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So I've been going back and forth with writing...

So I've been going back and forth with writing this review. But honestly, it would be unfair of me not to share. I know exactly what it feels like to search a doctor and not find enough reviews. So I'm doing this to help everyone out looking for a good review on Dr. Hanabergh. Originally, my first doctor of choice was Dr.Fisher (Vanity). However, the practice in itself is too messy for me and I cannot take any chances even with what may seem like little things. My experience with their coordinator wasn't really too bad considering the things I've read from others but even though I was ready to pay in full, she couldn't get me a date within the time frame needed. Instead, she suggested I stay on a backup list that gets filled as spots open up. Well, yeaaaaa that's not gonna work for me. Not only am I out of state but these things need to be planned in advance and not left to chance. Dr. Hanabergh was my second choice and I chose him because out of the 36 reviews so far, not one of them is negative. A complete 5 stars. His work is perfection. Like, Dr. Fisher, he also promotes 12 areas of Lipo with fat transfer for the same price. However, it ended up being a better deal because somehow my RH is worked out into that price which is simply wonderful for me. They did have the perfect date within my time frame available so that was another plus. But most importantly, Dr. Hanabergh is also Board Certified. Although there's not many reviews as I would like to see, my coordinator was able to provide me with more pics of his work and with that combined it was enough to convince me. They require a $500 down payment even though I decided to pay in full. I didn't need that money sitting in my account and then finding other things to be emergently spent on lol. That always happens!
I'm officially 2 weeks pre-op! This is my first time going under the "knife" so I'm definitely excited but nervous like most. All I do is stalk RS and research everything there is to research lol. Originally, I was only going to pursue liposuction. My booty is already naturally big but it's not about getting it bigger rather than sculpting it into a shape I'd prefer more and simply improving its overall appearance. Sometimes I still go back and forth with if I should even touch it but I'm only doing this once so I might as well perfect everything at once. There's no round 2 for anything for me at least not for now. My absolute biggest concern is to have a very flat stomach and a smaller waist. I hate my pooch ugh! I don't care much about anything else coming out perfect besides that! I want to feel comfortable in fitted clothing and there's nothing cute about a butt in back and in the front -_- so I truly hope Dr. Hanabergh is aggressive enough with it. Everything I've seen and read thus far seems like he would be aggressive enough but you know there's always that "what if" feeling.
So far, I'm all packed and somewhat ready. My medical clearance should be in by Friday. I've posted my most current pics with measurements. Stay tuned y'all! ??????

Supplies! 3 days away :O

So I just wrote a butt long review twice and twice it disappeared! :,( I really did not want to rewrite it again but I feel like I should anyway. This time I'm writing it out in my notes app on my phone and then copying and pasting back on to the site. I wish we had an automatic save option on this, sighhhhh...

Well here we go again. I'm officially 3 days away! So many thoughts keep coming into my head. No matter how physically ready you may be, I don't think you'll ever be 100% mentally prepared. Having My fellow RS reviewers have definitely helped though and I hope I can pass on the favor. Today I want to write about supplies. While my coordinator is a sweetheart, she's very busy and it can be awhile before she responds to me. I've asked her a few times in different ways about the supplies that will be provided to me and I never really get a clear answer besides "Don't worry, it's all included". What does ALL mean? On my payment receipt, it does show that my garment (faja) is itemized for $160 and my post surgical boards are $70 but that's it. So here's a list of things that I have packed and am considering necessary:

