I put my deposit for Moni at New Body Recovery so excited

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Hi Im 39 years old and I live in atlanta . I have...

Hi Im 39 years old and I live in atlanta . I have already done my consultation with Jimerson and he is charging me $14k not including massages , nurse ect. Just one garment only comes with his price. The only reason why i like him because of the projection that he gives and he is closest to me as well . I am looking to pay for my entire surgery end of this month so that means i will be scheduled before summer which is my goal. I am concerned about my health clearance as well after paying for my price not sure why thats a worry or what i am concerned about but i am . Im 5'6 about 170 dont have a stomach really so basically just the normal BBL is all i need no crazy areas. I like Fisher work as well but I never been to Miami and the travel cost and where to stay as well as nurse to help me I need info on that . I need help in making this decision . I am leaning towards fisher for now but that could change :/

Decided to go with Fisher

Paying for my surgery on Friday

wish pic

wish pics

My surgery date is set I put my deposit down today

My surgery is April 30 wanted the 20th but someone beat me to it (sucks). But Jocelyn was so nice and tentative and help me get a close spot which is cool . The process was really easy getting a consultation and everything and it's free unlike jimerson which he charges $100 ?smh and he doesn't do anything different than Fisher office . Just happy I have a date set so now I can get my supplies that I need if anyone has any supplies that they really was a good help please let me know

Need info on a recovery house that is reasonable and nice if anyone can help me please

I need info on a RH vanity is too expensive

Cant believe my surgery is 9 weeks away :)

I AM SO SUPER EXCITED ........... I'm sorry i had to let that out i feel like shouting it on the mountain top :)

Hips ??


What day should I fly in ?

my surgery date for Fisher is April 30 not sure what day to book my ticket for my coordinator states it should be two days before but Moni . Can someone tell me what you think ? Also should I do my labs before and do I need the form to do that from Fisher office or just do it on my own ?

Booked my flights today :))))))

so i booked my flights i know i said i was gonna drive but i thought about it and decided not to. I bought two one way tickets going to miami i purchased a coach seat and flying back home i purchased first class so i will be comfortable flying back which wasn't expensive for both they both totaled $270 for both tickets . Which if i drove I would be paying way more so I saved hundreds of dollars thank god...... Next is supplies which i still haven't started smh

Less than two months away

im so excited

so my surgery date has been changed to a sooner date thank god

but now i have a dilemma on my flights i shouldn't have went through cheap tickets cause now i only paid $270 for round trip first class to change or modify my flight its costing me $150 plus additional cost if the ticket is more than the first purchase , if i cancel i dont get a refund smh idk what to dam do

Wish pic

Sx in two and half weeks

Got my make me heal vitamins

can't stop

I swear i can't stop thinking about this surgery I'm so afraid that i won't get the results i want i wake up looking at ass and go to sleep looking at ass.. i have save pics of what i dont want knowing we all have different body types but at least he will know what i dont want and i will be expressing that because if that is the case i will walk out asap ....... on another note i have supplies yes i have my vitamins but why do i feel like the supplies that i do have isn't enough that the list is never ending .....i think about this surgery all day everyday i dont wanna do anything other than prepare for this surgery. I will be flying out to miami a day before which is 14 days away and its going by ver fast . I have to make an appt to do my labs to make sure all is good . I will be getting braids done to make life easier after surgery. i dont know I'm just terrified to wake up and my ass is not only flat but small and my body is disformed of some sort smh if anyone can please comment that as recently had bbl i would appreciate it because there aren't many new updates on this site for some reason thank you


9 days away

9 days away and my nerves are shot . I'm excited and happy I made the decision to go alone since there's so much drama in my household with the other half im counting down the days for this long get away ... So tired of the disloyalty from this mofo that I can't stand it anymore ..so looking forward to concentrating on myself that I couldn't be more grateful

People kill me

I swear it drives me crazy when someone finds out I'm having cosmetic surgery the first fhing they say is why u look good already ... Just because I'm getting a procedure done don't mean I look bad ... Then the tripped out part is after they try to "school " you they begin to talk about what they always wanted done .... Girl bye


Today I was told my labs are all clear so just waiting for Thursday my flight to Miami :)

Headed to Miami right now

About to board my plane and surgery is tomorrow please pray for me ????

