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Hello Ladies, I finally made a decision and...

Hello Ladies,

I finally made a decision and chose Dr. Salzhauer. I have had the hardest time choosing, this AM it was him against Salama, but I feel Dr. Salz is my guy! He really showed this military girl some love and reduced his initial consult (still more than Campos and Salama), but honestly it was just a good feeling about him. The office has great customer service and Keka is my favorite there, she is beyond sweet and really seems to care. I got lucky because someone canceled so I took that slot! I already booked my travel, I really want to link up to other women who will be out there around the same time. I am a nurse :-) So there is some incentive lol. I will be there from the 29th of October until the 7th of November, my hotel is about a half a mile away. I am not bringing anyone with my as my awesome hubby is deployed. I am 27 years old. I am 5'5 and 175, he told me "DO NOT LOSE WEIGHT", he said I carry my weight very well. I have my Pre-Op tomorrow via the phone, as well as my consult with my primary doc for clearance. I hope to hear from some of you soon.

Hello Ladies. I had my tele pre-op today and all...

Hello Ladies. I had my tele pre-op today and all went well. I continued to be impressed by the level of customer service at Dr. Salz office. They will be mailing all my prescriptions, which is one less hassle when I get there. I am doing a red eye on the 28th, and will be meeting the doctor on Monday so I can spend time with him before surgery, I feel like the day of surgery things are very rushed. Plus it gives him the chance to assess me in person; you really cannot get the whole picture via Skype and photos. I have no hesitation about backing out if he sees me in the flesh and does not think he can deliver results they are up in my expectations, with that said I do not expect the world, I am a nurse and very realistic. This meeting will also allow me to share my goals, ideals, and expectations. I really believe communication is the foundation of a doctor/patient relationship. I notice sometimes people who are vague with what they want are the same people unimpressed with their own results. Do not leave room for misinterpretation. I really am excited. I have already purchased the staple items that will be needed. My travel is booked and I am happy I have a kitchen; I am one that can blow major money when traveling. I had a tummy tuck before and had a poor outcome (Wound dehisced and became necrotic), it was a nightmare. So I will be really laying low and staying in the room and allow myself to heal, I am there for over a week. My next procedure will be TT revision, but it is not bad and I want this more. I will post some photos soon, I need to take them and remove tattoos. Have a good day. I have connected with some of you ladies, and I really look forward to meeting new friends. Maybe a booty clique dinner the night before surgery ?

Okay it is official Dr. Salz is is funny as can be...

Okay it is official Dr. Salz is is funny as can be be...He really seems relateable. I cannot yet vouch for results, but I really look forward too meeting him! This is my favorite video and he has made a few.


Hey ladies. Not much new here. I am now one week...

Hey ladies. Not much new here. I am now one week away from flying out and I am excited. My labs all came back in excellent ranges and my clearance letter has been provided. The only thing I am worried about is the plane ride home. How long did you ladies wear your garments? I plan on meeting the hubby in December for his R&R and hoping I am out of that thing completely by then. I have really enjoyed reading your journeys, some made my heart break for you and others left me left me laughing hysterically, but either way I would not feel as confident about getting this procedure without you all! I am still trying to get my friend to go and stay at the hotel with me, but it was such short notice, I really dread going solo, but I will do fine regardless. I keep having insane dreams...getting lipo and then swimming in the ocean and getting infection, doing lipo with no anesthesia...what the hell? The human brain is a trip. It has been hard for me not to work out, I am still surprised I was told to fatten up. That is it for now. Have a good evening ?

Hello bootifull beauties :-) I am just...

Hello bootifull beauties :-)

I am just packing and getting ready to roll out. I fly out this evening on a red eye, I plan on popping a benedryl so I can rest. I feel like I underpacked, but I feel like the less clothes I bring the less tempted I will be to go out when I should be resting. I hired a nurse for the first 24 hours, after that I am on my own, I am a bit nervous, but I am have made some friends on here that will be there the same time as me :-) If anyone can think of anything I should know in the next few hours let me know. Other wise I will say hello when I get settled. Big hugs to my girls recovering :-) I am ready to be on the other side.

