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Hey Ya'll! I'm 26, Engaged with No Children and...

Hey Ya'll!

I'm 26, Engaged with No Children and I am in desperate need to get my sexy back and finally get rid of my box body! I've already done my research and have decided although Dr. Duran has some of the most perfect results I've ever seen, I'm not going to risk the possible complications of going out of my country to get the results I want. I have chosen Dr. Johnathan Fisher to perform the surgery and I hope to get it done before the end of this year 2015. I spoke to Lianextis at Vanity who provided me the following quote:

Brazillian Butt Lift - $5000 which includes

All Lab Work
All Surgery Room Fees
General Anesthesia

Liposuction to the Following Areas
Full Back (Braline, Flanks,
Full Abdomen (Upper and Lower)
Waist (Lovehandles)

Booty Obsession

I am so ready for the changes I'm making with my body! Even after I worked out and ate right to get myself down to 120 pounds I still didn't have a body I was proud of. Unlike the rest of the women in my family blessed with ample ass and boobs, I ended up huge on top with my father's box booty on the bottom. Yuck. My goal for my BBL is to finally have even proportions and I'm willing to spend a huge grip of cash in faith that Dr. Fisher can give me the ass of my dreams. Looking at a few of you ladies' results, I am sure that he is the man for the job.

I spend way too many hours of my day staring at pictures of booties trying to figure out what I want and what would look best on me. What I definitely is want that high projection inverted heart like Lira Galore and I want a few hundred CC's of fat added to my hips so I can finally have some! The next time I update I'll make sure to add in the dreaded before pictures so ya'll get a full picture of the masterpiece I'm about to become.

Kisses and Hugs

The Dreaded Pre-Op Pictures

This is what I look like right now. Yuck I know lol. From the waist down I am shaped just like a chubby preteen boy. Hopefully from this surgery I will finally be rid of my belly, which no amount of crunches or cardio I've done in the past did anything for. Also I'm optimistic that I'll actually be able to have hips and and the dream hourglass shape I've always dreamed of.

I weighed myself yesterday and I'm topping out the scale at 163. I was 180 or so two months ago so I am happy to announce that I lost the 20 pounds by only reducing the careless snacking, drinking more water and eating cleaner, greener and healthier than I have ever done in my life. My plan is to stay this weight so I can give Dr. Fisher plenty to work with. I'm also on a new regiment of rubbing coconut oil and a few other all natural products into my stretch marks three times a day and it seems to be working just fine reducing and in some places erasing the tiger stripes I've earned going up and down in weight my whole life. Once I figure out what really works, I'll post the recipe. Good Luck Girls and Happy Healing XOXO

Wish Pics 2

Dusting Off... An Update and More Wish Pics

Hello Hello Everyone!

So I'm still here and still funny shaped. I'm sorry I've been away so long but with work, canceling an engagement and leaving a relationship, I've barely had time to do anything other than dream for the body of my wildest imagination. I've spent a little time eating healthier and doing squats to build up my backside but I can tell you that although I've gotten a little improvement out of it, its still no where close to a body that I'm at all pleased with. After all this time, my wishes have remained the same. I want a natural looking inverted heart shaped bottom with wider hips and moderately small waist and flatter tummy. I'm definitely not looking to have the big Nicki Minaj or Blac Chyna effect when I turn around. I would love to look more womanly and curvy on the bottom to balance out my extra large top. Is that too much to ask for? I'll be updating soon with current wish pictures and measurements. Until then happy healing, love and light. XOXO

Soo Ive been thinking about changing my doctor...

Dr Duran was the first doctor I ever considered when I first decided I wanted this surgery. I love love LOVE her work but was really nervous about leaving the country, staying somewhere I couldn't see before I got there, getting surgery and recovering in a foreign country... Buuut I'm now ready and willing to let go of all that to get what I really really want in the end, which is to have a body that doesn't make me run to hit a light switch as soon as my clothes come off.

I also have been considering Dr Yily, she does that modest naturally curvy look I've fallen in love with really really well but I hear her bedside manner needs a lot of work.

Can any of you dolls give me any advice? Dr Fisher, Dr Duran or Dr Yily? Please ya'll, help a sista out.

More Wishes

Trying to refine the shape I want.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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