TRYING To get some Dr Ortega!!! Booty :)

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I am just getting started and I have been ...

I am just getting started and I have been learning a lot from RS I'm glad it exist. I'm in the process if narrowing down a dr for a BBL my first thought was Dr J without a question now it's more like Dr S.. I sent both Dr emails for a consultation I got no response from Dr J.. & got a quick one within 2 days from Dr S

Sooo I took the first small step & sent pics to Dr. Salama

So I have never thought I would be doing any thing like this.. Hell I didn't even know BBL's were this popular, until a friend and I were talking about how is it that evvvvverbody has a big perfectly shaped round A** now days? I was thinking to myself like wow which vitamins and veggies did i miss out on as a growing woman?? My friend said to me, girl most of these women are not just "naturally blessed to have a perfect a** . She said most of them are payin for it with $$. She thought that was the end of that convo... But lil did she know that would be the beginning of my new journey, and I have been researching BBL's for months now and I must say I'm liking the work I've seen from dr Salama woo much I just sent my photos in to get a quote and to get his thoughts on my pre sx body.. He told me I need to lose about 15lbs witch is good because that's what my regular doc told me a few mints ago.. So stay tuned :)

Thinking how soon can I drop a deposited

About me I'm a mother, am finished having kids and about to marry my true love ( would love to have a nice round one for the honeymoon) I'm 5'5" 190lbs and need to get to 175lbs

The search continues!!!!! I am still looking for the right sergeant!

I thought I had my mind made up on Dr. Salam now that I have been doing more research I've change my mind AGIN I thought Dr G. With Vanity would be good but they have too much going on I requested a quote and got a replay back from Jessica saying I could send in my photos she asked what dr I was interested in I told her Dr. G and I send in my pics after that I did get anywhere it's like the process just stopped I haven't heard anything else from her... So I moved on sent an email to Dr. Perry let's see where this takes me hoping for the best his office was quick to respond to my first email now I'm just waiting on him to view my pics and give me a quote

Perry on my mind!!!!! I think it's made up!

Well I got my quote back from Dr Perry his response was very quick considering how busy he must be. He told me my skin looks like it will retract very well after lipo & that he could lipo my back , flanks, midsection and all that comes with those fat areas lol.. He also said he can lipo my inner thighs...but ooooh no I love tick thighs and that would be like an extra area of pain to deal with so needless to say I'll pass on the thigh area :) but everything else he had to say was pretty refreshing.. He didn't mention losing weight ( even thought it is in my plan I'm still at 190. & would like to be about 170 so not to much weight.. Another GREAT thing no tt suggested from any of the docs yet his praise was a bit more than I thought it would be (9100) but hey what can you say! So I will be setting up an over the phone consultation to discuss ALL of the details.. My mind may finally be made up.

Just a peak at me before

I posted more pics but I feel i should wait till I'm closer to sx

Looking a my booty pic& wondering ???? Uuuumm??

As I'm looking at my booty pic I'm trying to picture "realistically" how my butt will turn out when this is all done. You know how we try to find a before pic that we kinda think looks like our before butt, then wait and watch to see how hers comes out after they get they beautifying done. Well I know that's what i do :)I'm just tring to think of what I could possible looks after this. Hopefully yummy!!!!! Some people in my fam tell me I got a lil flatttt butt some say oh girl u ok... I m wanting with out a doubt sexy b**** results!

Chicago BBL ?!?! thinking of staying close to home?

Well i have changed my mind agin hopfully this will be the doctor for me & my husbands new booty. I been looking at dr David. Shifrin.. looked at. before& after pic and they look good to me. i have only.seen on RS review on him which wad a good one... anyway i set up an appointment to talk with him he was very nice and answered every question i had for him. he seems like a good fit for me plus i realy don't want to travel if i don't need to. But im willing to travel if i have to.. noone go through all of this and not get the results they want.... anyhow. he told me he could probably get about 600-800 in each butt cheak.. I'm thinking i want more on the 800 side vs 600 don't get me wrong i don't really. want a huggggge crazy ass... but i do want a big noticably bigger sexy ass. so now I'm just waiting on my quote.i was told Andrea his assistance will get with me tomorrow ! I can't wait .. i home this is the doc for me.

got my qoute back!!!