Pre op appointment at vanity

i had no issues at vanity today I landed at 3 and I'm already out from my consultation and my surgery is 6 am in the morning tomorrow it's really busy in vanity but overall I had no issues . Everyone is really quick and nice and polite . I saw a girl that had her surgery done yesturday and she was walking around really fine her ass was huge under her maxi dress and I saw another girl that had hers done a couple of months ago and her shape looks so good she had no issue of flaunting her ass in my face which is all good tho

Moni at new body recovery house

there's not a bad thing I can say about not only Moni who is cool as fuck , feel like I been knowing her forever . She goes out of her way to basically take u wherever u need to go and make sure u get everything u need . She picked me up from the airport took me to my pre op appt and also took me grocery shopping while running errands for the other ladies in the house . Got to her home and it's huge and immaculate. Really clean and homey . She has a huge backyard with a lake and has another lady to assist with the ladies as well . The house is very quiet to have five bedroom and all women in the house . I did meet one of the girls here that had hers done yesturday with Hassan. If I didnt know any better I swear I could t tell she had surgery at all she said she was sore but def not enough pain to exaggerate about . She's getting her first massage with Moni and they conversed the entire time . Im so thankful I took my time and really planned this out to come alone and im happy I chose her to take care of me . Highly recommended .

Today is the day

it's currently 5:21 am and I have showered and in dressed . I'm shaking of nerves right now just can't wait till this time tomorrow . Pray for a safe surgery and praying I love my new body when I wake up ... In Jesus name ????


hi dolls im doing fine the day of the surgery I had an anxiety attack and was asking to get off. The table I was gonna change my mind . The pain yesturday wasn't bad but today it's bad ... It's the stiffness that's painful . Getting up out of bed takes a lot of work and really takes all ur energy im draining really well . I have my post op today and I'm scared to stand and walk so long gonna pop a percocet before I go . This pain is no joke .... But over all fisher def gave me ass and hips will post a video soon thank u so much for all the support feels really good . My arms go numb often which is aggravating . I been eating regularly which is really good and peeing every two three hours I haven't pooped yet think when that happens I'll feel better . My butt hurts like hell the tightness is a pain but I'm sure tomorrow I'll feel much better since im still early in my post op stage .. If u have questions feel free to ask

I'm in some pain

it's painful but tolerable as long as u take ur meds and do what is ordered to do not sure how the next days will play out cause I'm new to this . I take my drain and stitches out Thursday which im sure will be w huge difference . Over all I love my results . Sorry I haven't posted earlier but I wasn't thinking about no real self with all the pain and new way of living u have to endure . Don't know how most do it but do give props where it's due .... Please read everything before asking questions because answering questions that's already answered in a post while in pain is painful as we im sorry but it's the truth .. Thank u for those that gave support because I really need it being here all alone :(

my experience so far with Dr Fisher and Vanity

i was scheduled for survey at 7 am i got there at 6 . They took me to the back took my preggo test took pictures i got dressed in my gown and thats when shit got real i had to take a dump immedialty i was so scared. everyone was so nice and patient . Dr Fisher came in and took more pictures he marked me up an told me what he could do and ask me what i wanted to do. He showed me the pics that he took and also took his time in my needs and wants . I didn't show him one pic i actually gave him my phone and let him go through my wish album. I showed him what i didn't want as well and he let me know my reality I was cool with that. I believe five min later they walked me to the back where i saw his operation station and met the anthologist , he was really patient and cute as hell by the way. He ask me questions to keep calm but it was when my arms got strapped down is when i started having my panic attack . i started freaking out i couldn't believe i was doing this to myself and i actually wouldn't stop saying it .

