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So like many of you I've been on this site, on the...

So like many of you I've been on this site, on the down low for a good 2 years, scared to create a profile or write due to privacy purposes but you girls are AWESOME despite the bad apples here and there. First I need to thank every single one of you for sharing your knowledge and genuine experiences whether on the fence or jumped over and have entered bootyland lol. So here is my effort in giving back ha ha come March 26 hopefully it'll be in abudance lolol So here goes nothing I'm 5'2 weight 160, my surgery date is March 26th 2015 my pc is Jessica and thus far she has been amazing. I originally was quoted 4,500 for lipo of back,flanks, abdomen with fat transfer to hips n my flatty. But drum roll please; about a weeeek agoooo-week agOo (in my bobby shurmdaaa voice) I added my arms for $500. Idc idc idc I'll take the pain, but please believe I'll be poppin them pain pills like they were candy, so what lol idc. Just to back track a bit when I started my journey I originally was set on going to Yily Lord her contouring is on another level but her butts ehhhh wasnt sold than I found Duran still til this very day Duran is the truth of course in my opinion her bottys lord I need to catch my breath lml. But girls I just couldnt get over going to another country for elective surgery. I feel like if the worst will happen I need to be close to my family smh, so if you havent notice I'm completely terrified of "the worst" happening and as my date gets closer my fear is only growing stronger. BUT thanx again to the women on RS that come back after their surgery it helps ease my fear. So this is whete I'm at emotionally scared as hell. However I'm on my vitamin regimen lol Solgar 2000 multi vitamin and vitamic C, I am wondering if I should be taking an iron pill although my pcp says I dont have to I should be fine. I had my blood work done last year in October and my hemoglobin was at 11,Hmmmmmm should I or shouldn't I?

Giselle at Vanity?!?!?!!

Hey ladies! So I've been keeping calm but I'm super annoyed and I truly dont want to jump the gun but I'm feeling like its finally my time to deal with crappy customer service from Vanity. Here's the T I called and spoke with Jessica regarding my fmla/sick leave and what will be written I stressed the importance of what should not be written in order for me to get approved for leave she was very pleasant and told me that Giselle is the one who writes the letters ect and thst she will call me that same day (Friday) so here comes Tuesday ladies and I havent received a phone call nor email. I was trying to be understanding like maybe Giselle is really busy then well its the weekend maybe she's not in but Monday I should of received a call am I wrong?? So ladies I will call today because my patience has ran out. Any ladies dealt with Giselle? Anyone out there trying to take sick leave from work? any creative ideas or pointers on going about this? Ok besides me being a debbie downer I finally went shopping for clothing it was so much fun :) I went to a store maybe some of you heard of it Joyce Leslie I think i did pretty good I bought 6 maxi dresses for $30 wOohooo saving money always makes me happy. Little by little I'm purchasing supplies but I'm not going over board I plan on bringing the necessities and packing as light as possible. I'm not sure to booty buddy or bbl pillow or to keep basic and get a yoga mat :/ decisions decisions til next time ladies hope all who have crossed over thus far are recovering nicely I read a review I forgot her name but what sge said really has been inspirational I will share it with you all and if anyone knows her name please let me know so I can give her credit she said "You gotta be stronger than the pain" props to her!! I will say this to myself when its my time.

Vanity area?!?

My question is, if the area is bad? One of my family nembers that live in miami is telling me and my mom that the location is in the ghetto infested with drug dealers? Smh they are telling me I shouldnt go and I should find another doctor and if was so good than why is the office in the middle of the ghetto...I'm so upset I dont need any negativity from anyone what the hell the area have to do with the surgeon I feel confident with and his craft?!?!? Is this something that I should consider re-thinking? I feel if the area was as bad as she claims there would be at least one person on RS that would of spoke about it or mentioned it briefly.

must wait 30 days before surgery date

As per Jessica, Giselle hasnt reached out to me regarding my doctors not bc it isnt 30 days prior to my scheduled sx date. I haven't had any issues contacting Jessica however very annoyed I won't have any answers regarding my note for work. :(

Nursing Pillow a.k.a Boppy Pillow

I'll be using my nursing pillow a.k.a boppy pillow for back support. I placed it under my thighs and I wasn't satisfied :( my flatty was touching the seat. In my opinion I need more firm support under my thighs to guarantee the (Ass)ets will not touch the seat.

