Finally getting a BBL with Dr. Llorente Spectrum Miami FL

Hi ladies so I'm planning to get my butt done...

Hi ladies so I'm planning to get my butt done during the summer with Dr. Fisher which I just got my breast done in November by him.. I have to wait at least 6 months to perform another cosmetic surgery sooo thinking about doing it in June anyway I've been apart of this website for a while and I love looking through everyone's journey. Well here goes a pic of me currently on the left and a photoshop of what id possibly like on the right :D

Sponge boob square pants

Omg I seriously can't wait to get my buns done..look at that flat thing lol! Just wanted to show what it looks like with booty shorts on..can't wait to wear these when I get my booty done (hopefully they'll fit).

Sponge bob square pants**


Like for real?!

Love handles gots to go!!!!! I need some ass..poor flat thing :/

Oh and..

Sorry for dirty mirror I'm actually on the process of cleaning my bathroom maybe I should've took them after I cleaned mirror..mmm sorry about that

Wow finally after 2 years of planning...

So my originally plan was to get a BBL in 2014. That didn't happen lol. So finally after 2 long years, I'm OFFICIALLY gonna have a booty lol. So I'm getting it done at spectrum with Dr. Llorente in Miami FL. I live in Tampa and plan on driving (about a 4-5 hour drive). Any suggestion on items I should have, please let me know. So far I have a garment picked out, Lipo board, and the P EZ travel urinal thingy. Thank you!

Got my package!

I am getting so anxious! I can't wait. I received the following items today:

Vedette 929 faja
Lipo foam
Ab board
Disposable underpads
P Ez
Arnicare Gel

I also ordered compression socks because I'm not sure if they provide that after surgery, but I haven't gotten it yet, that's pretty much the only thing I have left.

Is there absolutely anything else that I need for this procedure?

I also already have a boppy pillow.

Until next time xoxo

A few more items

Alright so I got a few more things just in case:

Wet ones wipes

I'll also be using neosporin if needed. Oh and I finally got my compression socks.

I honestly might be going overboard but I rather be safe..for a fact I'll be using the gloves and wipes for sanitary purposes, I do not want to get an infections whatsoever, I went through a nightmare when I had my breast augmentation (I do have a review on it, nightmare was on original breast augmentation I then got a revision and that one heeled smoothly with no issues). I got the mederma for both my old breast incision and for these upcoming incisions. The paper I got from spectrum recommended gauze. And for the enema, I've been reading a lot about this for constipation, therefore, got it just to be safe as well.

What else what else, I think I'm set! So ready for my BBL.
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