Finally getting a BBL on 3/12/16 with Dr. Alvarez at Spectrum in Miami FL

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Hi ladies so I'm planning to get my butt done...

Hi ladies so I'm planning to get my butt done during the summer with Dr. Fisher which I just got my breast done in November by him.. I have to wait at least 6 months to perform another cosmetic surgery sooo thinking about doing it in June anyway I've been apart of this website for a while and I love looking through everyone's journey. Well here goes a pic of me currently on the left and a photoshop of what id possibly like on the right :D

Sponge boob square pants

Omg I seriously can't wait to get my buns done..look at that flat thing lol! Just wanted to show what it looks like with booty shorts on..can't wait to wear these when I get my booty done (hopefully they'll fit).

Sponge bob square pants**


Like for real?!

Love handles gots to go!!!!! I need some ass..poor flat thing :/

Oh and..

Sorry for dirty mirror I'm actually on the process of cleaning my bathroom maybe I should've took them after I cleaned mirror..mmm sorry about that

Wow finally after 2 years of planning...

So my originally plan was to get a BBL in 2014. That didn't happen lol. So finally after 2 long years, I'm OFFICIALLY gonna have a booty lol. So I'm getting it done at spectrum with Dr. Llorente in Miami FL. I live in Tampa and plan on driving (about a 4-5 hour drive). Any suggestion on items I should have, please let me know. So far I have a garment picked out, Lipo board, and the P EZ travel urinal thingy. Thank you!

Got my package!

I am getting so anxious! I can't wait. I received the following items today:

Vedette 929 faja
Lipo foam
Ab board
Disposable underpads
P Ez
Arnicare Gel

I also ordered compression socks because I'm not sure if they provide that after surgery, but I haven't gotten it yet, that's pretty much the only thing I have left.

Is there absolutely anything else that I need for this procedure?

I also already have a boppy pillow.

Until next time xoxo

A few more items

Alright so I got a few more things just in case:

Wet ones wipes

I'll also be using neosporin if needed. Oh and I finally got my compression socks.

I honestly might be going overboard but I rather be safe..for a fact I'll be using the gloves and wipes for sanitary purposes, I do not want to get an infections whatsoever, I went through a nightmare when I had my breast augmentation (I do have a review on it, nightmare was on original breast augmentation I then got a revision and that one heeled smoothly with no issues). I got the mederma for both my old breast incision and for these upcoming incisions. The paper I got from spectrum recommended gauze. And for the enema, I've been reading a lot about this for constipation, therefore, got it just to be safe as well.

What else what else, I think I'm set! So ready for my BBL.

Officially 1 month left ahhh

Surgery officially paid! 1 month left ladies yes yes yes. For those of you curious of the vedette 929 faja here ya go. I purchased my current size so I'm really praying it works out perfect after surgery, before putting on the hooks, my stomach looks huge so I think it's going to work out good. It's also crotchless so no need to take off the whole thing when I need to pee. I purchased 2 portable urinals (go girl and p Ez) so I can pee with the faja on :) alrighty until next time!

Labs result came back

I'm cleared yay!!!!!!!!!

1 more week! Sx 3/12/16

It's starting to hit me!!!!!!! I can't believe I only have 1 week left, I'm so excited :). My current stats are 5'1 / 135 pounds, I did have to gain weight which was extremely hard but I did it yay! I will keep you ladies posted ;)

A few before pics

Original weight: 125-130
Current weight: 135
Height: 5'1
Doctor: Llorente at spectrum
Date: 3/12

Dr changes from Llorente to Alvarez

I haven't heard of this doctor but my surgery is this Saturday and I was notified today that Dr Llorente had to cancel all surguries he had for this Saturday so they told me Alvarez could do it this Saturday unless I wanted to reschedule but I can't soooooo I hope everything turns out good!!

Today's my day with Dr. Alvarez

Can't believe t

Today's my day with Dr. Alvarez

Oops I pushed post update on accident on previous comment. Anyways lol can't believe today's already my day yayyyyyyyyy. Ok that was it, just wanted to share my excitement lol.

I'm out, I'm alive!

