Soon2b Alvarezadoll 29 Yr Old Mother of Two Beautiful Girls. - Miami Beach, FL

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Hey RS ladies I'm 5ft 6inc my weight fluctuate...

Hey RS ladies I'm 5ft 6inc my weight fluctuate between 158 and 161, about ten years ago I got buttock augmentation placed underneath the glutes muscles and about 2 years ago I decided to remove it, not because of their shape or complication but more so the overall feeling of it, it felt really really hard and unnatural and I wanted a more natural feel. Dont get me wrong my shape was amazing with them, The crazy thing is once they were removed I was left with a slightly disformed booty, you can't really tell when clothes are on because I have to were a girdle panties to lift my booty, but when the clothes come off you can definitely tell, I'm very happy with the decision I made to remove the implant because I love the feeling of my but now it's so soft and Squishy, initially when I got the implants removed I kind of expected my butt to return back to its natural state especially considering the weight that I put on but it didn't, anyway I searched high and low and was going to go with Dr yily, I even booked my appointment and paid my deposit but because family members wasn't in agreement with me going to DR by myself I decided to stay in the states which is so much more expensive. Dont get me wrong I was very confident in Dr. Yily work but having two beautiful girls and traveling so far away from them and the thought of something happening to me and my family being able to get to me, I just couldn't do it, not to mention if I was to experience any complications I don't have that type of money to be traveling back and forth from the states to Dr to get a revision so I just decided to stay in the states, My Aunt initially put me on to Dr Sergio and I must admit I searched high and low and could not find any bad reviews, plus he had a special going on 4100 for bbl with 12 areas of lipo. I must admit the prices are great and so far the communication between my coordinator Elizabeth Perez has been awesome. I mean via email, phone calls, text messages she has been on it and I can definitely appreciate that knowing how it was communicating back and forth with Dr Yily Assistant, sometimes I wouldn't get a response until 3 days later. But still Dr Yily is a beast her work speaks for it self.

change in dates

Hey my beautiful ASS RS dolls, just wanted to update you ladies I change my surgery date to August 02, 2016
Because my right hand my best friend is scheduled for that date, so I would rather experience it with my bestie then alone, but as always I will keep you beautiful dolls updated with my experience...pre opportunity pictures coming soon doll. Peace
Doral Plastic Surgeon

So far I have not spoken to Dr. Sergio Alvarez but my coordinator Elizabeth Perez has been so awesome, communication between Elizabeth and I is so amazing she answers, responds to my emails text messages and phone calls promptly. Love it.

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