Fisher doll certified Jan 9 2015

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Excited about going to dr hasan on the 20th of...

Excited about going to dr hasan on the 20th of Januaty. A little nervous but this is something I really wanted to do ! Many think I just need Lipo but I don't feel the need to throw all of my fat away! I have been thinking about Duran and Medina but finally decided to stay in the states after seeing the work of Vanity. Fisher does awesome work but I believe hasan will be a great fit for my already curvy shape. I do not want to have results that I am not happy about !

Fisher or Hasan

Please help me out.

Who does the best aggressive Lipo
No ripples
Beautiful butt with hips

I have to make a decision and I need your help. Please

Appreciate you all

I really appreciate you all. I am feeling more confident with my decision.

Pics above are wish pics.

Hasan or fisher

Switched to fisher surgery in 10 days ????

I'm excited but anxious about what's about to happen. Many people tell me I am just fine the way I am. But this is something I am doing for self. I am tired of looking at my love handles and pouch on bottom.

It's crunch time and I have to prepare. Any links. Any suggestions ?

Gain 5 lbs in 8 days without protein shake

Coordinator Anna suggest I gain a few more pounds to get the best results !

I'm excited and nervous bc fisher had a cancelation so thata why I am going versus Hassan.

I need to secure where to stay
Buy whatever I need in the next couple days

Hemo 11.8. Is that ok & I need number for a nurse

I am waiting for results to be complete so i can send over to the doctor. As I anciously wait I asked for my hemo. I am texhnically under. Is this ok. Is it safe to continue with surgery ?

I ask am need of number of a nurse to hire for hotel. Any suggestions

3 more days until BBl with Fisher

Im excited,anxious& scared. I guess that is normal.

I still have not solidified housing. Should I go with Keila or New body Recovery??? i have to make decision tonight!!!

All of my labs came back perfect ! Thank God

I appreciate all the support I have had on here. I appreciate it 100 percent

Vanity & Moni at new body recovery

I feel a lot better. Dr fisher is amazing. The staff at vanity are awesome. I decided to add inner thighs to my surgery.

When I arrived office manager confirmed payment. Blood work was taken , ( no Ekg as it was included in my quote ) , pictures were taken, I met wth Dr fisher who is simply amazing and tells nothing but the truth then I went on my marry way.

Moni was so helpful. She helped with everything from getting last minutes , fulfilling prescriptions , and being mentally and emotionally supportive.

I am really tired right now. About to shower and get ready for my big day. Feel free to ask me any more questions if needed.

I'm alive.....fisher and Moni are my life savers

I will update more later. Rough night full of pain and stiffness. I thank God for Moni at new body recovery.

I had her up all night.

Pics attached.


1 day later and I love it

Last night was rough for me. Pain was an understatement.

I feel a lot better now. Couldn't have done it without moni help.

Today I got my first massage from vanity. Went well. Wasn't as bad as I expected

Overall I am please with my experience and results.

Fisher is the man. Stay in US BUMP DR

I am so happy I chose Vanity and fisher.

Today is my 6th day and I feel so my better. I left moni recovery on the 3rd day bc my boyfriend came to nurse me back to health.

Honestly If I would have went to DR I feel like I would have died. I have received 5 assuages thus far and I get my drains taken out.

Night to morning is the toughest for me. But you will be just fine. I am a cry baby and I survived.

Thank you for all your support , love and prayers. I will try to answer as many questions as possible while balancing my real life!!!

My biggest advice is to trust in God and listen to self. Other people will have their Two scents but this is your body and you have to deal with this.
The first three days I felt like a truck hit me but when you take the medication like clock work you will be just fine.

The consultsnt that I recommend is YARE, tell her prettybrown sent you. I met her during my healing and she was God sent. She is knowledgeable and caring.

My coordinator has not checked on me once after receiving my money. God sees everything , so i won't bash but I pray that vanity get their consumer relations on point bc the doctors their are really good.

Fisher is the best bbl doctor and even tho I do not want bbl again. I do not regret my decision. I got what I wanted

God bless

6 days later & still swolen

Happy ????

10 days post op. Back home

Nights are still rough.

I'm alive and well.

When can I sit on my butt again.

How do you keep as much fat alive as possible ?

Best breast aug in Miami. Change of subject

Hey dolls I love my bbl with fisher but I will like to find another doctor for breast Aug. Any suggestions

Cc request

Hey dolls. I saw all the messages about how many ccs did I get. I actually have no clue.

My concern was my stomach not really my but bc I already had a decent shape with a butt. I didn't want it too large. This is pic of me before and this is me after. I am pleased. Aside from my skin feeling like fire. I am loving my results

2 weeks later

Hey everyone. Thanks for all compliment a and prayers. I feel a lot better.

My butt swelling went down and looks more like my normal size. It slightly rounder per what I requested to doctor. My stomach is super flat and thst is what I requested.

I purchased massager from brookstone in addition to getting two ultrasonic massages a week.

Pictures attached

At home massage Kit

I use arnica gel
Pure aloe and massager from brookstone in addition to my spa massages.

My sides and back are still hard. I hate the feelings and I want my soft skin back. This is what k will focus on for the next couple of weeks.

1 month later

1 month later truth

Hey dolls. I have been busy with real life. Wanted to update you.

My sides are still very sore. I sit very minimally although I believe my butt is very similar To before.

I believe dr fisher did an awesome job on my Lipo and I could have just got that. Before my surgery I ( humbly speaking ) had a nice decent shape. I gained 7 lbs to create more unwanted fat so he can have something to work with.

With every doctor your bbl fat survives 30%. I advise you all to focus on Lipo contouring and to plan To exercise to maintain the best structure. Big booties are nice and all. But you want to be able to maintain a nice shape without looking stink.

I wish everyone the best. Eat healthy , live long. Be fab

My waist trainer is from Gives me more pressure and keeps me snatched. God bless
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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