Ok I've tried. to update this damn thing abit five times and keep getting kicked out??? Get it together well with that being said my review gets smaller & smaller. let me start by saying. that Adrian got back with me the next day and told me my options also my qoute was 8,500 pretty much thae same as everyone. that was ok plus i can leave out all the thoughts of having to travel . i told Dr Shifrin i didn't see to many reviews. so he suggested i talk to one of his recent patients. i thought that was a good idea to heare from her so Adrian det it up so we could talk & yes she was a real patient lol that all went wel now i just have to make my own mide up and drop some cash. :)

i got a call from Vanity!! with DR prices now i really. don't know i want to do???? someone help

So someone just when i thought id made my mind up to stay closeto home..i got a call from Vanity just like a lot of u i was shocked to here the good prices were and eveything it includes..i wouldn't. have to worry about a rental car tor a room they have a package u can add on to the bbl price that includes. your stay a nurse and a ride to all apointment so the total. for the the whole package would be 7,500.. plus id have to get a plane ticket tgat would add to the total...vs the qoute i got from dr Shifrin who is about a 2hour drive away from me for 8500.. who also has less reviews..but most of them are good...i don't know ladies. anyone who has taken a plane ride for there bbl please help me out..would. u have rather stayed close to home? Also di u guys think that the 2,500 recovery package with they 9day stay 2day nurse and car rides is a good deal.or would u just take the bbk price of 4,500 and leave tge package. out and get your own room/car and things..please help I'm so confused right. now

New Final decision ...going with Dr. Ortega

Ok ladies i haven't updated in awhile ive been too busy checking out all the new booties... and trying to make up my mind on who i want to give me my new booty. .some i know ive said this before but this time, im truly happy with my choice. .i finally got a call from Dr. Ortega i was sooooo excited. i was waiting on a call from a man i had just meet and gave my number anyway he was very nice professional and he took all the time needed to answer my happy i waited on his call..i have been talking to Vivian for going on three weeks now and shes been very helpful aswell.. Now that i talked with Dr.O i feel good about making my deposit and getting this started. .he did tell me id probably need a tt..but i aint having it...he said it all depends on my compression and skin im gone be one compressed bitch..because i do not want a tt.

Belly pics (not getting a tt)

Well i chose my Doc. Hes seen my pics and gave me his opinion on my belly..i listened. He basically said i wouldn't have a perfect stomach if i dont do the tt but i can wait to see how it all turns out &then decide..i feel like if i can walk around still feeling half way sexy with a FAT sagging belly then i know i can feel sexy with a lil saggy skin and top it off with a new bigg ass sure id be happy.. and i know everyone is different but ive seen some bigg stomach and back fat turn out pretty smooth (in my opinion) once agin No to the tuck!let stop saying that, I hope after i see my results i dont be like girrrlll damn im getting a tt. :) but i know it takes time.

Well i THOught i was going to be able to say yaaah deposit made!

Well i was all excited today thinking i was goi to go ahead with this process and finally seal the deal and make my deposite with Dr. Ortega... (finally have my mind set) so i called this morning with my card in my hand ..1St call put on hold, then sent to voice i left a detailed message about wanting to make my deposit before the promotional price changes, which i was told would be over at the end of Aug (NOW) after my 1st call i said i'll wait (u know give them time) so. Waited a few hours then called back and asked to speak to Vivian angin, i was told she stepped out &to call back a lil i waited then 3rd all i wa yold she was gone for the day.. ok i get it she coulda had an emergency. wasnt tripping.. so i asked if anyone else could help me out with making my deposit... thats when i started to feel like i was getting the run around, i called back so many times i lost track of who said what? when? and why? SHIT!!!so i didnt get y deposite made... now i feeling like well damn is this a sign???should i keep shopping around??? Idk..but maybe once Vivian returns to work she can help me out...i hope..Viv if u out there girl i need ya help!!!!!

