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I'm torn bt these 2 doctors!! I need help choosing...

I'm torn bt these 2 doctors!! I need help choosing the right doc for my bbl procedure.. who is going to offer me the deal I want and need for my body and my pocket?
Don't want to put quotes out there yet, only bc I haven't locked in my price and want to negotiate a better price..
Please help me decide.. Send me pics! Tell me ur experience.. what u liked and what u didn't like..
Fisher did my TT... Very happy with the result.. almost 7 weeks post op.. June 2.. I loved him.. Great personality , great work.. Good experience with Anna (coordinator) and Juliet (nurse).. I know he does great bbls, I've seen them in person and he does a lot!! He's very busy and the office is very busy and that's ok bc not for nothing we ladies force him to be so busy.. So kinda like having a history with him.. so I need more pics..
Ortega has great reviews but the only thing I don't like is a nonrefundable $500 deposit!!! Need more pics! Has anyone else heard of this? Karla is my coordinator, so far no pressure.. very nice.. In my opinion before I put down all that money (6 months in advance) I should be able to talk to the doc..

Now I want ASS!

So I've had my boobies done, got my tummy tuck, and now I want some ASS! Seeing all these rs dolls with these donk makes me want one.. LOL.. I can also use the extra lipo.

Wish Pictures!


So I'm still debating bt doctors.. Definitely leaning towards Dr. Ortega for several reasons.. The only thing that is stopping me from committing to him is the nonrefundable deposit... Seriously.
I know u ladies have seen Dr. Ortega's operating room, let me know the deal.. Also has is the recovery house?

Dr. Ortega @ CG Cosmetics

So I have finally made my decision... Dr. Ortega! I also got quotes from all 3 of the offices he works at! (Kinda a lot!) I got three different quotes and decided to go with the lowest one! Duhhh! Lol.. So I will get my full torso, no arms or thighs lipoed... $$$4,000 (4100 if I use 1000 in care credit).. 7 days so fly out on tuesday surgery on thursday and leave the following tuesday... I do have to get my own labs (which I do anyway), meds, and garment.. and the flight which I dread! I hate flying and flying after my TT was terrible... thought I was gonna die!
My coordinator is Blanca, very nice.. Answered all my emails and everything in a couple of hours.. which I like.. Tomorrow I will ask to speak to the Dr, to get an idea of what to expect.. Realistic goals!
I've been stalking all u girls on RS.. Obsessed with ASS!


So each one of the offices require a deposit, one bigger then the rest.. spectrum wants 500, but will accept 250, Imagenes wants 500, and CG wants 1000, 500 to lock price and the other 500 to get a date.. All NONREFUNDALE!! I feel like I might be the only person who has a problem with that!

Official Quote

Here is my official quote from Dr. Ortega's office... He doesn't do phone consults, even for out of state patients... CRAZY!! and we just give him our money without knowing if we like them or not.. based on pictures! I am fucking crazy!

Choosing A Date!

So Dr. O said I have to wait 6 months for my bbl to heal from my TT.. So that's December 2, to close to the holiday season... So I have chosen January 13 (a tuesday) till the following Tuesday! Can't wait.. It's a long time and I don't want to wait that long but I have no choice..
@ spectrum my coordinator was Karla. Very nice, no pressuring, very different then Vanity! 4500 with first garment included. 250 deposit. 12 areas of lipo.
@ Imagenes my coordinator was Janice also very nice without pressuring.. 5500 originally, then went down to 4500, 500 deposit. 12 areas of lipo.
@ CG my coordinator is Blanca, very nice. 4000, 1000 deposit, most official quote valid for 30 days.. 500 deposit to save price and 1000 to save date.. Don't do by areas but full torso lipo. Blanca told me not to lipo my arms and thighs bc I have enough fat for a good result...
So I figured go with the cheapest quote from the same doctor. Wonder how the recovery stay is with CG.
All deposits with Ortega are nonrefundable!

obsession and depisit!

