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Sent my photos to dr salama and he said I need to...

Sent my photos to dr salama and he said I need to gain 10-12 pounds to be an ideal candidate. That shouldn't be a problem Iv got plenty of time to gain it.

I want my arms, abdomen and upper back lipo'd (arms will be extra $500) also want my auxillary (the armpit/bra line) done hope he doesn't charge $500 to do that too cos its such a small area.

He said he wants to lipo my flanks but iv asked him if he can leave them cos I want my curve to start from the top of my waist. Does anyone else want this too? I just want him to add fat to the dips in my hips so I have a smooth round curve from waist to hips. Il add wish pics to show what I mean.

Waiting for his reply about this then gonna put down my deposit and sort dates!

BBl journey

So the reply was he will leave my flanks if I want.

Does the fat in your hips always reabsorb though?

I also asked if I put on weight after the surgery will my fat return unevenly to the areas I had lipo'd and they said it normally returns evenly. Hmmm I would rather hear always! What if it comes back all lumpy?? I suppose its the risk you take and id rather take the risk then stay with this unshapely body.

Help! Looked at Jimersons pics now im confused

Dr Jimersons photos show the shape I want in my hips! Salamas doesn't. But some of jimersons bootys look quite fake like sticking out, but Salamas look natural. Now I don't know what to do.

Ladies any thoughts please?

still undecided which doctor?

I have been researching as much as possible and still undecided between salama and jimerson. Salama does not seem to get the curvy hips I want but love his butts, and Jimerson the opposite. Until I had a look at Dr Duran. Theres not much there and the thought of going to Dominican republic for surgery scares me HOWEVER what I did find I loved.....she gets the curves on the hips and the ass big and juicy and natural looking. Shes wayyy cheaper which makes me wonder why?

And the fact you have to really search hard to find pics of her work why is that? But when I saw her work my heart jumped its the first time I loved nearly every pic of a doctors work.

Any advice would be appreciated girlys cos im ready to get my deposit down and get this ting on the way!

more wish pics want hips hips and a big big booty

Deciding on a surgeon..my list of pros and cons of top favs:

So Im at decision stage of which doctor, its stressing me out so I took a day off work and sat with my laptop researching my top main surgeons im interested in.

I try not to look at pics of girls that have body shapes that don't resemble anything like mine especially tummy tuck procedures as I am needing to gain weight for this surgery so looking at smaller girls and their results.

I got my notepad and went through all the photos on the suregons gallery, their website and the reviews on realself (lowest and highest). It takes ages cos some reviews with only one star are because they haven't had surgery yet so you have to sift through it all and some have really long reviews so I have summarised the worst and best reviews for each surgeon and going to add my own opinion from the masses iv read. (Also I saved all my fav pics of each surgeons results ...their professional pics and real patients pics in separate folders named after each doctor it really helps because I forget and have to sift through all the pics again to find them)

So my surgeons in order of top fav to least favourite are: Cortes, Salama, Campos, Duran, Jimerson, Perry, Yily.

Wilberto Cortes, Texas. 160 reviews on RS.
Worst reviews summary:
lilyflower00 had a TT and wanted a flatter somach (doesn't affect me as wont be having TT). She said the doctor was nasty and called her fat. Cortes actually replied to this review himself which is a bonus in my eyes.

Jromo was not happy with her lipo but wasn't really specific.

These were the worst reviews I could find the rest seemed fine.
Best reviews:
he keeps patients in overnight and he sculpts the body so well.
mariel2013 has got absolutely amazing results. She is bigger than I am so realistically I will never get that but I love her shape and how cortes has gone all out for her. And those hips my god!

My opinion: Cortes is at the top of my list because he has so many results pics that are similar to my body shape and I love the outcome on each one. His butts look big juicy and natural and he puts good hips on his patients. Think I might be going to texas!!! Waiting on a consultation.......

Moises Salama, Miami 535 reviews on RS
Worst reviews summary: Missmiami said he doesn't give hip injections he gives lateral butt injections which gives the illusion of hips once waist is lipoed aggressively. She is not pleased with her results and lost her volume.

undacovabooty said 5 months post unhappy, butt the same she was 126 pounds going into surgery and though salama would be aggressive with the lipo.

Best reviews: fabnewme is 1 year post surgery and still happy the pics of her booty look really good.

