My Turn Bbl with Dr Fisher - Miami, FL

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So I've been on this site forever it feels like,...

So I've been on this site forever it feels like, stalking butts and Dr's, etc, but now it's finally my turn. I found out recently a Dr was having a promotion for bbl and I called to inquire. Promotion was $3500 for a bbl with 12 areas of lipo. Come to find out the office had multiple Dr's and the promotion was for a specific Dr. I tried to review his work but I couldn't find any, I didn't like that, but another Dr from that office, I did like their work. They said $1000 down I could book sx, total cost 5500,including a garment and 2 massages. I'm scheduled for September 3 Rd with Dr Fisher at vanity cosmetic surgery. I'm waiting for a consultation date tho. The girl from the office keeps saying she's going to email me a date but it's been two days and nothing yet. I'll post pics when I get closer to my sx date or if the Dr says I need to gain weight. I weigh 160 lbs I'm 5'10" 27yo with 3 kids waist is 31"hip is 40".I'd like to be 28-26 waist and 44-46 in the hip.

No Consultation yet

Still no consultation date. Here are some current pics. I feel so embarrassed

Still no consult, might push back the date and do a tt

Just an update, I sent my coordinator, I guess that's what she is (Yessi), an email, I'm thinking about pushing back the surgery because I just started a new job, I'm going to be moving and I just want to be well settled when I do this thing, because I dont want to mess up something so expensive. Also I was thinking about adding a tummy tuck to it. But I still havent heard from the doc yet, which is kind of discouraging. I've read some reviews of other people's experience here with vanity and dr fisher, and it all seems to be the same. This one girl didn't even meet the dr until the day of the surgery. Thats trust and faith, I'm not sure I have. Although the reviews have been great, and his work is pretty great too. I just wish I could meet with him so I could have more direction and confidence in my choice. I sent her an email with my picture like 2 weeks ago and I still haven't heard back. I sent them in because the dr was supposed to look at them and tell me if I needed to gain weight or not. I want to a juicy booty, but I don't want to be fat and have cellulite afterwards either. I told her I actually lost like 10 lbs since I took the photos. Not intentionally, but it happens sometimes. I'll text her tomorrow to make sure she got the email

Some wish pics, nothing too outrageous

So here's some wish pics, nothing too outrageous. I did speak with my coordinator and she said I could probably get a consult in, in August. This is so frustrating, but it's ok, cause I'm going to push it back to January anyways. My friend bridivine had hers done recently in the same office with Hasan. I'm so jealous. She looks freaking fantastic!


So this girl (my coordinator) says I'm going to get a date in August for a consultation, however we on August 6 now and I have not heard from her. I think I'm going to just go to the freaking office. I live about 30 min away so its not a big deal. I'll email her one more time and see if I get a response and a date. I mean I put money down since memorial, when they had a special, this is ridiculous. Anybody else have problems with their coordinators?

Went in to see the doc and.....

I went in to see the doc like my coordinator said, just come in and see him she says. Guess what I go there after dropping my kids off to school and he's not fucking there. A waste of an hour each way drive. Wtf I was so pissed. The only good thing was I got to meet my coordinator, which she agreed I would be a good canidate for the bbl, however I did have questions I wanted to ask after reading some reviews on here I am very concerned with my health and safety with these freaking people. I swear I feel like this place is a step above going to hotel or something to have plastic surgery done, probably about the same as going to mexico, colombia, or DR. I am so afraid of being severly anemic afterwards and needing a blood transfusion, and/or having a post op infection and becoming septic. So I want to know what fluids do they give during surgery. I also want to continue IVF at home at least one bag, and I want a foley because I don't want to be falling all over the place trying to get to the toilet to go pee. Also I think I saw someone with a script for keflex (an antibiotic) but I want to know for sure what their protocol is with pre and post op antibiotic. I am a nurse, so I know to the lay person this maybe excessive but in reading some people's reviews and them describing their feeling of weakness, fatigue, fainting when standing etc its classic signs of hypovolemia, and anemia then a few days later they post that they needed a blood transufusion. FYI ladies you can get a at home monitor that will tell you what your hemoglobin is.When you symptomatic check and call your surgeon if it is low or go to the hospital. Also it may be a good idea to get a bp monitor. It is not hard to use, and could tell you as well if you are at risk for infection and or hypovolemia.