I'm obsessed, but I'm waiting as long as possible to put down my deposit! Theres no refunds so thats why im waiting! Make sure its a good idea! Well of course it is! Seriously! Hubby gave me the ok, so here we go!
I'm obsessed with ASS!
I can't decide what booty I want.. Love the ASS with the pot leaf! I even love that tattoo! Lol!

Wish pic

Forgot this one!

Name change! lol

So I changed my name to HourGlassVixen! Lol, in my dreams! But honestly I feel so much better after my tt and boobies that I feel like a vixen.. lol.. and after my bbl I will be that for sure! I wamt a tiny waist and a fat ASS!

Traveling for surgery

So I'm reading a lot of reviews about disappointed bbl girls.. traveling from out of state, seems like it gives the doctors an excuse to rush through our surgeries and results are disappointing! Bc they know we are leaving and will be out of their hair.. we spend a lot of money for the surgery the traveling the supplies the stay the time off of work, it adds up and we want to leave knowing and feeling like it was worth it.. not that we got played.. yeah we know we're just a dollar sign, but damn give us what we want in reason and reality of course.. we want FAT ASS! Lol.. stuff that sucker bc a lot of it will dissolve... girls (most girls) who get this surgery want people to notice their ass and their waist.. we want to be noticed and we want to look good.. so doctors of miami HOOK US UP! GIVE US ASS!
I am speaking for myself but a lot of people will probably agree with me... I know that I have a certain way... Nice tits, flat belly, small waist, and a fat ass... I wamt my husband to look at me and only me.. and if he doesn't then he definitely will notice the other men looking at me and check himself... seriously I want to be a HourGlassVixen! I want to be thick as hell..... head turning... show stopping.... seriously, I've spent so many years hating my body to now loving it and want to feel hot to death just like my hubby!
Please Dr. Ortega hook me up!
Sorry for my rant...

Fisher or Ortega??

Waiting till next week to put down my deposit with Ortega, but I still love Fisher's bbls.. So still debating... HELP! Show me ur results...

Talking To Annna @ Vanity

So i am talking to Anna, my tt coordinator, about my bbl. Still so torn.. Not sure who to go with, still..... Love Fisher's booty, sometimes question Ortega's booties... Trying to get a lower quote from Anna, Ortega is 4000 @CG and Fisher is 4500. With my tt i paid for full back lipo and never got it bc by law u can only remove so much... so hoping that will help my cause,,, lol... but im not tripping about that bc i am totally happy with my results, and scar is healing nicely...
with ortega i cant go to January, 4000, i would stay a total of 5 days (500), and flight 300 and faja 100, no drains
with Fisher i can go in a couple of weeks 4500, stay 4 days (400) and flight 300 faja 100, with drains
let me know ladies
i feel like no one reads my reviews, i try to make them interesting, but oh well, love u girls who do....




So I'm going with Fisher in November! Hopefully! Vanity is not as bad as people make it sound! I didn't have a bad experience at all.. I waited for a while for Fisher but he was in surgery...
Anywho he did a great job on my tt so now he can do my butt! I'm so excited! I've been talking to Anna, and she is really great.. but at the end of the day they have a job to do and they do it..
My hubby is like I hope I don't have to kill someone for trying to talk to my wifey! Lol... love it...

Definitely Getting an Ass

So ladies as u can tell I am so obsessed! So bc I'm going to do my surgery sooner then I had expected, not wanted but expected, I was tripping about getting the money for it! So last night I applied for a credit card and was approved! Woot woot!

Weight Loss

So I spoke to Anna today and I need to lose about 25 pounds by Nov 10! That could be my date! Story of my life... lose weight! I can admit I haven't been watching what I eat and drinking margaritas after work and what's a gym? Seriously, I haven't been to the gym in forever! 4500 Fisher, garment included, blood work from my pcp, medication, stay, plane ticket! Or should I wait for Dr. O? LOL..
On some the weight loss tip... started an exercise program tomorrow.. and only protein for 2 weeks, then veggies, then fruit, one day cheat day! 3, 15 minute intense workouts a day... kettle ball swings, jump rope, jumping jacks, squats, lunges, weights, and more... I have to kick my own ass, to a fat ass! Crazy....
Hubby loves the body, he says he can't stop thinking about me... good! He loved me before and he deserves this too.. trophy wife.. lol...
Thanks ladies for all ur responses.. nothing is set in stone so please tell me what u think.. Fisher or Ortega????