Thanks to self.improvement I had a look at lala85 and oh my god she has got the best results iv seen on anyone. Im thinking did she have that shape beforehand and he just enhanced it though? But wow Salama did an amazing job on her.

My opinion: I love salamas butts but the hips are not consistent in his results and the ones that do have hips seem to have had that shape before and he just improved on it. My consultation with him said I need to gain 10-12 pounds quoted me 8,999 but will be 1000 on top as I want arms and armpits done. I asked about the hips and Cynthia said yes he does hips its called lateral butt injections. Hmmmm if I could be guaranteed he will put a good amount in my hips I will go with him but will be devastated if I don't get that curvy look from the front.

Jamie campos Leon, Mexico 118 reviews on RS
Worst reviews: tunew put up some ugly pics of an infection she got urgh urgh!
Other reviews say hes unorganised, rude, immature staff.

Best reviews: Nicki03 got really natural results she did ask for a conservative small bum (not what I want) but her result came out nicely.

MeInDallas got good shape but not much projection.

My opinion: He seems to give really good natural results and overall shape but doesn't really produce a big donk booty. This doctor is not for me

Agustina Hilario Duran, Dominican republic. 207 reviews on RS
Doesn't seem to have any bad reviews????

MZyummybooty got amazing results unfortunately she is not similar body shapes to me.

Most revies on Duran seem to be 'future duran doll' or 'patiently waiting' theres not many reviews on patients that have actually had the surgery with her.

What I can find on her twitter is amazing results she gets big butts and hips and her price is so much cheaper but it all kind of seems to good to be true and iv heard shes really hard to get hold of? still ver unsure about this doctor???

Andrew Jimerson, Atlanta 326 reviews

WARNING SO MANY BAD REVIEWS on this doctor very easy to find these bad ones:
bad reviews summary:
chinaeye butt deformed, one cheek bigger

Notsatisfiedbydrjcurves left butt cheek no crease, fat left on stomach, cant get anyone on the phone, 55% success rate

succulentlips had hematoma, didn't like after care follow up doctor always too busy

Robbed deformed butt said she paid $20,000 hates her results

Stillflat 2 years later butt flat, no follow up (she was working out though so I don't think that's anything to do with the surgeon and maybe her fat just didn't take unlucky)

meka843 butt gone back to how it was before, 6 months since and no follow up butt looks the same as pre op.

desired1 he didn't lipo her back didn't listen to her

marshamallow_bunny ass and hips disappearing not worth the money as it is a gamble. thighs and arm lipo barely noticeable.

Good reviews:
alldatass 1 year update butt still fat shes happy
beautyishername 7 months post and still loving her body
hotbod85 3 months post still loving

Obviuosly tons more good reviews but focusing on the bad ones so I can be realistic about this.

My opinion: jimerson seens way too busy and has too many bad reviews Im not paying all that money to be treated like another number his customer service doesn't seem all that good and he can afford not too put too much effort in as he is established at the top he can afford his bad reviews cos he is so well known.

In his favour he does get really good hips and very good projection.

Wendell Perry, Miami 120 reviews on RS
Cant seem to find any bad reviews. Looked through his gallery and they are all quite big women and a lot of them needing a tummy tuck. its almost as if that's his speciality I cant really find any girls my size that have gone with him. I think if I was a bigger girl in need of a tummy tuck he would be in my top list. He is said to have great bedside manner, thoughtful, polite, informative. Its a shame he just doenst seem the doctor for me and my shape. (also he quoted a narrow waist is the key to curves)....erm I don't agree I think the key to curves is some big ass hips and a narrow waist lol!


Yily de los santos in Dominican republic 504 reviews.
Website photos look photoshopped her results look way too good and the shape of the patient pre op completely changes post op which makes me think PHOTOSHOP?
A lot of people have said shes unprofessional, unsanitary conditions causing infections and heard about her attitude. No thanks No way will I be going to her.

That's my list ladies hope it helps!!! remember im only putting what iv seen in reviews and my own personal opinion based on what iv read!!!

how do you change your doctor on your profile

im not going with salama anymore wanan change it to cortes

Been waiting nearly a week to hear back from cortes

Feeling slightly annoyed because I emailed the office last week with my pics and hadn't heard anything back so emailed them again and lucy said replied saying she has a quote and do I have a contact number which shows she hasn't read my email properly because I included my contact number in there. rang the office today and lucy isn't in so cant get my quote. Its annoying cos im in Australia and have to wait till the early hours of the morning so its day time there cos of the time difference.