Anyways so we discussed changing the date which I still want january which I have emailed her several times, which she hasn't given me a date in january and I have been asking her for the longest to change my date, still not done. I asked her in several emails what is included in my price, in the face to face I asked her again and she said just compression socks, so everything else not included. I can't remember cause it's been so long, but I don't think thats what she told me when I put my down payment. I remember intially it was one garment, and two massages, but whatever I have nothing in writing because the little bitch never sent me anything. Also I wanted to know I set up bill pay through my bank I wanted to know if they recieved it yet, She said she would check for me and let me know. She hasn't let me know yet this was friday 8/28, I just emailed her again to remind her I need a date in january and to let me know if they recieved the bill pay and to give me an updated invoice. I have her personal number So I think I'm going to start texting her because this is so annoying to me to have to ask her over and over the same things, so now its time to annoy her too.

Date change official

So I know I've been talking about changing my date for the longest, well its finally official. It's going to be on the 4 th of January. New year, new me. I'm so excited. She said because it's a Monday I have to come in on Saturday to labs. I still haven't gone in to talk to the Dr yet tho. How do people consult him before sx if they don't live here?

Vanity inside

So I went today again to try and see the doc. I really hate and despise the fact that they refuse to make appointments to see the doc, but any who, so I went after working all night because I work far away and it's on my way back from work. That was a mistake on my part, but I really don't feel like driving to vanity and spending all day there on my day off either, but it is nice inside the office. It's pretty big, lot of people there, busy office. But my only issue is OH MY FUCKING GOD when did I get on the airplane and leave the fucking country? I feel like it is the most rudest thing in life is to speak another language in a place of business, but in all honesty it's not just the staff many of the pts are just chatting away in Spanish. My recommendation is bring your charger, and some head phones. I didn't have patience to deal with that shit today. I waited about a hour and half, asked how much longer and they said about an hour and half more if your lucky. I was too tired after working all night too deal. They said Thursday and Friday is best day to come in and see the doc. My sx isn't till January so I'm not to worried about rushing the consult, because I feel for sure I'm going to do the sx with him. I just want a few key questions answered, like will they insert a Foley for me, can I go home on iv fluids, if not I need to find away to get it done pretty much.

Medical assistants

Yes it is comfirmed medical assistants see the pts post op. I was just telling my husband. I know I'ma be facety af. "bitch I out rank you, you ain't pulling out no drain if I'm still draining plenty." Seriously I don't think I would be going to them if I didn't have my own medical knowledge. So happy to be a RN right now.

Realself Nursing care

I'm just here reading some reviews and I notice a lot of people having complications, and as i'm reading their review I'm like dude you are clearly severely anemic and need a blood transfusion, or hypoglycemic, or dehydrated, and it takes them days to realize it. I think for the lay person they should defintely have nursing care the first 3 days to week after their procedure. Something as simple checking a blood pressure and pulse daily could tell a trained person so much. I mean having someone who knows you and when you're not yourself is great too, but they won't know what to do or how to take care of you when you are not yourself. So I've been thinking about selling my services. I see a lot of nurses renting a room, but I don't have a quiet space. But I wouldn't mind going to someone's hotel to take care of them, feed them dress them, take them to their appointments.


So I ordered my faja and it came today. In some people's reviews they're like what's the difference between a compression garnment and a faja? Not a damn thing, that's what they call it in Spanish and really a girdle is the true translation, but anyways I bought mines from amazon. It's a large, my coordinator recommended me to get a medium for the day of sx. I feel like I may need an extra large, or this may be a good size after lipo foam and all. I have on underwear, thigh high compression socks, and a marina/wife beater /whatever you call it on in the pics. Then I posted the model from amazon too

Another date change :(

So I went in the other day to the office to finally meet the Dr. And after a 40 min drive to get there I was told he was too busy to see me today, and he wasn't in a good mood, cause he had surgeries scheduled till like 9 o'clock at night that day. Smh I hope he don't quit before my sx. So when I was leaving my coordinator text me to verify my date for the 21st, of January, I was wtf, no. I'm scheduled for 1/5, I already requested the time off. She said well the Dr is taking that week off. The earliest I could would be the 11 th. I was like wtf, OK that's not that bad then, but I told her I better not be bumped any more. She said I wouldn't. It's set in stone. New date 1/11/16

