'm just getting last minute things done ( just bought my arnica gel and maxi dresses and robes ) so I think I'm all good for now. In a couple of hours I'll go get my gel nails removed per their instructions :( but all for this new booty ha ha ha

Later loves

IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!! SX day see y'all on the big booty side :)

Hey ladies! Well today is the day! No more no booty but big booty ( I hope) lol I'm still nervous and excited. I took a shower this morning with anti bacterial soap. No creams or make up :( no nails either so I'm completely naked lol!!! As soon as I'm out I'll try to get some pictures but give me a sec to let the anesthesia wear off lol I'm not going to leave y'all hanging! Ok ladies wish me luck I'm heading to the office now

Later loves

I made it over!!!

Hey dolls!

I made it over .. A bit stiff and I can't post any pic now but I'll ask my friend to do it tomorrow depends how I'm feeling. Just popped my pain pill and antibiotic .. Full review coming later but I promise it will come. I asked Dr. Fisher afterwards in recovery if he gave me a juicy booty he said yes that I got about 1700 CC. I have yet to look at it because I've been dizzy and slightly nausea.

Post op appt in the AM

Thank you for your prayers!

Post op appointment !

Hey ladies !

So I had my post op appointment today. Who would've thought that taking off a faja would be so painful !!!! But the things we go thru to enhance our beauty.. My friend was able to take a picture but I'm still in pain and doped up on medication....until next time.


2 days post op

Hey ladies!! Just checking in.. I've been sore and slightly dizzy. However they told me to drink pineapple juice and it's become my fav! Tomorrow is supposed to be my 1st massage but I'm scared !! I can barely take my faja off without screaming. But it's the soreness and stiffness that hurts the most until you touch my stomach area lol

If I would change anything it would be hiring a nurse. Right now I have friends and family rotating. Well if I get pictures by tomorrow then I'll post them but def on Friday!!

Until next time

Didn't get massage today...

So I didn't get my massage today. I'll get it on Wednesday it's a long story but this is exactly why If I did it over I'd hire a nurse. I took a few pics and I'll take some more when my friend comes over to help me shower!!


First Massage!!!!!

Hey ladies!!!!!

So I finally had my first massage today....and yes it was a bit painful but I do feel a bit better after it. I actually was able to take off my faja without any help. It took me about 15-20 minutes but I'm trying to be self sufficient. I had my friend take a pic for you ladies so you can see my booty lol


So 1 week ago today I was scheduled for surgery on 1/24/11 @ 11AM. I will say that the Miami office is a slow and unorganized and I’m extremely grateful that I DID NOT speak to someone at this office versus the Plantation office. I was about 5 minutes late and when I came in I signed in the front and I was nervous as hell. I didn’t really see any one that I thought was getting surgery so I was just waiting until they called me me in. Well I got called in at almost 12 noon where as they took me to the preparation area to get undress, do a pregnancy test and put on the surgical things (i.e. compression socks, hair net, etc). After about 10-15 minutes I saw the anesthialogist who was really nice and just introduced himself and asked me a few basic questions (i.e. have you had surgery before, are you allergic to anesthia, etc). Next, my doctor, Dr. Fisher came in peeking in with a big ole smile on his face asking if I was ready. I gave him a big smile back as to say “you know I’m ready for my juicy booty”. LOL He took some pictures and then marked me up. He said that I would have some hanging skin and a tummy tuck would definitely make my stomach super flat but next time. I felt so comfortable and all I do was smile as I walked to the operating table. I got on the operating table and I started to get REAL nervous. WHY? Because they had to find my vein to get that anesthia in. So I am hear talking to the guy and telling him how its hard to find my vein and that I’m a cry baby and he’s laughing and joking back with me. Finally I look at the clock, its about 1:18 he gets my vein and I’m asking him “how long until I can get some sleep”. He laughs and says it’s going to happen gradually. That’s the last I remember LOL