Not happy!!!

Booked my surgery for Jan 7th!!!!

I put my deposit down and got the next available date jan 7th! so excited only 3 months to wait!

Flights are booked!

Im getting to texas on new years day, surgery on the 7th and then going back to Australia on march 3rd. got a whole 2 months in texas! Waiting on lucy to email me all the information I need. I asked her how long do I have to wear the garment for and she said 24 hours a day (except when bathing obv) for 8 weeks? Is that right I thought you get a stage 2 garment after a certain amount of weeks to be worn just 12 hours? anyone??

Gaining weight isnt as easy as you think

I have to gain 15 pounds so I weighed myself and then went and brought so much crap from the shop, iv been having two fruit smoothies made with double cream a day, cooking with like half a tub of butter eating bread bagels, putting coconut cream in foods and I weighed today.........iv lost 7 pounds?!!! it cant be right cos I feel fatter. Im worried I only have 2 months to put this weight on.

anyway iv ordered super mass weight gain shake which is 1200 calories a shake hope that starts working.

This cant come soon enough

So im sat here eating bread coated in olive oil and I know im going to get fat eventually which is gonna make me feel shit. especially as im a dancer and November and December are the best times to work. I look in the mirror at my dented hips and unshapely body and don't want anyone to see me until I have my bbl. I cant wait for this its going to change my life il be more confident and happy and wont look in the mirror and my heart sinks.
feeling so down all the people around me are like 'whats up u seem so unhappy' and 'u seem stressed maybe take a break from work'. im not telling too many people what im planning to do because one friend told me the idea is 'ridiculous' erm F**k u its my body I know what I want! what makes me laugh is if I was getting a boob job no one would bat an eyelid its so accepted now. well I want my butt done get over it! I cant even tell my family they will never understand so il be going into major surgery without them knowing.
I only have one friend that really understands and is with me all the way shes coming with me and I love her for that. thank god for her.
just wish I could fast forward these 2 months.

inner and outer thigh lipo?

iv only got 7 weeks until my surgery and I don't know if I should get inner and outer thigh lipo included. I want the lower part of my body to look thick and don't want my booty to look like it came from nowhere on skinny legs, but looking at lala85 pics she had it done and she has the best hourglass shape iv seen so far. I do have a quite a bit fat on my thighs (my thighs rub when I walk) and seeming as Iv been told to gain weigh, then an extra area of fat should be a good thing towards my booty?? I don't know what to do im confused!!

Plus I still have no idea about garments, fajas and cinchers.... which one, how long for, when to change it??

iron pills?

also my pre op list of what to do sent from cortes says take a multi vitamin 2 weeks prior.... nothing about iron pills but I keep reading on other girls reviews they took iron pills prior?

got to speak to dr cortes!

had my Skype consultation with cortes he is so nice he did not rush me at all even though I know how busy he must be. I really like lucy too she seems to recognise who I am on the phone now maybe cos im English though!!

he said I still need to gain more weight and he cant tell the tightness of my skin until he sees it in person. I asked if he came make me look like lala85 and he said she already had good projection and hips but he will do his best I really appreciate his honesty instead of giving me unrealistic expectations.

not staying in texas for 2 months now just 3 weeks after surgery and then got a 25HOUR flight back to Sydney. aaaaaaaaargh gonna be a killer

excited though beng beng!


my surgery is on tuesday and iv lost weight. iv got the weekend to put some serious weight on!! what can i do???
iv lost weight cos i gained the weight by drinking beer but one week prior im not allowed alcohol so loosing weight

accommodation details

im staying in a nice cosy apartment rented from airbnb (you can do short term) the guy that rents it out is called david hes really nice he has a few apartments. heres the link


Boppy pillow n yoga mat?

Iv tried sitting on them so my butt is off the seat but I just sink down on them?? How u supposed to sit on them with no pressure on butt?

