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I chose Dr. Wendell Perry as my surgeon after a...

I chose Dr. Wendell Perry as my surgeon after a lot of research and a lot of Q&A with him personally and his scheduler. I had my pre surgery labs and physical done at the Cleveland Clinic and was given an all clear. I have been seen at the Cleveland Clinic (world renowned hospital) for over 25 years. I was told that my risk for BBL with fat transfer couldn't be any lower, even though my blood counts were low, anemic. I am chronically anemic and had started taking iron pills I was assured it would be no problem. Dr Perry called me personally and told me I was anemic and he wouldn't perform the surgery until my levels improved and why. He spent almost 2 hours on the phone explaining why he had concerns. Finally he agreed that if I had the labs looked at again by a second Dr and a hematologist he would reconsider. I was able to get an appointment the next morning at 7:30 am. I told the Dr. everything I was told by Dr. Perry and his concerns. Well I was disappointed that I was not cleared. I was put on another type of iron pill 3/day and an order for a colonoscopy. What?!...Apparently there is a connection between chronic anemia and colon cancer. My colonoscopy is scheduled for July 9, 2015, please send prayers up for me. Thanks to Dr. Perry for taking the time to explain his concerns to me, also for reminding me not to let my excitement about the bbl cloud my commonsense about my health and safety also to get a primary physician. I am very grateful that he put the time I could "get it", that my health is more important. Hopefully I will have the BBL surgery in 2 months.

I had the colonoscopy and am on my way to an clear for BBL

I had my colonoscopy on July 9 and had 3 polyps removed which were very small. I was sedated but awake the entire time. The Dr. sent the final biopsy results a few days later. 1 of the polyps was a precancerous type. I am so grateful that I got this done when I did. Had more labs done by gynecologist and my iron stores are good. She said "Go for It, everything is fine" , then 5 minutes later called me back and referred me to a hematologist for an additional look at things. I go next week If all goes well I plan to be in Miami the 2nd week of August #Ishould becleanastheboardofhealth


Surgery is today with Dr Wendell Perry. I met with him yesterday and I have full confidence in him. Can't wait to open my eyes and see what has been created. Send prayers up..xoxo
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Perry is phenomenal. I would describe him as competent, compassionate and ethical. Can't wait to be a Perry Princess!

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