Please send some prayers out... The bad weather on...

Please send some prayers out... The bad weather on the East Coast is canceling flights and making travel dangerous. So far I'm not affected, but some of my surgery buddies are having major issues! Hang in there reeseyvaughn :( I'm praying for you!! For all you ladies on the East Coast trying to get places, stay safe I'm praying for you. See you ladies in Florida

Hello ladies, I just wanted to let you know...

Hello ladies,

I just wanted to let you know I'm alive. I will send a lengthy play by play when I can. I am upset he was only able to remove 2400cc, I felt like I was way fatter. I gained so much for this procedure. I am so swollen. I look bigger than when I get in. Some people look curvy in their post op or are those later photos? I I can't remember, but I believe I got 1000cc per cheek, and 200 per hip. The doc says I have very taunt/ tight skin., so lose skin here. This is the one time that would have been desirable. I also traded lipo from arms to chin/jawline. I woke up in extreme pain, I'm still in pain, but Vics help. I'm going to rest. Xo

Hello ladies. I had some photos, I'm really...

Hello ladies. I had some photos, I'm really swollen and bruised. I will write a long update when I ave more energy, but I have attached photos of my day 2 right before shower. Hope every one is great

Trying to add day two pics nude. It worked fine...

Trying to add day two pics nude. It worked fine yesterday, but now it's giving me issues

Good day to all you ladies, I am on day three...

Good day to all you ladies,

I am on day three. My tummy hurts because I have not had a bowel movement! I am going to keep eating prunes before I callrhe office. I really do not feel like going to the pharmacy, my nurse supervision is over so I'm alone. I took a shower in my own today and it exhausted me, getting the garment back on is crazy, I broke out in a sweat and got so dizzy. Now I'm bacj in bed. I love having the garment on, the pressure feels so good. I'm in a large and then I have an abdominal surgical wrap around my waist, my booty needs a large my waist does not. Some women look good in the garment I do not, when I first seen myself in the garment I freaked, but when it comes off I see the big differences. I'm very swollen,bruised, and stiff. I talked to Dr.Salzhauer, I thought he said he only took 2400CC out, but that's what he put in, he actually got out 4000CC. I do have really tight skin and he was surprised he got the 2400 to fit. CC stats are not a big deal, but I know it's a common question and it helps put things in perspective, it gives a tangible fact. I do not know my measurements, I did not bring body tape. I do regret gaining do much weight as I feel like I would have still had plenty fat available closer to my ideal weight. I was 176 at surgery, I have not weighed after. I will add a few more pics then wait a few weeks to add more, I know to expect volume loss on booty, but I hope the loss is not tremendous. Well I'm going to take Advil pm and nap. I'm writing from my phone and it takes forever! Happy healing to my BBL sisters in recovery and happy prep for those waiting their turn ;-)

I got a lot of PMs asking why I have put not sure...

I got a lot of PMs asking why I have put not sure under worth it. It is because it has only been a few days. I want to give it a few weeks and then write a very honest and detailed story and them rate my doc and tell you if it is worth it. Right now I am happy, I feel great, only stiff, I am taking advil PM to try to force myself to rest and not go touring Miami! My butt is large, The pics do not do it justice, and I wear a H cup bra sp my boobs kind of take away from my butt in pics. I skyped my husband who is deployed and he rubbed one out, the swelling and bruises did not fade him, lol sorry kind of TMI. I do not plan on being one of the members who use this board just while they are preparing for surgery and then disapear, I will be here to give updates for much time to come. At this point I truly recommend. I will go into detail soon K. You ladies can also call or text me. Well back to my cuban sandwich, black beans, and tres leches cake.

Hey Beauties, Today is my day four. My...

