Looking for Sx Buddy. AUG 24th in Miami, Fl with Dr. Alverez Sergio @Imagenes!

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Hello, I'm in Miami, fl now and will be having...

Hello, I'm in Miami, fl now and will be having surgery tomorrow, Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 with Dr. Sergio Alverez. I gave a recovery house booked but I'm starting to question if that's what I want to do. I really would like to stay at this nice hotel, that's very reasonable, $80 a night, right by the airport and just pay a nurse to come for the 1st 2 days. I'll be cheaper and I'd get better care. If your interested, please let me know asap. Either inbox or email and I'll get right back to you. I'm super excited!!!

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I'm a 34 year, 160lbs, 5'6. I typically can wear a size 8, sometimes, a Size 6. I just traveled from from memphis, tn to Fort Lauderdale. I flew Alligiant as the flight was cheap and direct (under $200). My coordinator for Imagenes has been Anabelle. She has been awesome. She is Spanish, but speaks pretty good english. She has answered my 1000 question so far, but didn't send me my invoice or any paperwork. I paid her and go everything when I got to the clinic. Ok, I arrived yesterday and went straight to the Imagenes. They made me sign 1,000 pieces of paper. Some I had questions about, but they couldn't answer. 1. Why doesn't Se. ALVEREZ have medical malpractice insurance. So, when I meet him tomorrow, I'm definitely going to be asking. After that, they toklok blood for blood work and then I went to take the pre-op photos. Then they got me fitted in my Faja. Now you see my stats, I'm little but when Maria originally gave me a Xl and it just felt too tight already and no swelling yet, so I opted for a next size up with was a 2xl. I read so many reviews about fajas being too tight, I hope not to experience that. After the photos, they sent me to Sun radiology to take a chest ex-ray ( I ubered $9.36). That place was soooo tight and there was so many people waiting. But they got me through very fast, then I went to Medical Assistance to get my medical clearance. ($3.00 uber). Very nice place. They did my weight, height and Ekg. Then a medical physician Assistance came to do the exam. Very knowledgeable and helpful. There are some restaurants around that area. I got went to back to my room (uber $3.00) thay is right by the aiport. Extended Stay. It only $80 a night. Very nice and clean. See the pictures. I'll be updating daily with what is happening.

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