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Booked my date I'm super excited to embark on this...

Booked my date I'm super excited to embark on this journey I can't wait to be fluffy ??????I'm not really sure what to expect I've been stalking rs forever it seems ...at first I wanted go to the D.R. But decided to stay in the states since this is my first time having any work done I've wanted this like forever ??I'm scheduled for November.

Wish pics

Some wish pics hips n booty????

Bbl pillow

I purchased my bbl pillow. I bought it from the bbl pillow website it worked out cheaper on there than on Amazon??it was $99 free shipping. I think it was $92 plus $14 shipping on amazon ,With that being said check around a little before just buying??


Started my hema-plex today. I wanted to my sure my iron was up when I get my labs done ...I'm not trying to hear nothing about having low iron...

Post op stocking

Post op stocking came today.I've ordered some of my supplies...and their starting to arrive ????


Lipofoams are here

Arnica relief oil

Came home and this was in the mail! It feels like Christmas is coming early lol. It's way to small 4oz I was not paying attention when I was ordering. I definitely gonna have to get more!

Some post op supplies

Ab board, lumbar-molder, lateral protectors arnica tea ?? and pills

More supplies

Just some more supplies yayyy!


Went to go get my labs done today...it was so funny the lady at the front desk asked if I was a dancer ..lol (in mind head I am) it was cool. I'm a few weeks pre op and it still hasn't set in yet! I'm waiting for my labs to come back saying I'm Good to go! I went to a labcorp here in Charlotte. I paid about $165 for my test I don't have insurance so that wasn't that bad at least I don't think so... the lady at the front desk had me shook when I told her I had no insurance price wise. When she told me the price I was like cash or credit lol ....

Make me heal

My Make me heal vitamins & supplements was here when I got home from work....yayyy! I've read good things about them as far as helping in recovery.
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