Hey Beauties,

Today is my day four. My recovery really hit me hard. I feel weak and my garment for chin lipo feels like I'm suffocating. I do feel short of breath. No fever. I am having a hard time finding a comfy position. I really must insist no one do this alone. It is lonely and you will be physically and mentally weak. My husband left his Skype on for hours just so we could feel connected. We are both active duty and have been apart many times because of what we signed up for, but today I am aching for him. He is my best friend and we have been together since Jr High. Sorry for the vent I just miss him! I'm thinking of having a masseuse come to my room tomorrow for a foot and scalp massage. Salzhauer does not recommend body massages until four weeks out and only if you're sore or lumpy. I will follow his directions to the letter, I really trust his knowledge and experience. He knows his techniques as other docs know theirs, that is why you should follow what your surgeon says, they all do stuff a bit different. I really like my body, although I am swollen, my back and tummy are so much improved. No back rolls! I used to feel like a line backer with my huge back and the giant boobs did not help. I'm trying to ignore my butt, I don't want to get to attached, but right now it's like whoa. So far I have no regrets, I don't feel selfish anymore, I work hard and I deserve to feel good about myself. It's to early to lay claim to splendid results, but I'm very happy. That first garment day was scary. I really want some KFC fried chicken and mashed potatoes :( wish they delivered. Thank you all for reading my thoughts and giving so much emotional support.

It's my fifth day post op and I just want to sleep...

It's my fifth day post op and I just want to sleep until I heal, but I cannot sleep :( I can't stand laying on my stomach and I'm scared to lay on sides and kill my expensive fat. I rushed into this and should have waited, I'm so miserable. I'm in mild discomfort, but not taking pain meds. I may call the doc tomorrow for a sleep aid like ambien, I have tried benedryl and Advil pm. Honestly when did you ladies start using the boppy. I need to be upright and get some homework done. This site also causes stress: the concept of butt in vs butt out garment, seeing shrinking butts and devastated ladies. I know their has also been positive outcomes, but it's hard to process during recovery. I'm def having surgery blues. I am so eager to go home. Women really prepare for this and have someone to be there every step of the way. If I would have have better notice many people could and wanted to come, but I'm a best and want what I want when I want it.

I've really had a rough time. I've been on self...

I've really had a rough time. I've been on self exile and being trapped in a hotel feeling like death could drive anyone crazy. I think I would have lost my mind if not for the support I got here from all of you, especially reeseyvaughn and Mspeekaboo. I'm going to make myself leave the hotel room tomorrow, it is really awkward going out all bruised up carrying a boppy, but I will at least take a walk on the beach. I had chin lipo and it looks like I tried to hang myself. I would also like to say some ladies live in lala land. I recieved a PM that said "ewwwww I would never go to Salzhauer after seeing how he didn't give you hips". You little dummy! I am built a certain way my surgeon cannot change my basic bone structure. When god built me he gave me huge breasts and big ribs and no hips! I did not expect to come out looking like beyounce. Now I don't mind positive criticism, our results don't always come out ideal and that's not usually out surgeons fault, it's the individuals lack of reality and acceptance of themselves. I'm happy with my results, I do feel like I could have been a little less heavy, but I trusted the docs advice I'm almost 5'6 and went in a little over 170 he gave me enough ass that if I work out and drop a little weight I won't suffer for it. This lady that wrote that nonsense is huge and has no female shape and a photo of Lola angel, WTH. Ok rant over. Most of you are wonderful, so I will dust of the loons. For ladies researching please be honest with yourself, if you have zero hips now you won't come out 36 20 40, accept yourself first, then you will be glad for the improvements. I'm early in the recovery, for all I know my ass my evaporate, but I am prepared for that mentally, I would also be happy if the fat cells remember how nice I am to them and decide to stay. I really like the changes I see, that's why despite feeling like death I keep adding photos. Well my ladies I wore myself out typing on my phone. Thank you all again who continue to be real and supportive.

I'm about a week out today. I woke up stiff with...

