My Surgery Was Cancelled for No Good Reason : Why? - Miami, FL

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How would you feel IF you booked your surgery in...

How would you feel IF you booked your surgery in April, submitted a sign contact, paid a deposit and submitted all medical information on a timely manner AND then on July 7th, (28-days before your surgery date) you receive an email indicating a refund of your deposit has been credited back to your card, then call your surgical coordinator (Jessica) to be told Dr. Ortega won’t perform your surgery because of a medication you are taken, a medication you should have stop taken 30 days before your surgery. How would you feel? Will I’m very upset about it; I don’t want anyone to experience what I’m going through. Dr. Ortega had my medical information since April; Jessica should have informed way before 30days to stop taking the medication. When I told Jessica this, she said, Dr. Ortega just came up with this new policy, I asked Jessica to please let me speak to Dr. Ortega so I can explain my history to him, maybe he could be work something out with me, I would stop the medication immediately. Jessica said, QUOTE: “I speak for Dr. Ortega and you cannot have your surgery, if you have a problem with that I’ll have my manager call you and hung up.” I tried calling several times afterward but all I got was hang-ups and mislead to a supervisor (Stephanie) who never called me back.
I paid a lot of money for airline tickets to - from California - Florida for my caretaker and myself, I paid for a hotel, made arrangements at work for the time off, switching days with other employees in order to accommodate my time off. The only reason I was going to Florida was for this specific surgery, so to have a person like Jessica acts as if it was nothing (my cost & time) so unprofessional and rude, was beyond hurtful. Now I’m going out to Florida for what? I can’t cancel my reservations, my accommodations or flight, they are non refundable. This is just A
If you are thinking of coming to Spectrum Aesthetics – Miami, FL., from out of state or country, don’t bother, save your money and time. There are probably better doctors in your area that will care for you and staffs that are professional. Jessica is rude, the girl has no communication skills nor does she have a heart for patients. Unfortunately this kind of staff gives the doctor a bad name. Bottom line Dr. Ortega allows this kind of behavior from his staff, allowing his staff to speak for him is wrong. If Jessica were on top of her game, she would have called me 35 days before my surgery day to make sure I was off my medication but she didn’t. I blame all of this on her. Jessica dropped the ball and now I have to pay for it. Not cool.

I can't review Dr Ortega because I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him but the staff is awful. Get rid of the staff and find mature, professional adults.

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