1. Faja (Although I am being provided with one, it's always a good idea to have a second while the other is in between washes. I got mine from eBay for $77.99. It is a Fajate faja -model #438 made exclusively in Colombia. It's very comfortable and it has a side zipper which works well and is simply built tough. It compresses very well but not to the point where you can't breathe and I also like that the pee hole is very wide so hopefully no leakage on it while going. I recommend the seller I bought it from because I was provided with a tracking number just minutes after paying for it and better yet I received it about 2 days later- free shipping by the way. The sellers name is jpwholesales2012 in case you're interested.)
2. Wee wee pads (I didn't actually have to purchase these because my RH provides them. However for those who need to buy them, I just saw a great deal on groupon. It was 150 count for 21.99. Those of us who have to buy wee wee pads on a regular know just how expensive they can get. The cheapest I've been able to find them locally is a 200 count for $40. Anything for my puppies though lol. I was able to get 2 large washable hospital chucks. These are great! I plan on laying it out and putting the wee wee pads over them. Hopefully any drainage from the incisions can be absorbed with that.)
3.Empty 2.2 liter bottle for water (Super important to stay hydrated after surgery and nothing is more annoying than having to constantly get up to do so or to annoy your RH help with that. I plan to just keep it filled next to me at all times. I know this might just mean that I will pee a lot but that's also a good thing. Inconvenient but good. I was able to find a good bottle for $7 on Amazon.)
4.PE Z female urinal (Allows you to pee standing and fits perfect in the faja hole. Good size and seems to work well. Got mine for $6.50 from Amazon. I also got a pstyle for $12 as a back up in case the PE Z didn't provide good enough coverage or just in case anything happened to it. That one also works very well. Both are shaped differently.)
5.Robe/ Duster robe pjs/ Front Open Dress(es) (Best thing to throw on and off when you have your faja on under, especially for quick trips to the bathroom. Got my robe for $9 at Walmart. Duster robes are the "old lady" pjs. I got mine with a zipper in the front. Very comfy and inexpensive. A dress that opens only in the front was a specific request on my instructions to bring with me the day of surgery. This is to help the nurses get you dressed easily and to keep you comfortable. I found a long maxi dress from forever 21 for $29 that has a simple tie in the front to keep it closed. It fits loose enough and it does the job. I wanted to make sure I found something that even in my poor physical state to be, that I wouldn't look crazy in it. Not sure why that mattered to me but hey lol. I'm sure that if I had enough time to shop around, I probably could've found a cheaper alternative but even still it's something that I could wear after surgery too so it's worth it.)
6.Socks/ Slippers/ Compression socks (All necessary things! Definitely looking forward to being comfortable. Even though New Life will provide me with compression socks or stockings, it's always good to have a back up for in between washes. Besides, the material looks like if kept on for too long, you could get funky feet lol no thank you! So extras it is. I got my back ups from Walmart for like $12. My slippers are also from Walmart for $5. I just chose something with grips on the bottom that I could easily slip in and out of without too much strain or having to bend over.)
7.Neosporin +pain/itch/scar (Didn't even know this was an option until I saw it at Walmart but why not kill 3 birds with one stone!)
8.Antibacterial body wash (This was also something that was instructed to use on the pre-op list. Was asked to bathe with this once at night before bed the night before the surgery and once again before leaving to the clinic in the morning. I bought mine from Amazon because I didn't realize how difficult it is to find actual antibacterial body wash in stores. The vast majority of places sell antibacterial hand washes but not body washes. I purchased the gentle rain all body cleanser.) 9.Drmiamipillow (At first I thought a simple boppy would do the trick so I bought one and tested it out and quickly realized it's just way too big to take everywhere with you. Besides, I'm a private person and I like to be discreet with anything I do. Definitely can't do that with a boppy. Plus it just didn't feel right at all. And even though I'm not too worried about the results of my possibly enhanced bottom, any investment is still an investment and should be taken care of. I found Dr Miami's pillow and wow I absolutely love it. It cost the same as the bbl pillow from bblpillow.com but it looks smaller than the booty buddy pillow-which is currently out of stock- from thebootybuddy.com and that added cushion for back support is wonderful. You can even lay flat with it! That's major for me. It's two pieces so you can choose to just take the bottom piece along on quick trips etc... The bottom piece that your thighs sit on is small enough to fit in a large tote bag which is how I will personally be carrying mine around when using the 2 pieces seperately. However, the pillow came with its own cute case with handles and a cute logo. So it's also something you could just take along with you like that if you'd like. In my opinion the bbl pillow nor the booty buddy looked as good as the dr Miami booty buddy. You can buy it at drmiamibootybuddy.com and mine came out to $117 with tax and shipping. It only took 3 days to come in!)
10.Empty travel bottles (I literally want to be in and out the airport as quick as possible so I'm not planning on taking in any checked bags so I had to buy a few 3 oz bottles to be able to bring my antibacterial body wash and body lotion and other little necessary things with me.)
11.Inflatable adult size pool ring (I saw this on another RS page and I thought it was genius! Lets you lay on your back without any pressure being put on your bottom. Found mine at Walmart for $9 and it's perfect and comfortable for when I just want to lay out and chill out. I actually bought 2. One is shaped more like a chair with back support and the other is a total ring. A much cheaper solution to buying a chair from the cure curve for example.)
12.Surgical boards (Now I know that this is supposedly something New Life will provide but I went a step extra and bought ones that I felt would be comfortable for me. I have a long torso so I wanted to find something that could contour to me. Who's knows what I will actually get from them. I absolutely love my back board. It's shaped perfectly to an actual back and not just cut into a triangle like I've seen others on here. It looks like it will actually mold you. Has a cushioned ridge on the inside too so that in can lay comfortably against your spine. And it's longer than what I thought it would be so it covers a good area. My abdominal board is shaped a little different than the common ones I am used to seeing. It sort of folds on the sides to cover a portion of your flanks also. After reading through the reviews on it, I came to the understanding that it's best for people with longer torsos and it's sturdy and feels good. I'll make sure to add pics of both for you guys. I didn't get any Lipo foam because it's literally just a piece of expensive foam and this is provided to me by New Life regardless. If I need to buy more, it shouldn't be a problem hopefully.)