Some modified pics in the Faja

I think I'm going to have good results

35 days I'm so excited

Just some wish pics, nothing new really going on except These heffers aren't answering my questions in the portal. That is all. Happy booty sculpting my lovely ladies. may our assess get fatter and waist smaller

Labwork and consents

I went in today and did my lab work. Didn't wait long, like 20min. The lady sticking me didn't speak English, but she did a good job, cleaned the area one stick. Then when I finished they asked me to stay and "sign my chart" they meant my consents. I was like OK. I waited another 30 min for someone to call me back. She took out a large stack of papers, highlighted some stuff on the pages, told me to fill out or sign the highlighted areas, and left the room. I was like wtf, smh. She poked her head in time to time and asked if everything was OK. I read/skimmed pretty much everything, all the risks, hippa, smoking cessation, wtf ever. But many of the forms were blank, said you have no further questions and understand everything about the procedure you're about to undergo, some of the highlighted areas she wanted me to sign were in Spanish. Etc I know I'm going to have to resign everything if they actually look at it because I wrote all over those forms. I wrote haven't spoke with md, crna, no questions answered, no such discussion held. Not signing Spanish form. When I finished that about 40 min later, yes if you actually read it, it may take that long, I asked when I could see the Dr. They said he's out of town now but I will definitely be seeing him the day of sx, before sx. I'm like wtf. I haven't been consulted yet. I swear for future bbl ladies interested in going to vanity. Do not give them any money until you meet with the doc if you have questions and concerns. They have specials all the time, Don't get caught in the hype. Once you give them the money, they care not about you seeing the doc til you have sx. Smh and "the portal" is just these pathetic ass bitches trying to Answer questions for the doc. Then when you have actual questions they never get around to answering them. Smh. We (doc and i) are going to talk when we meet. Not to much tho, cause I don't want him to fuck up my shit.

Lab s update

Labs came back good hgb 12
and that's after taking iron twice a day for about 2-3 weeks prior to labs, so I definitely will still keep taking it, altho one day it made me throw up cause I didn't eat anything prior to taking it . I really need iv fluids at home after sx. I already can sleep and not eat shit. Image when I feel sick, throwing up, and in pain. These are the reasons I needed to speak with him ugh. I'm so annoyed by this office and they're whole process.


I'm not sure if IG is a good thing or not. I was just strolling on doc's page and I see him comment he's not going to be back until the 12th?!?!?!? I'm like wtf. I doubt these retarded bitches know anything of the sort. I commented on his page, then why do they have me scheduled for the 11th? I'm going to call my coordinator now and find out wtf is going on. no bueno vanity, no bueno


OK, freak out is over. I spoke with Ana at vanity, and Dr fisher replied on his ig he will be in the office, whew, thank god cause work is giving me hell and high water about this time off

Getting close

3 days away. Everything is good vanity actually called the other day to see if I wanted to come in on the 7 th to have sx because they had an opening, however I wasn't able to because my caregiver wasn't able to take the time off. But I would have loved to move up the date and get the sx over with. Funny how they never once asked me about would you like to meet the Dr who is going to be cutting into you. I still loathe and despise vanity, even tho they are kind of nice sometimes

330p on Monday

330p in Monday it's on and poppin!

I made it

Here's some pics I'm write a review later

Post on pic

Day of Sx

So the day of Sx they actually called me like around 10 in the morning to see if I could come early because they were moving quickly they said. I said sure. I got there like around 12 because i had to bathe and drop off my kids before I got there etc. So I waited til like 115p then they called me back to take pictures and meet with Dr fisher. They took my pictures, then I waited another 2 hrs in the little paper gown in a freezing room to meet Dr fisher. We talked a little bit, he took more pictures, and marked me up, then it was show time. The crna walked me back to the operating room, started my iv, started my saline and I was out shortly after. I woke up freezing shivering face down, in so much pain, and feeling short of breath. The recovery nurse was so nice she petted my head to try to comfort me. She gave me more blankets, pain medication, and a simple face mask. She took my blood pressure it was only 90 something over something. I don't Remember to well, but I Remember her saying it was low and I glanced at it. Then she took it again and it was like 101 over something. I fell back asleep then she woke me up saying my ride is here I'm ready to go. She helped me down into wheelchair. I told her I had to go pee and she gave me a bed pan. When I went outside it was night. I had went into Sx at exactly 3:30pm when I came out of there it was 930pm. My husband took me home. When I got out of the car I thought I was going to faint for sure. I was feeling so dizzy, but thank God he supported me the whole way to the bed and I didn't fall. I took some pain meds and passed the fuck out again.

