Sick of Being Built Like a Chicken, Ready Meet the REAL Me. Miami, FL

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So, I have gone back and forth with this but I...

So, I have gone back and forth with this but I can't spend another year in this body. I'm a 32 year old mom of two precious girls and I'm ready to take my body back. I have always had a love hate relationship with my body. You see I have beautiful large breast but not much else. It was okay in my younger days but as I have gotten older all my weight gain has been to my midsection and nowhere else leaving me looking like what I call a busted chicken. Harsh I know but I have to be honest about what I see. So I began my journey about 2 weeks ago trying to find a surgeon to give me my dream body. I want the hour glass figure I have dreamed of.

So I Knew it was bad but damn!!!!

So I did the before pictures that all of us take when we begin this journey ... And how have I let myself go like this. I was literally disgusted with what I saw. I can't even bring myself to post them. I told my husband that he is a good man being able to love my body the way he does because it is horrible. I'm 5"1' and 147 lbs but it is all at the top. I look like a line backer! Ladies I was literally hurt by what I saw. I need to get my shit together and get this done as soon as reasonably possible!!!!


Ok ladies, I know some doctors use drains and some do not. Does anyone know if Ortega uses them? I know Salzhauer doesn't. I hate drains. I had one with my last c-section and it caused more discomfort and delayed my healing process.


So, today I called Dr. Ortega's office to get the ball rolling. My medical questionnaire is in and so are the pictures are in. I'm just waiting for the final word and invoice so I can pay my deposit and have an official date set. I'm so excited. Here are some more wish pics and I'll post as soon as I know my date.

Dr. Omulepu?!

Ok so I got my quote back but it said that Dr. Omulepu would be available for a phone consult. Now it is my assumption that he would be the one doing the surgery since he is doing the consult. Ok, this is the deal. I'm not willing to be a guniea pig for anyone so I messaged Vivian back asking for before and after pictures for this doctor. Have any of you heard of him? I might be switching my doctors.


I'm constantly trying to find pictures that show what I want afterwards. Here are some of theme.

Dr. Omulepu

I had my phone consult recently and he was extremely nice, knowledgeable, and his work looks great. I am more than ok going to to him and can't wait.

Change Doctor?!

Guys how do I change my doctor on here? Any help would be appreciated.

It's Official!!!!

Ladies the deposit is paid and my surgery date is 7/15! The countdown begins!!!


Sooooo.....when I first started this journey I said I just wanted my butt to be a little bigger. Well my mind has changed. I don't want to come back for a second round. So I have decided I want him to be as aggressive as possible to make my way small and I want a nice round butt with excellent projection. The way I see it is that if I'm going to absorb 10 to 20% of it anyway might as well make sure I'm left with a lot of afterwards or worse regretting not making it bigger the first go-round

Shopping is a Girl's Best Friend

So, just like the rest of you lovely ladies, I'm ready to begin shopping and preparing for my bbl in July. It's not the usual shopping but it's still exciting.

-medical adhesive remover
-ensure extra
-sanitary pads
-digital thermometer
-emergen-c drink
-silicone healing strips
-prilosect OTC
-make me heal vitamin kit (pre & post pills)
-body pillow
-arnica pills
-arnica gel
-sinecch pills
-non stick gauz pads
-medical tape
-front zip night gown
-disinfectant wipes

-latex gloves
-SSS iron/blood builder
-GO Girl -- female urinal
-plastic bed cover sheet
-personal hygiene wipes
-maxi dresses
-boppy pillow
-lipo foam
-Anasept skin spray
-Anasept skin gel
-medihoney cream
-medihoney dressings
-kelo-cote scar gel
-abdominal boards
-triangular back board
-hand sanitizer
-stool softener
-garment cleaner
-chucks bed pads
-compression socks
-heparin gel
-aquacel hydrofiber dressing

Not From My Surgeon But Good

I found this and it's a shopping list and what to discontinue a month, 2 weeks, and 1 week before the surgery.

My Dream!!!

I'm obsessed with this chicks body. She's short and top heavy just like me. I can honestly see myself with this shape!!!! Come on July!!!!


So ladies, I finally got brave enough to post my before pictures. It honestly isn't as bad as I thought it was. My current measurements are.... Bust: 38....Waist: 36.....Hips: 38

Osak Dolls!!!

I hopped on the Omulepu bus before there were pictures and reviews. Let me tell you...I'm so glad I did!!!! He is doing a great job and my fellow Osak Dolls look gorgeous????

Booked Hotel and Suggestions

Hey ladies. I booked my hotel at the Seaside Apartment Hotel. This location is brand new and 2 blocks from the beach. It also has awesome reviews on tripadvisor. It is one of the many properties with the South Beach Group and all of them are reasonably priced. Here is the link My stay for 7/14 thru 7/22 for 8 nights came to 876.00 which is a steal. This isn't a special rate either. Not to mention, I wanted to have two beds so I could spread out how I want to get comfortable, even though my hubby will be there. It has a kitchen also and a sofa. I'm excited because everything is coming together.

How long did you stay in Miami?

Ok ladies, for those of you who had to travel for surgery, how long did you stay before going home? Was it enough time or do you wish you would have stayed longer?

I have booked my stay but I'm still wishy washy about the length of my stay. Right now I'm staying 8 nights but I want to go home sooner but I'm afraid to leave to soon. Any answers are appreciated.
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