SO Recovery time comes. I hear a bunch of people calling my name and waking me up. The first feeling was that I was laying on a rock. It was so freakin cold there. They were asking me to roll over but that ass was holding me down LOL Finally I roll over..I had a hard time waking up because it was cold as hell but also I was dizzy. They were speaking Spanish and trying to help me etc. It was VERY PAINFUL having 3 women put on a damn faja. That was my buyers remorse. I was thinking why in the hell did I do this. But that was only because I felt really handicapped. Well hours must have passed by and they got me up twice to have me walk. First time, I felt so dizzy that I almost passed out (she gave me something in my IV for nausea and dizziness which helped A LOT) Second time it was better to walk around. So I finally got released that day at around 9:20PM at night. My friend had to literally rush through traffic to get my prescriptions in (pain med, ducolace, suppository, anti-biotic) so that I would not be stuck without it. That’s probably one thing that I did not appreciate about Vanity. I feel that they should have called in the prescription or gave them to me a day before so that I wouldn’t have to have my friend run around town to get my medicine filled. Oh well….
First night was hard. I was dizzy and nausea. Thank GOD for the Pez urinal. That will be your best friend. There was no way I can imagine going to the restroom without it Also, make sure to have lipo foam. They will charge you $80 for 4 sheets at Vanity. Total rip off. I didn’t pay it I ordered mine the other day and I’m waiting for it (I paid $46 with shipping for 4).

To the those considering Vanity: I can see now the confusion and slowness of the office in Miami. Those girls do need to get better. However, my coordinator was Claudia in the Plantation office. She is super cool. I call her "mi prima". Secondly, pricing is changing especially during tax season. Why? Because y'all be balling out of control and they want to too. LOL. But forreal I don't know but be prepared to have higher pricing for Fisher. My price did not include a garment but they do sell them at the Miami office and they size you there too. Garments are $120. Also, I would not recommend doing this recovery by yourself, no matter how independent you think you are. I would say to get a nurse at least for 3-4 or more. I think if you plan to stay in Miami Vanity has a recovery spot and if you didn't want to use their recovery there is a company called Care America? I believe you can hire a nurse to run errands for you on your behalf, etc. The pain has only been a bunch of numbness and soreness from the lipo. My stomach area is very sensitive as well as my back. My suggestion is to keep popping the pain pills.

Ok, laying on your stomach is THEE MOST uncomfortable position to sleep or to be typing ..so I'm tired and if you have any questions or whatever..inbox me or post it here.

Later loves!

Pic of stomach

So a few RS sis asked about my stomach. It's getting flatter but rem I had sagging skin due to weight loss and had I gotten a tummy tuck I would not have any loose skin. I don't have any kids so it was recommended that if I want a TT I should get it after having a baby...

Later loves


Hey ladies!

As promised, I'm updating you all to give you pics and info about my recovery experience. Well.. For starters I'm off all meds.. I did start taking those make me heal post op vitamins or whatever. I also, ordered me some silicone strips from CVS.

I had my 5th massage today. Still a little pain on the sides so I definitely need the 10 massages. I have some fluid and hopefully it'll go away. I also saw Dr. Fisher today for a follow-up. He says I look good and that my butt will drop some more and I'm going to be satisfied with everything. I asked him questions about resuming my birth control and he gave me the ok for that. I have another follow up in about a week or so. They took my stitches out today too!

I also was told I'm able to sit but with a pillow and not too much sitting.
I tried to take the best pics possible pls let me know if you have any questions.

Later loves

Shade being thrown ...really?!?

So apparently some RS girls can't appreciate someone documenting their surgery experience. You have no idea how hurtful it is for women to talk about after you've gone through surgery and healing. It's not welcomed or appreciated! If you feel like my results don't look good then keep it to yourself! Ain't nobody got time to look at comments about what you feel look good! We're supposed to be supportive and encouraging and these crazy comments are not. If you have any specific question about my surgery inbox me so I know for sure you're not trying to throw shade .....

Some ppl can't appreciate a true person just trying to help others on this sure...

I'm still going to post a pic too! Hi hater, bye hater!

3 weeks post

Hey ladies..I didn't forget to post or anything. It's been really crazy. More than likely I'll post on Friday with pictures.

Hope you all had a great Valentine's day!!


Do for vine! I ain't gon do it! LOL

Hey ladies!

Yes I'm late on posting... Not because I got discouraged but because I am a very busy person. I had my 7th massage today. Didn't hurt only on the sides.. But the massage therapist says it's coming along well. I also saw Dr. Fisher today and he's amazing! He says I lucked out because my stomach is looking really nice but there is still a chance for sagging skin. My butt will take it's time to drop but it will.. He also showed me my before pictures (I nearly died)
And I took pictures today.. I want to loose weight (at least twenty pounds) so I'm about to start walking 1 mile 5-6 times per week (dr says light cardio).

As always any questions feel free to hit me up!


