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This is my first time writing a review. I...

This is my first time writing a review. I initially joined Real Self to only read reviews but something has happened this evening that has provoked me to write a review and share my experience. I chose spectrum aesthetics because reviews I have read on Dr osak and also for the before and after pictures I have seen. I have already had my consultation and feel very good about my choice. this is not my first experience with plastic surgery. 1 year ago from today I had breast augmentation... 600 cc saline implants under the muscle. my surgeon was dr. James apesos in Dayton Ohio and my results are the best I've ever seen. I digress...

several weeks ago I scheduled my surgery 4 bbl on March 23rd. I spoke to a woman named Vivian. I express my interest in staying in the recovery house and she assured me that someone would pick me up from the airport, bring me to all my appointments, and then drop me back off at the airport when it was time to go home. about a week and a half went by and I hadn't heard from her and wanted to touch base. after more than several attempts to reach her she finally emailed me back tonight at 9 p.m. to tell me that I had not put my deposit down on the recovery room and now it was full... 9 days before my surgery. but here's the thing when I spoke to her a few weeks ago she never mentioned a deposit on the recovery room only told me that I would be taking care of there. so now 9 days before my surgery after all of my travel arrangements have been made, plane tickets and such, I discover that I have no where to stay in Miami and if I am to go through with my surgery on the 23rd I'm going to have to have someone come to Miami with me to help with my care. All of this 9 days before my surgery.

there are no words to describe my frustration and disappointment. for all the good reviews on the surgeons at spectrum that I have read many of these reviews have commented on the unprofessionalism of the staff. I did not take these negative remarks seriously. I thought to myself that it could never happen to me. Lo and behold Here I am questioning whether I should take my business somewhere else. this is serious stuff. People's livelihoods and emotions and finances on the line... none of this should be taken casually. the email I received today from Vivian states that she will call me in the morning. let's hope she can find some space for me in this recovery house because if not I'm going to have to fork out around an extra $1500 for hotel and a second plane ticket. That is if I can actually find someone to travel with me. shame on Vivian

long night

After a long night with no sleep and much scrambling to put together a plan B & C even I awoke this morning to phone call. It appears spectrum aesthetics offered my case to another plastic surgeon. the surgeon called me and was a very very nice man very professional and very considerate of my stresses and concerns. he offered his services to me but also offered to simply make a few phone calls on my behalf. I could not be more grateful because shortly after my conversation with him ended I received a phone call from Vivian who promptly answered all of my questions, tho she put me on hold about 5 times. then she transferred me to Carla at the recovery house. carla is a very sweet woman and promised that I would have a place to stay with her even if it meant staying in her own personal residence. so it appears everything has worked out

I feel a bit silly for my late night rant but it appears quite a few of you have Had similar experiences with the staff at Spectrum aesthetics. my advice to anyone would be to stay on top of things with this office and to never assume anything. be very specific with your questions and spell it all out for them.

so my surgery is set for March 23rd. though they could not give me a time of day which I find odd. they also do not accept credit cards over the phone when it comes to full payment. I was told I could pay cash the day of but I am NOT comfortable traveling with That much loose cash. Guess I'll have to send them a money order or wire my payment.

as much as I appreciate this second surgeon for stepping up to the plate I feel that I should stick with my initial choice of surgeon Dr osak omulepu. I've invested far too much thought and time and energy Choosing him that I feel 9 days is Far too short of notice to switch doctors now. I will give a A+ review to doctors sergio alvarez of miami for reaching out to me. he surely restored my faith in this surgery and in Miami

today part 2

between my last post and now I have had a few more hurdles to jump in regards to my surgery. there's really no need to discuss them because everything's been smoothed out. and I must say that I have Vivian to thank for all of that. She's really come through for me Today. I'll be the first person to admit that I may have misjudged her a bit. water under the bridge
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