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I'm 24yrs old, 189lbs, 5'5, and mother of one. I...

I'm 24yrs old, 189lbs, 5'5, and mother of one. I had my first child 3yrs ago I went from 148lbs to 210lbs! A little traumatic for me to say the least I went from being in tiny bathing suits and cropped tops to wearing sweat pants in the summer. I've managed to lose 23lbs and feel better about the weight gain, but now I just want my sexy back!! I was looking into butt augmentation before I got pregnant but I didn't start the research process until 8 months pp. I went to a consultation in New Orleans and I was quoted about $14,000 and it was too soon for me to have anything done after giving birth anyway. I wasn't sold on that Doctor either, I actually realized I have to go out of state to get what I want. (Cheaper price and better results). I've seen two friends go through the process in the past 3 years they both got what they wanted and both payed close to $13,000. Im a single mom in need of financing that's really not an option for me. But I do believe in paying for what you want. It would be nice if I could have a buddy go through the process with me. I'm almost sold on Dr. Fisher if anyone has any experiences good or bad I'd love to hear? And I'm open to any advice as far as how much more weight I need to lose? Stay houses (I'm single might be going alone)? Financing? My best friend payed $12,000 cash for hers so she doesn't really have the answers for financing she pointed me towards RL.

Waiting for a response :)!!

So on Saturday I got a phone call from Anna, at vanity. She was very nice but you know how that goes, I've already read many many reviews how quickly the service switches up, but I still very confident in my choice of Dr. Fisher. I'm 189lbs I'd like to get to 170-175lbs by my sx date. I know I'm a thick/big girl so I'm being hopeful and realistic with my results. These are just some wish pix.

Need help with Financing!!!

I finally heard back from My coordinator, Anna, from Vanity. She told me that everything looks fine, I would just need to get down to 175lbs, and it would be $6,800 sx fees included. The only problem is funds are low I need to finance and vanity doesn't except care credit. Anna sent me a link to a financing company the use and I was denied ??????. My credit isn't terrible. Just need other options. Having this surgery is not an "If" it's a "when". This is so important to me. If you guys have any suggestions I'm open for all options??!???

After a year of research...

So I took break from RS and joined a bunch of different sx groups on fb. That was actually very helpful! I got a little more personal with women and asked one on one questions. But now switching my doctor choice 4xs. I finally have come to my conclusion of Dr. Manon in DR. All the surgeons I had in mind I still think are all fabulous!! Dra. Disla (awesome on the boobs & minimal TT scar) Dra. Almonte is awesome with larger women but I think I would still need a round 2, Dr. Duran awesome work I just was having trouble communicating and getting responses and I took that as a sign. I also considered Dra. Medina also awesome I just not in my price range for what she was offering but she is very informative and I lover her daily health tips. But after speaking with Dr. Manon briefly and getting great service from his assistant my heart is saying that is the right choice. He works magic with women my size, 190lb. And all the results I've seen for every body type have been phenomenal. I've also kept in touch with women who have gone with him or going in the future and they have nothing but great things to say about him and his professionalism and caring spirit.
Now the next step is paying my deposit $250 which is not bad at all and once that's paid I'm going to work on my plane ticket. Did I mention that the recovery house is included! Along with transportation, meals for 10 day stay, massages, and a few other things. The recovery house that they offer is New Life recovery house. I've seen great reviews so far. I'll be keeping you posted on that when I get there. I'm financially strapped so I plan on paying for my sx with my refund check. But I plan on purchasing all my supplies way in advance so the only thing I'm paying for when I get to DR is the SX. So now ladies if you're further along in your journey can you please assist me with a supply list and suggestions?
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