2 more sleeps

the guy im renting the apartment from is taking me to the hospital and picking me up for free! gonna save me 120 dollars bless him so kind

post op

I am 3 days post a lot more with it today, my friend has been in control of my meds and when i checked them today shes been giving some of them wrong now im stressing. i havent been having them enough.

make sure when ur getting picked up from the hosiptal that someone brings your painkillers i was waiting for security to give me my things for ages and couldnt take any pain meds as they were not brought a long. so a very long painful 20min drive and upstairs to the apartment left me in extreme pain got the meds down and they kicked in a couple hours later.

iv been walking every 2 hours and going to pee like every hour. just need to have a bowel movement took 2 laxatives last night and still nothing.


i got 400 cc in each hip and nearly 1000cc in each butt cheek, he said if he hadnt taken the fat from my thighs there wouldnt have been enough

5 days post

so im not gonna lie the last couple of days were really hard for me i was constipated and the laxatives were swelling my belly making it really uncomfortable. i had bad nausea too. but this morning i had a proper bowel movement and then took my garment off for shower.

i am very happy with my results, but as im on the smaller side i had to gain weight for this and obv last few days iv been losing weight so 400cc in my hips does not look like 400cc on a big girl.

my concern is i know some fat reabsorbs plus im swollen so by the end of it im afraid my hips will be non existent. maybe i just need to put more weight on il speak to cortes tomorrow


yesterday my grocery delivery didnt arrive so i had hardly anything to eat...........i went to sleep for a few hours and woke up feeling weak so i drank a slushee/slurpee and was vomiting after about 6 or 7 times. every time i tried to drink water or eat crackers id vomit so went to bed on an empty stomach very dehydrated. i hope i can hold it down today i need my strength for the garment change!

garment change

went to the office got my drains out and changed that horrible 2 piece garment with those foams into a comfortable fitted one piece, its sleeveles even though i had my arms done i didnt need a sleeved one yayy!

I nearly fainted in the office because i took off the old one then had to wait quite a while with nothing on and apparently you can get quite dizzy after a while. i felt quite sick on the journey home but now im feeling soo good in this garment, it is tight but those foams were digging in my stomach before. It is cutting into the top of my booty so i lined it with maxi pads.

i can stop walking every 2 hours now and sleep through the night phew. I am in love with my new body my shape and my booty is popping out!!!!!!!!

7 days post pics

Better pic

Waist and back should go in more only been a week

Walked all the way to the shop

Walked quite a long way today the only thing was the garment was up my ass crack and I couldn't pull it out on the street lol. I'm really glad I rented this apartment it's only 10 mins from the houston office

i skyped my boyfriend

hes my ex but we never let eachother go and speak everyday, talking about getting back together when i return home. i skyped him and showed him my results he was like 'holy f**k, oh my god' holding his face! he said its too big it looks like nicki minaj (it totally does not) and i told him to remember im still swollen he saying it better f**king go down.

He used tell me not to wear certain clothing especially on holiday i wasnt allowed to be just in a bikini on a beach i had to cover up, or certain leggings etc hes gonna have a heart attack now each dress i put on my new body he was like ur not wearing that in the street when u get back and telling me to buy XL tracksuit looool

i have not paid like $15k including flights accom etc to cover this up!! i will be wearing tight clothing thank you. if he causes me too many problems and stress im gonna have to move on.

Before pics

Makes me sad just looking at these photos. Thank god for dr Cortes thank you thank you thank you changed my life

No crease in from the side

Does putting a tie around the thigh really make a crease? Or thigh slimmers? Am I too late now to make a difference

Went to the office today

Got my stitches out felt good cos I was ready to take them out myself. Cortes said I have loads hardly anything and at this stage normally should have lost more fat than I have so I hope I get to be in the 90% fat stays category!!

I have some discolouration on my stomach (it looks like Iv got a disease) he said its inflammation and could take a up to a year to go!! However I think he just has to say that, because I have the same on my inner thighs and once I brought some thigh high compression stockings the discolouration has cleared up like 50%. I think my garment was not compressing enough went down two sizes to a medium, even the nurse said the new compression will help now, plus I brought some skin lightening cocoa butter from
Them she said it will help.

So I'm staying positive feel amazing! Got a doctors note for the flight staff to say Iv just had surgery. Fly on Thursday...... 15 friggin hours back to uk!!!

One personal opinion is that Boppy pillow was a waste of money, it's too soft. I brought the cushion from the office for 20 dollars and that def keeps my butt off the chair it's my really a cushion more like a sturdy foam that's flat on the bottom so it won't roll around. Perfect for my flight!

