Getting Right for Summer 2016. Miami, FL

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So far so good. Dr. Hanabergh has answered all of...

So far so good. Dr. Hanabergh has answered all of my questions with out any hesitancy and has been very honest. His coordinator, Alejandra has been the absolute best. She has answered everything from flight information to questions about the surgery and pricing.
The goal is for a very small waist and a round butt. I don't want a huge butt because I'm very short, but I'd like it to be round and pronounced.


So time is winding down. Here are some pics of how I look now.

Current little booty

I'm working with a little something something. Lol. But I want more projection and more roundness.

Recovery House

So yesterday I book with a new life recovery house. I feel I got a great deal. I was originally going to book a hotel and pay for my own nurse for the day of surgery and pay for my own massages. When I also factor in food, transportation, and supplies into the aforementioned, I think the deal at the recovery house is by far the best choice. I will also write about my experience at the recovery house when the time comes.


I'm so excited. Tomorrow I leave NY for Miami. I think I've packed well. I feel prepared and confident but anxious and ready to get this over with.

Falling apart

Oh emm gee. I have had a little tickle in my throat since this morning. And now I feel like I have a cold. I'm coughing up green stuff. I'm barely ever sick. And I woke up from my nap before work and now I feel like I have my left eye has conjunctivitis. This would happen to me. I can't really take any meds prior to surgery but I'm sure antibiotic eye drops should be fine. Good thing I'm a nurse and may be able to find some.


So dolls... I'm at JFK. I have a direct flight to Miami. My flight leaves at 4pm. I think a man named William with the recovery house will be the one picking me up at the airport when I land. I'm early so I'm having my last drink before the surgery. I have to be at New Life at 6:30 am. I was told I'm the first patient in the morning. I'm super excited!

Wish pics

There is only one woman who'd I would use wish pics of, Ms Miracle Watts. I think her plastic sergeant did an amazing job. And I'm not throwing shade. She is perfect to me but I've seen her before pics so I know she had mucho trabajo done. She is body goals all day.

Recovery House

So far so good. I must say, New Life Recovery house is nice. I don't know much about Miami but the RH seems to be in a nice area of the city. William is super nice. He picked me from the airport and has been very helpful so far. I can't eat because my surgery is first thing in the morning, so I don't have any info about the food yet , but I'll do another update about the RH later. I'm sharing a room with a nice girl who is also from NY and got a BBL from fisher. I share a bathroom with her as well as two other ladies who share a room and the con joining bathroom. Everyone is nice and clean so far.

On the way to New Life Surgery Center

So William woke me up right on time to get ready this morning. I took my shower with the anti bacterial soap, brushed and put on some dark loose fitting clothes. Now I'm on my way to New Life....


Helloooo dolls! I'm back. Thanks so much for your kind works and prayers. I appreciate it so much. So here's a run down of what happened after my last post.
So William dropped me off at New Life (which is a couple buildings from Vanity) at 6:30 on the dot. He told me to give the nusrse his number so they can call him when I'm finished. I went upstairs signed in and in about 10 minutes the nurse greeted me and brought me into a room. She had me pee in a cup for a pregnancy test. While doing the test Dr. Hanabergh walked in and readily greeted me. He's tall and handsome. Very nice guy full of energy. So the anesthesiologist came in and we had a very in depth talk about my medical history, the process of surgery, what he does etc and shared some laughs. He was great and professional. After that Dr. Hanabergh came in the room and we talked for a while about what I wanted and what I could expected amongst other things. I showed him my wish pics again he marked me up and told me I had a great body to work with and he'd be able to get my waist super small, which more than the butt was my main goal. He told me he's not sure how much fat he would be able to get into my butt because my skin and my butt are pretty tight. He marked me up and a few minutes later I went into the surgery room where I was given an IV and was out before I knew it.

Post-Op (first few hours)

So when I woke up from surgery I was in a massive amount of pain and I was freezing. I was shaking so much and I'm not sure if it was the cold, the pain or the combination of them both. I was asked if I'd like Demerol, but being warned and already knowing that it is an emetic (makes you nauseous/vomit) and how much I hate that side effect in any med I weighed my options and stuck out the pain. I said I'd just take my pain meds when I got back to the RH. Now I'm
Not sure what happened because I was so out of it, but William from the RH took a long time to get me. The nurses were pissed with him for taking so long. I don't think it was on purpose but I think it was a combination of a communication issue and bad traffic. However, when you are in that much pain, you don't want to hear any excuses. I kind of snapped at William about taking so long to pick me up. I did later apologize and told him it was the pain. I'm not usually so impatient or snappy but like I said, when in that amount of pain, you don't want to hear any excuses l. When I woke up from surgery I was in my faja and was escorted via wheelchair to the car. I only had on a heavy robe that I brought with me, the faja, compression stockings and sandals. I was in so much pain I wanted to cry. When I got back to the house I was escorted upstairs to my room. I was then brought some soup so I could eat something with my meds. I took two percs, two extra strength Tylenols (500mg each) and layed down in my bed. I woke up a few hours later feeling soooo much better.

What waist?

So even though all the swelling I could see how small my waist was. These are two pics of my no faja, Monday after my Saturday morning surgery. I put the dress on just to see how it looked but I didn't go out like that. Lol. I know the rules.

Prescription Advice

I went to Dr. Hanabergh through his private office. I had my coordinator Alejandra email me my prescriptions for my labs and my meds, so my insurance would pay. It's always easier to do things at home. I went to Miami knowing I didn't need anyone to make any store runs for my meds because from some of the stories I've read, that can be a mess at times. Also, I didn't have to go down too early to get labs done and be unsure of the results.
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

I haven't met Dr. Hanabergh yet but we've done the virtual consult. He seems very nice.

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