BBL, Jan 22nd w/ DR Fisher - Miami

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I honestly still can't believe I'm doing this...

I honestly still can't believe I'm doing this OMG!! LOL Nerves all over the place. I'm 28yrs old, no kids, 5'6" and currently weighting at 188. I'm in the process of losing weight, I was 196 about three weeks ago. I have always been up and down throught the years with my weight. My lowest weight was 132lbs. But no matter how much weight I gain, it NEVER and i mean NEVER goes to my butt!! Well I've been stalking and researching high and low for a surgeon for BBL, probably for the past year or so. Started saving money etc. I've had surgery before and this is my second realself journey. I had a breast reduction about three years ago and did really well with that surgery, however it was locally in my home town New Orleans, plus my insurance paid for it.

Having to go through surgery electively AGAIN and out of town freaks me out a little !!! Lol But I'm booked, paid in full and ready to go!!! I was first going to go with Dr. Jimerson in Atlanta, I fou d him on instagram and they quoted me $11,300 and that only included 4 lipo areas, it would be an additional $950 a piece for other lipo areas. Um sorry, not in my budget sir, NO THANK YOU! So Istarted doing my research more. I googled the average cost for this type of surgery and it was $6K. I could deal with that. I personally feel like Dr. Jimerson is way over priced because he's known now. A friend of mines had the same surgery by him years ago and it was way less! ANYWHO, I have family in Houston, TX and I realized I would need tto travel outside the state so I looked up doctors there. I came across Dr. Cortes who seem to have nice work as far as BBL but after further looking at reviews I just kinda declined. There was some things that I just didn't feel comfortable about for some reason, not many reviews. So then I came to Realself. Still not many reviews I liked for Dr Cortes but I did see Dr. Fisher's , Dr.Hasan and Dr.Oretga's work and I was quite impressed! The prices were decent as well as there work! So I had to do the good old process of elimination technique. Long story short, I went with Dr. Hasan.

Sent a email to Vanity and received a call about two days later from Ms. Leomathys (I think thats how you spell it) she told me to just call her Leo lol. The first time she called I didnt answer, I was started to have second thoughts about it. Couldn't believe I was really doing this. My boyfriend was like "Dont get scares now you've neen talking about this forever" lol, after about a week i finally called her back smh lol

We went over everything height, weight etc, she seem pretty nice and helpful, she stated I didnt have to lose any weight which i was surprised and that my BMI was under 30, she sent me a email on how to take pics and that Dr Hasan was in the office that day and he could possibly look at my pics today. So I sent them and about two hours later she called and said he thinks i'm a good candidate (i knew i was cause im all belly and no butt!) She said he told her he will need to do agressive lipo on me. That kinda scared the sh*t outta me, just the word aggressive sounds scary! But I understand. I told her I'm in the process of losing weight and try to get to at least 170-175 before surgery. She told me not to go below that because they need the fat lol. I'm just cautious of my stomach and skin retracting. I mean my skin is pretty tight right now and i think it will be ok but i think the smaller the better before sugery. I told her I wanted to schedule for January 2016, she quoted me the $4K which cover 12 lipo areas with lipo sculpting and the fat transfer/bbl and said I will need to make a deposit of $1K to reserve my surgery date. I told her I wanted to pay in full (since i had the money already) She informed me if I did I would get a garment aswell as 2 lymphatic massages included in my surgery. Of course you know I told her I need all this in writing before I pay. I've heard so many mixed reviews on their customer service skills both negative and positive, I hope I don't run into any problems with them, I don't need the DRAMA. But I was very polite but also firm speaking over the phone so she knows I'm bout my business, but i also thanked her and complimented how profrssional, nice and helpful she was (maybe they just need some encouragement right?!)
Anyways, it took me some days to wire transfer the money because my online banking was acting all crazy so I had to wait until I was off and just go into a local branch. I had the bank wire transfer the money for me just to make sure its done properly cause I've never done that before and thats alot of money to just be screwing something up on. Menawhile Ms. Leo was calling, emailing and txting me to see if I had sent the money yet. !!!!!Goodness!!!!! But once I sent the money, I emailed her the receipt and she booked me right away, she stated that she wanted me to lovk in that date cause they get booked pretty fast, i guess.
I let her know that I wanted to be the first patient of that day or I'll just choose another date. She said she booked me to be the very first patient. She emailed me my invoice, surgery checklist, lab work etc. so I was kool with that.