I still have to buy small things like Arnica to help with the soreness as well as scar away to help diminish the scars quickly which I probably won't even be able to apply until the incisions close up anyway. I most definitely packed baby wipes and bath wipes for the days that I can't shower until given the ok to do so. I hate not feeling clean and/or fresh! I'm also bringing alcohol pads and q-tips to keep the area of the incisions clean and in case I have to take any heparin shots to prevent blood clots from forming- hopefully I won't need it. Also bringing along maxi pads to use as large band aids (lol) while draining from the incision sites. I made sure to get the always infinity brand since the material of it is generally less irritating and they seem to absorb more with less of a surface mess to me. I plan on buying ensure or protein drinks in Miami to keep my nutrients up and help my body recover. Clothing wise, I made sure to pack 2 loose comfy track pants and plenty of loose comfortable tees and camisoles and lots of "practical" undies. I have a feeling I'll be spending most of my time in my granny pjs anyway- well at least the first few days.

So that's it for now. Even though it sounds like a lot, I only have a small carry on luggage and a duffel bag. And I don't feel under or overpacked which is good. I know this was pretty long but I hope it was helpful somehow. If I can think of anything else I'll be sure to add it in the comments. I wish everyone a great weekend! Thanks for reading! :)

Waiting at New Life...

So far everything has gone smooth, from the flight to getting to the office. The owner of the RH I am staying at picked me up and dropped me off here. She's very sweet! Some of the staff at New Life are snaaaaatched! A lot of booties everywhere. You can't help but stare lol.
My coordinator is so cute! Nice to finally meet her in person. I just met Dr. Hanabergh's nurse who gave me the heads up that I will be seen next. Not sure how long it'll actually take but I'm in no rush. This is what I came for so the wait doesn't bother me. The office is very nice! It's upscale, clean and modern. It is packed out here today. I wonder if it's like this always. The majority of the staff don't really practice HIPAA here. Everyone gets called in by both names loud and clear. They speak about cases out loud too. Not many inside voices here. By now, I know 4 girls full names and what they're here for. It doesn't really bother me personally but shouldn't be that way. And as someone who works in the medical field, I always pay attention to little things like that. Those of us sitting down waiting are all doing the same thing... looking around at everything and everyone, occasionally staring at their phone and occasionally making awkward eye contact with those in your area lol. There's really not much else to do. I'll keep you posted after I actually meet with Dr. Hanabergh. Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Ready for tomorrow!

Dr. Hanabergh was such a pleasure to meet. He's personable, and speaks with confidence. He's honest and straightforward. I feel sooo much better with my decision after talking to him. He knew exactly what I wanted and didn't hesitate to tell me what to expect. We ended up consulting in between patients so it happened in the recovery room. I envisioned our consult to occur in his office but I can understand with how busy he was. And even though he was busy, I never felt rushed. We didn't end the consult until all my questions were answered and he was thorough at that. Heads up though, it is freeeeezing in the recovery room. I was fully dressed and only in there for about 3 minutes before I started to shiver myself. And there was a girl behind the curtain occasionally crying out and moaning in pain. Which was kind of discouraging to hear during a consult lol. But that's how it will go, so I'm already anticipating waking up in the same room cold and in pain tomorrow. Hopefully the blankets will just keep coming! Originally I was told I would be the second patient. But today, I was told that I will be his third patient and to arrive by 1. Kinda sucks because that's definitely not the order I'd hoped for but what can you do! By the way, I saw Dr. Llorente in passing today. He looks very different than his RS pic. He seemed upset and bothered but another realselfer that I met at the RH says that he usually always looks like that until you have a convo with him. Well anyways, that's all for today. My next review will be post-op hopefully!!! Yayy!! Hope everyone is good. Stay tuned dolls.

Sorry for the wait...