I'm about a week out today. I woke up stiff with my head throbbing, but pushed passed the negative, through on some yoga pants and a tank top, finished with a little lip gloss and hit the area. I walked up and down the little district looking at different stores. I just finished a walk on the beach, I got a bit weak and returned to my room, I wanted to jump in that beautiful water, but my lipo holes were like "you do that to us bish and we will kill your new ass with MRSA". I listened to the holes! They weren't playing! Girls recovery does get better, but it can be a rough few days! Make sure you have someone with you. I cannot stress that enough. My post op is tommorrow and then I fly back home. I miss my kids like crazy, I make them Skype me and they think mom is so cheesy. I will hit the Bal Harbor shops tomorrow and perhaps splurge a bit. I get PMs about Dr. Salzhauer, I'm not going to rate the doc until a few months out. Ladies you deserve honest, proven reviews. At this point my results are fantastic. The pics don't do it justice. So if your in a hurry to make a decision on a doc, yes at this point I highly recommend him, his office management could use some work, but Keka is my go to girl there. I think she covers everyone's asses that work there. I will get a body tape soon. Maybe today, but I really don't care to measure until my results are a little more permanent. Talk soon!

Ladies if any of you had a 6 hour or longer flight...

Ladies if any of you had a 6 hour or longer flight a week after bbl and still kept for fat please write me. I swear I can feel my fat dying and I'm getting so stressed. I'm on a layover now, but I've had to sit a lot and the dumb ass boppy is no help on a tight flight. I feel like crying.

Hello Real Self Beauties, I am home. The...

Hello Real Self Beauties,

I am home. The flight was straight seven plus hours of misery. People acted like I was a leper. I felt like I had bugs in my butt meat. A boppy is stupid, used some kind of rolled up firm, cylinder shaped support device. I have lost a lot of volume since post op and I am hoping I did not do major damage with the flight. I called my nurse and she said people do this all the time (fly after surgery) and do great. I hope I am one of them. I really feel like I should have been closer to my ideal weight, ladies I know you want a big butt, however if your big everywhere it can mask just how good your results are, I was 175 today. I plan on losing weight and hopefully not losing all my bubble. If I could do certain things differently here is what they would be thus far:

1. Stay in my doctor's area for two weeks
2 Have a 24/7 support person during recovery
3. Be just slightly above my ideal weight.

I am pleased with Salzhauer thus far, some perks are he did not use drains! So far no Seroma and my bruising is pretty much gone. I am not in pain, just itchy. I probably will not update until the four week mark when I can see how much I retain. I really hope the flight does not prove detrimental

Hello Ladies, How are you all? I am home and...

Hello Ladies,

How are you all? I am home and resting. I am having a bit of trouble with the no sit rule, I have managed not to sit since the flight, but slithering on your Belly like the snake that tempted eve gets old quick :-) So far I am not noticing horrific volume loss, but there is some. I am hoping I am past the point of losing much more. I am a bit upset with Dr. Salz's office, his medical assistant left three sutures in place and they became inflammed and embedded, I got the two out below each cheek, but I cannot get the one out of the belly button. These should not have been missed. I also have a dry itchy rash on the left cheek, I am monitoring the area closely to make sure it is something more serious. I am debating on getting a butt out garment. I have posted several photos, there is quite a difference in size from day one til now, but I was swollen and of course we fall in love with that initial look. I love the curves in my body, I already have a huge arch in my back and by getting rid of some of those rolls it is much more pronounced. The antibiotics make me feel so sick, but I will finish them. Once those are done I will begin watching what i eat, I am going to lose some weight and hope it does not take my butt with it...I am currently (about) 36H 32 44, I want my tummy down to 26/27. Some women want to be thick at any cost, I want my waist a certain size. We all have different ideals. I feel I will need a touch up, and it is so hard for me to take time off work. I am still pleased I do not have any seroma nor lumps, healing is going fairly well :-) Hang in there ladies.