Next task was searching for a good recovery home. I read some reviews on New Body Recovery House with Moni, seems pretty good, so I called and made a deposit. But I hated the fact that she said no one could no longer come with you, I was like wtf?? I can't come alone!! She apologize, but said they policy has changed since Oct 1st. She said their were other recovery homes that still allowed someone to come and stay with you but I was interested after the good reviews I've seen in her I just went ahead a booked. At first i was going to do the 5 night, until I stated playing with the dates for my flight. The thought of going alone FREAKED ME OUT. So I asked a close friend of mines if she can accompany me, I told her I'd pay for her flight I felt it was only fair because I really need her, she agreed and nowI had to come up with a plan.

So the plan now is: fly in the day before surgery which is Jan 19th early flight by myself, Stay at the recovery house for 4 nights and check out on the 23rd. My friend will then fly down on that day and will check into a hotel or a condo maybe on airbnb, stay two nights and fly out together on Monday Jan 25th. I caught a good deal on my flight for $157 non stop round trip! And my friend flight was $228 non stop round trip. And we will be on the sane plane flying back home sitting next to each other, I'm really going to need her lol I was so scared to fly back alone especially! So the flights are booked now, did that yesterday. Now its just finding a good hotel to stay at for two days after i check out the recovery house. I also saw reviews on Amy whos a nurse and comes to your hotel room and take care of you aswell and massages, cook, transportation. I talked to her today and she gave me all her info.I might just need her for massages depends on how i feel, she was sooo sweet and informative on how Dr Hasan recovery would be like, i mean we were on the phone for like 20mins, she was very thera, makes me wanna cancel everything and just go with her lol *Sigh* decisions decisions, Im still trying to figure this whole thing out, feels like I'm all over the place. I still havebt gotten any supplies or nothing yet, It's a bit overwhelming.and EXPENSIVE!

Ladies and vets PLEASE feel free to comment, i need all the info and help i can get! Thank you all !


My customer service experience with Vanity

So far I haven't had any issues with Vanity customer service. My coordinator name is Leomarlys and she's been very helpful. Prompt calls and email responses even after I paid my full balance. Very sweet and professional. Answering any questions I have and some. I always thank her afterwards and let her know how much I appreciate her help through this somewhat overwhelming time for me. I've read alot of reviews about how horrible their coordinator was, thats terrible, I'm just glad it's going well so far for me. I think if you say thank you and treat others kind and not be so demanding, maybe they will feel the same way in return and be even more encouraging to help? Well so good for me


Also, I donated blood the other day (i work in the ER) and my hemoglobin was 41!!! I couldn't believe it lol. Just two years ago I was anemic. My PCP didn't encourage me to take iron supplements at that time. She just said eat more greens, multivitamins, proteins and exercise. After about 4 months of doing so, I did more blood work and wasn't anemic anymore! It worked!! And I've been keeping it up ever since then, ALL SMILES!

Ladies I really need help finding a Recovery House!!

I'm booked with Moni at New Body Recovery, but after reading reviews I'm starting to have second thoughts. Does anyone know of any RH that are really good? Also what are your thoughts on New Body RH, and experiences? Good or Bad.


Hey ladies, I need help please! !!! Have any of you stayed at Cosmicare RH?? It seems really nice and the price quoted is pretty decent for what you get. I'm booked with Moni at New House Recovery paid my deposit but I dont like the fact that you can no longer bring someone with you. Cosmicare RH, you can bring someone but I didn't see many reviews/ testimonies about the actual stay. I need help making a decision!!!!


I've lost 8lbs since i started my journey, I wanna lose 11 more! Vanity told me not to lose any or dont go pass 175, but I'm doing this for myself, I'm currently 186, trying to at least get to 175 by January, My legs are pretty solid, I need them to start the same! Focusing on upper body!

Recovery House booked, COSMICARE RH!

Hey dolls, so after doing alot of research and some soul searching lol I have finally found a RH I think is best for me. I was originally booked and paid my deposit with Moni at New Body Recovery, however the thought of not being able to bring someone with you just didn't sit well with me. I have never been to Miami before, let alone didn't want to have surgery without a support system to be there with me (thats just me). So i started to look into other options. I came across a review at saw another doll was book with Cosmicare RH and so I decided to see for myself. Now it's fairly new and doesn't open up until January 2016 so there aren't any reviews on it yet. Which made me a little apprehensive at first about booking. But after visiting the website and viewing their package deals and everything thats included i couldn't resist. ALSO being able to bring someone with you at no additional cost really sealed the deal with me. I requested a quote for the basic package 5 nights, 2 meals a day, 3 snacks a day, transportation to and from the airport, 24 hr nurse care, 4 lymphatic massages, errand runs and a CosmitKit thats included which has almost all the supplies you need. I received my quote in less than 48hrs, (it states it can take 24-72hrs to receive your quote). I was quite impressed with the price, but of course i had to call to make sure everything was legit. The owner name is Kesha was so professional and very sweet. She answered all my question (i had about a million of them) and was very thera on the services provided. She understood that their isn't any reviews yet and how people could be a bit cautious about booking a new place but insured that I was in good hands. Explained everything and made me feel comfortable. The recovery house is gorgeous btw! Me and some other folls have booked with them and she knows we will give our honest reviews. Plus having someone with me makes me feel better, my family wont let anything happen thats not suppose to happen, trust and believe lol, Cosmicare RH seem very legit and I'm happy other dolls will be there as well. I feel in my heart that I've made a good decision just like I felt when I picked Dr Hasan to be my surgeon!