So ladies I applied for a credit card thinking I wasn't going to get approved and guess what? APPROVED!! So that's my money for my bbl... still trying to negotiate price with Anna.... told her I would pay in full if she gave me a better price... fingers crossed....
But I need someone where to stay... Any suggestions?? I'm not staying long.. maybe 3 nights.. take a red eye flight Monday morning, be at vanity by 9 have surgery, go to a recovery house and relax for 3 days and fly back Thursday night... what's the point of staying? Last time I stayed with people and I loved them they treated me like family! Maybe I'll check them out again..

losing the extra weight!

I have to lose extra weight for my bbl.. why? I thought u need fat for it.. nah, I have mad fat! Lol.. I can probably supply two other girls fat for their booties.... lol..
Really trying not to eat and when I do have protein or veggies... found a workout from one of the girls on rs.. zuzka light.. love her..

feeling selfish

I really really really want my bbl.. really really... but I'm feeling kinda selfish.. boobies, tt, and bbl... help! I know all u girls are gonna support me..


So texting with Anna, she's not getting me my desired price... A little disappointed! All about the Benjamins Baby! Lol.. whatever I guess.. Now I don't pay in full!
November 10... big booty hoes pop wit it! Lol.. super excited! Just came back from the gym.. feeling good! Got to drop some weight.. Protein and exercise! Water and sweat! Lol.. want to fit into a medium squeem before surgery so I can go into a small afterwards..
People are wondering how big to go, go hard, go big or go home! And how people are gonna react to ur new booty! Who cares, do u booboo!!!! Love u RS chicks! Thanks for all the tips and support and reviews and pics and advice... it's like plastic surgery family..
Sorry pics are sideways

Deposit Paid!

So I paid a deposit yesterday! 3500 with a 1000 dollar balance.. The official price 4500! With free garment! Whatever!
Trying to lose weight, story of my life! But November 10 is my official date, requested the first surgery of the day!! Need supplies, bare minimum! Just have to book flight and confirm with the caregiver! Just confirmed! Now flight and supplies!


Love u ladies! My hubby called me a phone whore! Lol.. had to break it down to him about RS!

Can't believe I'm doing this for real!

I'm tripping! Didn't think I would do this! I'm so excited!

Consult at NYEEI

So talking to my girl Ttlatina, and she's always got the inside scoop on the PS! So I made an appointment for a consult for lipo and bbl.. let's see what happens.. I don't think they are capable of a miami bbl, but I'm gonna keep an open mind.. on the bright side it's 30 minutes from the house and I can recover with my family and have follow up visits.. I did get my boobs done there with Dr. P. I'll put her full name when I get the right spelling..
The cost is 3800 I think.. and 2000 for tt revision with lipo...
ladies u already know I want a fatty! I want ass for days.. not playing! And I don't know if NYEEI is up for the challenge...
ok so my hubby is in prison and I'm transforming myself for when he comes home.. at first he wasn't down but now he is on board... so with my boobies I told him he could pick the size and I would get it, but he didn't want to and then afterward he was like I should of went huge! Figures! But now since my boobs are natural looking my ass can be out of control big! So I asked him what kind of ass he wants and he said Nikki Minaj ass.. so I'm trying to find names of girls with ass like I want to tell him.. help me.. my last wish pic is what I want but found a new one, but don't know these big booty hoes names! Lol.. He cones hone in a year so by then I'll be healed and ready to get it in... lol..
he's says I'm obsessed and all this is stressing him out and makes him nervous.. and he doesn't know why I needed to do all of this! For myself, to have a confidence that I never had before! I finally love myself and how I look! (Somewhat)! My hubby has always loved me.. and I love him for that! And now he really won't be able to keep his hands off of me.. He never could before anyway but now he's gonna want to reside in my big of fat ass......