I totally understand now why ppl don't post updates right away after surgery. You just really are out of it and can be sensitive to a lot of things. For me, I wanted nothing to do with my phone! Here's just a quick pic. Hopefully I can give you guys a good update by tomorrow. Everyone at my RH says the same thing that the pics don't really do it justice as how it really looks in person. Tomorrow I'll go for my first massage. I hope to feel better after. Stay tuned dolls, and again sorry for taking so long to get back to y'all. Xoxo...

Hasn't been the easiest road but I can't complain.

This is day 3 post-op for me. Today I finally got to shower and I've been walking around a little more. Trying to keep busy and not focus so much on laying on my stomach. I totally underestimated how frustrating that would be! So let me recap back to day of. I was told to come in at one and was on the OR bed by 3:30pm exactly. Everything was going ok and then I had a total moment of unexpected anxiety. No idea where that came from but right after my IV was started my blood pressure shot up, my heart was pounding out of my chest and I had the worst pounding headache ever. The anesthesiologist was quick to say "oh no this might have to be pushed til tomorrow morning" but I asked him to give me a minute to compose myself and sure enough within a few I was back to normal and so were my vitals. Dr. H gave the ok to proceed and before I knew it I was out. I woke up in the recovery room after 7 maybe. I'll never forgot how violently I was shivering. The worst cold I have ever felt. And I woke up on my back and in pain. I was trying to flip over and the nurse kept trying to stop me. She put something in my IV and the pain felt better. Dr. Hanabergh came out to speak to me and told me that everything went and looks great. I was too out of it to ask him questions but I wish I could've asked him how much he took out and how much he put in. I could barely speak though. My throat was so dry and hurt so bad. Then, I was getting into a wheelchair and escorted out by the nurse and my RH lady who is a CNA. We made it home and she walked me right to bed on my stomach. She fed me a purée she made of chicken noodle (I think) but it was delicious and easy to eat. I took my pain meds and woke up a few times in the night in pain. It wasn't unbearable though. About 12 hours later she suggested I try peeing because I still had not felt the need to. As I was trying to get up with her help, I lost my balance and almost passed out but I was able to catch myself after a while. I know I really scared her. Still feel bad about that. Day 1 and day 2 post op was pretty much spent all day in bed but by day 2 I was getting up a little more frequently. I originally had my first massage set for day 1 post op but I was in no condition to go so we post poned it to day 2. Oh my that was the worst ever. She put some wax like material on my back to help with the swelling for about half hour and then I stood up to be drained. Worst part ever. Omg. Nothing could've prepared me for that and she barely even touched me!! She started with the incisions near my groin and while it hurt it was bearable but then she moved her hands up towards my waist and I absolutely lost it. I let out a loud yelp and held her hand back begging for her to stop. I know that needed to be done but seriously it's just not something I couldve handled at that moment. She did that for maybe less than 2 mins and I was back into my clean back up faja. It only took 30 seconds for that one to be covered in blood too. At this point I was dizzy, lightheaded, annoyed and just did not want to be messed with. Good thing I was able to keep all those emotions inside. The last thing I would want is to be rude with those trying to help me. Because of a scheduling issue I'm not due back for my next massage until Monday and I can tell you I'm not looking forward to it at all. Today I noticed what originally I thought was a love handle roll that was swollen but it's not, it's a large crease. I'm not sure how this happened but it is concerning and needs to be addressed asap. Unfortunately that won't be until Monday. I wish I would've noticed it sooner but I think I've only been out my faja twice since surgery. Today I got to shower for the first time. I couldn't wait to do that! It was really rough though. I don't really think anyone talks about how sensitive, numb and how much pain your skin is in. It's really bad! Like completely sore to the touch. I can barely feel my fingers on my skin and what I do feel is pain. There's no other way for me to describe it. I look forward to the end of that symptoms which apparently can take weeks to disappear. I had to be as gentle as possible washing up but I did it and felt better hygiene-wise after. After 5 minutes I had to lay back in bed because I was really dizzy and felt like I was gonna pass out. I'm going through my pics now and I realize that I really need to take more when in out of my faja. For now, here's two teasers. Overall I'm happy with my results so far. Before I went into the surgery, I thought that there would be something I wasn't happy with like him not taking out enough fat or not sculpting me enough but no I can't say any of that. I'm truly happy with my new and improved shape! I really hope tomorrow is a better day. I am seriously sick of laying on my stomach. I never thought it would bother me that bad! It's causing my neck, head, arms, lower back , legs and tummy to feel pain and strained. I am legit over this process!
I hope everyone is doing well! I will update soon y'all! Hopefully next time with more pics. Stay tuned y'all and sorry for any typos, I usually scroll up to fix them but I'm just way to tired. :/