I can't take a picture as of yet but I did take a pic of the markings right before surgery. Surgery was at approximately 5pm, don't you know I was so hungry! Got a little nauseous but start drinking water and eating soup right away. It's so painful to get on and off from bed, I feel so stiff, and I'm draining so much. I'll post postop pics once I can get fully naked.

1 day postop

Still in a lot of's a pic for you ladies. Not the best view, but check out the bruising. Ouch!

2 days postop

Still in a lot of pain, extra stiff, can't put my back straight so I'm walking slouched, I'm working on my posture. No longer draining. Tried to get a massage and it hurt like hell so didn't complete "session", going to attempt again tomorrow. I'm extra swollen so is my vagina that shit hurts bad! Let me tell you, a female portable urinal is a must have! It has saved my life. I'll try to post more pics tomorrow. Buh bye dolls ;)

Day 3 postop

Feeling a lot better, walking a lot faster now :) no more love handles, yes! Took my first shower and omg it was amazing, I look forward to my next shower :) here goes a side by side of before and today (3 days post).

Day 6 postop

Feeling a lot better, I just hate the feeling after waking up, my body is so stiff and everything hurts but after a while I'm okay. I am absolutely loving my results. I didn't want anything crazy I wanted natural since I'm very petite and have very skinny legs. Also bruising is getting better! A little about my experience thus far. Spectrum wasn't bad at all, I got there, I was the only one in the waiting area, got called to the back immediately, took off my clothes, took pics, signed some papers, and that's pretty much it, waited on the doctor and anesthesiologist. They were both really nice. After surgery I woke up on my back and holy hell I was in pain, and when the nurse was putting on my garment, that was the worst pain ever. My hotel was the building next door so I just got in the car and stayed on my knees, got to hotel and was walking so slow with a painful look on my face, everyone was starring at me! Went to sleep as soon as I got to hotel room, it was so hard getting on and off of bed and painful at the same time, I had to slide my body off until my foot touched the floor then I pushed myself up like a push-up to get off. I still have to get off of bed that way but it's a lot easier then the first 2 days. If I wanna relax but not lay on bed, I go to couch or even against the bed and kneel down on floor with a pillow on my chest or I get the boppy pillow while on my knees and put it in between my thighs and calf and push butt down (butt isn't touching anything) and ahhh it just helps my back a lot. Anyways I'll keep you dolls posted!

Another pic - day 6 post op

The only thing bruised really bad is my vagina. It's literally purple. I'm thinking because I have a crotchless faja, it's not compressing it so not really helping with the bruising. I'm buying a none crotchless one tomorrow. Still applying arnica gel everywhere including on top of my vagina.

8 days post op

Hi there dolls!!! So It's officially been over a week now and just wanted to share a little of what's been going on etc. I'm still really sore, my back still hurts, I'm walking a little faster but still slow and slouched. Let me break down a few things. Sorry for the long novel, just wanna share a little of my experience of my week.

Sleeping - so you have to sleep on your stomach and this has been the worst ever! It is KILLING MY BACK. Ladies I wake up so sore I just want to cry it is the worst, however, as of today I'll be sleeping on my back. I invented a little something. So I have 2 boppy pillows and I created a hole big enough for my butt to fit so I put a pillow on each side of my butt. I shared a pic to explain what I'm talking about. I had to do this. Otherwise, The pain wakes me up like 5 times, my back hurts, I literally just wanna cry every single time.

Faja - this faja has honestly been incredible, I just ordered another one that's non crotchless because I really need something to put pressure on my bruised vagi-gi, BUT this faja has been a life saver going peepee with my portable urinal, just put portable urinal inside he hole, done :)! Putting on and taking it off faja wasn't really easy (only did it for showers and massages). Your skin is so sensitive and everything hurts, the faja sliding on your butt ugh the worst, thankfully it has gotten better. Plus I like the built in bra on this thing. My boobie are kinda to big for it so it does get a tiny bit uncomfortable for me but not the biggest deal. The new one I got does not have a built in bra (I'll share pics once I receive).