Finally Yaaah! MIND & DEPOSIT made!!!

Well i finally made. My mind and my deposit to lock my price with Dr.Ortega!!! Vivian called me back she is amazing she said she was is working extra hours because there was a few people. Still trying to make there deposit. So im happy she returned my call i can start getting this Booty Thang started!!!!

Ortega-Deposit made ladies Now What next???

Hi ladies now that I've made my mind to go with Ortega Whats next? I've read seems like hundreds of reviews but now om sitting her like what do i prepare for..i guess i should look for some good supply list on some of you girls reviews...tyanks for all the help ladies! Much love for RS

BBL Date??? with Ortega

Ok as i said I've made my deposit but i haven't picked a date yet..only because i know i dont want to have my sx ntil next year.. but i had to lock the price. My concern is with me wanting my sx sometime in the fal next year how do i really pick a date and stick to it ,with it being sooooo far away what if the timing i think is good now wont be good timing then? Are there any ladies with these thoughts or anyone who has scheduled that far out and was happy with your choice?maybe its just me but i think i'd want to choose a date when im just about ready to go???any advice

Back at it again!! I'm real close to Switching to Dr McAdoo??? Should I stay with Ortega or go with McAdoo?

Sooo I been on RS trying to figure out if I want to stay with Ortega? Or switch to McAdoo? I put down my deposit with Ortega, but never set a date Now that I'm read and want to get this done this year I started looking at Vanity (Fisher) I couldn't get Fisher because of my weight so I was told just like a lot of other ladies that McAdoo is good and can do my SX.. So now I'm on here trying to find good info on McAdoo because I'm thinking about putting my down payment down tomorrow but I want to be sure this time this is the doc for me.... Please speak up Mcadolls I know y'all out there.. I really need to make up my mind and start moving forward with this. Thanks for all y'all help.. Oh I'm still at 193lbs 5'5' trying to get to bout 170ish

Dr Osak Omulepo Odoll to be!!! Yeah finally made my deposit,& made up my mind! (again!)

So after all of my back and forth changing my mind,between doctors, vanity or spectrum Macadoo Ortega or Oska... I went right back with spectrum. That was the first place I put a deposit down for that was at the beginning of my discission making then I started to look everywhere & elsewhere I started to feel like I would never make a choice.. So I lost my first deposit from fucking I just made my deposit with Dr Osak!!!!!!!!! I. Not gone lose this deposit!!! Shidd! and I'm soooo happy I finally made up my mind and got a date set!! now to get started with my preparation. I got the package from Spectrum that includes the 12 areas of lipo, 6days 5nights Recovery house, 1garment, 3 massages for 5000. It seems like a good deal to me.. Now all I need is my plane tickets and all the other Lil things like labs and supplies.. Honestly I feel kinda lost, and like is this really about to happen am I finally about to have the body I literally dream about. I just let want everything to go good. I still weight 190lbs I hope Dr Osak van get my love handles GONE, and plump my ass real nice.

Date set with Dr. Osaka 5/23/16 Now I feel LOST!!!!! & STRESSED!!! Please help

So I finally took some steps to get me to my goal, a FAT ASS!!. .going to be an Odoll. Im starting to feel like I may need more time to plan & save. I got the package with everything included so I'm hoping all I will need is minimum supplies and my plane ticket. I will be coming from Chicago. Has anyone else got the total package deal? If so was it worth it? I will be staying at spectrums RH. Also I was told not to lose weight I'm still thinking I need to lose a few pounds. My mind is all over the place I feel like I should push my date back. I will also have to go back to my desk job 8day post op. Has anyone used the booty buddy that soon after sx to sit at work for 8hr or more??? please help any I do is greatly appreciated

Got my plane tickets!!! Shits real I'm on my way Dr Osak!!