4 Weeks Post-Op

It's officially 4 weeks post for me today! Let me start off by apologizing for my absence. Shortly after my last post, life decided it would be a great time to throw some lemons at me. I've been dealing with a lot lately between deaths in the family and personal issues, so even though I haven't been on real self in a while, I told myself that today at my 4 wks post date that I would give an update. Now it's 10 mins to midnight and I'm determined to keep my word! This has been a frustrating experience. I am able to see some light at the end of the tunnel but I really really can't wait to get there. I've been wanting to fast forward this recovery time so bad! I really hope I'm not discouraging anyone because that is not at all my intention but I do think it's important to go in knowing that it won't be easy. Just like many have said, you have your days were you hate things and you have your days were you love things. It legit can drive you crazy. So I truly think it's necessary to mentally prepare yourself for this rollercoaster. At week 4, I am still swollen. Still very stiff. The boards make me feel even stiffer but I know they're necessary. I'm still retaining fluid in one spot and had more fluid removed just a few days ago. So far I've had over 500 cc's of fluid drained since surgery. I'm so happy to have my massage girl because she drains me and she knows her stuff. Never realized how hard it would be to find someone to not only drain you but also to be so knowledgeable. She also does the ultrasonic cavitation during my massage and it's helped a lot. I still have that hard lump that looks like a love handle/fat roll on the lower part of my waist. It has gone down a bit since week 1. I really hope this will dissipate as Dr.H has said it will. He said to give it 3 months. My massage girl also thinks this will go away. She says it's just swelling. My skin is still tender to the touch and I guess it's slowly waking up. Sometimes I feel itchy but I can't feel myself scratching so it doesn't relieve the feeling. And it's like a painful annoying itch. My lower back is still very much asleep. When I rub or scratch my lower back it just feels like pressure. I am liking how things are starting to settle as the swelling continues to go down. I do have some minor lumps and skin irregularities that have improved slowly. I was expecting this to happen bc Dr.H mentioned he came across some scar tissue that was difficult to work the wand through during surgery. It's is visible in pics. While not totally smooth, my stomach is very flat. Way flatter than I ever thought could be possible. A few years ago I had a consult with a well known PS for smart lipo and she told me that no matter what I did that my stomach would never be completely flat because of the protrusion of my muscle wall. That was really discouraging to hear and I left things at that never thinking that this would ever be possible. Dr.H totally proved her wrong and I'm very grateful for it. Another reason for why I can't wait for summer and be out of this faja enjoying my flat tummy lol! Now as for my booty is concerned, pretty much all what was injected is gone!! Pretty much the only thing left is the shape. And honestly I'm so happy about this. He gave me what I wanted. For others who want that big fat booty look, Dr.H can deliver that too! Trust me there was so much of his "work" and proof of that walking all around me while I was at his office in Miami. To be honest though, when I realized that I had lost the majority of what was put in, my first reaction was to be disappointed but then I got to thinking... He gave me what I asked him for and it still looks great because the shape is still there! Besides, I started laying on my back and sides to sleep way earlier than recommended (2 weeks) but that's because I really couldn't take the pain from sleeping on my stomach any longer. I have herniated discs and the pain of constantly sleeping on my stomach was truly unbearable to the point where I didn't care anymore. I guess I felt that way at first because who wouldn't want a little extra booty lol but at the end of the day there is still an improvement and that all I wanted. I was very clear with him about that and I guess I didn't really believe that I would lose that fat and was starting to really enjoy the "new" addition that I forgot about what I had originally wanted. You see guys!! It's a rollercoaster of emotions lol. So definitely be very honest and upfront with what you want and he will be sure to deliver! I'm uploading new pics that I took a few days ago with my new measurements. The only measurement that hasn't changed is my booty. It was at 47" pre and is still 47" now. Enjoy all. Feel free to ask anything and I will try my hardest to get back to y'all asap. I wish everyone a good night and a great tomorrow! Also, I am done using my bbl pillow so it will be up for sale. I have the Dr. Miami booty buddy and I only used the bottom portion. The attachment cushion for your back was never used and is still in the clear packaging that it was delivered in. The bottom cushion that was used has a washable cover on it. For more info go to http://drmiamibootybuddy.com/ I paid $117 with tax and shipping for it. I used it for 2-3 weeks only and am selling mine for $75 with shipping obo. Send me a private message if you're interested! Take care all! :)
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

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