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After three kids my body has seen better days. ...

After three kids my body has seen better days. I've been planning this surgery for over two years now, It originally started with my boobs, then it trickled to a flatter stomach and bigger butt lol. I have Realself reviews to blame, so many successful stories of full body makeovers. I finally decided to proceed with the surgery. I will be having lipo of back, flanks and stomach and a BBL. Depends on how the skin contracts after the Lipo I will decide on a TT when I do the BL (no implants) six months after the first procedure. I set a tentative date for December 15th 2014. After years of research I have narrowed down my choices for the first procedure to two doctors. Dr Mel Ortega in Miami or Dr Fatima Almonte in Dominican Republic. My first choice is Dominican republic, Almonte has great reviews, her work is amazineg and I feel I will achieve my desired results, my only insecurity is the fact that the surgery is abroad and it may be difficult for follow up in case I may need it. I choose Dr Ortega because his prices are comparable, he is board certified in the US with years of experience and his work is also good however in my opinion although he is good, I don't think he can re-mold a woman as well as Dr. Almonte. Although I have put a deposit of 300 with Dr Ortega to try and secure the special and my date, I have not 100% made up my mind, I am still leaning toward Dr Almonte. If any of you ladies could provide some advise to help me make my final decision that would be awesome.

My goal is realistic, am not hoping to look like a Kim-K or the Queen-B although I would not mind lol, I would like however to have a smaller waist, fuller butt and some hips, to have the body I had when I was in my 20's, before the kids came along. In my next post I will include pics, and pointers I have gathered during my two year research.

Pics - Where I am, Where I want to be.

Surgery Date

Ok so after much deliberation, I settled with Dr Ortega at Spectrum. My surgers is scheduled for February 13 2015. Reasons being that the price he quoted was the same price as Dominican Republic. And his reviews were just as good as Dr Almonte's. Images were similar also. Therefore if the price was going to be the same, I would rather stay in the US just in case of infection or any other miss -haps

Preperation for surgery

Three months before surgery I did my bloodwork just ensure I was not anemic. My hemo was 12.2, which was a bit low. I therefore started to take one pill of each a day
iron, folic acid, vitamin C, prenatal tablets
Also I took twice a day, morning and evening a blend of: beets, carrots, pineapple, watercrest, spinach, strawberries, all blended with apple juice to form a smoothie. Three weeks before surgery my Hemo was 13.5. right on point.


Ladies I did not overbuy anything and it worked out that I still purchased too many lol
items I purchased were
Arnica bruise cream
Arnica Gel
Arinca Tabs (at the doctors office)
Lipo foam (at the doctors office)
urinal (that was my best friend for the first three weeks
neosporine (never used)
Benadryl Itch Cream (handy)
Surgical Gauze (used to pad the sore areas for the first two weeks)
tylenon extra strengeth (used)
Acid Reducer Tabs (used)
Garment size (M) - this is my curent top size. I bought it at http://www.caribbeanshape.com/ - Very good garment
Garment Extension at caribbeanshape also - Came in handy for the first three weeks, currently fit into the M gargment without the extension, I am on the last hook. I am about to order a small


compression socks
1 garment
3 massages
1 Lipo foam for the Abdomen


I flew into Miami the day before surgery, went steight to spectrum to see Dr O for the first time and to get my prescriptions. When I arrived he was in surgery, I waited about 45 minutes before I was called in. He is quite pleasant. He took a quick look at me and apologized for the rush because he was inbetween surgeries. He gave me a quick summary of what I should expect and promised to go in detail the next day before the surgery. I was given my prescriptions and Off I went to fill them. The Office is busy but nice. The staff was very Friendly.


My apointment was scheduled for 2:30 pm, I was told nothing to eat after 4:00am. I got to Spectrum at 2:00pm and waited, and waited, and waited some more. I was not called in to see Dr O for my markings until 7:00pm. By then I was so dehydrated and hungry that I was given the IV fluids. His assistant came then afterwards and had me sign the consend forms and other documents. At about 8:30 the weeled me in the opertion room. The anestisalogist said she was giveing me something to relax and would come back to check on me. Thats the last thing I remember until I woke up to the voice of someone telling me time to wake up while she was putting on my garment. I remembe feeling my Butt to see if the surgery was done lol


I choose the recovery house managed by Karla - An employee at spectrum itself. They picked me up from surgery and brought me to the house. The care taker fed me with soup and water - Very Very nice lady, treated me like I was her daughter, I think her name was Mariama. She spoke little english but somehow we managed lol. She slept in my room that night, made sure I took my antibiotics on time. Always brought water and juice to keep me hydrated. I loved it no complaints. I would highly recommend Karla's place.