Weight Loss & Pre-Op/More Pics!!

Hey ladies, just a quick update. I am down to 182lbs doing the grapefruit diet. I would be out the 180s but I haven't been exercising. Today was my first going to the gym this month! Smh Shane on me. But I've been drinking plenty of water (at least 7 "16.9oz" bottles a day) and maintaining this grape fruit diet. I'm doing 12 days on 10 days off and I'm on my 10th day, so far so good. This is the menu i use:


    * Half a grapefruit
    * Two eggs prepared any way you like
    * Two slices of bacon (Substitute turkey bacon for a healthier alternative) 


    * Half a grapefruit
    * Green salad with your favorite dressing
    * As much meat as you want 


    * Half a grapefruit
    * Green salad with your favorite dressing
    * May substitute a red or green vegetable cooked with butter for the salad
    * Your choice of meat or fish, as much as you like
    * One cup of tea or coffee 

It's really one of the easiest diets I've been on without feeling hungry! (I hate hunger pains!!!!) The grapefruit is very fulling which is good! Also I use RUBY RED GRAPEFRUIT, bug difference in taste, trust me!

I called my Primary Doctor and let her know I'm having surgery January 20th. She states she would like me to do my preop at least 30days before surgery. I'm having my labs done, EKG and chest Xray for clearance just to make sure I'm ok to go under with general anesthesia. (My doctor recommended). So i will have all of this done Jan 2th and 3rd. Also this is good because I'm take iron supplements and want to make sure my hemoglobin is above 12, and to ensure that these iron supplements are actually work. I'm doing it this way because I dont need any BS with Vanity once I get there! I dont need the DRAMA! I'm taking Pur absorb liquid iron also with Nature Made iron supplements at 65mg. Taking the both once a day. I take the Pur absorb usually first thing in the morning on a empty stomach, for best absorption of iron. Its green apple flavor and not bad at all!! I will attached the photos for you ladies if you are interested. Good stuff. Also some updated pics of my little weight loss, I'm trying to get down to at least 175lbs before surgery. Well thats all for now, Happy Journey's to Everyone! !!

Iron Supplements I'm taking

**Faja Update**

I order a Diane 2397 Black 2XL from Ebay

I Want Realistic Results

Playing around with this surgery app. I really want a nice butt, but most IMPORTANTLY I want my waist snatched you hear me??? I've seen Dr Hasan deliver so incredible realistic results!! I want a nice heart shaped butt (not a shelf booty) and a realistic tiny waist. I want to look realistic, not like I'm a walking sponsor for BBL surgery lol I think these looks are achievable, what do you think??!

Anyone else scheduled with Dr.Hasan NEXT MONTH January 2016? ??

Lol it seems as though I'm the only one scheduled for January 20th, who else is getting their BBL DONE NEXT MONTH???? !!!! DROP YOUR NAME DOCTOR AND DATE!!!

Time is winding down!!!

I am getting so anxious I could just throw up. Omgoodness, I've nervous about my weight, recovery and everything else. SIGH. I've even had second thoughts about this. I just need to get it together!! I'm scheduled to have my labs next week with my Primary doctor, along with a chest x-ray and EKG. It's going by so fast and i still need to lose 6 more lbs ugh! Guess I'll be eating lettuce and water for the next couple weeks, the struggle smh lol

Labs Done, Scary Dreams! !!!!!!