Ladies it is one thing after another. I have...

Ladies it is one thing after another. I have several itchy, rash spots, only on my left butt cheek and hip, there are a few separate areas about the size of a quarter each, it does not feel hot to touch. Its hard to describe, not heat rash, almost similar to the lightly raised lines you would see in ring worm, but for sure not ring worm. I will call doc tomorrow, I should have today. As a nurse I keep thinking it is everything that can go wrong....infection ect, especially since its one side only. WTF

Hey ladies, I left my garment off today and...

Hey ladies,

I left my garment off today and my itchy spot seems to be clearing up. My biggest problem is my daily fear of losing booty, I am so damn impressed with my ass right now and I want to keep every drop of it. Only time will tell, it has been holding firm at 44 inches :-) I ordered a new faja today for my tummy, I read great reviews, I was going to order a butt out garment, but I picked Salz because I trusted his expertise and he says butt in garment, at my 2 week mark I will just wear my garment half a day with the with the squeem garment over it, then just the waist cincher the rest of the time. Salz apologized about his MA leaving sutures in, he was not a happy camper, he is sending me an extra medium garment and a new fresh triangle. Thank you all for the constant support.



Hey ladies, I hit my two week mark. I am...

Hey ladies,

I hit my two week mark. I am really hesitant to sit since I am really feeling my booty, but I had to drive today, I felt so crazy in my truck sitting on that big pillow :( I go back to work Thursday and will have to drive a lot. I wish I could take to more weeks of as I frantically stress on volume loss. I am so happy I finished my antibiotics. Those pills were killing me. Not much to add. For those prepping for surgery feel free to contact me with any questions.
Some things that have been helpful: not a full list just odd stuff I haven't seen on others list.
Red solo cup, I used those to pee in and they were much better than a hard urinal.
Ambien from doc, it knocked me out and sleep kept me from going crazy laying here
Shea butter and coconut oil
Coconut water (good for hydration and much healthier than gator aid
Manuka wound honey ( I use it on any wound, I really feel like it helps with healing

That's all for now.

Good Morning Ladies, Today is day 21 post-op for...

