SOOOOOOOOO READY :) July 21st Here I Come Dr O! my Bday Gift!!!! - Miami, FL

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So , ive been on this website night after night...

So , ive been on this website night after night from basically January. I've been interested in a bbl for a few years but this year is definately the year because im more prepared. When i initially inquired about bbls i was about 50 lbs heavier and didnt qualify at all .So moving forward toward my date I have been eating healthy and exercising to bring my bmi down to qualify for my procedure. i also play flag football so thats really been helping me to shed pounds . my current weight is 220 .8 and before my procedure i would like to be around 190. Going in to research I first considered vanity and then came across the sculpting in the DR. Since this is my first procedure , i decided i will go with vanity and go to Dr Olumepu. Other reasons i considered vanity is the fact that its closer ( im from the Bahamas ) also my mom loves in Florida and i want her there. if i do need a round two from ass greed then i will be in the DR!!!:) So far the reviews I've seen from Dr O are amazing but i wish he had more! There is nothing better than an in depth , real , honest , and informative review. i will definately do all in my power to provide u with an honest complete blog of my experience!


honestly im sick and tired of vanity's coordinators !!!!!!!!like i send u messages , u read them , then you decide not to answer ! yes , i can tell if the messages are read from my phone! its beyond frustrating because im simply tryin to be fully prepared for my date next month especially coming from oversees!like shit , answer me , im a customer , im paying , and im not being all ratchet! all i want is good service! u hear from these ppl day by day before the downpayment is paid, now they ghost!
i asked my lady earlier whats the address to my surgery center and she said she will tell me later ,,,wtf ,, like tell me if im tripping? have any of u ladies received an email from vanity about only sending your balances to this certain account?


after poting my review last night i saw on realself that dr O would be out on vacation for my procedure, ,, ! WHat a way to get the news! my first reaction was to cry ! But with the help on my rs sisters i pulled my shit together and thought of how to make it work . lets take into consideration that i was mostly hurt because i bought ,tickets for me and my girlfriend and out hotel room earlier that day! so yes i messaged my coordinator not caring how late it was because i was going crazy amd she said she didnt know what i spoke about . so long story short, i just switched to mcadoo! and then my pc messages me ten mins later to say oh change of plans dr o will be in until the 25th! i think i prefer a dr who will be in town for my followup ! and to monitor drainage! like i dont get why vanity has soo much damn confusion! like they have me tired ! But on the real , i dont take anything for granted ! everything happens for a reason! i just cant wait to be post op!!!!!!!!!!!!omg

SOon to be Mcadoll!!!!!!! Time is drawing near!

good evening ladies, hope all is well with all of you! as you all know my date is with Dr , James Mcadoo on july 21st!!!! 5 days after my 28th birthday. I am beyond excited and i am trying not to get overwhelmed with all the things i have to do before i leave and the things i have to purchase! i have to write a list of bills to pay and very important items that i MUST buy . i realize as i read reviews and even hear from a friend or two that has had the bbl , they have alot of stuff that they didnt use, so i am being smart . well trying to. i wanted to buy my garment over the internet but i am afraid to do so because i want a good fit and i also weigh waaay more than i look due to sports (i play football so i have alot of muscle in my legs) hellpppppp someone! what should i do .? anywho, i am beyond excited to meet Dr Mcadoo. From the sound of the reviews he seems cool! im ready for him to finish this masterpeice! ive damn sure worked hard enough losing over 50lbs! oh shout outs to my girl ellerenee who is having surgery in the morning with dr Mcadoo! wishing you all the best hun! that body is gonna be on fleek in a few hours!!! :)

Vanity on some bullshit

i had the worst possible two days. .. so about two weeks ago i made a debit card payment with vanity for $900 .. my coordinator rememebers to tell me tuesday night that they are unable to receive the funds i sent . So she suggests that i go to my bank and ask them to stop the payment . so i do so and like i figured the money shows on my account statement that it has been withdrawn. so the bank cant do anything about it .so Today spoke to my coordinator again and she is basically telling me to either change my date or wait for the money to clear up and send in another $900 and let them pay me back later. none of those are options for me ! i have been planning this from March! mom mom and girlfriend have taken vacation the same time! my hotel and airline tickets cant be refunded or exchanged! .i need vanity to fix it ! this shit is not my fault! y am i the one crying and i should be treated like a valued customer.!?

Sorry for the late update !

Hello everyone. I had to stay off Realself for awhile since there was soooo much going on ! I flew to Miami on July 20 th to have sx the 21st ! When I got to Miami I went straight to vanity and blood work , pictures , and signing of papers took me less than an hour ! I didn't meet the doctor the day before my surgery because he was not in ! the next morning my sx was scheduled for 9 but I wasn't started till after 11. Strangely I was calm because I was already in positive vibes mode lol . When I was in the back in the private waiting room where I had already undressed I just covered myself in my travel blanket and watched Wendy Williams ! I was super relaxed! When Dr Mcadoo called me back I got really excited ! I hear stories of how friendly he is and he is just that and more. He showed me tons of pictures and also ensured me that my results would be awesome ! He said I had foundation to begin from! After he marked me up I was introduced to the super friendly anesthesiologist who gave me a margarita through my in and I was out ! ?? When I woke up in recovery I was extremely cold and someone was right there to make sure I was ok and get
Me more blankets. And I remember the nurse saying that the garment I bought was too small for my ass ( go figure ) lol. I did ask for Asssssssss! So my mom and girlfriend bought me another garment from vanity which was a 4xl! Yes my ass was hugeeeeeee ! After a while my mom and girlfriend came to the back for me and I was wheeled to the car ! From me going from vanity to the hotel I blacked out like 4 times just from the anesthesia ! More like I kept falling asleep and falling to my knees . I was prescribed oxycodone for pain , nausea meds and antibiotics ! I only took the antibiotics and Tylenol for soreness ! I can truly say I had no real pain at all just soreness and I really think it's because I'm active ! The first night and second day I was extremely nauseous and had to keep smelling alcohol pads to keep me from throwing up ! The day after I threw up and immediately I felt at least 30% better. ! ( all the anesthesia came up) Ohhhhhhh I hughy reccomend medical massage professionals ! Marian is amazing and Val ! I got a special of 150 for five massages and each day got better and better ! I walking , eating lots of protein and having water and gatoraid made me feel much better ! I hater walking but you have to do it ! Ohhhhhh yes I love what Mcadoo has done to my body !!!!! Each day I look better and better ! Some of the swelling has gone down and I am still very happy about my results.

Before and afters


I must say this journey is one of a kind and I'm grateful that I had my mom and girlfriend there with me to assist me. ??If u go alone go to a recovery home or hire a nurse
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