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Hello Ladies! First off I am so grateful for...

Hello Ladies! First off I am so grateful for your guys reviews and pictures it has made the last year and change of research a lot easier on me! I have sent the last year researching and trying to find the right doctor for me and what results I am looking for. I am a 24 year old mom of one and we live right outside of Washington DC in a small family town. I am 5'2 and 175 pounds. I am over weight and have already lost 10 pounds and plan to lose at least 15 pounds more before surgery. My research has lead me to two doctors. Dr Fisher and Dr Blinski. Both have great work! Fisher quoted me $6000 and Blinski quoted $6200 if I go on his last 3 days of the year December 20,21,22 then $7500 in 2017. I am very confused on who to go with. I've heard not great things about Vanity which makes me worry some but I love fishers work and haven't heard anything negative about him as a dr! The only bad thing about Blinski is price going up after the new year. If he had november or early december dates i would go with him for sure but his only open dates being so close to the holiday makes me say no because i want to be home with my son for the holiday. Any advice on going with Fisher despite the bad reviews of the front of house care or just going with Blinks after the new year despite huge cost increase would be really appreciated! I will be uploading my current photos and Wish photos tonight or tomorrow. :D

Current Pictures. So bad and so square!

I hate my body now but I have already lost 10-15 pounds so I will probably lose another 15-20. Haven't fully decided. One of the two doctors I am still deciding between one says k should stay my same weight and the other said I could lose weight for better results. What are your guys opinion. I am 5'2 175 currently. Can not wait to be slim again with a big bubble butt now and not look so square.

My next post will be my wish pics once I can narrow it down from my huge stock pile! Lol

Anyone know any tips for cellulite?


Oops pictures didn't load. Lets try that again.

Doctor decision has been made.

DRUMROLL PLEASE....... Doctor Jonathan Fisher!! I just got off the phone with my so far amazing coordinator Amy and she said after showing Dr. Fisher my height, weight and pictures(5'2 175) he said I would be a perfect candidate and that he can tell I have great hips and a tiny waist underneath and he is extremely excited to do my BBL! I am officially going with Dr. Fisher! Now I am trying to decide whether I should do a November or January date. She said he has plenty of openings in both. I am still waiting to hear back from work how much Overtime I can roll into Annual leave then I will decide! I should know on Monday. This is becoming more real. RoadToBootyLand!!

Wish pics from the front.

I have never looked at more women's butts and waistlines and hips than I have in the last 4 weeks. Now that I have fully committed a month ago to do this and found a doctor all I have done is been on realself and googling/Pinteresting/instagraming women. Lol. I have been extremely picky but I have finally found my perfect wish pics from the front showing waist and hips that I so desperately want and HOPE is possible from my current bad hip and waist situation. I love a gradual fluid line from waist to hips. Here they are!


Hello Ladies,

I am about to select my surgery date and put in my time off from work. How much time do you think I need to take off of work? I know people handle recovery different but want to hear how long it took you ladies to recover so I can get an idea. I will be getting surgery in January with Fisher.

Booty Wish Pics!!

Finally found the perfect wish booty!! I stumbled across this model (name has slipped my mind) while searching for the perfect wish booty for the 1000th time lol. I want a very natural looking booty with natural projection and natural slope from back. I also really really really want a cuff at the bottom, very heart shaped. I want the wide hips like I showed in my front wish pic post but not a wide butt. I can't wait!!

Deposit Has Been Made & Surgery Date Selected!

Hey Ladies!

I have officially made my first deposit and selected my surgery date!!!
I have chosen the surgery date of January 24th 2017 with Dr Fisher. I am very excited but it is so far away! I wish I could do sooner but I want to build up my leave from work so I don't have to take any un paid leave. As of right now I am only going to take about 2 weeks off of work. I have locked in the price of $6000 for BBL full lipo but I think I may add arm lipo as well I am still deciding. They have told me additional areas will be and extra $500. Any advice about arm lipo is greatly appreciated (worth it, not worth it, recovery tips etc). I am going to attach a copy of my invoice. Please let me know if anything else should be on there up to this point that isn't on there.

As of right now my mother will definitely be coming with me and we will be getting a private AirBnB so that we can have a kitchen to make all of our meals, a washer/dryer to wash my fajas and linen every day and other amenities regular hotels do not have. I have been researching and I have found quite a few for cheaper than a hotel! Just an idea for you ladies who will be traveling with someone who can help them. My mom has been through a tummy tuck before and I work in emergency medicine so I think we will be good on our own for the week, I may still hire a nurse for the first day or two to help my mom. I haven't narrowed down on a massage therapist to come and give the massages so if any one has suggestions please let me know! Thanks!

Also looking for ladies having surgery around the same time as me!
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