Good Morning Ladies,
Today is day 21 post-op for me, so week 3. I have been giving the recovery process for the BBL procedure a lot of thought, more so for myself, but I will share my thoughts with you. I have had C/Sections, a breast reduction, and a tummy tuck in the past; with the exception of the C/Sect the other surgeries were of course elective. I wondered to myself…Why does this procedure and its recovery feel so mentally draining. Here is what I came up with: This procedure is relatively new, you may argue that it has been around for almost two decades, well that is new as for as medical procedures. Plastic surgery is not an exact science, it is trial and error with years and years of combined evidence based practice. I know we want to think of our surgeons as all knowing, but they will be the first to admit that despite their knowledge and skill, plastic surgery is not concrete. So back to the BBL…the part that I find challenging is the realm of not knowing, yes my doctor put in 2400CC however I do not know how much will reabsorb, how much of what I am seeing is swelling and I have no way to anticipate where I will be in 6 months. Now think of this compared to breast implants, they are contained-You know the CC size put in is what you will have at the end, yes perhaps there will be swelling and shape change, but not to the extent you see with BBL. This is not complaint, only observation and refection of my own journey. When I researched my breast reduction, I did the research and picked a surgeon and was done, I never found myself updating a blog, or comparing other breast reduction photos to mine, I had the procedure, I healed and I was done. After BBL I find myself on this site almost as much and it truly is a mentally challenging recovery (at least for me). I just thought I would share these thoughts, I had someone text me and she stated she felt like she would go crazy looking at this site, I wanted to let you know these feelings are shared by others and are natural.
As for me…All is going well. I have not had any major complications so far. My bruising is gone, but I am still very swollen. My biggest hurdle was insomnia. I had the worst time trying to sleep. I asked my surgeon for an Ambien prescription, I was well aware of the possible side effects. I took it for a few days and it was great, knocked me out almost like anesthesia would! I mean one second I was awake, next thing I knew I was waking up 10 hours later. Well one day I woke up wearing a big rosary that usually hangs on my wall; I looked in the mirror and was like “WTF”. Well apparently I jumped out of bed, running through the house punching and kicking like a ninja on meth and screaming bloody murder about a shadow man, I do not remember this, but family does! They are traumatized. It makes me laugh like crazy, and I am happy no one was hurt during this craziness, now out of the many nights I took this, it only happened once. Did I take it again after that, yes I did, but be aware with any substance you ingest there can be side effects.
I am still in a nit-picky stage, which is driving everyone around me crazy. I have been compliant with my post op instructions. I had to start driving and working at two weeks, I know some people like to push this to 4-6 weeks, but this was not possible. I have worn my garment religiously with a squeem garment (waist cincher) over the top of it. My surgeon provides the butt covered garment, initially I was swayed by different reviews and almost switched to a butt out garment, but if I trust my doctor with my life, I figure I need to trust his experience with this and listen to his post op instructions. Surgeons vary slightly in their techniques and recommendations, I would advise you listen to your doctor and not a layman.
This recovery is not easy, it is a challenge to not sit, not sleep in any position you want, and to lay low for so many weeks. However it can be and has been successfully done. I am feeling better each day. I am swollen and stiff, but not in pain. I have mentioned it before and will mention it again; thus far my biggest regret is not being at a more ideal weight. I went into surgery at 170 ish. I am 5’5 ½. I do not blamed my doctor recommendation to be this weight as it is extremely challenging to do a consult via skype and not in person, but I was not willing to fly there for a consult. I recommend you look at yourself, do not just be focused on a big butt, because a big butt means very little if you are not happy with the frame it is on. I plan on losing 15 pounds and I am fully aware this may affect my results. Some days I am thrilled and other days I am like eh. I think that is a part of the healing process. Having surgery makes you inspect yourself much closer. Remind yourself the human body is not symmetrical, no surgeon can completely make it so, and in the OR things may look a certain way and then change as you heal.
I get messages asking about my doctor: I highly recommend Dr. Salzhauer. I think he is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and responsive. He was available via skype, phone, and email before my surgery and has remained so. Do I look like Santiago? No! Will you look like me? Nope! We are all shaped differently. However you can see the big difference in my before and after’s, and I am still healing. I have not had any issues thus far. That does not mean someone else that follows me will not have infection or seroma. There will be people unhappy with him, just like there are with other doctors, it is how he responds to complaints and critiques that matters. I do not hesitate to recommend him. It really is hard when something happens we do not expect. I went through a really bad recovery for my TT, so I know how that feels, but read each review and meet with doctors and pick the surgeon for you. You are not going to find a surgeon that every single patient has been happy with, but do the research!
I hope I continue to heal well. If I develop any issues I will be sure to post it. I appreciate all the compliments, but I do not mind positive critiques either. You do not have to be impressed with everyone’s results.
If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I wish you a very happy and safe holiday. I will update again at four weeks and I am always available for questions.

Good morning Beauties, After this I will not...