Well I'm soooo excited I finally booked my I know its time to hustle! My turn with Dr O will be here before I know it! I just want everything to go better than great. I have been on RS for years watching all you lovely ladies dreams come true and it my turn now. :)

How do I update my Doctor on my review?

So my review still says the wrong Dr. I'm now going to be going to Dr Osak does anyone know how to change the doc info? On your review? Anyway I just signed my contract with the recovery hoise . everything is moving right along.:). The one thing I'm worried about now is the fact that I won't arrive in Miami until 10:00 Sunday night. I keep seeing on here that you have to get all of your prescription filled before your sx. But if I get there that night will i have time to do anything ? but go to bed? Also what kind if prescriptions do I need to fill ? Is it the pain meds? Ugggh soooo maney questions. Is anyone out there?

Is it a Fake Ass or Nah???

So bbl'ers do you think of your bbl as a fake ass? I know I don't! I think of it as some perfectly home grown fat, (of my own might I add) that I have been saving up,:) and now I've decided to have it rearranged to a better place that will be much more pleasing to the eye :) lol .the reason I ask is because that's what my naysayers have been calling it "fake" one of my friends was like,I would never get a fake ass, everybody has one nowadays, and tgey all look tge same. Then I got another friend who tried to tell me the pics of the girls that Dr O has on his IG are not real pics of his work, and that all his asses look fake and flat. (Say whaaat) That's when I said let me quite trying to explain and make people understand my decision, because that's just what it is my damn decision, my money and my fat ( not fake) ass.

Would be nice to have one of this!

Just a few wish pics.

Dr Osaka license has been revoked...My heart just crumbled into a million pieces right alone with my $$$ and plane tickets.. n

I can't believe this shit is true Dr Osaka licence has been revoked by the State of Florida. By and another crazy thing is I just called to make a payment today and no one said anything. You would think they would notify people about this asap.this shit is not a joke. This is some important news. All I can say for now is wooooooooooooow! Now what ??????

O'DOLLS STRESSING! For real!!!!!!!!!!

With all the Shit going on with Dr Osaka, now I'm starting to feel some typea way about this whole surgery. Which we all know there is a risk no matter who we chose, but damn!!!! Know I see girls on here and on IG saying he still doing surgeries and everything is still ok. There are not even worried about everything that happened. But how can he still legally be able to do surgeries? What are your thoughts?

Right back where I started my first choice Dr Ortega

Well ladies it funny how I ended up right back where I started in the beginning of my journey. I had already lost one deposit that I had made with Dr Ortega a year ago. Then when I called back I decided to go with Dr Osaka because I had seen all of his fat booties popping up everywhere , then well everybody already know the story with that situation, so long story short I had to choose a different doc. And I went back with my gut Dr Ortega. I feel good about my Decision. I actually read back through my own review and his name popped up a couple times. So I'm happy to be rescheduled with Dr Ortega! Now don't give me no more bad news

Has ANYONE OUT there got a FAT one from Ortega.???

I really need to know is there anyone out there in RS
And that has gotten a fat booth fro, Dr Ortega? ???? I keep seeing girls say they lost fat, volume, projection, and all that after there bbl with him. But then I see that most of those girls had little fat to start with? Could that be why they didn't get big booties??? Or does he just not give big booties????? Is there ANYBODY out there with a bigger ass Ortega ASS? I really want a ASS not a Lil lift but a nice round big one. Ladies speak up would really help. Thanks :)

Well damn

My whole update just vanisished and I'm sorry can't rewrite! Ain't this about a bitch!

Just seen a "NEW" Dr Osaka review???? Confused AF!

Ok so outta no where I see a new review pop up Ion my news feed and to my surprise it said Dr Osaka did the bbl on Feb 20th ????? Wtf! Now I'm confused and wondering could it really be? Or could it be fake, but why? Why would someone do a fake review? What would nbe the benefits?? She said she had it done at Encore and when I looked up Encore web of show buff his info is still all there??? , but his info had been removed from Spectrum??? What's really going on... then I sent a message And asked is he still doing. Bbls at Encore and was told yes by the lady on the Chat line, which coukd possible be a computer or somebody who don't know shit?? What do udall think? Has anyone else seen new reviews for Dr Osaka popping up??

