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So I'm been researching for months now trying to...

So I'm been researching for months now trying to find the right doctor, so I came across Vanity, and I was looking at there work and debating on which surgeon does the best work, and there were two doctors that stood out for me , Dr.Hasan and Doctor Fisher, so I decided to go with fisher because he does a great job with giving people the big bootey and hips. So I called vanity to ask about pricing , and dr. Hasan was $3,500 and dr.fisher was $4,500 , and they told me the recovery house is : $1,500 , so now I'm really debating because dr. Hasan has a better price , but I don't want to just choose a doctor based on price, so I told myself if I'm going to be spending all this money, then I might as well choose a doctor that's going to give me the best results , so I'm just going to go with Fisher.

Patience is the Key

So I called Vanity and told them that I had a baby three months ago , and they told me that I had to wait 6 months after I have the baby to have surgery . So that was a down fall to me , do I have to wait until January to have my surgery. So I asked them if they could do it in December instead , she told me that fisher won't be there but hasan would be there , but doctor. Hasan said he couldn't do it, then she suggested a new doctor that just came there from Chicago his name is James mcadoo, and she told me that he would be able to do my surgery for $3500 in December. So of course I was excited but I don't know this doctor never seen his work , so I asked could they send me pictures if his work , they only emailed me two photos, and that's not enough pictures for me to just book the surgery with that doctor. So until they send me more photos , I'm just going to wait for Fisher, because I know his work is good and PATIENCE is the KEY.

Wish pictures

Here are some wish pictures , I'm trying to have a big old bootey , small waist , and nice hip.

Surgery surgery surgery

All im thinking about is how I would look with my new body , I'm so excited , I can't wait till January , imma look so good. My husband keeps telling me that I don't need surgery because he loves the way I look, but after having two kids, they took a lot from me, and a toll on my body , after I had my son I lost my bootey and my thickness, so I need that back ASAP. I'm happy that my husband loves me for the way I am, but I want to be happy for me, and I'm not happy. I deserve this, and I'm going to do this as a gift to me. Everybody deserves to be happy, we all only have one life to live. Team : big bootey

I'm having my surgery in April !!!!!!

I'm having my surgery April 10
I paid today in full
$5000 for Doctor Fisher
I'm so Excited & nervous
I've been waiting two years for this
I so deserve this .


So I'm ordering my garment today
I was told that when I order my garment to order a size bigger , because they run small .

Before pictures

Here's some before pictures
I have no butt ????????????

Count down

55 more days till my surgery
I'm so excited , I'm trying not to let other peoples comments freak me out , I'm so happy that I'm doing this for me, I've waited so long , but it will be over soon , April is almost here.

Just got my garment

So I just received my garment
I ordered my garment off EBAY ,
I ordered one size bigger , which was the LARGE , because I heard they run small
, I'm going to order another garment , size XL because I will have the Lipo board in the front and its pretty close fitting in the front , so I would recommend getting two diffrent garments , one for stage 1 & stage 2

Fisher or Hassan ???????

I pray that doctor fisher do me right , I can't wait till April 10th , I keep thinking about it , I've been looking at some of doctor Hassan's work , he does a good job as well , his price is getting to me , everyone wants to save money and I'm all about saving money , but I don't want to be disappointed, so I guess ill just stick with doctor fisher , because I heard that doctor Hassan does more of a natural look , & I don't want anything NATURAL , I want a big juicy booted , I want my booted to talk for its self , LOL???????????? I think yall know what I mean.

Travel Buddy anyone????

I'm looking for a travel buddy for April 10th , I'm wanting to split the cost with someone , let me know if anyone's having surgery between April 8-16

Where do I but the triangle from ????

So I hear that I need this triangle thing , what is it called ?
Where can I buy it? & what is it for ?

33 more days till my Surgery !!!!!

33 more days till my surgery ,I'm so excited , I pray that God covers me and protect me during my surgery , so I can wake up with no complications . I can't wait but I always question myself And ask myself if I'm doing the right thing because every surgery is a risk ,

Who wants to split surgery cost?

I'm looking for someone to split hotel and rental car with me, my surgery is April 10

Do I have enough fat?

I hope I have enough fat
I'm 5"2 weigh around 145ish
I may wigh more because I've been eating a lot to gain weight for this surgery , im trying to have a big bootey , with a small waist ??

Labs , HELP PLEASE !!!!!!

I'm a little over two weeks away from my Surgery and I need to do labs , I don't know where to go , my doctor is all full with appointments , Vanity told me to just come there to do labs because it's free , but I'm not sure about that because I dont want to go there and my labs come back bad, I am anemic and I just rather be safe then sorry, I really need help, where does everyone go to get there labs done ???????
I'm not sure if my insurance will cover surgery labs ,I have tricare .

Labs done

Just got my labs some today thank god , it cost me $275 I got a $20 discount
I didn't want to pay that price for labs but better safe then sorry
I won't get my results back until 2-3 business days . I pray everythings alright

9 more days !!!!!!!!!!