I woke up to the nurses asking me to wake up and telling me where i was exactly . They gave me tons of gatorade because i wouldn't stop asking for it. They told me i been laying there for two hours but it felt more like five min. they ask me to stand up and i asked them can i lay another 30 min they actually let me. I heard Moni voice in the background and i felt so much better . they brought in a wheelchair and told me to sit on my knees . they wheeld me out to Moni minivan that was fully equipped for my surgery with blow up mattress in the back and padding for me to lay down. felt so nice and comfortable and Moni made sure i was. I was in a lot of pain I'm not gonna lie but its tolerable .

We pulled into Moni garage and walked into my room that was completely set up for me and so nice i was so grateful for her and Alicia they made me feel like i was coming home and not a rh. That day i actually just slept all day Moni doesn't try and push your body to do anything else that day but rest which is so nice. Vanity called me and ask me to come in for my post op and i actually didn't because i had a migraine and they allowed me to wait a couple of days to do it since i had one which i was truly grateful for .

My post op appt was very quick they just looked me over and told me what ill be doing next an that i was healing and looking really good which is great .
Moni picked me up took me back to the house gave me my massage ,shower alicia fed me good and i went upstairs to clean bedding and i passed out lol

I have to say I am glad and grateful that i took so long planning this sx. what annoys me so much is the people in your life during this time... I have had some cray conversations with a couple of people that i really dont understand why people not only try and count your pockets but sum ur life from social network sites. I hate when people throw opinions after the fact . I did it so no opinions needed this way because lagena is gonna do what lagena wants to do . I understand some are curious but just like me they have internet ,google, the actual doctors websites, real self ect to do this research like i have their all available to anyone that has questions. My thing is i can only give you my experience I'm not experienced and I'm not a doctor and what works for me might not work for you. everyone body is different and pain level and income is different so with that being said you have to do what is right for you only not on what i do . cause what i do everyone might not be able to do and vice versa . I have gotten questions on everything from how much fat am i getting taken out to how much my husband makes for a living smh ....those questions will never pertain to anyone but me . i think if your gonna do this type of sx you really have to question any medical question for a doctor or a nurse because these patients on real self can't help you with those questions only what they experienced with their own body . If you need info on places to stay real self and google and also yelp has all that info for you we have smart phones and lap tops for that. If you need info on supplies real self will help you with that as well it helped me but I'm gonna tell you i used none of my supplies staying her at Moni she provided everything for me basically . I have no problem answering questions for anyone but please we have to have common sense about it because if you can't afford it dont do it if you can do it its that simple . if it takes you three years to save it get on your grind and do it . But dont pinpoint what someone else can do just because you can't smh.

Also , every doctor is different , I went to Fisher for a reason . for my body type i knew he would sculpt my body good i think people that want this done really need to do their research on the all the doctors that specialize in bbl only and really do before and after research to determine which doctor works best for them

i will be posting videos that i have already been blogging in my phone on a daily basis i love my results and i love that i chose to stay at moni for 7 days and took the time and saved for the time to recover i know everyone can't and i give props for those that make the sacrifice to get what they want out of life not giving a fuck what anyone thinks. Im gonna miss Moni and Alicia so much highly recommended she also does massages as well and i recommend those as well . if you guys have any questions please feel free to ask .....the hate is real ladies your gonna get crazy ass comments and also feedback brush that shit off and twerk that ass and dont worry about it big ups for going for yours :)