My ass date is right around the corner !!& so is my new job yikes!

So I have my plane tickets and my date and feeling ready to get this bbl done heal up and live life happy & healthy! So I was all good with my date set. But now I it a job offer that I couldn't refuse, but the crazy part is I will have to start it 8 days post op!!! Yikes yikes wtf should I do? Should I push my bbl date back , because there's nothing I can do about the start fate of the job. But then too the problem with pushing my date back is that I already have my tickets book and I don't believe I can change them? Any vets out there do u think I will be up and active enought 8 days post op for a new job? There will mostly sitting. About 5hrs a day then the rest will be a Lil standing.. Idk what yo do?

Bbl with Ortega coming up!

My bbl date is coming up..and I still owe money. I'm starting to stress, the hell out..about this surgery... I don't want to change my fate or,don't they charge u if u need to reschedule 30days before your date?... I'm so u. Organized.. I haven't even bought any supplies.. Other than the bootty pillow.. Any other ladies going to be there in May staying at the recovery house? Oh another thing I have gained 10 pounds....yike I was 189 now I'm 199!!! 5'5' tall I hope that won't be a problem. sTRessED!!!

Help do I get my EKG at the sx Office or before??

I have my appointment scheduled for labs and for medical clearance, but my family Dr said they don't do EkG' s and that Dr Ortega has to refer me somewhere to have that done.. Any one else had this problem? Where did you go.. They are included in my sx but o don't live in Miami... Uggggggggggggg..any advice?

Got my EkG at the hospital

So..I was stressing about how I was gone get my EKG done after my family doc told me he couldn't do it... So I called spectrum and they told me to go to the hospital.. So I was co fused like what am I supposed to just show up with nothing and say.. Uhhh yeah I'm here for a EKG..I was thinking they was go be looking at me like bitch what!! But I was missing part of my attachments from the nurse,I didn't know I was supposed to have a scrip for the EKG.. But spectrum was very nice and email it right to me so I took it the the hospital and got right in and out.. I also went and did my labs at labcorp..that was quick too..does anyone know how long it takes to get results back? Now all I have to do is get medical clearance from my doc,and then I'm good to go!!!! I only took 25mg of iron along with vitamin c. My iron had not been low, so I didn't take a lot but now I'm sitting here like shit should I have taken more.. Just waiting on my results.

Cleared by my family doc! But waiting on labs.

So I went to my family doc today for medical clearance, they had not received my labs or EkG yet.. So I was thinking I couldn't do my appointment without my family doc looking over those things first.. But he said I was in good health and I will be OK to have the bbl.. He said he will take a look at my labs and things when they get there later this week ..but he already signed and approved the medical clearance form ..I'm glad that's finished...this feels so unreal, I'm finally getting this bbl done!!! Yeahhhh!!! And now I just pray to God that everything goes smooth and in order safely, with satisfactory, and victory!! Heal good and be happy with my choices.

Negatively!!!! :( raining on my parade.

How do u ladies handle negative people & comment's ? I can deal with the people who are just my "friends" but it gets hard when its close family members like my MOM...omg , she has been giving me so much negativity!!! And saying and asking all kinds of shit.. It would be easy to just say... All u shut the fuck up!!!!! IFshe wasn't my mom. But damn she is making my nerves BAD.. Mind you I'm fully grown, husband kids ,job and all that.. But I feel like she is just sitting back waiting yo say I told you so about anything.. Ive already told her I'm doing this for me and my mind is made up and everything is a go.. But she keeps naggir me! Any advice ?

Got my email for Medical Clearance from Spectrum!!! Yeeeah!

