Tummy Tuck from Baltimore to Miami

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Hi My name is Alexis and I am from Baltimore MD. I...

Hi My name is Alexis and I am from Baltimore MD. I got a $18k quote from Dr. Horowitz in Belair MD. The Care Credit gave me $8600 which means have to go with someone else. I would go to the Dominican to get my surgery done but I don't think I have enough balls to go by myself and plus they don't take Care Credit LOL. I am looking into Vanity. I dont care that its in a mall or that MA's see you for your follow up.


So I have 4 consults scheduled for next month I don't anything about any of these doctors. So far Dr. HOROWITZ quoted me 18k for a tummy tuck and bbl. However his office manager Michelle told me to come to the consultation any way because I voiced 18k was way too pricy.
Dr. Kane (pikesville)
Dr. Rosenberg (Lutherville)
Dr. Horowitz (belair)
Dr. Benjamin (bowie)

Change of heart

So at first I wanted a tummy tuck and bbl now I want extensive lipo of the abdominal area and a bbl. I don't want that big ugly scar and I am not sure I'm done with having children. I only have one child right now and I am still really young.


I had my first consult today with Dr. Horowitz. I was really excited about it walking in the door. The office was nice and clean. I think he shares an office with another doctor with a different type of specialty I didn't mind that at all. The ladies at the front desk was nice. Dr. Horowitz look better and cooler in person then he does online. He recommended that I get a tummy tuck and a Brazilian butt lift. He said he would perform the TT first then the BBL. He insured me that it didn't matter which one you do first. He told me I would have to stay a night in the hospital after the surgery. He said he done a total of 30 BBL so far the majority of them was combined with a TT. He also stated that he shadowed Dr. Medina (not sure if spelling is correct) in miami for a few days to learn the bbl procedure. He admitted that he doesn't perform a bbl on a regular basis. He quoted me roughly 11k for the TT and BBL with one night hospital stay. I honestly think he is able to do a TT without a problem. I am a little nervous on the BBL part tho. I should have asked him the chances of me needing a revision. If his price goes down a bit I would use him. His 11k price is the same of a doctor that does TT's and BBL'S all day long in miami. I am not sure if Dr. Horowitz get many patients. That does not bother me tho his price for his inexperienced BBL procedure does and the fact that he said he would do the TT first instead of the BBL scared me. I'm skinny and the majority of fat is on my stomach. It seems crazy to me that he would do the TT first. I have another consultation next week with another doctor. We see if the next doctor charms me better than Dr. Horowitz.


so I went to Dr. Horowitz office and he quoted me like 11k FOR BBL and tummy tuck which was way cheaper than the 18k he quoted during the online consultation. During my consult I asked him how many BBL'S he done in the past and he told me 30. Ummm no thank you. Then a couple of weeks later I went to see Rosenberg and his quote was close to 13k and he only done 24 BBL'S in his entire career. Then I drove to Bowie Maryland to see Dr Benjamin. Dr Benjamin gave me realistic expectations of my surgery. He told me that I had scoliosis and my hips would probably be lopsided. He told me I didn't have enough fat on me to get the booty I wanted. He said i would be lucky if he was able to inject 400 cc's of fat into each buttock. He advised me to go get my sugar tested before I made a decision with any doctor to ensure my Pre-diabetes didn't turn into full diabetes. Plus he did 150 BBL'S in his career. His price is 12k without me using care credit and 13k if I use care credit for financing. I like this guy the best so far. He seems like he actually cares instead of him just taking my money. I have two consultations to go on and I will update you all on progress as I go along.

fisher doll summer 2017

I paid part of my deposit. once i pay the rest i will get my date with Dr. Fisher.

Surgery Buddies Needed for Dr. Fisher

Is anyone going to see Fisher this Summer?

Deposit paid with Fisher

I paid the rest of deposit today for Dr. Fisher. I would really rather go to the Dominican Republic because there work is better over there. But hey, anything well be better than the body I have now. So I will be flying to Miami. I dont have my surgery date yet. I am waiting for the girl to call me back from Eres

I got my surgery date with Fisher

My date is Aug 18th. I hope i can find a surgery buddy

I paid for my recovery house today

I will be staying at curvy angels recovery house from 17-21st of august. she has a deal for 5 days for $371 dollar's.