So I did ny pre op with my PCP, had a chest xray, EKG and labs. All came back good. Hemo is 13.6, now its just the waiting game. I'm getting really nervous and I can't believe I'm actually doing this in 1 week. All I've been thinking about is this surgery. I read so many horror story on the recovery and I'm kinda nervous. Curious to see how I'll feel once I wake up afterwards. I've been under general anesthesia before for a BR and it wasn't bad at all, just a little nausea which I got meds for as soon as I was up. But this surgery and recovery is way more intense so I've read. I've been having nightmares lol that I wake up with a big diaper booty dragging from my legs.. like the nutty professor OMG !!! It was terrible!!! Also had a nightmare that my hemo fropped to a 9 right before surgery..smh i need help lol this surgery is completely taking over my sleep lol


So Vanity called me yesterday morning and told me Dr Hasan had a family emergency and they have to reschedule my surgery. I was pissed!!!!!! They don't know when he'll be back and it may be late February or early March. At first Yisel told me Hasan will be back February 1st (this was yesterday) but this morning when I called Claudia told me it may not be until late February early March because Hasan hasn't confirmed the early February dates and they may have to reschedule them as well, they are just waiting to hear back from Dr Hasan. I think this is completely ridiculous. I understand if the man has a family emergency. .things happen. But why reschedule people for early February and still not sure and Hasan not confirming things?? It just seem like a recipe for disaster waiting to happen. So I just decided not to reschedule with Hasan. Which book my heart. But I have planned long and hard for the surgery. Everything is booked including two other family members who are flying in to be with me and my Recovery House with Cosmicare. Plus I have already requested time off with my job which is kinda a pain already.

So they gave me three options for my surgery: to schedule with Dr Alnadlo Valls which I haven't even heard of. Dr Osak Omulepu which I haven'tread many good reviews on or Dr Fisher but I would have to pay $500 more because his price is different. This really stressed me out!!! We already stress about having te damn surgery all of this. I had my heart set on Dr Hasan. Long story short I decided to go with Dr Fisher and I have to have $500 cash upon my arrival at vanity. He and hasan have similar outcomes and they both working on women that more smaller framed (as claudia explained over the phone) Dr Omulepu is use to working on women with a higher BMI thats more than 30. Plus I just didnt feel comfortable at all with him. So Fisher is it ...I'm scheduled for Jan 22th. And so I had to rearrange almost EVERYTHING. I will still leave for Miami on the 19th because thats my original departurr date for my flight however I had to buy another return flight which cost me $90 with Delta to leave miami on the 28th. Had to change my recovery house dates and push all that back, thank God Kesha from Cosmicarewas able to accommodate me with that. I will be stay in a hotel the first three days before surgery because I don't want to use any of my recovery house days. And my big sister who's flying in from Houston to be with me had to do the same thing. AND SHE WAS PISSED, but I'm her lil sister and she couldn't leave me hanging like that, i love her for that, i felt so bad, she has three kids a husband and a job. Vanity just completely messed everything up and they simple don't care. I dont even know if i still get my free garment and twi massages wiht them for paying in full with Hasan. Just so aggravated with them and just ready for everything to be over with. I pray to GOD nothing else changes.
In the process of all this I still managed to lose some weight, drinking 1 gallon of water a day (I literally walk around with a gallon of water) and minimize my calorie intake to 1200 a day. I haven't done any exercising but the weight is just melting off, could be stress smh and who my next update will be Cosmicare RH once I arrive, I'll keep you ladies updated.

Hello Miami, please be good to me!?!

I think I'm being tested. My flight was delayed twice today, but finally made it ti Miami. These last few days has been rough. But I'm here now and all I can think about is this surgery. I've checked into a hotel until the 22nd for my surgery, then I'll be going to Cosmicare RH. Next stop: Vanity for pre op on the 21st, might as well enjoy these last few days while I can sitting!!! Lol 3 more days ladies !!!!! OMG

Vanity up close and personal

So I finally made it to Vanity today, I have to say it was very pleasant and clean. The girls seemed busy. .but nice. Checked into the front desk, where I was told I had $500 balance. Paid in cash, once done with the front desk, I waited for about 45mins before they called me to the back. Got to the nack, signed a ton of papers then went to get my garment as promised for paying in full when i first booked with hasan (of course they didnt remind me and I had to ask about it). There were booties everywhere lol even the girl who got my garment for me, she was sitting on a bbl pillow lol. After we chated for a bit, I went back to the front desk to get my $50 credit back cause I just remembered that because I did my owns labs ekg and chest xray, I would get $50 deducted from my total. They gave it to me in cash and had my sign a refund form, no problem there. But if I didn't remember, they would have just kept my money, so ladies if you have your labs done yourself at home, make sure you get your $50 back because they will not remind you. But after all is done, all was good l. I was told I'd get a call later todat with my surgery time. I'm back at the hotel now and will check into Cosmicare RH tomorrow after surgery. I met Kesha from Cosmicare and she's been so helpful so far, picking me up from the airport. .bringing my to vanity today and I haven't even checked into the RH yet. Well until next tine ladies, I'll keep you updated.