Finally got all cleared...Now I can focus on these next few days and getting my mind right.. I'm nervous but soooo ready! Plus my husband is starting to get tired of me talking about the sx.. I'm now starting to worry about the plan ride.. I have a long flight with 10 he's when I'm now seeing flights that are just 3-4 hrs I've only flown one other time so I wonder if I can traid in my tickets for better ones?? Is that a thing ? :) other thing on my mind is that I have again d weight AGAIN.. I was down to 189 now I'm at 200 fucking fat pounds Never been this big..I mean I've hovered around 190-196 but now I have hit that dreaded bitch 200!!!! Ahhhhhh ... I hope my few extra pounds are OK.. I'm trying to lose a few but they are not dropping.omg hope I'm not to fat for good results... Shit..but the good thing is I'm still in his bmi range under 34 bmi..I just pray I will look great,and have a healthy great recovery.. I wish the same to u girls!

Lipo foams / boards??

Hey girls I was going to amazon to buy some lipi foams but I see some are sold as a Sets of 3 and some sold single.. I don't know how many to buy..I'm not trying to buy to much. Is a there a certain type to buy or are you get all the same? What's the best ab board?,any suggestions? Thanks

Is it OK to use Nair hair removal before bbl?

Well I'm sitting here thinking about EVERYTHING!!! My sx date is right around the corner.. But I was wonder if its OK to Nair my hair off my body? Some say don't shave so what do u girls do? I don't want to go in there all fuzzy? Please help!!!!!

What do u ladies do with your personal things while your in sx

Where do you put your money,phone, and everything?? Who do u trust? When u don't k ow anyone? I'm going alone so I was wondering? Plus will the RH. nurse call , my mom For me to let her know when I make it out of surgery? Just other things I'm thinking about... Was also Wondering if I would even need to take much money, only for my prescriptions...any advice?

The look I want.

I hope this is a realistic goal.. Not to much to ask for.. Here is a pic of me with a waist shaper on. Looking square.. I just want the sexy curve.its almost my turn..I'm excited, and I can stop thinking about this!!!!!!!!! Then I go from excited to scared as fuck,then back to excited... Omg I'm ready!

I'm ready!!!

I'm 3 days away from the new me!!! I'm excited yet still letting peoole stress me out..yesterday was a crazy day of listining to peoples is a new day and I'm blocking ALL negativity!!! Today I will make my last payment all but 50$ that I will pay when I get there.. I have all my supplies (that I'm going to get) ..I've seen some girls say they didn't Ned most of their supplies because the RH has most of what you need so I bought my booty body, boppy pillow one for work one for driving so I don't have to lug them around from place to place..I tried driving with the boppy pillow today to see how it would be an shit it was not as easy as I thought it would be my bun (hair) was scrubbing the roof of the car!! And my leggs were sore by the time I got to work..and that's b4 the bbl...that boppy is big as I'll try the booty buddy to drive with next.. But u also got my arnica gel & pills, alcohol wipes,alcohol spray, lipo foams/ ab board..I already had maxi dresses..slippers, house coat, p ez.. And I believe that's it....does anyone know how .much I could expect to spend on post op meds? I have medical insurance so I'm hoping not to much..I didn't think about it till I seen a doll say she spent 100$ on hers.. Thanks to all u ladies who have been so helpfull and supportive!!! Don't k ow what I would do without you ALL! Much love!

I catch my flight in the A.M.

I will be flying out to Miami in the morning.. Yeaaa! I have my sx time...I was told my appointment is at 12:00.. I'm so excited yet sooooo nervous.. But I believe and know God will see me through this and I will come out of surgery ok, and heal up healthy and fine.. I will say my prayers tonight and ease my mind....because my mind is all over the place..but I'm sure I'm not the only one :)..

I just got to Karlas RH

Well I made it to Made it to appointment is tomorrow at 12:00 I have a lot of prayers going up, and I feel so much better about that my mom has been positive each time i talked to her today which helped calm my nerves too... i cant wait to meet the girls that are at the RH..e everyone is in there room right now with the doors closed. :(..I haven't seen Karla yet and the people I have seen don't speak English :( Orwell I guess that's my clue to go to bed.

Thank GOD! I made it and I'm ALIVE!!

