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So, i have been unhappy with my body for a while...

So, i have been unhappy with my body for a while now. I am in my late 20s and my measurements are; bust- 41-1/2"(36 DDD), Waist-33", and Hips-41". After seeing a co-worker get her new body (brazilian butt lift) in May 2015, I knew i really wanted to go through with this. I originaly was going to go to the same Dr. as my co-worker and have my surgery done this summer, but it was way too expensive ($20,000). I was going to give up and put the brazilian butt lift into my bucket list for the far future until, I was told by a friend about Once again my wishes for a new body became a reality.
I have been on this site like there is no tomorrow. BTW thank you to all you wonderful "Dolls", who have shared your experience with us. It definitely has been helping with my decision making.
Through I noticed that out of state is so much less expensive, but I am definitely not going to go out of the U.S. If something happens there is no law to protect me, so I narrowed it down to Miami Florida, where the prices are more reasonable than the North.
Narrowing the doctors to Dr. Salama, Dr. Hasan, and Dr. Fisher. They have the best reputatin and the before and after pituers of these three Dr. are amazing. But pitues can be deceiving so do read what women have to say.

The beautiful and the ugly...
*Salama ($8,899) - known for having a great staff, but also cancelling on clients who are flying from out of state, giving BIG, ASS, BUTTY, as well as burns through excessive liposuction, and consistency with not always being on point (unevenness).

*Dr. Hasan ($4,500)- tiny waist, and BIG, ASS,BUTTY. He was my first choice but still not so sure. He works at two different location one being Vanity (this place has a caption of its own) he is not a certified plastic surgeion and he does not use drains after performing the BBL. I called my best friend, who is a nurse and told me that liquid fluids can build up inside you and then need to be drained with a syringe, this is called "Seromas" And from what i have been reading on here its true, a lot of his patients have had this problem, but then again i just ready one review where a doll had the same issue with Dr. Fisher who does use drains.

*Dr. Fisher ($5,000)- Works at Vanity, as well as three other location

Miami Office
8506 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33144
Phone: 1-800-340-4095

Address: 1738 W 49 St Suite 8,9,10 Hialeah Florida 33012
Telephone: 1.800.340.4095

Broward Cosmetic Surgery
1725 N University Dr, Plantation, FL 33322
Phone: 954 474 8586

He seems to be very popular on (as well as Dr. Salama). Fisher gives very perporsinal BBLs from what i hear and from what i have been seeing. I only read one review, where someone's cheek was bigger than the other.
I have up to March to pick my dr. becuase i want to have my BBL done in July 2016, so i will continue to research until then.

VANITY- The rivews are right... vanity is corrupted.. My drama has already started with them. It all started last Monday, when i called for pricing. They told me that they were running a special for out of town patients. Hasan $4,500 and Fisher $5,000. I asked about the Recovery Home and i was quoted $1,000 for 7 days and 6 nights. I repeated back exacley what she said, twice, and she said, "yes, thats right". I even wrote it down on my notes...(Keep notes) She told me to send in pitures, which i did, and any quations that i had. This started an email conversation, where I asked her to email me the exact amount of my surgery. She was very fast at emailing me back, props to that. Everything was the same on the wirtten quote except for the R.H. which now was listed for $1,350 five days and four nights. I wrote her back and asked why, i was told one price over the phone, and another through email? She replied, "I am sorry for the inconvenience, it must have been a misunderstanding but unfortunately we do not have any recovery home for that price". I replied that, i was not crazy that i had my notes right in fron of me from the phone conversation. She has not replied, but i also i did send that email Friday night around 10pm, waiting for her reply, but Lession only doing email for impartant questions that is, if I still desided to go with them. I will make sure to have everything on paper before taking any steps with Vanity. Oh yes, and i read that they cancel alllllllllllll the time surgery dates. Do i really want to comit to them?

So even though i have not chosen a docter just yet, i started shopping for necessary supplies.

*Zippered Compression Knee Socks Supports Stockings Leg Open Toe 23-32mmHg Zipper (MEDIUM, BEIGE)
Sold by: TheBoardwalk

P EZ Female Urination Device with Case - Stand Up & Pee
Sold by: GuShuStore

Well Dolls, my Journey has begun. I will post pictures closer to finalizing this procedure; till then, i will try my hardest not to be MIA. One last thing if there is anyone out there taking this journey around the same time as myself, lets take it together :)

"love handles and Flanks" I thought they where the same thing??? Quote from Vanity and Salama.

Here is my quote from Vanity-
Dr.Hasan special price at the moment is $4,500.00 his original is $5,000.00 . Dr.Fisher special price is $5,000.00 his original is $6,000.00.
These prices include All surgery room fees, Full panel of lab work, Unlimited consultations and follow ups, General anesthesia, Anesthesiologist who will be in the room at all times, Liposuction and Liposculpture on all twelve areas like Upper and lower abdomen, Waist, Bra line, Love handles, Flanks and fat transfer into butt and hips.
*I thought that flanks were "love handles", am i wrong? Someone please answer...

