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Please see my "Review Your Doctor or Provider"...

Please see my "Review Your Doctor or Provider" comments. My experience was great entirely thanks to Dr. Mendieta (and his staff) -- I really don't feel like I can separate the two reviews into a "Experience/Procedure" section and a "Doctor/Provider" section because Dr. Mendieta (and his staff) were the ones responsible for making it so great.
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Five month update: Wow. I have *exactly* the measurements I asked Dr. Mendieta for... I'm really blown away. My figure is gorgeous and looks completely natural... I'm a petite woman and so I didn't want a *big* booty, just some lipo to slim down and a little bit added to my (formerly flat) butt to give it a nice curvy shape... Dr. Mendieta gave me *exactly* that. He and his staff took great care of me and had so much patience with me as I was recovering -- I was afraid I wouldn't get the exact results I was looking for, and they just kept telling me, "Wait, wait, it's normal to be nervous but you WILL look just the way you want too, just please try not to worry..." And they were exactly right; that's exactly what happened. It is rare to find people like this -- very kind, completely trustworthy/straightforward, and beyond talented at what they do... I'm so thankful to Dr. Mendieta and his staff. Oh and I can't wait for swimsuit season:)!!!! (The following is a "diary" of sorts of my recovery period, feel free to read it or not:) ). Just one thing before that -- people seem to be very worried about pain (I was too). I was very surprised that the recovery was not painful at all. It honestly just felt like I had done a hard workout and was a little stiff; that's all. That's what they told me to expect so I think (?) it's normal for his patients. You will be very tired for the 10 days or so though. That is the most annoying thing. Oh and one other thing -- don't be scared off by the price listed above; he offers discounts for in the spring/summer. Unfortunately it was impossible for me to schedule this in that time period. I think last spring it was $9850 tho (but it could be different this year). Thanks for reading my review! Please let me know if you have any questions; I'll try to get back to you reasonably quickly:) FIRST ENTRY, APPROX 1 MONTH POST-PROCEDURE: I just recently had a Brazilian butt lift done by Dr. Mendieta and I couldn’t have been happier with the entire experience. Although it is much too early to comment on the final results, what I can say that it absolutely looks like I was born with this butt. It just looks completely natural; which is so crazy!! I think he's secretly a magician or something because nobody can be that good at surgery;) He's also a really nice guy -- he really acts like he cares about you as a person and I never felt like he was rushing me out the door even though I asked him a lot of questions. It's easy to forget he's one of the best plastic surgeons in the world because he's not arrogant at all and really acts like you're the most important person in the room and pays attention to you. His staff are really sweet even though I freaked out on them a couple times both before and after surgery (was actually my fault the both times …) The first time I missed a crucial email my surgical coordinator sent me, and so freaked out because they "weren't listening to me":P... Which was false, I was just being a space cadet. And the second time I was freaking out over how much I disliked my compression garment which to be honest was a bit childish of me because *nobody* likes their compression garment I don’t think, especially in the first couple days, but you still have to wear them to get a great result). Anyways, embarrassing:/ I apologized both times and they were nice enough to act like it was completely nothing and had never bothered them at all – very professional. Throughout the entire time from the first time I emailed them to my last check-up appointment after surgery they were never anything other than completely sweet, friendly, and polite to me. They did once or twice take a while to get back to me by email, but if it was something that really was time-sensitive or super-important to me for one reason or another they usually got back to me quickly and if they didn't, I just called them and explain and they either calmed me down and/or fast-tracked whatever it was if they could. Finally, this might sound a bit random, but I was also really impressed at how much testing they do to make sure a patient is a good candidate for the procedure -- and for plastic surgery in general. I have a couple benign/very minor health conditions and Dr. Mendieta *insisted* I visit two separate specialists to get specifically evaluated before the operation, just to make sure. I've had plastic surgery before but I've *never* had someone bring this up and I was just really impressed, because to me that made me feel that they really cared a lot about my safety and happiness in regards to this procedure (which is true, they did:)). Will post more later (a few months) when I can see my final results. I'm confident they'll turn out great:) ***UPDATE TO ONE-MONTH ENTRY***: I just wanted to add to my review that even on the first day post-op, I just felt achy, like I'd just done a really hard workout -- no pain. I don't remember much about immediately after the procedure, but I don't remember pain then, either -- again, just that 'hard workout' acheyness. That's what they told me to expect, so I think it's probably most people's experience with Dr. Mendieta. Also -- I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about price on RealSelf? I just don't want people to see the price listed above and get scared away, because he does seem to advertise discounts at certain times of the year (I wasn't able to schedule then, unfortunately). I think it's every (?) year in the spring/summer (?) and I know the discounted price for this year was $9,850. Someone please let me know if we're not supposed to post about that kind of thing? Thanks. Anyways, finally -- don't be scared of the post-op medical massages (if you decide to get them). I was scared it might hurt, but it's just this funny little device that she places on you and it vibrates gently. I'm pretty sensitive so for me it tickled a lot, so I had to take Tylenol beforehand so I wasn't laughing throughout the entire thing, and then it was fine. You don't have to do the massages though -- it's just if you want to. Thanks for reading my review and please let me know if you have any questions:) ***TWO MONTHS UPDATE*** Okay so they've told me I still have some more healing to do but I already look fantastic if I do say so myself. My only problems body-wise are 1) trying not to become too vain 2) dealing with all my guy friends who no longer want to be just guy friends and 3) dealing with all the younger guys who've started pursuing me (feels very weird but I'm getting used to it). My stomach is flat as an ironing board and my waist-hip ratio is exactly 0.6999999 which is insane because the ratio Dr. Mendieta and I were going for is 0.7 (or slightly smaller) .... I don't know how he got that close to our goal. He is truly a miracle worker. I no longer have to wear my compression garment or sleep on my stomach (yay)! Nothing hurts or is numb or anything like that, not that it ever was but just thought I should specify. Sitting is comfortable. Sleeping is comfortable. Etc. I keep getting compliments on my flat stomach (it's cute that the younger guys seem to be in awe of this -- went out clubbing with my younger sister this weekend and got "You have the most beautiful body in the world", "You have the most amazing body I've ever seen", etc. etc. and similar compliments from partners at my weekly ballroom dance class who were amazed by my small waist as they guided me around the dance floor). All the compliments felt a bit weird at first but now I'm just relaxing about it and enjoying the flattery:) Everyone seems to assume my body looks the way it does from genetics or working out and I can see why because it looks completely natural. Will update again in a few more months when I see the final-final result:) Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

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