9 more days till my surgery
It feel not real , I was so excited for months now and anxious and now the dates around the corner and I'm not that excited , I'm not scared but it just seems so unreal , oh my 9 more days

Cleared for labs

I got my labs gone at Labs done now , it's cost me a total of $275
, they have me a small discount because all the test I was getting done . Each test cost $49
, vanity messaged me in the portal to tell me that my labs came back good and that in cleared

One week till my BBL

So excited & anxious
Still doesn't feel real
1 week till I have a juiey butt !!!!!!!

I'm here

I'm here in Miami
I got here yesterday
And I went to vanity today for my pre op, vanity is in a shopping center , not typically where you would think a surgery place would be . A lot of people was in and out of vanity , they stay busy , my surgery is set for 8:30am Tommorow , prayers needed please , I know I'll be covered and protected during surgery .


Vanity picture

Pre op

Just to inform everyone when you go to your pre op appointment you have to fill out all the paperwork and sign , which is a lot of papers to sign , and then they bring you to a room with photography lights and a camera and you take pictures with a lady naked , with everything off and then your done . With fisher you don't see him till the day of your surgery and them on the day of your surgery you have a consultation with him and he marks you up.

Today is the big day

Today is the big day , having my surgery today , I'm the first one for today , I'm super excited and nervous for the pain but it's ok , I know I'll look great. I already got pictures taken agian and spoke to the anesthesiologist , just waiting for fisher to mark me up .

I had my surgery

What a day Im in the hotel resting
, I had a bad day , when I got to the hotel in the parking lot I passed out on the floor , I really felt like I was going to die , I was weak , I couldn't hear no one talking to me and I was scared , my mother told me that two guys lift me up and put me on the bed , I didn't feel them lifting me . After surgery please make sure you EAT & DRINK Gatorade right after surgery to avoid what happened to me . I'm tierd so ill write about my experience Tommorow

Day 2

Today I had my follow up at 10am , every time I walk I feel dizzy , I passed out this morning as I was walking to the bathroom to pee, I dropped on my side and didn't feel myself drop at all , my mother jumped out if bed when she heard the drop , I didn't know that I dropped but I felt it afterwards , I won't get out of bed alone , lesson learned , at the appointment they took off my garment to look and drained me , they told me that I can shower today thank god , my massage is Monday , I pray that the passing out will stop soon because I am eating and drinking

Lipo boards ????

Where do I go to buy the Lipo boards, vanity sells them for $40 each and I know that people said that I can but them else where but idk where , help !!!!!!!

The pain

The pain is no joke , I can't get off the bed by myself , I have no strength , but hopefully I get better , i want to take off my garment but my bootey is to big and swollen . Thank God my moms here to help , you can't do this alone

Pictures a Day 3

Here's pictures , Fisher did his thing on me , I have hips and a huge bootey , none of my jeans can fit any more

Day 3

Before & After

Before and after

Advice to you guys

Day 3 is so much better I can get up by myself , I don't feel dizzy anymore , I shower in my faja for 20 mins , and my faja dries in a hour . I feel so much better , I'm so happy I can move around , God is so good , I went to the bathroom today and had a bowel movement , I had to cut my faja opening at the bottom a little bit to use the bathroom. Taking showers really helps relax the muscles, I've been drinking Gatorade , eating fruits , I had pancakes and eggs , curry chicken and for dinner steak , rice , & vegetables. I'm dreading my massage Tommorow.

Massage today

Had my first massage today , it wasn't that bad , after the massage I can stand up straight .

Things you will NEED

Things you will need are :
-long body pillow
-two garments
- lots of Gatorade
-Lipo boards
-5 long loose dark dress
Doctor fisher said he doesn't know why people buy the noppy pillow because it doesn't do nothing and as for the yoga mat he said don't use that under your thigh because it cuts off blood circulation
-back stratcher
-Compression Socks
--stomach board


Not happy with my waist, one side of my waist is smooth and the other side has a crease , I just noticed that , it seemed like he did aggressive Lipo on the left side but not the right side and it looks deformed , something must be don't because this isn't right and I've seem girls bigger then me with a smooth waist and no crease , and I wasn't big to begin with .

Hour glass

Loving this hour glass shape , I love my butt the swellingness is going down , I hope my butt stags this size , I still Dont like the crease in the right side of my waist.

12 days post op

My butt went down a lot , it's still a little stiff but not not as high anymore , two more days till I can sit . My stomach still has some fluids , I'm going to buy a waist trainer because I've noticed that the garment has been compressing my butt .

My butt is gone

My butt is back to normal , 80 percent of the fat I had injected has left , I'm so mad I wasted all those thousands out of my hard earn money , I wish I would have gotten implants .

I went through all that pain and Passing out for no reason, now my butt is small agian and I wasted thousands of dollars , these people at vanity is not fair and not honest .

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