Good morning Beauties,
After this I will not update for a month or more, unless I run into a problem, or big change. I am/will be available for questions.
Today is my four week mark. I will tell you it gets better each week (the healing progress). The first seven days you will probably be weak, tired, uncomfortable, and feeling trapped-if you wanted a huge booty, you will love the swelling. Week one is challenging, but it will pass. Week two you will begin getting antsy, you are still very swollen and that ass is probably fat. You are stiff and even more uncomfortable because you have been slithering around on your belly like a python. Try to take it easy, don’t be in such a rush to enjoy the new you that you start breaking post op rules. You may have a very hard time sleeping; you did a lot of sleeping during that first week. You will probably be off antibiotics on week two, you will be grateful, my doctor’s protocol is three different antibiotics for two weeks, I was very pleased with this combination as the bases were covered as far as bacteria goes. The third week you are up and about more, you are actually getting dressed and feeling like a human. This week for me I was very critical, I noticed flaws I had not noticed before, I made myself look at my post op pics, yes many of those flaws were already there, I just had not been looking that closely. I was very swollen on my back and tummy during week threw and the butt was growing softer. You may feel like you lost major ass, most likely you have lost major swelling and inflammation. At week four you are most likely back to full activities. I would suggest if possible you take four weeks off work; it will take a huge load of stress off you. I had to start working and driving at week two, every time I sat down, yes with a pillow, I felt like I was on a murder spree on fat cells. Like I said before this is a relatively new procedure, doctors really do not know exactly when your fat will connect to its much needed blood supply; they just got off trial and error and what they have observed. Each person’s body and metabolism is different, it is easier mentally to err on the side of caution.
As for my progress…my butt is now soft and jiggly. I of course have my critiques, but it is minor issues and nothing major. Remember in real life we are not photo shopped. My friend recently showed me a photo of lolo angel that was on MTO. Everyone loves that big booty, but damn I was shocked, the cellulite was awful (we are so used to seeing her after editing that flaws are heightened because of our previously height expectations of her and other famous females). Her booty was very saggy, and very wrinkly at the bottom. My advice is google chicks you want as wish bodies and try to find unedited results. Remember even I phone apps now have skin smoothers ect, but untouched photos still float around. This realist expectation may help you. Ok, back to me ? I would have liked more fullness at the bottom, he put a lot of fullness up top, I also feel like the back could be sculpted a bit more. However there is a lipo limit in Florida and the doctor cannot always predict what will happen once he starts. That is again why I say be closer to your ideal weight. However my before and afters tell a great story. I am just picky. I am also still swollen, at first my back rolls seemed very dominate, but I see an improvement as time goes on. Give yourself time. I was cleared to work out, and started yesterday, I am active duty and staying fit is part of my job. I am expected to be able to easily pass my frequent physical fitness tests. I was told no more than 30 minutes of cardio (try to be around 300 calories) a day, plus unlimited strength training. I did the stair stepper for 30 minutes and worked upper body, I was sore, but it felt good. If you did not pound out the gym before do not start now, take it easy. Remember if you lose weight your fat cells will shrink all over, so your butt may go down, but the fat cells are not gone they are just smaller, what is yours is yours. Fat cells are permanent, when you lose weight they get smaller, but they do not die. Also you will shrink fat cells as your normally do, so it will be overall sculpting, not just your booty. I have gotten used to the size of my butt, at times I think it is very small, but the reaction I get is insane. Men and women approach me and tell me I am beautiful, at the gym they asked if I was a trainer. I have not posted the best photos. My man is deployed and I am not asking my kids to take pics, that is just ratchet. So I am always doing those funny mirror photos. I would have liked more volume at the bottom, but not by sacrificing the volume up top. I also feel like the better we look, the better we want to look. My doctor is very receptive and responsive, the one big complaint I have is his office, I just do not feel like the women working there have a professional approach nor a strong attention to detail, but I am also harder on them because I am a nurse. There are several women there who are great, but if you run into one that irks you, try to look past her. So with that said, I email the doctor directly, he always responds within 24 hours. He makes himself available before and after, that to me is a miracle, I know many doctors who will not contact patients directly, they go through the nurse. I sent him photos, he highlighted what he liked and also…wait for it…what could be better! I am only four week out, he wants monthly photos, right now it is still early, but he has never once blown me off, I hope it continues to be that way. Will I go back, that will be for me and my doctor to decide, I want to see where I am at in six months. As I said I would like lower fullness and a smoother back, but it is too early to make any decisions. I still have major swelling. This doctor does not utilize drains for BBL and lipo procedures, I really liked this, he lets your body do the work and get rid of fluid, this may contribute to a longer period of swelling, but I do not know, what I do know is drains are hard to deal with, they seem to contribute to seroma and infection. I had a puffy spot by my belly button, you could see it in my pics, I thought perhaps I was starting to get a seroma, I wasn’t too worried, I stuck a needle in there to see if it would drain, not a drop, it was just a spot with swelling. Yes, nurses make the worst patients. I have not had any complications thus far besides insomnia and that is not really a complication. Moral of that story, your body is healing; certain areas will be more swollen than others, that tummy swelling is already going down. I wear a squeem most of the day and sometimes to sleep in. I also ordered a steel boned corset, I am going to begin a light waist training. After kids my waist has always been large, before surgery it was about 38 inches today it is about 30.5, through a healthy lifestyle and a waist training regimen I would like to each 27 inches by this time next year, I feel like that will happen sooner though. I was complaining yesterday to my BBL sister Reesyvaugn that I feel like my butt was smaller this week, I measured and it is still holding at 44 inches.
Happy Journey ladies. Remember you will read and hear a lot. There is not a doctor in the world with 100% satisfaction rate. It seems like doctor popularity comes in waves on this site, do not hope on the band wagon, think for yourself. Do not become a herd of BBL sheep. Use this site as a research tool, check other sites, and be sure to check the board of plastic surgery for any serious events or complaints. Look at pre and post pics from docs, if you still see a bandage, that post of pic is not worth a damn, because the first few weeks there is major swelling, ask to see more photos of that same person 4 months out, six months out, a year out. My ass was crazy big the first few weeks, but swelling goes away. You really have to choose a doctor that fits you; there are plenty of wonderful doctors out there. Voice any concerns you may have, have no shame telling a doctor what you have heard and what you want to avoid. If you trust someone with your life, then tell them “docs please do not rush my case” “docs this is my goals, is this realistic”? Doctors are people. I still have a unsure rating, I will probably not change that until six months at, at this point was it worth it to me, hell yes, but this procedure is volatile and I want to see where I am at in a few months.
Happy holidays ladies and gents. I wish you all a very safe and happy journey. Remember this review is my story only and does not represent the BBL community as a whole. Support each other, when someone shares, they are taking their time out of a busy life to do so. Blessings to all.