I gained WEIGHT!!! (current thought)

I'm 5'2 and 165 pounds As per Jessica I wasn't suppose to gain nor lose when I originally ranged from 150 to 155 (last year when I began my journey). Now my face is fat and I have a double chin. Idk if I should lose the weight to slim my face down now or wait until after the procedure. A bit confused bc I've read losing weight post op may compromise your results in a negative way (flatty patty) :(

Tabla Abdominal

So I've been slowly purchasing supplies and thing I feel like an idiot about is, not knowing and totally bypassing it comes in different sizes smh. Oh well for being ahead of the game. Its a small and according to the size chart I should of purchased a large. Hmmm should I exchange it or just keep it bc I may go down after sx?? Decisions decisions

Tabla Abdominal Board out the packaging

Fisher aint Loyal, Team Hasan!! #March25

Fisher continues to play himself, of course he would decide to go on vacation and just cancel and or reschedule his patients, I am not surprised according to reviews I've read this is his m.o. Shit money may not be a thang for him but for me it is. So he's giving his patients $200 for flight cancellation fees okaayy ummm Thanx :/ and what about hotel reservations :/ so girls I decided to switch teams, if he ain't loyal niether will I be. Team Hasan it is :) Lia helped me thru the whole process she was everything, she handled my business like a Boss in 20 minutes flat. I let go of Jessica's incompetent ass the moment I received a text from a fellow RS sister breaking the news to me. Ladies when dealing with Vanity be on your P's and Q's have everything put in writing. Integrity is everything.

Lap slip

Not much to say other than I'm super nervous and need to sit my flat ass all the way down. I can be very dramatic and I'm paranoid of the worst happening. I've buying supplies little by little I dont want to go over board so my goal is to bring with me the necessities. Due to personal issues I have an additional person traveling with me, my 5 year old daughter. Bringing her isn't my ideal scenario I would hate to tramatize her seeing me all bloody, so I'm trying to figure out how my mother and I are going to be discrete about this. Thanx to my family discount we are staying at the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel and Casino complementary in a suite WooHoo. But the free99 comes sacrifices It's not close to Vanity :( very worried about the car ride to the hotel fresh out of sx and my post op appointment. I'm currently looking for a lymphatic drainage masseuse near the hotel for convenience purposes. #thatisall #march25

6 more days!!

It's really 5 since I'm headed to MIA for pre op the day before. I've been off this site for a while bc I needed to focus and get my life lol I was totally consumed with RS and my anxiety was going thru the roof so I had to LET IT GO in my very FROZEN Elsa voice that is :) Here's the update my car was hit by a commercial truck while driving on the highway smh I'm good GOD is great but my car ehhhh not so much :/ SUPPLIES SUPPLIES SUPPLIES that'll be my next post but Marboston from Ebay is AWESOME great customer service with speedy delivery I purchased both my Vedette 929 CG's and it literally was at my door step in 3 days. I opted out the typical "pre op or post op vitamin kit" and purchased the arnica tablets off amazon and the bromelian tablets which help reduce swelling, inflammation, bruising to take after sx. I'm currently eating at least two cups of pineapples a day just to get that bromelian in my system before surgery I started the 2 cups of pineapples legit yesterday and will continue up until the day before surgery, I'm still taking my iron pills (65mg) as my coordinator said its absolutely ok to do so. Let's rewind a bit, I went to my doctor had my labs done my hemo is at 12.8 so everything is good to go with the exception of this PTT and HCG test I need done. Ladies please don't make the mistake I made with the HCG test Vanity needs it from your blood not urine :( My daily vitamin regimen was: Solgar 2000 Multi-vitamin, Walgreens Vitamin C 1000mg, Iron 65mg or Ferrous Sulfate 325mg, and Hema Plex which I added after seeing it at a natural health food store and remembered Miss Future HASAN Doll allaboutme2015 using it her daily vitamin regimen. The vitamin C and Iron pills I would take together on an empty stomach apparently the iron absorbs in your system better on an empty stomach. I will add my before pic the day of my pre op or maybe yall get a 2 for 1, pre op pic alongside post op, I'm sorry I'm am too shameful and disgusted at my own body and terrified to post my before pics for privacy purposes however I will give back to the RS Community, I honestly don't even think I would of had the courage to start this journey on my own. Love you all. God bless and Good night xOxO

