The Countdown is on - BBL with Dr Perry Here I Come! - Miami, FL

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Well Ladies, my surgery date is less than a week...

Well Ladies, my surgery date is less than a week away. My emotions are all over the place. A little bit about why I chose to have this procedure done - last year I was involved in an automobile accident that left me with a huge swelling on my right thight and fat lost only from my right butt (so there's like a dent on the top of my butt). After advice from my local doctors, I started searching for a PS do perform lipo to my thigh and to add fat to the 'dent in my butt. I stumbled across this website and boy am I happy I did - so corrective surgery and BBL here I come. I am soooooo looking forward to have my midsection contoured as when I lost weight my stomach is the last to go and sadly, my butt tends to lost first.

So, my pants are always saggy in the butt.

I will try to post before pics up before surgery. I welcome any advice you ladies can give.


I have been terrible with updating and will try to do better as I prepare for round 2 in the Dominican Republic. So far I have reached out to Dr. Diaz and received a quote of $4000 which includes a week stay at a recovery house. I sent an email to Dr. Almonte and I am waiting for her to get back to me. I only considered her today after seeing some of her work which looks pretty darn good. I am considering April 2015 but may push it back to May or June to allow some more time for planning. Please let me know your experiences with either of these doctors. I will try to upload some pics from my phone.

pre op photos

I want a more shapely butt and projection.

I need to gain weight for round 2.

Hi Ladies, have any of you gone in to redo a BBL but first had to gain weight and were you able to gain the weight as needed?
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When I flew into Miami for my consultations, Dr Perry was one of the three doctors that I was scheduled to see. My girlfriend went with me and we wanted to squeeze in some shopping time before our departure later that night. My first appointment was with Dr S, I thought it went pretty well and with all the reviews that made him appear to be the most sought after doctor, I figured to hit the mall and bypass the others. Well, since that didn't work out Dr Perry was the first Doc that I contacted - his reviews are great and so is his price. Now are praying that my results are just that - GREAT! I have to say that this site is awesome!!! It gave me the direction that I needed to make my choice. Otherwise, I may still be running around like a chicken without a head. I was scheduled to have this done with Dr S in July but he cancelled on my two weeks before my date and my search then led me to Dr Perry. He is comformatable to perform the corrective surgery on my leg and of course the BBL. So far, he and Norma are wonderful. Speaking to Norma for the first time is like taling to a girlfriend. As for Dr Perry, he was very informative and took the time to explain the whole operation and what to expect after. I appreciate both their patience with me thus far. Thanks REALSELF and all you wonderful ladies that have been kind enough to share your stories.

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