Soooo Ready for my BBL with Dr.Fisher 2015

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My 26th bday wish is to be a Fisher Doll!

Hello RS ladies!! So... today is my 26th birthday! Yay!! and my present to myself is a BBL!! I first started lurking on RS towards the end of June and I came across Dr.Fisher's quite a few times. His reviews and results were fantastic. He also studied at Harvard Medical which I found pretty impressive. At the same time I found Dr.Fisher, Vanity had a $3500 BBL special during the 4th of July. When I called it was for Dr.Valls only. After thinking about it, I decided I didn't want to chance it. I would rather pay the extra $1500 for someone highly recommended then be cheap and be disappointed with my results. Not saying anything about Dr.Valls other than I know nothing about him and have never seen his work. So I opted to wait and have my procedure with Dr.Fisher at the end of Sept 2015 which was the earliest available appointment. For the last month I have been researching like a fiend about Dr.Fisher, Vanity and other surgeons in Miami. I live in Tampa Bay so Miami is only a 4hr drive for me. My coordinator is Lia and she seems very helpful and polite. I put $2500 down towards the total $5000 in the beginning of July. The same day I made the deposit, she emailed me my invoice, pre-op and post-op instructions, "need" list and refund policy. They did seem kind of pushy to get all the money at once and I thought it was strange that they only accept cash. I'm depositing the rest today which makes me a little nervous and apprehensive. I don't know why because I'm ridiculously excited and ready for some hips and a$$!!

Wish Pics! Yay!

Booty greed is REAL!

Im getting closer to my sx date (5 days and 22 hours yay!) and I keep thinking "more... i need moreeee!!!!" My boyfriend says Im tryna get an ignit ass lol and i think hes right! I have questions typed up for Dr.Fisher and I keep changing the amount of CCs I want... 850 to 1000 to 1250. Smh. Hopefully Dr.Fisher or someone can save me from myself! Truthfully as long as its bigger and fuller than what it is now I will be happy!!! But a donk would be F#$%ing awesome!!

I will be posting more pics and updates now that Im at the finish line! Peace

Venting about Vanity :/

Yesterday my date got pushed back from Mon to Tue. This is the first time I have been upset with Vanity. I have been emailing and calling multiple people, multiple times daily for a week leaving messages about my medical clearance and if it was necessary. I didn't know that I needed it because Yisel told me that all it was that my doctor had to fax a letter saying that my antidepressant wont effect my surgery. Welp Friday 5pm comes and I get a phone call from my coordinator telling me that its required for surgery. She said I can see their doctor to get my ekg but its $100 and he wont be in till Tue. So there ya go. I was a wreck and of course I had to be at work when it happened. I would think about it and I couldn't stop myself from tearing up. Thank God my friend came and hung out with me for a few hours. It was hard for him to understand how I could be so upset about waiting one more day. But I was really that upset. I think my nerves finally got to me and I started my period today (the real culprit im sure!).

I do feel like Vanity dropped the ball and I just got a teeny taste of what I read about other girls experience. All my love goes out to ladies who go though it with Vanity! Until today I have actually enjoyed all the ladies there. I had almost daily interactions with them for the last month/ 3 weeks via patient portal and I always received a super fast and polite responses.... all until this week. I'm still so blessed and this was just a little hiccup. I just needed to express that frustration so I can let it go.

Hotel Stay

Im staying at TownePlace Suites Marriot in Miami Lakes. The drive to Vanity is 15 min on the Palmetto Parkway. Its 2 bedroom, 1 bath and a full kitchen. I particularly chose this hotel because my mom and her bf came to help me so everyone can have their own space. Also with the kitchen, I brought my own groceries and can save money on eating out. The staff is nice and the room is clean. Overall, Im very happy with my choice.

some BBL supplies

S-Day! some before pics and measurements

Underbust- 32in
Natural waist- 31in
Across belly button- 36in
Butt- 38 1/2in

Today is my booty birthday!! OMG it still crazy to me! I have thought about (aka obsessed lol), researched, planned and prepared for this everyday for the last 2 months. So its a relief that its here finally.

SX is scheduled for 5:30 but ive learned nothing is set in stone at Vanity. Im getting my medical clearance done before surgery.

THANK YOU RS SISTERS! Following so many women's amazing journeys and transformations has been a invaluable source of strength, comfort and information! Youre all brave as hell for sharing yourselves and then actually doing the damn thing! I would have never made it this far this fast without yall!! Love ya girls!!

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