Call From Imagenes!

So Janice from Imagenes calls me thus morning, following up with me about my bbl inquiry... so I told her I got a cheaper quote at another one of Ortega's office.. 4000.. so she told that she will see if she can beat that price and call me back.. interesting! U know I already made a deposit at vanity! But u never know...
Again Fisher or Ortega? Lol.. it's never ending.. and when I get comfortable about one the other's name pops up.. less then 4000 for full torso lipo and booty! ????? What to do ladies what to do???
Happy Healing Ladies


I think that I made the right choice with Fisher! I'm noticing more and more Ortega's booty's without projection! That's what I need! I want it to be seen! From the side, the back, the FRONT! I want ass! And I think that fisher is the man for the job!
And yes I know that with Vanity comes drama, but I didn't have any issues with them..
Anna is good to me.. As good as she can be.. If I text her she'll answer and if she doesn't I'll harass her until she does.. to get a free garment I had to threaten to go to Ortega! Whatever, do what u got to do... lol.. but I got my garment! I also feel like don't lay in full! Pay the balance the day before surgery, this way they have to be good to u Bc they still need ur money!
Day 3 of diet! Day 10 of gym! 3 pounds down! 22 more to go! Motivation motivation motivation! BBL!

Flight Booked!!

Shit just got real! Lol.. As said so many times on RS! Just book my flight.. I will fly out late Sunday night to have surgery first thing Monday morning! Paid 227 for round trip.. upgraded on the flight home for more room and comfort.. hate flying! But it's for a good cause, ASS! I can't wait to be done with all this transforming and have my final product ready for hubby!..

Fisher or Hassan?

Who does more aggressive lipo? Hassan or Fisher? Anna says both are good Fisher gives more butt.. but maybe I need more aggressive lipo... ladies let me know... hassan dolls Holla at me! Main goal is sculpture and projection!


So ladies what should I do about massages? Don't want to do them at vanity! To expensive...

Real Friend

I want to be a Real Friend, damn it! Lol.. seriously real self, hook me up!

Wish I had to gain weight for bbl..

I wish I was one of these girls who has to gain weight... but I always have to lose it... fat girl problems. . Since I got my tt by fisher I do have to say that I don't really care how much I weigh just how I look..

Losing the weight...

Everyday is a struggle with weight.. what to eat, what not to eat.. it's a constant battle.. Some of u might not understand, but this is HARD! Gym is no problem! Go hard.. But eating is a battle.. should I do an apple cleanse or stick to protein, fat, (need it on a low carb diet) and veggies.. lots of salad.. who knows.. just venting! But the good news is, that since I don't know what to do exactly it makes me not eat anything! Which could work too.. lol.. I know the protein only diet works for me..

Imagenes Called Again

So I get another call from Imagenes yesterday for a rhinoplasty! Interesting bc I have never inquired about that! Lol.. good price 3000.. so then I told her I was interested in a bbl and she tells me 3500.. then I tell her I want full torso and she sends me a text for 6 areas 3600 and 12 areas 4300.. CG still had the best price for Ortega.. 4000..
I'm gonna stick with Fisher.. 3500 already paid.. just waiting...
ladies I'm thinking that in a couple of years when I get ready to buy a house I might choose to live in miami and run a recovery house for girls like us.. One that girls can feel safe in and will really be like a home away from home.. whatcha think? Good Idea right?