A little heads up on Labs

Anyone getting their labs done from their pcp at home prior to arriving at Vanity be sure to tell your Doctor the HCG test must be through the blood and "qualative" or "quantative" not too sure. Btw, this PTT test they need my doctor said Vanity is complete morons in the 5 years that he has been doing labs and medical clearances not one doctor has requested a PTT especially with blood work that it normal. My doctor ordered the PTT test although it was against his will lol he thinks Vanity are Idiots but he loves me so he did it so I didn't spend money getting it done on my own. That is all for now. 4 more days tho??? OHhhh GAWDDdd!!

CVS Pharmacy near Vanity

CVS Pharmacy
6320 SW 8th Street
West Miami, FL 33144

My insurance will cover my scripts out of state if I get them filled at a large chain pharmacy like CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reade ect. I personally like CVS bc it's across the street from my house. To each is own.

leaving tmrw 7am

smh, I cant stop 2nd guessing myself every 5 minutes I'm going over everything I need and have. I'm paranoid I'll forget something. opening and closing my luggage is getting ridiculous at this point but I keep doing it :(

5:30am first patient

Headed off to sx sx, pray for me please.

before pics

b4 pics


So far, so good. When Im better i will give details but lord my ass feels like two rocks, it seems to be the only thing thats painful. My tummy n sides just feel sore. F.y.i this is after taking my pain killers. Allaboutme2015, u next love XoXo. Hadan asked do u want a nikki or a j.lo booty.this bleeding is outta control, super nervous about incision area I dont want an infection:(,

Post op day 1 Massage

post op day 1 first massage
With Marian, I swear she has magic hands. My stomach was filled with fluid pockets and tremendously Lumpy after one session my stomach was much smoother and the amount of fluid that she drained OHh Gawd it was part 2 of my blood bath. Ladies please take ya pain killers prior to going and bring Gatorade. Marian is very pleasant and understanding she takes her time and doesnt rush, if you need to take a break she will Stop. Shes very compassionate And gets the job done.

Medical Massage Professionals

Do I have blood clots?

As of yesterday evening My calves are hurting me, making it difficult to walk. I'm a bit concerned bc I didnt have any type of thigh lipo, leg lipo ect. I Had my 2nd massage today with Marian, she exexamined it and said it was just inflammation but for a peace of mind i should go to the hospital. She did massage my bbl legs today, ankles n feet which felt likevHeaven until I had to enter the torture chamber for the drainage of my abdomen. Here's the scoop, she has two rooms one where you lay face down on a massage bed listening to soothing tranquil music with candles burning (aroma therapy) and she massages you with smell good oils. So after you feeling good boooom sorry to burst ya bubble you need to get that ass up n go into the next room where you stand while holding on to walker n the blood bath begins lolol sorry I mean the drainage massage begins. Shes bomb I wldnt trade her for no1. I actually was suppose to get my massages with Vanity but at my post op appt yesterday a lady had just finished getting her massage and of course I asked her how was it wand pretty much she said good, she didnt drain at all and when she asked, the masseuse told her she will pee the fluid out. Ummm that was a deal breaker for me so I decided to go to Marians. I went to Vanity today after Marians to get Hasan to examine my claves smh he said the same thing Marian said, than asked me to strip so he can look at my body with the help of his assistant we get naked and he's like damn girl look how small your waist is and look at that big booty he touches my shoulder like his dusting off my shoulder and says you just been HASANIFIED! The end for now.