Considering Switching to Llorente

It's too much drama going on in the plastic sx relm in Miami FL. for me to be even thinking about risking my life with them goony doctors but I need this fat off my tummy so fck it. I am booked with Fisher for right now. I requested a refund from Eres this morning. Im waiting for their refund coordinator to call me back. I am thinking about going to Llorente or Alavarez instead or just staying my but in Baltimore. Its not Dr. Fisher who I don't have faith in its Eres, their track record, and the negative publicity they been receiving. Though Dr. Cavala is under scrutiny right now for the death of that young lady people need to realize thats a risk you take when having surgery period. Anyway, I am changing to a new surgery center, somewhere less risky. I want to keep my same date since my plane tickets are already paid for. Does anyone have any suggestions?

no refund from Eres

So the chick told me i couldn't get all my money back. she would only give me $100 of the $500 back which is foolish. So i switched my procedure to a TT and changed to Dr. Calva which is also foolish. the dolls on IG keep telling me to get the bbl first. I am not trying to die over a phat booty. my sister cracked on my so hard yesterday and told me my booty looked wierd that I should get the bbl. Im just torn between the 2. I wish it was a doctor in miami that did both procedures at the same time.

Tummy Tuck Update

As you may already know I went to several consults here in MD and did not like none of the doctors except for one. Though I liked him I still decided to go to Miami to have the procedure done just because the PS in Miami are more experienced in giving you an up to date figure. I do not want to look like received my TT in the 80's lol. A lot of the docs here give you the same look. I wanted a BBL but now I am getting a TT. I failed to mention in previous posts that I gained a lot of weight of in the last couple of years due to depo. At first I didn't mind the weight because I was skinny my entire life and I was always teased about my size and lack of a curvy figure. It still bothers me till this day that I have not type of formed shape to my body. I do not have any self confidence in myself when naked or when trying on clothes to wear. Anyway I got off the depo and hit the gym until I lost the weight. Now I back to regular size (SKINNY) and now my tummy is gross. It was gross before but not like this. Anyway, Cavla is doing my TT only because lots of folks complained about Fisher TT. Fisher is more off a butt doctor if you ask me. If Cavla mess me up I can get a revision here in MD its not big deal. A lot of dolls get their TT scar redone after awhile anyway. As long as my tummy is flat and that skin is gone I will be pleased. A lot of people are worried about infections with a TT a lot of the thing reviews I am reading from dolls who went to an instate PS got an infection afterwards. I will consider myself lucky if I don't get one. Surprisingly my vacation time was approved at work for my procedure. A lot of people lie to the jobs about their PS I was even advised by several people at my job in upper and lower management to lie. I just did not feel right about doing that. I been working at the same place for ten years. I told them truth because I know they care about me and I care about them and i am passionate about the work I do for them. If anything was to happen to me I know they would have my back and my daughter would be ok. I would not suggest anyone to get sx without a life insurance policy because anything could happen. I know for sure I don't want my family to pay for my funeral because of my selfishness and low self esteem about my body. I would not want my job to pay for it nor take up a collection. I have more than enough stashed away to pay for incidentals. I am even considering pay for the sx with cash vs care credit. A lot people don't get approved for as much money is care credit gave me, you got to have excellent credit to even squeeze a dollar out of them. I am just so excited about this and nervous too. I am going to be in a lot of pain. I hope all of it will be worth it because I am never getting a never TT again regardless if I have another baby or not. and yes, there are thousands of women who got pregnant after a tummy. It's uncomfortable but their tummies bounced right back. My only concern is finding a PS to follow up with here in MD. I had an appointment today at GBMC but I missed it, I was supposed to go on my lunch break but I was so busy during that time that I forgot all about it. I will reschedule at a later date but I don't mind flying to and from Miami for doctors appointments. I think my daughter would love accompanying me. BTW I don't do anything without my daughter. I will be flying her out to Miami once I get settled in the hotel. I never been away from my daughter for more than 3 days. She would go insane without me and I would go insane without her.
Dr. Cavla

So far Dr. Cavla has been so nice and informative. I am getting a TT done by him in Aug 2017.

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