Surgery was at 6am today

Hey dolls, I made it to the other side, dr fisher is amazing. At Cosmicare RH now. Waiting for my girl BeeBee_ to get out. This recovery is no joke, but I walked twice today. Everyone at Cosmicare is extremely helpful. Will update a full review once I gain more strength. Just wanted to let you dolls know I'm ok. :)

Pics from last post

Dr Fisher really did good, I'm happy. Just quick pics for you ladies

Post Op day 4

Hi ladies, sorry I've been completed out of it, Recovery is serious business, so be prepared. I'm feeling better day by day, so far I've had three massages from Sapphire lipo massage, getting the massages really help because you're full of fluid. The owner is very hands on and sweet. No complaints there. I've started to slow down draining, things are getting better. I will do a full review on my surgery and my stay at Cosmicare, overall I'm happy with my decisions I've made. There's also another doll here with me and we're like two peas in a pot lol. As you know I went with Dr Fisher and overall I'm satisfied with my results so far. I know alot of dolls are making a decision to either wait on Hasan who has cancelled more for the month of February and some March or you can choose another doctor. I didnt have time to wait, everything was booked and time off from work was already in so I decided to go with Fisher. Here are some photos, hope this can help some dolls out there with there decisions. I'm 29yrs old, no kids, 5'6", 184lbs BMI 29.9. Good luck!

Before pic

This was the morning of surgery, geeesh. I've came along way

12 DAYS PO Fisherdoll

Sorry ladies, I know I haven't been posting lately. I really have the "Recovery Blues" and have been feeling kind down. Also my pinky fingers go numb from time to time I guess after using my elbows and arms for everything. This recovery mess sucks! Can't wait to get back to my normal days. I hate wearing this faja stuff, sleeping on my stomach and not being able to sit is the worst. But like promised I know you ladies want to see the post op pics so here are some I took early today (was having a better day I guess). This recovery got my mood so up and down its crazy. But I'm 12 days po, still alot of swelling especially in my back. My stomach and back area feels extremely tight and stiff. I still will do a review on my surgery experience with Vanity, Cosmicare RH and Sapphire Massages.

More PO photos didn't upload

More 12 day PO pics

12 days PO

What a difference in my mid section #Transformation

19 Days PO Fisherdoll

Stats: 36-32-45, still very swollen. My garment is getting loose so I'm going to get them both taken in. Received a email stating that a total of 4000ccs aspirated (9lbs). 1400ccs (3.3 lbs) injected into both left and right butt cheek. Working on my waistline and will start to resume my massages. There is only like 2 places in New Orleans that does lymphatic massages and on eplace doesn't even answer the damn phone, smdh. Wish me luck on that!

6 weeks PO!!!

Hey ladies, I know its been a minute but I wanted to do a quick update. I can't believe its been 6 weeks now. My butt had definitely soften up or "fluff" it jiggles too lol. It has definitely dropped also. I just started working out doing light cardio (about 15mins) and weight lifting and strength training and it feels great! I still swell up if I'm out of my garment for too long, but I'm still wearing my garment for about 22hours a day with my lipo foams. My back is still very swollen and I'm still sleeping on my stomach (i think I'm just use to it now). I have started sitting without my pillow by not fully. I still sit with my pillow at work and while I'm driving. Still need to work out especially my arms but overall I'm very grateful and happy with my results. I still massage myself in the shower also. Now I'm going to focus on working out and defining my shape. I lay on my back from time to time or while doing crunches but thats about it. I will try to be on RS more abd keep you ladies updated, feel free to ask me anything! So happy with my choice in Dr Fisher aswell!

8 weeks PO #fisherdoll #BBL! !!!!!!

360 view, 8 weeks po
360 view 8 weeks PO
360 view 8 weeks PO
360 view 8 weeks PO
So I'm 8 weeks PO and I'm more happy than anything. Recovery is not a joke. But as time goes on it gets better. I'm starting to try and sleep on my side and back but eventually sometime during the night i will consciously turn on my stomach. You still wear my garment for at least 23 hours a day. I started working out and I still want my lipo foam. I'm still use my pillow to drive and sit at work but when I'm at home I usually sit without a pillow just fine. My butt is starting to feel more and more normal everyday and getting more comfortable I still have some pains in my back mostly when I'm out of my garment for too long. Okay. Let me know if you have any questions. Just a quick 8 week po update!

8 weeks PO #fisherdoll #BBL

Following me on IG, i post more often and have videos @fisherdoll12016 , this is my SX page only, DM me first if your using your private IG acct. This page is private.
Miami Physician

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