marble ball

So I was under the impression only woman that had t.t wld need to put a marble in their belly button WhOoPs WrOng try again, I'm currently here with my marble in my belly button 3 lipo foam boards and abdominal board N lets not forget that that tank top under the garment. So heads up to anyone that thought the same as me. Let's add that marble to the supply list ;)


I went to Mount Sinai er yesterday, I'm super swollen my eyelids are even swollen. So I will make this quick. I am confused scared and dont know what to do especially when i thought i was doing everything the right way. I do not have blood clots, I have "Rhadomyolysis which is the breakdown of muscle fibers due to injury. The injury may come from physical damage to the muscle like an injury but other causes are: high fever, Seizures, low phosphate levels, diseases of metabolism, heatstroke, drig toxicity, over exertion, alcoholism, muscle is cut off from oxygen, the squeezing of nerves and blood vessels".  The doctor gave me 3 bags of fluid and told me will retest me one bags were finished if my blood level was the same than I would have to stay in hospital. All 3 fluids bags were finally done my blood was taken again and yes I was able to leave my blood level improved by 1500. Doctor described my condition like someone who just ran a marathon and immediately after the blood is drawn of course it show muscle breakdown however let that same person hydrate themselves the blood level will increase.   I am so confused. I have super good news once I got back to the hotel, I'm assuming from all the fluid pumped into me I POOPED! Lord Jesus was that an experience, I put all the pressure on my thighs n it just came right on out, and Guess WHAT!! I had stop writing this review to go again lol felt awesome but I am not familiar with this new booty and stretching my hand around my back n in between my crack is definitely an experience. Why us women put ourselves thru for beauty? I could smack myself but Im sure im just going thru a lil emotional rollercoaster at the moment. Did i mention how freaking swollen I am today even my eyelids. My mom says it's from all the fluid Given thru the IV (but what she knows, she aint about this life lol) The dr. At Mt. Sinai suggested duritec. But I was under the impression we shouldn't take any water pills bc we need to remain hydrated? Now i'm being told i should to flush out my kidneys n to drink coconut water not Gatorade bc Gatorade has to much sugar. Ohhh n the hospital lost my compression socks smh. I guess I will go to Cvs and just get a pair (While I wait for my Percocets to be filled that the Dr. Perscribed)he compression sock i bought off amazon are too tight my foot cant even go in. If anyone knows anything about my current situation or has any suggestions I'm all ears.

Pics, same day of SX 3/25

pic side profile

Pics 4 days post op

I do not have lipofoams, triangle, or abdominal board on. I thought I had to do #2 took everything off which is a struggle doing it alone bc everything is sensitive to touch, I finally sat on the toilet and absolutely nothing came out, so i refused to put all the armor back on until I pooped lol I know T.M.I but hey it's never too much on RS right? Btw, Ive noticed since surgery my arms fall asleep while laying on my belly no matter the position I placed them in, I will ask Hasan tmrw about this. I also bought overly expensive compression socks at CVS for $37.00 smh today and it's my first day without taking any pain meds at all. Lets see how I make it thru the night.

Pics 4 days Post op

Let's try this again. I also want to mention that Vanity gave a nude size 38 929 Vedette faja same exact style, brand and size like the black Faja I have on in the pics however the nude one seems to cut off my circulation, it also left a ring around my butt. I'm wondering if vanity is doing some illegal sh%= regarding the fajas. HmmmMm is Vanity selling Bootleg Garments? I ordered the black vedette 929 size 38 off of ebay from Marboston (the best seller with great price and customer service) and with the lipofoams, boards and triangle I'm good. Vanity are you up to something, cause you "got it for the low low"? Or maybe black garments arent as tight as nude?

lipofoams causing lines on belly

What the FUDGE gRRrrr, this is frustrating especially with me swollen. The foams and board help me however when i take my garment off you can see the lines and I'm lining them up in the front (abdomen). ANDdddDdd the fluid moves down towards my vagina (the area the foams do not cover) the struggle is real. Hope all post op girls aren't fighting with their fajas and boards how I am. I may have to get brooklyn one time maybe that'll work. Ughhh

pic of lines and fluid near vagina

What's a girl to do?


