3 weeks baby!!! Time for A Change!!! - Miami, FL

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Hey... Lady's I am a 29 year old mother of five....

Hey... Lady's I am a 29 year old mother of five. I have suffered from this thing called "NO ASS AT ALL" since forever...lol. Anyways I am new to the site and loving every view. I feel like I am right at home on here. My children are 12,9,7,4, and 2 years of ages and they are my life. I'm not sure when i'm going to get the sx done yet, but i am wanting this done before it really gets hot out here. I'm trying to get a loan so I can make it happen..lol, but if not im looking at around March of 2014. If anyone knows how i can go about get a loan please feel free to pass me the info. I will be uploading my "BIG GUT, LIL BUTT PIC" on here as well.

Hey Lady... This site is like a drug..lol. Im at...

Hey Lady... This site is like a drug..lol. Im at work checking in on Every break of mine. Anyways I have been Watching and Waiting for that email from Dr. P. Im so Ready to get this done so i can "LOOK BACK AT IT" lol. Back to work for me for now.

OMG.....I Never knew it wud be this hard tryn to...

OMG.....I Never knew it wud be this hard tryn to get approved for a Loan!!! This sucks....LOL. Does anyone know Where, or how to get a Loan with limited credit history/bad credit???


OMG I been waiting on a response from Dr. Perry since the 3rd of May, and I hate to keep calling so im going to see about Dr.Ghurani Im loving his work as well.....Anyways Im so ready to get this done I dream about it every night. Ladies let me vent for awhile to yall...lol. I had this friend that i was dealing with for about 4years, and i asked him to co-sign for the loan for me right, he didnt want to do it so I kicked his A$$ to the curb. I dont feel like I was wrong cuz all he would have been doing was co-signing, its not like he's paying for it. Anyways I feel like this if you dont want to help, you DAMN sho not going to enjoy the outcome!!!

Dream Bootay's

More wish pictures


Okay so I made my deposite, and locked in my date to big bootay world ya'll..... Should I book my flight now or wait closer to my date?? What is the best place to stay for as hotels?? So much is running thru my head, but im so ready.


It is really hard tryn to find a place to stay for 11 days, that's not going to cost me my whole life savings...lol. So if any of you ladies know of any places in Aventura, Fl thats nice but is not high....PLEASE...... let me know Thanks A bunch.

3 weeks til a new me!!!

Well ladies shit just got real.... Lab are back I have the go ahead for surgery today. Oh yel I booked my hotel and flight....yay me


No party for me, cuz I'm keeping this body healthy for my big gift to myself!!! I'm so happy I don't have room to be scared


Two weeks to go, but hey who's counting......ME...YAY!! I'm so happy and READY. I have all my meds for post op, maybe I should get a few more maxi dresses, I have 4 already

7whole days, til my flight!!!

This time is flying... But that's a good thing, cuz I'm so ready for my big bootay...lol!!! Cum on March 11th.

8 hours til my flight leave out...

Omg... I am so so happy and ready to leave. I can't went get to Miami and get my big bootay on!!!;) Up date later

12 Days post

Hey...sorry I been M.I.A but I've been so so so tired! Lord you ladies who is up and out after this sx, I takey hat off to you!! Anyways I will be uploading pictures soon


more pictures


I'm going to Dr. Ghurani

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