Here is the quote from Salama-
In regards to your inquiry the pricing of the surgery is $8,299. That price is all-inclusive for the surgery. Payment for the surgery does not need to be paid in full upfront, rather a 10% deposit to hold your surgery slot. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. You can schedule up to one year from now for your surgery. Balance of surgery is due three weeks prior to surgery date.

We do have a process for out of town patients to do their consultations with Dr. Salama.
We ask that you send to the following secure email address: three pictures (front, side, and rear – please make sure underwear is a bit lower than usual so that the doctor can see how your stomach sits) In the subject line, write “Cynthia”
The liposuction areas that are included in the Brazilian Butt Lift are: abdomen, flanks, and upper & lower back. Included in the surgical package is:

· Surgical fee

· Anesthesia Fee

· Facility Fee

· 2 Custom Compression garments

· 2 Post-Operative massages

· 1 Boppy pillow

· Post operative Abdominal Board

· Post operative Lipo Foam

Each additional area of liposuction will be $500. The additional areas that can be added depending on available fat are: inner & outer thighs, arms, submental, and axillas.

In order to make your journey convenient and relaxing, Dr. Salama is pleased to inform that we’ve partnered with Serenity Recovery Retreat to offer full service recovery stay. For an additional $1,899, they will provide all transportation needs during your stay, grocery/pharmacy stops, fresh made meals, and 24 hr supervision to insure your well-being. Pricing is for a ten day stay at the facility. Please inquire as availability is limited. You can visit their website at
Honestly, even though Dr. Salama is more expensive, I feel more comfortable reading his proposal.

Christmas 2015

I cannot wait until July, so i will be giving myself a wonderful Christmas gift this year.

Hasan it is...

i made up my mind and i will be going with Dr. Hasan. Going to make my payment today. Is anyone gong for him around the 3rd week of Dec?

Portal Invite

How soon after making your payment do you get the portal invite from Vanity? I made my payment and now they are telling me they are having problems with their system?

BBL supply list

Two Months to go...

I can finally start my count down; two more months to go till i am in Miami. I do not have any wish pics bc i do not want to get my hopes up. I am 162 lbs right now and need to get down to 160 for Dr. Hasan, but i will lose 10 lbs to get a better out come.

Renting a room and a car...

I will be renting a room with two beds from airbnb, rather than staying at a recovery house with Vanity. My best friend is coming with me, so we will be renting a car that way she can drive me around the entire week. I will definitely be turning up in Miami before my BBL, so we will need a ride to get around. The car will be rented from Sixt- The earlier you rent the car the cheaper it will be. I checked other sites and this was the cheapest that i found. Total for the room and the car about $520 for 6 days.
I purchased a plastic cover for the bed; that way i don't bleed all over it. I also, purchased a cover for the rental car; both items were purchased from Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

vitamins and supplements????

Hey Dolls, how are you preparing or have prepared your bodys for BBL? Should I be taking any vitamins/supplements and if, so what would those be?

Vanity called surgery

they said Dr. Hasan is going on vacation and decided to cut his third client on Dec. 15th (me) so now i will be going in Jan 2016. I already booked everything and will be losing my air flight money as well as my deposit for my stay. Trust what you read about Vanity...

Lab work again...

I got a call from Vanity to inform me that my lab work is good to go but that they will expire the day of my new surgery date so i need to do them over again. They did say i could do the lab work at Vanit for free the day b4 my bbl but who wants to risk them saying something is wrong with the lab work and then turn me down for my bbl, so here goes another $200.

Lab work...again

So i just came back from getting my lab work done. I had to pay an additional $150 from the original $200. Lab corp misplaced my urin sample the first time so they did not charge me again this time and i will be taking the birth contral with Vanity this time around since they do it there anyways. The first ime i did my lab tests i was under the weather, but this time i am feeling 100%, so i am not too worried about my results.

5 Days To GO!!!

I can't believe i will be flying out to Miami this Sat. I am so excited and just ready to get this over with.

at vanity

Made it to Miami sat night and have been enjoying every day. I just arrived to vanity and met two sisters from realself making all this so real.

