second time around!!!

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So I have confirmation! I will be Fisherized next...

So I have confirmation! I will be Fisherized next month!!!
This decision was not one I have taken lightly as my first time around was not pleasant.. what with the staph infection that put me in the hospital for 7 days.
I chose DR Fisher because I think he is the PERFECT bbl Doctor! I have heard great things about his demeanor and the reviews I have seen are out of this world!
Attached are a few before photos. I let myself go the first time in a big way. I regret that now. I think I'm still well within the realm of fixable and I will maintain this time! I have no choice!
I'm hoping to get chin, thighs and arms. As well as back and torso. I also think my ass is wayyyyyyy too high. I have literally the shortest torso in the world so I'm hoping to have the top of my buns lowered and have a big bottom booty ????????
Anyhow. Also a few WISH pics.. I have so muxh to do at this point. I just found out yesterday that I AM getting the SX so I'm off to shop!
Anybody have a quick list they can paste for me? It's amazing how much I have forgotten lol THANKS DOLLS!

Just some WISH pics. I want to have them all on so I can show DR fisher in t-minus 30 days!!! Omg

In the blink of an eye

Omg this is surreal!

Eres can suck it!

The people at eres are testing my last nerve for real! Why they told me the wrong date and I have taken off of work and bought a ticket?? This is so frustrating.


I need an affordable recovery house in Miami and Fast! My SX is on the 21 of Dec and i still have no place to stay! Hoping to keep it around $800 but that's proving difficult. Did anyone just stay at a hotel and hire a nurse for massages? If so can you be a doll and leave me her info? Thank you!!!


I am desperately looking for a butt out knee length faja but am only finding but in.. does anyone have any information they could leave me? Thank you!!!

Can I be my own wish pic?! Lol

Love this!

Well looki here 18 across the board!

Where I'll stay.

So I decided that I really do not need to spend almost $200 a night for a recovery house. I have done this before and first time I spent zero time at a recovery house. I went straight to a motel and I have a nurse come the one time.. maybe 2 but wayyyy cheaper. I have struck gold again as I found a place to stay with great rating for dirt cheap! Listen, I'm not gonna be glamorous at any time during my stay so I'd rather just spend as little as possible for the additional 3 days I'll need. I will be spending 2 nights at a recovery house as well. But this is what I like to see!


Will anyone else be in Miami for Christmas?? I'm going the 21-26 and would love to link up with a RS doll!



Aye aye aye! It's creeping up quickly!!! ????


This thing is going to be amazing for so many reasons! It tightens and it helps heal wounds and lighten scars. Smaller pokes and brighter skin. So stoked I found it! Normally around $400 so this is a steal!

2 days left until I head to Miami!!

I can't believe how quick this day has come! I'm just now getting butterflies and nerves ????

A few short hours left!!!

Made it to Miami!

What I don't want

A double butt or burns! lol
And a few wish pics

Not gonna happen.

My heart is broken. I cannot have a bbl with Fisher because i have had 2 staph infections :( I can't stop sobbing

Almost 4 weeks since my liposculpture

So it's been a few weeks since surgery and I just wanted to do a quick update to let you know how it feels to be on the other side.
Ok so the absolute worst is waking up from anesthesia
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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