Spectrum BBL by Dr. Osak - Miami, FL

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Hello ladies! So this is my first post and I will...

Hello ladies! So this is my first post and I will be getting the bbl on march 9th 2016 at spectrum with dr. O I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I pretty much know all of the items I need to bring but I am looking for a cheap hotel near spectrum if anyone know of any please let me know ASAP! I appreciate it, soon to be an osak doll ????????

Blood work

Ok so my date is locked in for march 9th and my coordinator said they will be contacting me 30 days before to go get it done, however its about 30 days before and I still didn't recieve a call should I call them or just wait? I really just want everything to be done on time don't want any issue .

30 day countdown!!!! Spectrum or Vanity?

So my life is going to change in 30 days I'm soo excited!! I'm praying for the best results!! I'm still a little undecided on which facility to go to tho Spectrum or Vanity? I've already put a deposit down with spectrum but all my friends went to vanity same doctor so idk just so confused on which place would be better if any of you ladies can help me out or had experiences with either or please feel free to tell me I would appreciate it thanks dolls.

Date moved to April!

Hey dolls!! So i had to push my date back a little bit I'll be going next month, however now I am traveling alone so I'm looking for a good recovery home that's not to far from spectrum any suggestions would be a great help thanks!!!

Thinking about going to dr. Ortega

Ok so dr. Osak for some reason license is suspended for doing lipo and bbls I called both vanity and spectrum where he works and they said he should be cleared to do it again around mid April however it just doesn't seem right and now I'm skeptical of having him perform my operation. I did my research on Ortega and he seems to be pretty good plus he's board certified which osak is not, osak does amazing jobs but I don't want to take a chance with him any more idk a Lil undecided should I stick with Ortega? I need your help ladies

I've had it with spectrum!!! Going with imagenes

So I've been trying to contact my coordinator candise for day . Finally spoke to her today to tell her I wanted to reschedule for next month with Dr Ortega, she then tell me I have another coordinator which I font understand why but the other kafy Liz get on and tell me Dr orteg . Is booked until June and told me the only Dr available for next month is dr. Alverez I did a little research and tried calling them back they don't answer they always hanging up, just very unprofessional so hopefully I can get Dr. Ortega for next month with Imagenes I will find out tomorrow but spectrum has gotten on my last nerve! And they already have my 300$ deposit smh.

Booked with Dr. Alvarez

Hey ladies so I switched from Dr. O to Dr. Alvarez and my date is for April 15th I'm sooooo excited and ready can't wait to get this thing done and over with now I'm trying to decide on which recovery house to book, I only need to stay for 5 days and I'm not looking to spend over 1000$ so please let me know of any cheap good ones thanks dolls.

Thinking D.R Almonte or Yily?

Soo I'm kinda over spectrum and vanity. They only want money and try to put you with any doctor and I'm not feeling that! The doctor who I wanted are no longer doing bbls and the other Dr, Dr Ortega is booked for the date I want so I'm thinking about going to D.R I've been researching Yily and Dr. Almonte they have pretty good reviews and good work! If any of you dolls have any other Dr's in D.R that I can consider please let me know I'm looking to go no later then August. Thanks luvs.


Heeeey ladies I know its been a while and I still haven't been able to accomplish my goal, however! I am back on track and made up my mind to GO to Columbia so that I can get a one shot deal I need my breast reduced and lifted and my bbl so I'm going with dra villalobos I am beyond excited!!! My cousin will be my sx buddy and we plan to go in March 2017! If anyone of you dolls had experience in Columbia with any doctor I would like to hear your input and also see some pics thanks!!
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