More pics

More pics, but they really don't do it justice. My ass is huge, maybe too big, but we'll see when the swelling goes down. And yes the faja is ginormous. They said the one I bought is too small for my ass, and it may never fit. So they made my husband buy one from there. They put triple xl on me and seen how baggy it was a and said that's fine. Smh

Post op visit

Honestly I don't remember much, cause I felt like such shit, but it went by quickly. I took off the garment, they changed the abd pads they had in there, said I looked good, Asked me how I felt. I asked them for stronger pain meds, they said they Couldn't give me anything else. I was told to return next Monday. Then we left


So prior to sx I didn't schedule any massages, so like Tuesday or Wednesday I think I called vanity to see how much it was there, it was 350 for 5. Then I called medical massage professionals or whatever it's called. It's that lady Marion everybody always talks about, they were 250 for 5 and had available the next day at 9 so I was like cool sounds good. So as I am on my way there my GPS is telling me like 53 more min and I'm like wth no way. It was my bad for not checking the address first but I thought cause it said 8 st it was near to vanity however it was downtown. So I called them to ask and verify the the address. At first I didn't get an answer just a text reply that the office was closed. I called back and this lady answered and told me the office is closed I have to call back after 9 when they open. I said I know but I have an appt at 9 and before this bitch would let me say anything else she said the same thing again and added I sent you the text don't call back until after 9 and hung up on me. The little fucking bitch. I texted her back and told her I was calling for directions, but never mind just cancel the appt completely. I have a part 2 I'll write later . I'll post pics tomorrow after they take the drain out. I'll be 1 week, yay!

One week post op!!!!

Excuse the bandaids. The stitches and drain were removed today. I put antibiotic ointment on ones that were open and mederma cream on the others and bandaids on top because it's waterproof, and they itch (the incision sites).

Massage pt2

So I went to vanity to get my massages I've done 3 so far. they are so painful. I swear even tho the lmt was fat her fingers were boney as hell, and every time she glided her hand I heard the sloshing the fluid inside my body. It was so gross. This last massage they combined the massage and the one week post op visit. The ma took out the stitches and the drain in the massage room. The stitch right in the center top of my Crack they took out and the lmt tried to drain fluid out of it but it was already too far healed and they couldn't get anything out so they aspirated 70ml of fluid out of my sacrum. I wish I could say every massage is better but not really, just less sloshing, still painful tho.

Pics 1 week post op

New faja!!

Bought at Belleza femenina faja store on 8 th St and 6 3rd . They were very nice, let me try on a bunch of fajas which was great because if I would have just bought something online I probably wouldn't be happy with it and have to buy another and another till I found the right one. It was $100, but I'm very happy with it.

2 weeks post op

So I feel pretty ok. A little bit nauseous cause my period just started. I had a massage today, number 4 for me. Definitely not as painful as the others had been. I still have a lot of fluid in my back. The ma aspirated 80ml from my back. I had some in my stomach as well but she was unable to draw it out, so she said when I come back Friday she'll check it again and they stuffed my faja with a bunch of crap to try to give me extra compression on the areas where there is fluid.

2 weeks post pics

3 weeks post op

So I'm 3 weeks. My ass is feeling softer, jiggles a little bit. It feels heavy, and still like medium hard in the middle. I still measure the same. Waist 31, hip 43. I had a massage on Friday and that shit still hurt. I didn't take a pain killer before because I've been feeling really good, but that shit still hurt and that was massage 5. I feel a tightness in my stomach and sides especially when I laugh or sneeze. I still have areas of numbness and hard areas in my stomach, lots of lumps and loose skin. Still have fluid in my back. Yuliet fisher's MA, said it wasn't enough to aspirate so she said just apply compression to allow for the body to reabsorb it. Can't wait for my waist to go in more. Definitely feeling the booty greed. I would love for it to be a little bit bigger and rounder, but everyone says no it looks great the way it is.

