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Hi ladies! Like many of you I've been stalking...

Hi ladies! Like many of you I've been stalking this site for a long while lol! I've finally saved enough and got enough courage to get a BBL!

So I'm turning 27 this year :-o and I have a 5 year old son. I have 0 butt ladies I mean 0, flat as a pancake, my back runs straight down to my thighs lol!

So anyways! I've put my deposit down with Dr. Hasan at Vanity. I was hoping for the 21st of match but my job sucks so I won't be able to get the time off. And get this, they're only willing to give me 1 week off! They're lucky I got bills lol!

So now I'm looking at the first or second week of April. Anybody going during that time? I could use a partner :)

Small Update!

I'm like sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for sx lol! I just want to see how I'm going to look!

I just can't decide on a doctor! First I thought Salas, now I'm thinking Hasan... The only good Fisher review I've seen is from feelinmyself... what to do what to do...

Jessica my coordinator says between Salas and Hasan she would definitely go Hasan. I tend to believe her because at the beginning, she offered me Salas but when we talked more about the look I want to achieve, she said Hasan is the guy to do it. She told me a few of the girls in the office have Hasan booties so I'll be able to see and feel when I go in lol!

Lastly, work is getting on my LAST nerve! I wanted March 21st but she won't approve it. How the heck are you gonna tell me when to take my own darn PTO?? And then she tells me I can only take one work week of at a time -_- all I know is she's lucky I got these bills or I would of told her where to go lol! So idk what to do... I figure I'll just keep planning, paying and kissing ass hoping she approves me for the first or second week of April.

Oh and I'm REALLY worried about loose skin. Everybody keeps telling me that I'll need a TV but I don't want to do that so early on... I don't think I'm done with kids and I certainly can't afford to take more time off shortly after to have the TT. If you ladies have any advice or dealt with the same, let me know!!

Keeping Hope Alive!

At this point I don't even know what to think or how to feel. I mean I know I will have the surgery at some point cause I've paid my deposit but work is tripping! They're lucky I don't just quit and find another job after. It's like they refuse to give me my PTO! I mean all I'm asking for is 1 week and you would think I was trying to think 6 weeks off!! I'm still holding out hope for April.

Anyway... I'm going to start taking Iron supplements this week. I'm still trying to accumulate everything like the foam, arnica and stuff like that.

I'm still trying to lose a bit of weight before surgery so maybe it's a good thing I'm being forced to wait. I'm going to start doing yoga and maybe 10 minute trainer specially since I hear working out will help with the loose skin problem.

Weight loss for surgery

So ladies I've decided to lose maybe like 10 or 15 lbs while I'm waiting for surgery. I use to be miss no days off, in the gym 24/7 but man I gotta tell you, I'm having a lot of trouble getting motivated to get back to it! All tips and suggestion gladly accepted to help me lose weight!

PTO looking good for May

So my supervisor told me to put my pto request I for may! She was like "you've been patient so I think the first week of may will be good" so now I just want her to approve it over the weekend cause on monday, another coworker is quitting and if she knows, bye bye booty lol! I put in to have it done may 2nd.
Fingers crossed ladies!

Pre Op Pics

Hide your wife hide your kids, it's about to get ugly up in here lol! so these are my before pics... gross I know... May needs to come on!

Stole this from NELLY JELLY

So, I was reading NELLY JELLY's journey and came across the following and had to steal it. Hope she doesn't mind :) This is what she wrote:

"I decided to put a spin on the fortune "in bed" game. This is when you add the word "in bed" to the end of a fortune. It makes the fortunes much more interesting and even funny. Example: You will have the thrill of your life *in bed*. This works just as well if you add a booty-based addition such as "when you get your new booty" or "with your new booty". Examples: You will have the thrill of your life when you get your new booty! You will be very successful in your career with your new booty! Time heals all wounds when you get your new booty! Be careful what you wish for with your new booty!"

So I've decided to do a serious list...
1. I will buy that pencil skirt... when I get my new booty!
2. I will make myself that vintage inspired wardrobe (I sew)... when I get a new booty!
3. I will feel confident in a bathing suit... with my new booty!
4. I will put myself out there and try to meet somebody... with my new booty!
5. I will go places alone and not feel ugly and awkward.... with my new booty!

So anyways, I thought I'd share the cool things that I hope for... when I get my new booty lol! Thanks NELLY JELLY!


I'm starting to have second thoughts.... I want to join the Air Force and wanted to get the procedure done before I do because from my understanding, you have to wait 6 months after a surgical procedure to qualify... but then I heard having a BBL may disqualify me completely! I've tried to get a hold of a recruiter but I haven't been able to. I'm so confused IDK what to do... If my soon to be giant ass will stop me from joining, I'm gonna have to put a hold on the ass :(

If anybody has any info, please let me know!

Wish Pics and Pre-Op Clothe Pics

Here are some pics form the RS community and the plastic surgery app. I have no idea what my body can look like but I have high hopes lol! I'll label the pics appropriately :)

Oh the pretty booties!


Oh my goodness ladies I'm so excited! She finally approved my PTO! I'm officially good to go for MAY 2nd Lord willing. I'm excited but I'm getting nervous cause I feel overwhelmed and I don't quite know what to purchase or if I should even start purchasing already... So this is the good news, time for the not so good news... I only got 40 hours (5 days) off :-O My beautiful booty will have to be in an office chair that soon :-( so counting the weekends and surgery day, I'll have about 10 days to recover.

I'm going to start really working the weight loss now that I know I have like a month. OMG 1 month! Ladies help!

Quick Update

Hi lovely ladies! So with about 4 weeks till my surgery, I'm getting scared, nervous... I almost want to back out! I know it's just nerves though, this is something I've been wanting for so long. I cannot wait to see my new body and feel comfortable in my skin.

So I went to GNC today and got my iron and vitamin C. I also got a faja but I think I wayyy overpaid (130 bucks). I know they're expensive but damn lol! I took some pics for you guys of what I look like in my faja and what I wish i looked like in my faja (thanks to the plastic surgery app).

I plan to hit up some thrift stores around my area for some linens and towels so that I don't end up soiling everything.

Trouble losing weight

Ladies I'm getting worried.... I'm scheduled for May 2nd and I have to lose a minimum of 10 lbs before surgery but it seems impossible! I started well this week but then my monthly friend came and I've been eating everything sweet in sight! The ladies that had to lose weight for surgery, HOW DID YOU DO IT???

Death at Vanity....

So I don't know if you girls have seen this story but there's a woman that died after having a BBL at Vanity with Dr. Hasan :-o
Needless to say I'm DEFINITELY going with Dr. Fisher and that's IF I go through with the procedure... I was already nervous (never been under anesthesia before) but now I'm freaking out soo bad. I have a 5 year old, I wanna be here lol!

Sorry for the ramblings but man I'm freaking out so bad right now... maybe I'll just have a little lipo done so that my belly can go away and call it a day but then I think if I'm gonna have lipo, might as well get a butt in the process... ugh I just don't know what to do....
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