I will take and post the pics of my diseased looking stomach when I take the garment off tomorrow for a shower.

By the way the staff are all so lovely in the office I don't know why any one would complain about customer service they are really helpful and genuine.


Also my butt was covered in cellulite before and now there's like none now, hopefully it will stay that way when it drops

corset waist training

im considering doing it, but wont it compress the hips? i found this on ebay its a waist trainer for larger hips but still worried it will kill the fat in my hips????

Last day in America :-(

I fly back to UK tomorrow, im scared of the cold i havent been in england for a year! You girls that are US citizens are sooo lucky wish i was allowed to live and work here. Dreading my 15 hour flight but atleast i got a letter from cortes to show the airline staff.

Also wanted to say it makes me happy reading about how much support you get from your husbands/bfs big respect to them, it makes me hopeful i can have that one day!

I made it back!

Ok so i was travelling alone, and the first flight houston to boston i didnt have anyone next to me so once the seatbelt sign was off i got off my cushion and knelt on the floor facing my chair and leant my body on my chair. i actually had a little sleep like that!

Next flight I was in the MIDDLE ROW BETWEEN two people. I had shown the airline staff my doctors note and they showed the captain and all the crew! so again once the seat belt sign went off i asked the two people if they minded that i knelt on the floor, of course they didnt and they asked me what happened did i have back surgery and i said i had a graft and then pretended to go to sleep hahaha! i stood up a lot of the way too in the back bit playing my game on my ipad. the cigar cushion is good but after a few minutes it hurts cos its hard so i got my little neck pillow and stretched it out long like a sausage and put that on top of the cigar cushion to make a bit softer.

I was so paranoid about killing my fat i didnt care if i looked like a fool i paid 9k and never gonna see them people again. i checked in the mirror in toilet and i thought id killed a lot on the side but checked again and i havent must have been in my head.

anyways im pretty swollen, bit jat lagged, absoloutley freezing but im home :-) back to work soon

when will my booty be completely soft

ALL the girls asked me if iv had implants which i lied and said iv been doing squats, but then i wished i just told the truth cos they were all gathering around when i went on stage. before my surgery i used to twerk and shake my ass a lot on stage but it doesnt move that much so it was kind of obvious iv had something done. One girl was touching it saying thats silicone. its still hard when the hell is my booty gonna be soft so i can say its real touch it?

Even customers were saying my ass looks fake, which is understandable it hasnt dropped and is still hard but it did annoy me a bit i dont want everyone to think iv got implants when i havent!

im not going to see my fam until i can sit down normally so they wont be suspicious. I havent seen them for nearly a year anyway but i wonder if they will say anything

4 weeks

Discolouration on stomach, think its hyperpigmentation inflammation?? Hope it goes. Booty still big.

When can I have a bath instead of a shower?

5 weeks post

Im single now. But in the booty department I got plenty of company! I don't think Iv lost any fat at all. It's getting softer but still a bit hard on the inside of the cheeks. I'm in love with it would go through it all again. The only thing is the mark on my stomach really hope it goes

7 weeks post

I'm not at all happy with the discolouration on my stomach it has not improved even though iv been massaging it and using skin lightening cream. If anything it looks like it's getting darker. I wish I knew exactly what it is whether it's post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or hemosiderin staining. I have the same on the both inner thighs which isn't as bad looking.

As a dancer people have noticed it and said is your man beating u up what's all that bruising. It's not pretty and I'm not happy I don't know what it is or how long it will take to fade if it fades at all. I'm going to call the office this week and speak to them.

Dr cortes ruined my stomach (10 months after)

Iv noticed a few unhappy patients coming up from dr cortes i am one of them. Iv been patient and waited it out 10 months on and I am not happy. My stomach is lumpy and uneven, the upper stomach is bigger the middle goes in and the lower part is fat especially my pubic area. My hip shape is uneven and I have erythema ab Inge (toasted skin syndrome) which is permanent discoloration of the skin. I researched this myself, because I sent pictures to Deanna and she said to use bleaching cream which does not work.

I'm so embarrassed about my stomach, I wish I didn't have the surgery to be honest or I would have got implants instead of all this liposuction which has messed up my body.

I'm very down about all this if anyone has any advice about skin folding on the stomach, lumps and erythema ab Inge please tell me
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