For future bblers

Got an email from vanity, current promotion. Not sure of which doc it's for.


These are some pics I've taken over the course of the past couple of weeks. I notice a lot of my underwear still fit me, and I like jeggings, gym clothes, and high waisted pants seem to fit the booty best. None of My jeans fit, which is cool cause I haven't worn jeans in like 2 years.

Bingo bag pics

I took these yesterday

Some new bruising

So I'm almost 4 weeks and I noticed some bruising or discoloration on my sides and I had thought all my bruising was gone. so I'm thinking this might be some new bruising, which I believe could be from me laying kind of awkward in the chair the other day, trying not to apply pressure to my ass. After I got up I had a lot of discomfort in my sides and I felt swollen. Also some pics, I'm going out tomorrow this is what we decided I'm wearing ????????????

1 mo post op

So I'm 1 month now. I still have pain and numbness. The pain is tolerable and mostly when I'm being touched or change position after being in one position for too long or stretching. My ass is very jiggly, feels heavy and slightly tender to touch. My stomach is getting softer but my sides are still very hard and not going in much. I'm still measuring waist 31,hips 43. I sit a little bit and not for very long. I have creases in my stomach that seemed to have healed that way. The doc says massages and Lipo foam will help, but I told him lipo foam is garbage, I wear it 24/7 and if I don't wear my abd board the faja will cave on me and cause pain. He said continue to wear the lipo foam. I applied arnica to my bruising and it resolved like over night. Doc says it was likely due to compression being too tight, but everything looks good when I saw him. I follow up in 1 month. He says at this point he's not sure if I'll need a tt.

Work ugh

So back to work sucks. I wore my garment, foams, looked fat and all deformed, and still gained an inch around my waist in swelling. Smh. I went home, and put on a tighter faja and my waist went back down to 31.

5 weeks post op

I'm 5 weeks now and I think I might have started to fluff, cause I have dents in my butt,and they're filling in, but my butt still measures 43 inches. Today I got a measurement of 30 on my waist, but then I swelled back to 31 :/ I sit all the time, and it doesn't seem to affect the shape of my butt. It's still round and jiggly. My stomach still has creases. I massage it myself aggressively doing cross fiber friction. Oh and apparently I've lost 7 pounds since my sx, which is cool cause it hasn't affected my butt :)

7.5 weeks post op

Pics of what I wore for my birthday. My waist varies 29-31 inches, my hips hang out around 42-42.5. I sit it feels pretty normal. I wear my Faja all the time still, maybe a couple hours I don't wear but then my waist starts to burn. Ask questions if you want you

2 months and change

Not sure how many weeks I am but I know more than 2 months less than 3. I bought some clothes at the mall the other day, when I came out somebody said, "damn she look good. " then tried the same or fit on but didn't buy it. I feel bad because I know I give an unreal perspective of how clothes could look. My waist is measuring 29 inches, hips 41-42 I still have burning sensations in my waist especially on my sides. Ass is still round. Stomach is still pretty flat

3 almost 4 months

Sorry I've been Mia so long. So nothing has really changed. My waist measures 29-30 inches and my hips measures 42. I still have sensitive areas on my sides that burn from time to time. I haven't been wearing my garment that much lately, only when I go to work, and I wear it with an abdominal board, cause when I sit my pants create a crease in my stomach, still. I'll post some updated pics later. I missed my 3 month appt I need to reschedule
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr fisher is very nice as everyone says, I just wish I could have met with him like a month before my sx or even 2 weeks prior not right before sx. The Front office staff are nice and polite, but maybe not too bright, some of the back office staff not so nice. Many of the staff barely speak English, but they manage. Pre op they do not make appts for anything, but wait time is about 30 min, except to see the Dr which is hours at a time and then you may not still see him. I haven't seen the doc post op. They said at 3 weeks we'll see. They're so bad at making appts with the doc I'm not sure. Post op care is done by the ma and lmt, but they're nice enough

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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2 out of 5 stars Payment process
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