BBL with Dr. Ortega June 28th, 2016

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Hello Real Self Beauties! :)! I've decided to...

Hello Real Self Beauties! :)!

I've decided to sign up to this site since I'm now serious about getting a BBL by next year. I've been staking this site for 3 years lollll do the stalking stops now !

A little about myself: I'm 25 years old. 5'5 210 lbs. don't let my weight fool you! I carry a lot if weight in my thighs, hips, && butt (36b-35-48). Even when I was leaner (150-180 lbs) it was the same (34b-29-41"-45").

I've always been considered as the girl with the big butt. However in my eyes I've always seen a regular booty. I call my butt a "modest" big booty lolll. Considering that everyone on here has their own sense and opinion on "beauty" I have mine. I've always admired && wanted a BIG, HUGE ASS! Lolll I've been told soooo many times, "a nice big butt is at the gym". Well the type if butt I want I KNOW I can't get it at the gym! Lolll!

Ok now to business!

I've read soooo many reviews, seen countless of before && afters, and I've crossed out and added so many docters off my list.

At first, I was stuck on Dr. Campos in Tijuana (he gave this one girl a HUGE jaw dropping ASS ! I think she deleted her profile) I scratched him off the list because I would rather be in the US. The same with Dr. Cardenas. But they do do lovely work. I just want to be with a docter that is Board certified in the US.

Then I was stuck on going to Domincan Republic because the before && afters I saw were superb! But after reading a number of stories if patients dying of complications after surgery or even getting permanent damage to a body part I quickly scratched that out.

Then, I've come across Salama && Salhauzer! They are a bit pricey and do good work but I'm not sure if they're capable of giving me the body I'm looking for. I do want to go to Salhauzer for Breast implants though.

Last but not least!
DR. HASAN in Miami! Who I call the "King of BIG BOOTY"! He is capable if giving you what you want && I've been stuck on him since after seeing a transformation of a RS member on here. My concern is that I read up in a patient that died last year after surgery dye to a lung embolism. That scared the crap out of me. I read up on his credentials & from what I understand he's a dermatologist && a general surgeon but not under the Board of Plastic surgeons. (Please correct me if I'm wrong). That was his first major incident && has a hefty amount of experience in years. I talked to my bro about it and he mentioned that going through these procedures there are some sort of risk. It doesn't mean that Hasan is a general docter cutting up people lolll. That kind of eased me but I still want to find 1 or 2 more docters out there that can give me what I want. The other docters at Vanity, I'm not sure if they can give me what I'm looking for. Dr. Hasan is an artist.

Do you ladies have any suggestions with other docters that can perform want based on my wish pics? :( Please help !

Will be updating periodically with my pre-op pics when the time comes!

Thank you ladies!

I just want to say thank you to all of you that gave good suggestions! I've decided to go with Dr. Ortega!!

Oh && BTW the pics && my display pic aren't pics of me lollll they're my wish pics loll

Wish Pics

BBL with Dr. Ortega June 28th, 2016

Hello guys !! Exactly 2 years ago I wrote about looking for a great surgeon and now here I am!! About to get my BBL next month. I'm super excited and nervous (a little scared). I schedule with Dr. Ortega back in Dec for the 10th of June but then I pushed it to the 28th because my body hit a plateau and was not losing weight. I've been on a new fitness plan for 2 weeks and pushing to lose a few more pounds.

Now I'm trying to by things that I may need when I'm down there. Not sure where to start with that but I'll look at other reviews. If you guys have any suggests as to what I should be prepared for, feel free to let me know :)

As for pricing, I was lucky to get his BBL deal back in Dec 2015: $5000 w/ $500 down. I jumped on that asap and got a Care Credit loan.

I will be updating this weekly.

4 Days until my procedure!!!

I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nervous. Like I literally pray everyday that things go well. Maybe I'm over thinking lolll. I went to go get my EKG, etc at my doctor's office and the staff nurse was telling me all these bad cases about people who died from medical malpractice through surgery...then she leaves the room with a smile "Good luck with your procedure :))))" cheesing...-_-.
That brought my nervous level from a 5 to a 10. One part of me is ok remembering the fact that Dr. Ortega has over 25 years experience andhe's board certified.

As for my weight, Liz, one of the coordinator's, told me I can go through with the surgery once I hit 210. I;m 214 as of this morning and I know I can lose the rest. I did a no carb no sugar diet LOL! So the day before surgury I'll just eat some healthy carbs and fruits.

Also, I didn't realize that my arms were not included in the contract. So based on what Liz stated, she said that taking fat out of my arms would have to be approved by Dr. Ortega and that's an extra $800. I immediately contacted Care Credit and they instantly approved me for $1000. Hopefully I'll be approved because I don't carry that much fat on my upper back and only a little bit at the rest of my back.

As for the Recovery House, I'm staying with Claudia (referred to me by Liz :) ). The rate is awesome ! Transportation included, 3 meals a day, massages, and monitoring. Claudia sent me pictures of the place and it looks very clean and decent.

Before and after pics with be up soon !!

Wish me a SAFE procedure :) !!
Dr. Mel Ortega

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