so tomorrow is my seven day post op which means I get my drain removed . Moni is so good with her massages that my stomach is so freakin flat that I can now feel my drain in my stomach more than ever plus im wearing my Lipo board all day and night , im terrified that this will hurt . When she does my massages in the front I can also see my drain line in my stomach , im hoping it's quick and not painful at all , im leaving Moni recovery house today which is Thursday and im sad about it . I'm staying in Miami another week I rented a beach house just for the extended recovery , I read on RS on so many girls who go home after that have concerns that when they go home there's nothing they can do about it but go to the er and I made sure to take time off and stay in Miami to avoid that problem .so im thinking maybe Friday I'll have my drain removed since I'll be so productive moving from one place to another today . I have two good girlfriends coming to spend time with me and to also help me at the beach house if needed . I'm still in some pain and it does get easier but it's hard and a serious recovery . The pain is more tolerable and I am still on my pain meds more needed at night than anything is when I really feel the pain , hoping that ends soon so I won't depend on them when I leave also , but will ask for more pain meds before I leave if need be just in case I have a bad night . I love my new body and can't wait for the drop and fluff fairy to come :) it's 3:43 am and I can't sleep , I sweat a lot at night having a fan near u is so wonderful because ur temp does rise for some reason at night especially taken ur meds , my arms still go numb also from time to time . But to be honest the pain is bad but if I had to I would dI it all over again so that should tell u it's tolerable .getting in and out of bed is the hardest also having to lay on stomach all the time is too. I live in Atlanta and need a mobile lymphatic masseuse so if anyone knows one that comes to ur home I would appreciate it . I would come to them as well but prefer then to come to my home since I won't be driving for a while , this investment im carrying on my back will not be tampered with by any means especially all that money , time and pain my ass just went through ..... Ijs ....

I have lost some what of an appetite so I really am trying to gain that back especially since I'm a vegetarian . I went to Walmart yesturday with Alisha to get some things for the beach house when I get dropped off today and that was nice to get out the house but it did wear me out . Took all my energy by the time I got back I was exhausted . Then had myassage abd shower which was amazing Moni is really good at draining that extra fluid out ur body she's no joke ... I'm gonna miss her crazy fun ass :( if anyone have that info on massages in Atl please let me kno I would appreciate it thank u

Finally pooped

I believe j had a baby out my ass last night I finally used the bathroom and it's been since last Friday when I say this recovery is no joke it's no joke .... I got my drain removed yesturday it was such a hectic and stressful day for no reason so glad that's over ... Dr fisher did meet with me and told me what to do he told me to stay in my garment untik may 7 due to creases of the skin from wearing to tight of a garment and my garment is loose im glad I spoke to him because I was just about to purchase another one . Also he told me not to use yoga mat rolls or sit on a toilet directly it causes blood clots ... He told me that the swelling will go down in a few months and my butt will drop and fluff into a bigger size because my waist will become much smaller I still haven't measured it yet due to swelling ,.. I see numbers on some that become obsessed with it and I don't need that worry in my lie . No matter the number there is nothing I can do about it so I need to focus on my recovery and not ass numbers . I have no fat at all and my stomach is completely flat thanks to those massages Moni gives omg she's the best . Right now im at a beach house until Thursday still recovery I find that most spend money on the surgery but don't take the time or money to recover which should be more important so I took the time to do that here in Miami . I'm still really stiff and sore can't bend down yet but I feelin better having that drain removed . I had it in full 8 days which im proud of . My arms still go numb but over all im happy I'll do it again if I wanted to cause we never have to ... I'm gonna buy another garment from Moni before I leave fisher told me to get a 36 im in a 40 now he says I will be a lot smaller in the waist areas and won't need the padding so much im gonna actually get two just in case ... I made so many friends in this journey and im so thankful because this is hard to do but also hard to do with someone that can't relate to what ur doing if they never done it how could they understand .... If u have any questions please ask

im sorry

I hate to say this but I have to get this off my chest ...... I have researched this surgery for two years on my own with no help , I found this website on my own the doctors I chose to making the arrangements with no help besides u lovely ladies from rs ... I'm so tired of people asking me how to start their journey and to help them research to start their journey when I have put so much of my time and energy into it myself , I'm not tryin to be funny I'm just simply saying if u want it bad enough really want it bad enough u don't need me making it easier for u... I know it sounds petty but unless I'm getting paid to guide u I simply can't cause this is a job and I sacrificed to much and went through too much patience and time for me to be answering questions all day and helping people that can't help themselves cause if that were the case they would simply do what I did ...... Hell naw