5:30 am

Yesterday, while at vanity, I waited about two hours to get my pregnancy test done and to sign all the paper work. The paper work itself took about 30 min. But before signing everything they did weigh me. After we were done with the paper work, they had me try on my garments. I got me two free fajas bc they cancelled on my back in dec. The lady's were all very nice and got me feeling good about today. I got a call about an hour after I left vanity letting me know to come in at 7:30 am for my surgery but then someone else called me saying that instead of coming in at 7:30 a.m. to come in at 5:30 a.m. I don't know why I need to go in this early...makes me a little worried. But it's 4:30 am now and getting ready to head out. Here are some photos of me last night. By the way they I came weighing 154lbs from my orignal weight of 165lbs

Please pray for me sisters

Please happy thoughts and a prayer for me today. Thank you :)

here I am waiting

So I got to Vanity at 5:30 and all the lights in the front were off thinking no one was home I texted my coornater jessi to see what to do. She replayed right away like she always does and told me to go around the back but by the time she replayed I had already Explorer to see if the door was open which it was so I went to the door to the I've opened it and walked around until I found someone. Now I'm here waiting for dr. Hasan after getting my pics taken. Ok well the man of the hour is here so waited an 15 min for him...not bad. Ok I'm back so he took pictures of his own and I about to mark me...see you on the other side...Please pray do me.

I made it :)

Thank you sister for your prayers I'm okay :) I made it!
I was in at 5:30am and out by 10am. Dr.Hasan tells it howbit is. I had a belly tuck 5 years ago -he told me what i already knew, that my belly tuck wasn't done properly so even after he worked on me my belly would still pop out a little from the top. He said he would make me the best that I could be and i was ok with that. Anyways I went into the operation room and the anesthesiologist (sweat heart) started to do his thing. I asked him to pray for me lol and he did :). I do not remember falling asleep but when I woke up i already had my garment on amd i was wrapped in an electric blanket and the nurse was right there with me. i was still cold and dizzy with the blanket even driving back to the hotel. We stoped by a cvc but had to drive to another one bc they didn't have my prescription which took an hour to get. Dr. Hasan perscribed me three different prescription so now i am ready to start the healing process. I love the size of my butt right now but I know it's going to shrink bc it's swollen :( I just hope it doesn't shrink too much. okay lady's I'm going to rest now I'll check in later. If you have any questions please ask I'm here for you :)

it's so early :(

So I just woke up to go use the bathroom and I could not get up at all. I had to wake up my best friend to help me. Once I was in my feet it didn't take long for me to start feeling really dizzy so i had to quickly lay back down in bed. I'm top of feeling dizzy my entire stomach is hurting. It feels like I worked out for an entire week none stop. After the anesthesia wears off prepare yourself for joke. I just took all my pills and had some water with a little bit of rice. Keep hydrated but be ready also to go to the bathroom a lot. :( well I'm going back to sleep now that I feel a bit better. Good night ladys :)

first shower / first massage

Took my first shower today and it felt freat. I had the water on warm just in case I felt like fainting. After I drove to medical massage professional with Mariam she was really great took out a lot of liquid. I felt so much better after and my belly shrunk even more because of the fluid buildup. Make sure you take some Gatorade when you go and prepare for some pain but well needed massage

my last day in Miami so...

Its my last night in miami so I got all dolled up and dressed up and hit the strip on ocean Dr. The thirst is real...

after first massage

You definitely need the massage afterwards you feel so much better my dizziness right after and never came back and on top of that you lose inches all around the stomach

question for Hasan dolls

Does any one know the average loss in inches to the butty?

made it back home but need your help!!!

The plane ride was 2 hours and it was completely uncomfortable I could not get my butt to sit right on the buddy pillow. Then when we made it to the airport, i walked for at least 45 minutes. I'm home now but in desperate need of your help. Anyone in the DMV know where I can go get my drainage massage? I called a few place and when I explained what massage I got done in Miami they said they've never heard of such a thing. Please help I feel the liquids piling up inside me and I need to be trained right now!!! Please any advice where to go. Thanks


I have been draining myself in the shower and it's helping to keep the incisions open and getting the fluid out but I definitely need a professional to do this for me


Waist 31 originally 33
Hipe 44.5 original It 41. I have noticed that my butt has shrunk since Tuesday. I hope it stops.


Sorry I've been mia I got home from Miami and cought a cold. So now I'm trying to heal 2x. I still yet to make it to my third massage (1st massage in my area) I was going to go today but it snowed and everything got cancelled so I've been trying to keep incisions open to drain myself as much as possible. My entire back hurts like crazy. Sleeping sucks. I had to take of the ab board at night bc it was really painful. I feel really stiff in the back area and it feels like I have fluid all over my hips and it hurts. I've noticed I lost volume on my left butt cheek bc before the bbl I had a dimple in the center of my butt... the dimple has reappeared again. but I'm still in love w what I see.

two weeks in

Today marks my two weeks. I went from a 3xl to xl as of today. I'm still draining but feeling a lot better. My back is not as stiff as before and I can easily get out of bed with hardly any pain. Here pics from today.

playing dress up

I couldn't wait 3 more weeks I had to try something on...


Waist 28
Hips 43
Dr. Hasan

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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