Going for round two and new boobies too!

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I have been dying to do this procedure my whole...

I have been dying to do this procedure my whole life and now that i have the permission from work. the kids taken care of and the money... i cannot get a surgery date... pease if you have a surgery date and need to change it let me know ..... i know things come up and deposits are not pocket change and it is my understanding this way you can save that money.... private message me or respond here if you are interested

So after a long and extensive search I finally...

So after a long and extensive search I finally made up my mind.... I am having my BBL on 3/20 with Dr Salzhauer.. I was so undecisive because I did not want to go to someone because of price( ut lets face it , price does affect our decisions) I was told that Dr Mendieta was the best and master but when you called his office, youd think for the amount of money he charges the service would be TOP of the notch and i didn't get that.. I had questions and they were all like well you need to come in and the Dr can answer.. but he charges for consult... I made an appt anyway... only to later cancel..If im going to pay you more then 10k, i expect you to make me feel comfortable and atleast make me feel at ease.. I did not get that. His work might be great but the service before hand and its all about the $$ before anything was a big turn off for me
In the time waiting for this appt to come around I came across this website and saw all the Salama Craziness so Ofcourse I was turned on to him and was devotedly researching his work. I made a consult and sent him pics... he replied that i had to lose 20 lbs ( not to my surprise, cause im a big girl) but then i started hearing about how he doesn't lipo all the areas sometimes and how some of his patients feel their cheecks are not even afterwards. but i decided lets keep up its only 8k and its all inclusive..
I come to realize he is booked until almost december.. I told myself its a sign from God... I need to keep my mind open
I came across an article which talked about Salama's training and saw the Dr Salzhauer was the one who trained Dr Salama

I made an appt to go see him... I was so skeptical and didn't know what to expect, but when you arrive...

GIRLS>>> you will not look for another DR... this man has been practicing for SOO LONG.. never lost a patient.. no malpractice suites.... no complaints and then you see pics of his work... I was sold.. they staff is sooo nice Arianny is amazing and a true God send to work with you.. and the pricing is just right.

I booked with him for 3/20 that same day!

I have been losing weight since then and am down 16 lbs

I want to lose a couple more and by surgery day want to be 215.

another thing is that he does not use Drains!!! less to be concerned with.... less mess and no lumpiness from where drains are placed... ( i had a tummy tuck 4 years ago, and i know what a pain they can be

So looking fwd to showing you the before and after pics and finally being able to be proud of my body ;))))

Hello ladies, im very sorry i have not updated in...

Hello ladies, im very sorry i have not updated in almost a month.. it just been very crazy for me..
Well i had the surgery.. on March 20th and let me tell you..i could not have asked for a better experience. The staff was very nice and made me feel very comfortable prior to surgery. I was so grateful they ask you to take a Zanax prior to arrival cause otherwise my nerves would of gotten the best of me. lol
The Nurse that night was Miriam.. she is an angel. that woman not only shows she loves what she does but she is great at it.. i had to stay in recovery a bit longer but that was because i tried to get up too quick and my BP dropped very low.. she is a pro. made everything go smooth as possible
I had to drive back to WP and that was very uncomfortable. I really should of planned to stay in Miami. but I survived and made it in one piece.

I had gotten the huge pads to put on my bed in case i bled but I would recommend that you bring some with you to the office.

I drained A LOT!!! and when i got to the house it was like an open fossit
I would say make sure you have plenty handy and dont even try to put on clothes once you ge home over your garment... It will be a waste.. dont know what i was thinking!

I have even heard that some girls put the pads inside their garment to avoid the garment getting soaked in blood

anyway. changing the garment. taking your meds and getting up every few hours to walk a bit even from your room to dinning table will pretty much ocupy your time until the nurse comes to see you the following day

when she came it was a scary to see how bruised i was. she took off the epi foams ( wish id ask her to put new ones on) ... just for more defenition.

It was not what i was expecting to see.. i thought id wake up and my booty would be nice and round immediately but that was not the casze... it was so hard and right at the thong line it was a lot of swollen and it look dented.
I called the office and they told me that it was because Dr focused mostly in making the curve for me.. as you see from my pics. my back was non ending so this was a big trcik. i was told that th cheeks would soften up and id see it fluff out

I have to say the first week is the real test.. not for pain but just discomfort. you cant sit on ur but.. u cant lay on your tummy and even though ur allowed i was afraid to lay on my side so i was a$$ up the entire week. lol

If you are doing this procedure my biggest suggestion is plan ahead.. do your research and be absolutely prepared.

make sure your period is no where near time of suregery
( got mine early and ended up happening the day after surgery.. let me tell you that sucked!! it hurt soo bad!)
buy a directors chair or a chair where you can sit with your thighs and have your ass hanging out. you will kiss this chair after two days of just laying o ur tummy
buy and EZ oee to use the restroom.
It will make it super easy to go to the bathroom with your garment
make sure if you have kids yo have them taken care of for the first week.

Im a bit of a clean freak and have troucble staying ut.. but please make sure you just stay in bed and not do a thing! the first week is when your buttocks is more sensitive and its when most of the fat that will be absorbed .. is absorbed. ( Im no DR... just passing info along from my loved Dr Salzhauer)
after my twso week visit I changed to a garment to holes on the butt just cause i needed a bit more defenition and Monica suggested for me that would be a better choice

I am also doing massages twice a week.. let me tell you... those hurt a lot more than the surgery.. i cry like a little girl every time.. but Beauty isn't easy.
If you are in the WP or Boca area let me know my Esthetician Erika is AMAZING!!! and very reasonable

once the first week was up. it was easy peasy... I cannot complain and as the days pass by i am more and more in love with my results.

I will post pics up in a bit. of the progress... let me know if you have any questions

Anxiety is getting the best of me!!!

Hello ladies... guess who is going for a round two of the BBL.. i love the work Dr Salzhauer did but I feelthat so much was invested I am now seeking perfection.
I am also getting a breast augmentation. I am a full D cup right no but I want that "miami look" its hard living in south florida when everyone has such perfect bodies and no matter what bra I wear and though i had a lift about 3 years ago I want that roundness that you get with implants.

here is what is making me lose sleep... having the bbl you cannot lay on your back, having the BA you cannot sleep on your stomach. Have ay of you gone throght his and can tell me how you slept?

My surgery is January 2nd and though I have done research and call the drs office with questions almost daily. I am very much concerned that I will not beable to sleep or sleeping on the boppy might jeopardize my results

Any thought??
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