4 week countdown starts today.. so I am totally not prepared! I have no supplies as of yet.. I was thinking I'm gonna keep it to the bare minimum! So originally I was going to buy my garment from vanity but I'm thinking I can just order an xl, l, and m (in my dreams) of the veddette 929.. any ideas..
Still trying to lose this weight! If u read my posts u know story of my life! I'm going to eat very little to watch my calories! The only thing I can do at this point.. it seems when I start excersing my body doesn't drop weight, (building muscles) on the scale but always looks better!
Fisher did a tt on me at 185 so I think I'm ok.. Anna told me 170.. probably not gonna happen...
I know a lot of u ladies have list of things that we need for recovery so I just have to find the lists. I think there is one on the bbl forum..
It's so crazy, but I can't believe that this is my third procedure, when I never thought I would actually have this done ever.. it's like the ball starting rolling and hasn't stopped.. I've been blessed with good healing and recovery.. I am so happy with my body now! I have never felt like this... seriously! !! I LOVE ME! lol.. I took my son to aeropostole and I tried on clothes and they fit! I was so excited to shop (even though we were there for him)! Words can't describe how much better I feel the confidence I have.. now u can't tell me nothing.. The outside matches the inside... hubby still hasn't had a chance to touch, but I send pics and he loves them.. he's the one who started my bbl obsession.. He wants me to get a nikki minaj (spelled wrong), lol.. I know Dr. Fisher will hook up the booty!
My flight is booked! I'm staying with Magdelina!! Don't know about the massages.. any suggestions?


How do u sit on the boppy pillow????? Some girls are using noodles (pool) to sit on, how does that work? Plane ride home, that will be interesting!

Flat Ass

So I've been seeing girls whose butts are filled at the top and flat in the middle? Is this bc it has to drop or bc it's swollen? It worries me! I have some ass to work with so hopefully it just gets bigger fuller rounder and more juciy.. lol.. I spend all day looking at ASS! I have more ASS on my phone then guys.. lol.

25 more days till ASS

25 more days until my bbl.. so excitied.. I have no supplies yet.. wait to the week before.. I've been doing good on eating (or not eating lol) and exercising! Down 7 pounds.. I would like to lose 20 more so we'll see.. Food is not my friend right now! Lol..
Trying to get some supplies together (or a list of) today.. call and confirmed with Magdelina! Flying down Nov 9 thru Nov 14.. Wondering about massages, but I watched a you tube video on using a rolling pin to do it urself.. might check it out.. Need some lipo foam and an abdominal board.. What's a triangle board for?? I also need a pee thing, regular funnel for a car ok? I have some maxi dresses from my tt..
My measurements are 40-34-44 my wish measurements are 36-28-48!!! Please Dr. Fisher! Lol..
I need a lot of aggressive lipo in my upper back and around by my arms.. I mean aggressive! I'll still have big arms and thighs that touch but I don't think anyone will be looking at my arms.. I'm short and thick! Lol..


After the first 2 weeks u are suppose to go down a size in garment. Anna says it's the same garment, but I see a lot of girls with their checks out of the garment.. she also said that if the garment is to tight it will cut off the blood supply to the booty and not to waist train until a month later.. No sitting for 4 weeks.. This is gonna be interesting... my dad is gonna kill me.. lol.. He said I don't mind u getting it sacked out, but putting it back in are u crazy? Lol.. yes, yes I am....

lipo foam and abdominal board

Ladies help!!! Should I purchase these items? And the arnica gel, which one should I get and how much?

need to vent!

So I go to the gym to work out like I do every fing day and the trainer is going to come over to where I am and tell me that I can't work out here bc I'm not doing there 30 minute circuit training!! Really planet fitness? Really? I haven't smoked in a week, I'm barely eating, and now ur gonna tell me I can't do my work out when there is no one else even there! I'm so pissed I just stormed out instead of cursing them out!
My hubby is in prison (if u didn't know) and is always there and has the nerve to tell me he's stressed bc he wants to come home.. I'm stressed I've been taking care of thus family by myself for the last 15 years.. working being mom being dad paying bills sending him money for whatever he wants and extra.. He spends more money then I do on myself.. and he's stressed.. I have surgery in mess then a month!

Dropping pounds!