A mini update on my FFMLA, it was approved my job wanted a specific diagnosis so I told them umbilical hernia. Hope this helps til' next time.

Lymphatic Massage

Hey everyone, today I had my first (really 5th in total) lymphatic massage since being home. I was advised that I still have fluid and would need to get it drained, the good news is my massage lady works with 2 doctors so all the researching and guess work was eliminated. After just 1 session I swear to you ladies my faja feels loose on me and I have the lipofoalipofoams, abdominal board and triangle anyone in the NY area please give her try. She does manuel lymphatic with ultrasonic waves and pressotherapy.

butt cuff anyone?

Any pointers on how to achieve a butt cuff wld be greatly appreciated, hmmmm inquiring botties wanna know. Apparently asking for J.Lo booty aint give me one but I am very happy with outcome thus far.

15 days Post Op Pics!

Ok, so let's be honest, my heart desired a Nicki however My mind desired to appear natural, and we all know ladies sometimes what the heart wants isnt always best for us. Am I secretly wishing to haveva retarded ass ABSOLUTELY ;p but umm yeah noOo. I will content once 3 things happen; 1) Fluff Fairy 2)Booty Cuff 3)fluid and swelling is out my damn life. OHhh yes and 1 more thing is this corsery or w.e your personal preference is. Is it suppose to go under or over your garment? Do we . Lipofoams and board along with it? Or is this again personally preference? If my waist is smaller my booty will look more poppin lol. Btw pictures dont do justice its bigger in person.

Update Lymphatic Massage

Ok, so thanx to hourglassdiva (lifesaver and heaven sent) I found the bomb.com I mean the wo-MAN of massage ladies, I actually find it insulting for me to call her just that bc she is very much more than that her name is Viviana her spa is located in Brooklyn its called Casa de Munecas, I thought I hit the jackpot when I went to the spa in uptown (refer to prior post) however Casa de Munecas is a one stop shop she takes care of all your needs and yes ladies ALL your needs even DRAINAGE!! She is trained and certified she's also had work done herself. No0o more worries for me trying to get an appointment with a doctor to drain me NOPE not I :) Ladies I found the perfect cozy yet chic spa with a woman who is passionate about her work and truly,takes the time out for you and educates you as well, her hands O.M.G she goes HAM my mind is at ease now knowing I found someone for my post op care who actually CARES and doesnt just see me as a dollar sign. shout out to hourglassdiva for sharing her info. I am truly happy and my mental anxiety has gone away since I left from my first session yesterday with her. I strongly recommend giving her a chance especially if you suffering with the battle of fluid like myself she will massage you downnnn and drain you. I think I love Viv lol XoxO.

Progress Picture

Please excuse the tacky dress, it's been yearssSss since I was able to pull off a tight dress and I wanted to put something tight on without wearing my garment to see my progress thus far. I think I like my lil booty :))

stage 2 Faja/Abdominal Board

Just wanted to share the stage 2 faja that I purchased thanks to Viviana from Casa de Munecas she advised me that part of my problem with swelling and fluid (seromas) is bc I needed more compression although I was wearing the vedette 929 with 4 lipofoams, the triangle and ab board (yes I was stuffed to the max) I needed a better compression garment, this wasn't mention to me when I was at the other spa, as this is my first time having any elective surgery any recommendations from someone knowledgeable and experience I can benefit from and is crucial to my healing :( one of the staff members that was assisting me taking my clothing off from the other spa I went to asked me what the triangle was for smh anywho I bought a better abdominal board too (Viviana recommended for even compression) this one covers the entire stomach it isnt as hard as the old one, so I put my old abdominal board over it. I love the compression and how flat using both has made my belly. That's it for now. Take care ladies .

stage 2 Garment Success lol

I was on my first clasp in my 2nd stage garment after my session yesterday with Viviana, I'm comfortably in the 3rd clasp with ease. Viv incorporated Carboxy Therapy into my session OoOoh GaWD lMaOoo all I'm saying is no pain no gain.

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