I Had the surgery on Friday February 13th. I went in at 8:30pm and was out of surgery about 11:pm, However i was told I was asleep for about 1/2 hours after. This means my surgery was roughly 2 hours. I was picked up by Maria, Karla's sister and brought to the recovery house. The Doctor prescriped pain meds and I was supposed to take 2 every 4 to 6 hours. The care taker gave me two with my meal that night. By then my level of pain was 2/10. Next morning I took Two more prescribed pain killers and in the evening another 2. and that was it. I did not have to take any more prescription pain meds. I simply switched to Tylenol for the next two days. Two tablets twice a day. by day 4 I had no need for pain medication. My pain was 1/10 but my discomfort was 8/10.


I am not a medication type of person, I only take it when I have to, therefore in order to flusy my system from the anesthesia I did what my grand parents taught me. Drank lots and lots of coconut water. I bought it at market, pour the water in a gallon container and brought it with me to the recovery house. That was my fluid for the next two days, and it worked wonders. To have me heal and feel better fast I took GENESIS - this is a herpal nutrition supplement, worked great. http://www.symmetrydirect.com/wconnect/wc.dll?jws~lopp~2


Day after PO I, My pain was minimal, I felt more discomfort than pain. I was able to pull myself out of bet with Mariamas help of course and walked to the washroom. I had to go every two hours, sometimes every 1 hour lol, the coconut water, apple juice and water itself was doing its job. I must admit that Dr O did a great job. I had 0 drainage. not a speck of fluid on my garment.

DAY TWO Sunday Feb 15

Everything seems to ok. Had my first BM this morning, no problems at all, also took my first shower. My booty is swelled but it looks good.

Three Weeks Update

Its been three weeks and I am healing nicely. Little Swelling and tingling senstion in two last fingers. Doctor said it was normal and should go away soon. Besides that nothing to report. I am still taking my vitamins and smoothies, hoping to start the gym in April


Most of the swelling gone down. One month, ive lost a lot of volume but i think it still looks good. Thinking of a possible round two in the Hips


so I saw many reviews of ladies having problems with the garment. This is how i wear mine and it works wonders. Never had a problem with burns or being uncomfortable. hope this helps some of you ladies. I bought three pieces of Lipo Foam and glued them together with cloth glue, then wraped it around me. Am petite so three was enough to go round. I purchased this large bandage on Amazon about 3 feel long and 10 inches wide, and used it to hold the foam in place by wrapping it around me snug. I used pins to hold the ends after wrapping . Then I put the garment over. Have been doing this about three days after surgery to now. Note the triangle is underneath the foam, I made a case for triangle with cotton cloth so it feels better against my skin lol


I sort of had a littly booty already. Babies and gravity caused some shifting and sagging. Next are the girls in July. No Implants, Just a lift.

10 weeks,

I am healing nicely, my butt is holding at 41.5, waist is 27 when i just wake up, 28 when I Eat. I am healing nicely, swelling is minimal with a little scar tissue on sides. I am back to normal, no complaints, a few dimples on the butt but I read thats expected. I currently fit in a size S garment. I am still considering a round 2, I need some hips and there a few pockets of fat left behind on my bra rolls and around my belly botton. overall I am 90% satisfied, the round 2 is just me trying to look 100%

3 months

So am oficially 3 months. I must say am happy with my results and my reovery has been very good. I still have numbness on my sides and my butt burns a little if i sit too long therefore I still use a soft cousion to sit. Besides that I have no complaints and would do it all over again. I love my results especially my butt, its not huge but its nice and full. I believe Dr. O did a great job, despite me going back for round two to add a little hips.

10 months update - revision

Sorry I've been gone for a while, but there was nothing to report. I am oficially 10 months and although I am pleased with my results there was a little fat in my bra lines and stomach that annoys me so Dr O has agreed to do a revision. I will use the fat to put in my non existent hips. I've had no complications and I started to sit at three months. I sill use a coushion whin i sit, because sometimes I feel the injection sites a little painful. My butt has stayed at 41.5 from three months to now. No changes. My revision is scheduled for December 2nd

10 Months Update

10 months Pics

1 year review

so I am officially one year, let me say this has one of the best decisions of my life. my healing process has been great. I still take my vitamins at least three times weekly. I still use a cushion to sit on and I am always mindful not to sit or hours without standing for five minutes. My measurements have remained the same from three months to now. 33, 28, 41.5. I am happy overall although I wish I had a little more hips. It looks natural and no one can I had any work done. I still get a little pain from time to time from the butt cheeks, but nothing to worry about.
although I have some loose skin, my stomach is flat and has no lumps. There is a little fat lump underneath one cheek but its not visible unless am naked and you really have to look for it. My biggest advise to anyone is the aftercare, make sure to read your aftercare instructions, give your body time to heal, eat healthy, take your vitamins and wear your garment as long as you can. Dr Ortega did a great Job, I would recommend him to anyone looking for natural

1 year six months update

Going to get a tummy tuck and additional lipo to back and armpits. Ortega did an amazing job, love my results, just don't like the loose skin.
Dr Mel ortega

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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