Lipo foam - I've been wearing the Lipo foam since day 1, it has been the bomb! Those hooks hurt your stomach, the Lipo foam is so comfortable and cushiony so the hook doesn't go through it. It for sure helped the bruising on my stomach and I think has helped prevent lumps thus far. I just ordered another one so once I receive it, I'll be using the Lipo foam on my back and sides and using AB BOARD on my stomach.

Massages / Arnica Gel - Lordy lord I was not ready for these massages, the pain was bad but I must admit that after the massage, you feel a nice little temporary relief of pain. I think it's helped with bruising too. I'm already on my 3rd bottle of arnica gel, it is the bomb. Personally I've been doing massages at home and my stomach is looking good so far. I will continue to share how these "at home" massages go.

Stitches - I had a total of 10 holes, 9 had stitches. The areas stitched: 1 inside my belly bottom, 2 lower abdominal area, 1 upper back, 2 above butt cheek, 1 in between/upper butt crack, 2 below my butt cheek. Non stitch area: right above vagina for drainage purposes. So a few stitches dissolved and fell off on their own, but there were a few we had to remove, I did wait til 1 week post to remove them as instructed by spectrum, they didn't really hurt to remove. I'm guessing they couldn't dissolve or fall off because of the knots but no biggie everything already closed nicely and no more draining going on. Officially stitch-less yay!!
Using the restroom - again because of crotchless faja, using the restroom was super easy especially those first few days you can barely bend or do anything. Now this is TMI but going #2 was the worst for me, I couldn't push my belly hurt too much and I was honestly just straight up constipated. I had to use enema a few times to help me go, so I had the worst stomach pains ever, felt hot, sweaty, and frustrated. I finally went though, it was amazing lol! So I strongly suggest taking something to help you go from the beginning (something I didn't do).

That's all I've got for now, here are a few pics and I will continue to keep you dolls posted!

This dress makes my ass look huge lol

10 days post op

Hello there beautiful ladies. Nothing new same ol, tired of this stiffness ugh! Here are a few comparisons. These after results don't even do justice on pics, my ass is fuller now, I have an hour glass, no more love handles, stomach, or back rolls. I'm completely happy, I wanted natural, fulfilled butt. I was deflated, I had no cushion before :) .. All I know is that my old clothes no longer goes up my thighs, time to go shopping for new jeans, I heard American Eagle sells good stretchy pants, do any of you other ladies have any other suggestions?

12 days postop

It's almost been 2 weeks since surgery, little by little feeling better, and stiffness has gone down slightly. Bruising on vagi has gotten a lot better too :). Before surgery I weighed 136, after surgery I went up to 145, as of today I'm 133 yay! Happy healing dolls!

13 days post op

I am so glad I took 2 weeks off of work! I'm still sore and stiff at times but, I just started feeling a lot better this week. I've been using a lot of arnica gel and arnica cream along with wahl massager, I use heat and vibration setting with the arnica cream instead of the arnica gel since it dries to quickly. Ladies I am loving my natural results! As I mentioned before, I have very skinny legs so I didn't wanna look like a walking booty. My main concern has always been my stomach and love handles, I just wanted them gone, with a tad bit of some booty. Exactly what I got :)

Thank you to those who have been following me, appreciate your love and support! Until next time..

3 weeks post op!

Hi ladies nothing new really, getting better day by day. Stomach and butt are softening. Had to go get a new faja because mine was getting way to loose, attached some photos of it! :* until next time ;)

1 1/2 months post op

Can't believe I'm already this far out. It has been a roller coaster but for sure I feel so so so much better..about 90% myself. Booty has definitely shrunk a lot but it looks great with my body since I'm very petite and have very skinny legs. Thank you to those following me xoxo!

3 months post

Sorry I don't get on as often but here's a mini update. I am about 90% myself, once in a while I feel some stinging around my back and sometimes my butt hurts but not bad just a tiny bit but doesn't last long. I finally started sitting on my butt completely. Still wearing waist trainer NON LATEX though. I'm really happy with my results! I'll post another update in a few months ;)

4 months post

I'm extremely happy with my results! I'm finally 100% myself I do not miss any of the healing process lol! Sorry I haven't been on in a while but I've attached an updated pic. Officially started working out. Gave my body some time to heal before I started working out.

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