So I know it's not healthy, but at this point I have no choice! I'm doing a very low calorie diet.. like 500 calories a day.. last thursday I was 204 today I am 191!! 13 pounds in a week! I never thought I could stop eating! But as long as I don't start I'm good.. 16-20 pounds to go!!! Wish me luck!


190!! And 23 more days to go!

New wish pics!

Nah just playing

I'm staying with Magdelina

I'm staying with a lady named Magdelina. 250 the first night and 80 after.. meals and transportation included.. no massages. I'm gonna use a rolling pin and attempt them myself.. I have a friend in NY so hoping she can help help massage me when I get back home...

Next Monday I'll be Sucked and Stuffed!

One week countdown! Next Monday!! Right now I'm at my pre surgery clearance.. Did my bloodwork on Friday.. I don't really feel excited or anything! It's weird, lot going on at home so not really happy about leaving my kids behind... I live in NY and I'm planning on moving to St Louis in the beginning of January... so a lot going on.. hubby wants this to be over and done with.. thinks I'm obsessed! And he loves me the way I am.. blah blah blah... we'll I didn't love me.. but after tt, I feel so much better..

Medical clearance

WOOT WOOT I'm healthy even though I'm a fatty!

3 days to go!

Just paid off my balance to vanity!! For a total of 4500 for 12 areas of lipo and transfer with first garment included.. Got a call from Gisele that I am scheduled for 830 Monday morning.. Second surgery of the day.. (vanity time 11 lol) but wanted to be earlier then later.. Just picked up the last of the things I need.. Traveling with the bare minimum this time.. Manly just supplies... Can't wait to go so I can get back to my babies... I will definitely keep u ladies posted on everything from here on out..
Pray for me and my safe return please.. xoxo

On the way to the airport!

So I'm on the way to the airport! Sad to leave my kids! Miss them already! Wish my hubby was with me! Oh well got to wear my big girl panties! Lol..
Hope I packed everything. I hope Magdalena's is nice! Hope my booty comes out amazing! Just want some banging results!!
OK I'm at JFK!


Arrived last night! So far so good! Magdelina is sweet! House is nice! Just showered and we're gonna head over to vanity soon! It's kinda early bc my sx is not scheduled till 830, but she has to pick up other girls from the airport!
Ladies if ur out there keep me in ur prays please! Xoxo


I'm in recovery!

Super weak

Been in recovery for 4 hours... oh shit! This is worse then tt.. gonna have some soup from the corner for energy... lol... keep u posted.. Thank u ladies for ur prayers and comments... xoxo to all

Thank you ladied

I am still very weak.. feeling less shitty today. Thank u for all ur support.. Ass looks fat so far..
Thanks Dawn, Magdalena is wonderful. She says hi..

Dr. Fisher and Vanity

First I want to start off by saying I am feeling much better! When I went to vanity on Monday Dr. Fisher remembered me.. He is very funny and such a nice guy! Honest with expectations and what to expect.. He told me this one was gonna be rough.. He was right.. Dizziness and light headed and WEAK!! I was in recovery for lost five hours! The nurse was so caring and sweet... Can't remember her name bc I was so weak! She made me warm and gave me plenty of fluids to get my strength back and asked Magdelina to go to the corner restaurant to get me chicken soup! I stand by what I said with my tt that Vanity is good in my book! Dr. Fisher knows what he's doing and took the time to talk to me.. Even showed me his new baby's picture.. super cute!
Drink plenty of fluids and eat the day before... please.. Lipo sucks u dry! Be back in a minute...


Sorry ladies I know pics are what we all want.. be honest.. last night had ti take my garment off bc it was to tight with the foam boards that every time I laid down I got a bad headache. Hanging in there.. Magdelina is taking great care of me... and I pooped this morning.

I do have to say this, if women supported each other in the real world like we did on real self the world would be a better place and men would stay in their place.. think about it ladies..... we should always uplift each other and not hate on one and other.... sorry for the preaching but this site really does bring out the best in us.....

Thank u all for ur prayers and we'll wishes... u have helped me heal more then u know.

On my way to Vanity..