Girls I made it to booty land and I'm alive thank God the surgery was a success!! That's all I have yo say for no I will update tomorrow much love

Not as bad as i thought it would be

So the worst part was coming out of recovery..the shivering was out of control!!! But no matter what I've seen on RS everything has been going smooth with spectrum, and my cordinator Liz has been great..the wait to get in to have the sx was looooong.. I went in at 9.. They told me to come early.. Because they were ahead of schedule.. My original appt was at 12.. Well I didn't go in for sx till 2:30 but an rs sis had already told me to take patients with me lol..and i did I did t,want to start out i called,family members and prayed with each of them so the time spent waiting was ok.. The RH has been more than GREAT Omg they treat you like there own new born so now I waiting on my faja to be washed i had my first massage with spectrum this morning i don't know what to do with myself while waiting on my faja I didn't bring an extra....but here is a pic without it

1st pic what do u think

Looks kinda high for for now but i know it takes takes time. I've tried to upload this pic 3 times shit

Day 5/6? Uggggg!

Flew home yesterday that was the worse thing ever..I was told to take off the foan. Before I go through TSA because if I didn't I would have to. So it took me a total of eight hours to get home when I got home I took a shower and put back on my foams and board..I been in pain every since yesterday.. I'm trying not t o take to many pain pills..I have a very important question how the hell do u get the foams in the garment with no help?can I use 4 foam using one in my back...I need some tips and tricks I had a large stomach and it don't seem like 3 is enouht

Should I ware my ab board 24/7???

I feel like with my an board and foams everything is squeezed to tight.. My stomach was crazy right after sx but had now flattened out nicely.but I think my ass is almost back to where it started too..he took a lot out of my back so that should help with my shape I. The long run with whatever kinda ass I have left after the swelling and fluffing stage..this is stressful.. My family just seen it and said ooooh hope it don't drink anymore u won't have non left!!! That's just what I didn't need to hear..I'm going to post a pix of the bottom of my belly 1day post op to now

Day 1 before & after

Day 7 belly after Lipo foams massage & board

Ups and downs .. (post op emotions )

So I'm like 7 days post bbl.and my feelings are still all over the place..I have some positives which is my stomach is shaping and slimming down even through I have stretch markes at least it will not hang out out my clothes ...and that's a plus..but ladies I can't get over my ass..what do u all think because I think it's not much bigger than before..and when are we in the clear for the fat being attached? Is it the 6 week period? .I'm supposed to go back to work tomorrow ...but i had a letter from spectrum that gave me a extra week off.I'm wondering if I can just give that to the HR depart and do they have to keep it confidential as to why I need the time off..Anyony out there know?

Anyone have problems with your garment irritating your vaj jay?

Has any experienced the garment rubbing And irritating your vagina lips? Should I cut a bigger hole? Also are you ladies having to get completely naked just to go poop? Or how does this work? While I'm still at home I'm OK to get naked and poop.bit why the hell will I do if I'm not at home and have to go #2???? I can't be getting naked...but I refuse to let a drop of poop get on my garment any suggestions vets???I was thinking of trying some duper rash cream on my vaj jay for the friction and rubbing of the garment.. Shit I'm lost.

New pic update

I have come a long way with this sx one min I'm happy next I'm like my booty is looking damn near the same..then I have to stop a be for real, Dr Ortegra had a lot to work with with I had a bug gutt and pounds of back stomach is smoothing out and so is my back so I just have to be happy with the improvements he gave me :) I hope my waist slims down some more that would help my booty pop out a Lil more..I'm still off work and supposed to start back later this week..I'm.still thinking what the hell will I do if I have to go#2 at work..and I have on all this shit, garment, foams,back triangle, an board, it would take a hour the butt hole in the garment is not fit for #2..Also what what do u ladies do when you have you period? Do u ware your garment? Is that possible?

Why can't I just wear a waist trainer vs the whole Garment?