So I took a pic in some new lace panties and I looked back at it and was like "ok I see you booty". I've also had some random sharp pains which Dr. Fisher said was normal.. Been walking and eventually I'll be walking six miles per week. Besides after going thru all of this there's no way I can let go of myself.

As always, any questions hit me up!

Good night xoxo


So it's been a whole month since my surgery. I'm feeling good. I'm in a 38 (down from a 42) Vedette shaper. I don't know what my ideal size would be...maybe a 34. But I'm going to keep at this garment and its already feeling loose so maybe I'll need a 36 soon...

I may also get some more massages. I have my 8th massage tomorrow (I'll post pics then)


Hey ladies!

RS sis junkindatrunk made me smile with posting a pic so I'm posting a few. I'm cramping really bad (monthly cycle) so I'll post some more this week. I've had 10 massages already and I think I'm going to get five more because my sides still hurt a bit. I'm still getting those random sharp pains but doc says it's normal. I wish you all the best of luck with surgery!


Some pics!!!!

So I'm uploading pics for y'all. Also I have been having a real tough time with Vanity so now I see what y'all ladies were talking about. I promise if I went thru this pre surgery I would have never gone with Vanity. Dr. Fisher is excellent but he has a sorry team of ppl. Ladies please do your research and make sure you have a crap load of patience before selecting Vanity.

Enjoy the pics! :)

Will submit pics this week

So I've been missing...haven't been discourage or pissed off. Last monday was my first day back at work and I had been stressed out with all this paperwork for FMLA that I had to do. Thank God for Dr. Fisher's assistant (juliet) she made sure I corrected the situation. I do not want to go into details because honestly it had nothing to do with the surgery. Goodluck to all the RS ladies that have had their surgery or will be having their surgery. It's truly life changing!!!! I'm at work right now so I'll post new pics hopefully by this Friday :)

Later loves

Missed me?

I would like to apologize for not posting pic when I said I would. I also want you all to know that I will be uploading pics tomorrow (PROMISE). The semester is over with school so I have a little extra time to post pics and respond to messages and comments etc. Give me some time and I'll make sure.

Update: I'm still wearing my garment all day and I don't sleep with it on at night. I need a smaller one. Probably a 36 Veldette. I've gained a little weight so I'm not happy about that so I"ve signed up at a gym (we don't want this surgery to go to waste ladies)... Yes my booty have dropped more and I wore a pair of jeans for the first time since surgery the other day and I must say I was looking in the mirror like 0_0...all that azz in them jeans!!! LOL. I'm at work now so I can't really be on this site like this because I don't want my co-workers to think I"m some lesbian looking at this pics at my desk ROFL..

Later luvs


Hey ladies!

As promised! Here's a few pics. My boyfriend was able to help me out but had that brow lifted like "who getting these pics" lol no worries had to keep my word. I'll post some more when I can



I will be doing an update with new pics. Give me a bit. Remember, I work, run a business, in grad school and I will be moving..so I really don't have time to update as I would like BUT I will submit an update soon. Later dolls!!!



I've been hella busy. I got a new job..still in school. Gaining some weight too. Now, I'm on a quest of losing this weight to keep up with my figure. Booty steady dropping...I'm going to make it my business to post lots of booty pictures on this Saturday. Promise!!!!!!

As you can see I've been love eating

Here's two pics for now. I couldn't take too many because I had to run but more coming soon Xoxo


Hey ladies!!! I just realized a lot of your messages and post have been going to my spam folder so don't think I'm ignoring you :)..... I've still been "trying" to loose weight and I've been thinking how I don't want my butt to go flat so I'm back to wearing my faja again because I have not been wearing it at all... I've also had a small thought about a round two but I'm tripping because I want to have a baby first and then tighten up everything....but don't get me wrong I love my results and I'm learning how to twerk LMAO.... My BF also say to me "come here with that phat a$$" LMAOOOO..... if only he knew back before lmao....dont worry I won't forget to update y'all with some booty pics...until then later!!

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I met with Dr. Fisher on 1/13/14 for my initial consultation. He is very nice and knowledgeable. He provided me realistic results and he knows his craft. He's very friendly as well and does not make you feel bad. After having the procedure done I'm optimistic that my results will be great. Dr. Fisher is a very cool doctor. I felt comfortable letting him sculpt my body. He answered all of my questions and eased my anxiety that I may have had. I would recommend any family or friend looking to do this procedure to this doctor

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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