I felt good today

I felt good today so I decided to head to south beach with a girlfriend it was so much fun and the attention is real ... Two hours in I started to feel pain and exhaustion and we headed back to my rental and I been in pain since . My back and right ass check is killing me so in guessing I walked to much and the sun prob made it worse not sure but I wouldn't know if I don't try but I'm ten days post op and I see some girls do it even sooner maybe it's too soon but the cabin fever is real . I will be taken it easy the next few days cauSe this shit is no joke

I'm so glad I did this for myself best thing I've done so far


I made it home yesturday morning from Miami ... My husband came and picked me up we had a minivan so I can lay down in the back ride wasn't bad , I got home and the pain his me hard thank god I got a refill on my mess before I left . Coming home is a reality because ur back to ur life again no more Miami . I miss it already . My husband was acting really weird when he first saw me he couldn't really handle it I think all kind of emotions took over him jealousy, nervous, shocked ect all at once ... It's amazing how ass can change a person smh .

I still am in pain especially at night my arms go numb and have shape pains going through them at night especially . I wear my garment all day everyday like fisher told me too . I haven't downsized it yet sticking to his instructions because I want the best results And lasting one as well so I'll downsize may 7 as instructed. I do wear my padding while I'm home As well as my lips board . It looks like my ass gotten bigger not sure but it has dropped and I see it jiggle from time to time . I have aching pains going through my butt but nothing to serious just can't wait to be able to sit and also Feel like myself again which fisher said 3 months post op I'll be 100%.


I'm sorry but these videos are very hard to post


i have attempted to post a video several times but for some reason it keeps saying its unpublished but won't post . I do it from my iPhone is there an easier way to get this done because RS have helped me so much on my journey and I want u guys to see what Fisher has done to my body because pics don't do any justice

It's been over a month

i went out to a club for the first time this weekend and the attention is something I will never get used to ever , we went to Panama City beach and states were from everyone , if u love attention this will be right up ur alley but me I'm not one that loves a lot of attention. Of course we as women need a little ego boost nothing wrong with that but this attentions is an under statement so be prepared for that alone . Women give me hateful looks why I have no clue smh they stare like ur an unusual individual with a real nice ass smh so I had to sit down in the club didn't really want to but I had to I prob sat down about 20 min total at first it was fine but about 15 min later my butt became really sore that's when I knew I was not only ready to leave the stare club but I wasn't fully recovered as I thought I was . Thank god I didn't sit longer

4 months

I'm sorry I haven't been on RS I have been so busy lately ... But to the good stuff my booty has grew it's huge . I don't wear my garment at all ever , and I don't use a pillow to sit at all ever , I sit and lay normally and I feel fine . It doesn't feel weird it did at first I do get sharp pains in my lypo area , I also still get stiff from time to time , my stomach and Lipo areas look normal doesn't look weird anymore and the jiggle on my ass is insane and I love it , I wanted a round 2 until I got the attention that I get I realized just how big my ass was pics don't do it any justice at all ill upload pics soon I need to take some , right now all I wear is body con dresses I get a lot of them from rainbow they look so good on and sexy with class . I now lay on my hips as well almost 100% by dec I should be .

Sorry it took so long but these are recent pics



Updated pics


Dr fisher

I loved what doctor fisher did with me , he told me he dont want to say he can give me a round ass and then get in there and can't so he left me optimistic and he did the dam thing, his bed side manner was great and he took his time and actually went through not only my phone of what i wanted but went through his pics of me and told me what he will achieve and try his best to do and he did that ... highly recommended in my opinion ...i had no issues with vanity but the reschedule of my surgery but we have to remember that everyone is human and there will be mishaps in any situation no matter the cost and we have to determine what more important in what we want out the situation and deal with it accordingly . treat people with respect regardless , he's a popular surgeon so be patient with customer service they are doing their job the best way they can and we dont know what they have to deal with everyday besides why yell or be disrespectful to people that is working on the body your requesting and paying for . So we have to remember to always be kind to others it brings back good karma regardless :) good luck

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