I was wondering what is the point of wearing the whole Garment for post op bbl why does the butt and legs need to be in a garment? It would be so much easier to just wear something on top to compress like the Lipo foam/board and a waist trainer. .has Andy trained there garment for another type of compression like a,waist trainer? When I put on paints on top of the garment it feels sloop crazy..but i dont want to stop using the garment too soon either I would love for my waist to go Down some more..I also dontbknow if my garments tight enough .I still have room to suck my belly in and grab my ab board and shift it under my garment..that sound like I may need a tighter fit? Has anyone tried this an table? It's like an ab board with side protection all in one..I thought about giving it a try.

New pic no garment

My first time trying on a dress..I ordered a Ann Chery vest to go over my garment because my garment has NO compression left in it..I was thinking about trying to take it in my self but for now I will just wear the waist c. over it..i hope that helps trim my belly down..although ot has come a long way it has a long way to go! I'll take seems like everyone has dissapeared out

Quick pic & update

Here's my update..booty hold in at 45.5" waist is at like 38 :( I was told I vacant use a waist cincher over my garments until 3 months sooooo far away what do u ladies think about that?? Please help if ANYONE is listening to me lol.i need tips on getting my waist down.. I still use my foam and board 23 hr a day..I have taken in my garment once. .I plan on taking in in agin this weekend this was my first week back to work even through i had 3weeks off this shit ain't easy trying to balance on a pillow for 9 hrs..I get up stand / walk every hour. By the 3rd day my feet ankles and legs started to swell. ..called spectrum they told me to go have an ultrasound on my legs to check for blood cloths...thank God there was nothing wrong. now I wear compression socks to work..still swollen? ?? Even with a no salt diet...anyway i thi g I'm healing pretty good.

Can I take off my garment the week of my period

I just came on my period and I was wondering if its a good idea to use a waist trainer for the week instead of the garment.. I can't do a garment with a pad and tampon.. I have hevy periods..any suggestions... I just spoke with another doll who thought just a waist trainer for the week was a good idea too. Also I am at 5weeks so I don't think it can hurt anything?? But what the hell do I know?

Almost at 3month mark

I will be at my 3 month mark in 15 days......damn has this been a journey!!!! My butt is till holing on its at a 45.5 I f3l good with it my waist is a 34@ the smallest point I had been measuring at my belly button to get my waist size which is 37?? But someone told me Im supposed to take my waist measurement from the smallest part of mg waist??? Idk anyway not much has changed I'm getting most of my feelings ba k in my lower back my belly is a Lil flabby at the bottom but so much better than it was and I still will not be getting a TT. My husband said hell no I can't even of I wanted one :) so he's happy with it and shit I thought I was sexy when my belly was big as hell so I surly fell sexy as fuck wig it smaller I can deal with a Lil flab.. Lol..I was thinking about trying one of those wraps ( that wrap thing) u see everywhere.. Has anyone tried those after lipo? Over all my body looks better ...could it be better always but shit life's not perfect and I'm greatful for my improvements.I still ware my garment 24/7 I also use the miss belt on top of it when I'm home..I was so wondering do u get any benefit from warring the faja after the 3 month mark is over? Or is that just doing to much to keep warring the faja for months and months? Would love your opinions.. I don't want to be waring this damn thing if there is no reason after three months..

Gained Weight & bootie

Well long time since I was on here. But I wanted to give a Lil update..I gained 5 lbs my post op butt was a 45" now its at a 47" so yep the ass does grow with weight mid section grew 1" too :( ..... Anyway I needto start working out..and eating better before I completly fuck up my happy with my results I just hate that I still have dents in my butt and now they feel bigger..and to be honest have no damn idea what kinda workout would be good???? Any suggestions.. I just stopped. Wearing my garment 24-7 now I just sleep in a waist trainer. not sure if I should go back to using my faja or just say fuck it and start looking into a tummy tuck..I do feel like a tummy tuck would make me look way better..then I stop and say to myself ...just be happy withbthe results I have...miso confused : /
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Osaka O. 5/23/16 How do i update my Dr???????????

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