Ladies, I know I have not said much in quite some...

Ladies, I know I have not said much in quite some time. I am going to make this quick and add more when I can dedicate a bit more effort. I will say take my silence as a good sign, if I had complaints I would be much more vocal, but I healed without a glitch and life has moved forward. I am back to working crazy hours and having very little time for anything. I sit, dance, sleep, move any damn way I please. I hear some people say they are still not sitting or lying down on the booty this far out, I feel at this point it is healed and if you have loss nothing can stop it.
I quit messing with garments and corsets and have committed myself to a healthier lifestyle. I did quite a bit of research and waist training only last for as long as your committed to wearing the garments and corsets. Even Cathie Jung who has worn corsets for decades and arguably has the smallest adult waist in the world says if she leaves her corset off to long she begins to gain the inches back! This is after decades of wearing a corset for 24 hours a day. I feel that while it was great for compression after lipo, I sure the hell will not wear a damn thing in my daily life. My man cannot stand walking up and grabbing me and feeling that shit! I want to look naked, not stuffed into stuff!
Trust me this long recovery can be a mental challenge, but if you heal well you have to move on!
Am I happy? So far so good… We do not see what others see; when he saw me he went crazy (he is deployed). On New Year’s people kept asking to take pictures and telling me I have a body like Coco. I am very satisfied. Do I look like Buffy? No, but I am currently 36H 29 45 and I feel wonderful. My clothes look great. Do I have some minor issues-of course I am a woman- I feel that my lower back still has some fat, and I want more fullness in my lower butt, but my man said I am a loon.
I will try to email you ladies some pics. Hang in there on your journey. Remind yourself life does go on. Happy new Year to each of you ?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far I am very pleased with the doc, his office staff leave something to be desired, but he delivered fab results and always returns my emails

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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