Oh shit, I think I ripped my drain out! Felt like shit all night.. headaches are the worst.. can't get comfortable! I'm going to get a new garment and go to vanity and walmart.. thus surgery is no fucking joke!! Seriously!
Thank God that I am alive! Thank God for ur support, especially Ttlatina! (Xoxo)
Thank God for Magdelina and her daughter Sandra! So sweet and so caring.. good food, comfort, and love! Exactly what u need woth this surgery! I am very blessed! I thanked God a hundred times in the shower yesterday!
This surgery kicked my ass!

Going Home

Ladies God was on my side! Flight home went great! We were upgraded to a bigger plane.. Got an empty row and laid on my belly the whole time...God got me to Miami, To Magdelina, (Who Was amazing), Through surgery, Back To New York, And Best Of All HOME TO MY BABIES!!!
I will update with the while deal and pics soon!

Magdelina Recovery

I can't tell u how blessed and happy I am that I stayed with Magdelina and her daughter! So sweet and caring!
Please if u choose to stay with her, show her the upmost respect, Bc they are wonderful people!
Good luck!


So I feel like the faja makes marks all over my booty and my tummy.. and I feel like maybe the booty shouldn't be squeezed by the faja.. I understand compression, but on the butt... any imput? No I have my squeem on with lipo foams and abdominal board.. and what about all the lines from the tight ass faja?? I feel more comfortable with the squeem..


So I'm back home, yesterday was my first full day here.. No resting allowed! Back to cooking and cleaning.. which I guess leads to rrcovery! Get very winded doing minor tasks.. but all in all I feel much better.. Still taking antibiotics only took 3 pain pills, sticking to Tylenol and now advil bc the antibiotics give me headaches.. been pooping regularly now... which is good but annoying bc of the garment..
All in all since Monday to now I feel 100 tines better.. later I will update with pics after my shower..
Didn't really need any of the supplies I packed.. wasn't really bloody or messy.. I had a drain so I think that was better.. waiting fo booty to drop and round out.. I know I have to be patient.. Fisher said it will add some fullness to where I was lacking but usually it goes with ur natural shape..
Yesterday I took some quick measurements
bust 38
Waist 33 (settle for 30)
And hips 49
But we'll see what happens..
my wish is
38 bust
28 waist (probably won't get that small)
48 hips

Pictures as promised!

Booty is dropping! Feeling better! Go back to work tonight..... wish me luck!


sorry ladies

Been MIA.. not bc I don't like my results bc I love them..


Here r some pics ladies! Love love love my new body! So does hubby, finally got to see me after my transformation! (Tits, tummy, and ass)

Turning Heads!

I just moved to a different state, so no one knows my journey or struggle here. It's crazy! I am turning heads! Lol. Men so perdictable, turning around as soon as I pass! This is crazy.. I have never experienced this at least not at this level! Grabbing tight dresses off the rack and trying them on at home and they FIT and LOOK GOOD! I got one hater that I know about for sure! But must look good to have one.. Hubby says he has haters on it too..
I'm thick as hell ladies! Lol
40 DD
34 waist
47 Hips

Hubby never could keep his hands off of me even when I was nasty! No matter what I looked like to me he always treated me like I was beautiful..He loved me before I lived myself and for that I will always love him. Hopefully he comes hone I'm June so we can see what this new body is working or should I say twerking with.. lol I love my hubby so much! Shot out to him!
I have never had such confidence and happiness with my body.. I am not anywhere near perfect.. I eat to much sometimes and maybe not as small as I should be having all these surgeries but I am so happy! I aways said if I didn't have my fupa it would change my life and I was right.. it did.. I would do it all over again! It was so worth it! I feel amazing! I finally love what I see and love myself!
Good luck ladies with ur journeys! I hope u all feel as amazing as I feel.. thanks for all ur support!
Maybe I'll be back for some extra lipo or booty! Go big or go home! Xoxox

More Pics

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Fisher is doing my bbl, not Dr. Ortega!

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