Separated Last Year, One Kid off to College Now It's Time to Focus on Me! Miami, FL

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It's officially ME season!! lol, Im legally...

It's officially ME season!! lol, Im legally separated about 9 months in my 2 marriage which was a joke almost immediately. When you get married for the second time, all eyes are on u so I know that's why I stayed in what I knew was a disaster from the 6 month mark. Anyway this is something I wanted for about 4 years now but my husband wasn't supportive at all. I was in great shape when we met, fit a size 6 even a 4 by the time we married. He's a big dude, built like a linebacker and always wanted me small. I used to have a great booty, but over the years with weight fluctuations and after my hyster I've lost my nice rear end and now my weight tends to settle in my mid section.

I just started dating some one about 3 months ago, although I've been legally separated for only 9 month my Ex moved out over a year ago and we stop living as a couple almost 18months ago. What's super surprising is my boyfriend is totally on board even offering to pay a third. We figure with the procedure, recovery home and flights it will cost around 6k. He's gonna give me $2000. We were friends in high school and reconnected over Facebook last year but just started dating almost 3 months ago. Right now the plan is for him to come with but he's a barber makes great $ but a week off may be hard on him financially. Honestly, thinking of coming by myself a lot anyway. I'm a nurse, I've had a coup,e female surgeries in the past including my hyster. This is potentially a bloody and miserable recovery. I'm not sure he's up to it, not everyone can handle helping some use the bathroom, cleaning themselves up, changing out bloody dressings. In my job, I see family members & loved ones get turned off with certain cares all the time. I'm taking it day by day and I'll make the final decision in
Ike among and a half. I'd love to hear from ladies that went solo from out of state. Right now I'm booked with Fisher, I'm contemplating going for an earlier date and maybe Hasan, they both seem to be doing great work. Any advice or suggestions are welcomed! I'm so excited, November seems like forever!! Also for my sisters that have already had the procedure, butt, in or out garment???

Info about October dates with Fisher & ideal BMI

So I had been thinking of moving my date up and I tried to call my coordinator Natasha but was told any schedule changes, payments and questions go to the scheduling department gave you guys heard this? Is this new? I've been reading that people were dealing with the same person from the initial inquiry, down payment to scheduling all the way to the end. Anyway I wanted mid October, I was planning on real long going hard at work for 6 weeks to make enough to pay off my surgery then only have to put the recovery house & travel on my credit card.

Well I wanted to let anyone know that apparently Fisher is out of the office In mid October. The woman who said she was Fishers assistant said people were scheduled during that time are being pushed back. I'm like WTH?? If they pushed my date I'd be pissed!! People are taking leave from work & buying plane tix, SMH!!!!!! I was told the next available date would be the 26th I took the 27th since I'm coming from out of state and I want to have both my consultation and lab work done there the day before (Monday) so there's no issues I'm doing to have labs done by my PCP about a month before but I've read so many people saying they had to repeat labs there so why not just plan on it???

I really need to get this surgery done this last week has been absolutely crazy! As I said before om on a new relationship and of course with anything I started second guessing the procedure and also him because I'm like why he so damn excited??? We had a pretty bad argument over it a day I realize it's my insecurities about my booty that made me act crazy. Also I've bed searching everywhere for idea BMI for a BBL. No luck. I'm 5'5" and 164 I'm thick thighed which I like. My booty should look really natural with my legs. I know how u sometimes see girls with gigantic butt, and stick legs so it's obvious she's been enhanced?? Yeah that won't be a problem. Anyway I'm not saying I'm skinny but honestly I'm solid I'm a size 8 my extra weight is in my belly and so I've been trying to maintain it do I can have good results. I Right now my BMI is 26 normal is 18-24. I typically eat pretty clean I started stress eating right after the holidays and I gained 10-12 pounds in about 5 months. All in my midsection...prior to that I was in a 6 and comfortable taking a bikini pics. I've been eating fast food but that's stopping today. I've been so sick and run down because my body isn't used to the greasy food. Tonight I've been nauseated and running to the bathroom sorry TMI. I tried to ask the Assistant if Fisher had actually looked at my pics. I wanted advice on if I need to lose or gain a few pounds. After going into a detailed question it was obvious the Assistant didn't understand my question. I'm like can they get someone who actually is fluent in English. No offense, I'm definitely not prejudice my children's father is Cuban, & it use to irritate the hell outta me that some of his relatives were here 10-15 years and could barely communicate In English. I'm considering getting a consult locally if I can get it for free just to get an opinion prior to jumping on a plane.

My boyfriend bday, us in a few days my officially meeting his best friend and wife and a couple other close friends. I ordered some of those booty lifting get shorts and I'm wearing white jeans because white jeans always make u lol a but bigger lol I'm trying to make it look like I have a nice butt now so it won't look so obvious after the surgery just like I been on my fitness at the gym lmbo...The 27th really doesn't work for him and his job very busy time at the end of the month. I do think want him to feel pressure to cone and it will be bad work wise so I'm thinking if asking him to come for consultation and surgery then fly back home and let me recover in a home those few extra days. I know he will want to be at the consultation to put in his 2 cents about CCs and overall look he is an ASS man and I'd like to have him there when u go in and wake up for moral support. What do u ladies think? This 2 months can't come fat enough.

Looking for a surgery buddy October 27th

Hey ladies!

I'm in search of a surgery buddy. I'll be coming from Maryland staying about 5 days. My consultation is on the 26th and surgery 27th. I'm pretty sure I'll be solo, do I'm hoping to get a buddy for my time in Florida. I'm thinking we could stay in the same recovery home (separate rooms to maintain privacy) so we can kinda help each other and watch each other's backs. It's hard to do anything alone in a city you're not familiar with let alone surgery where we will be at the mercy of strangers. If I can't find a buddy, Id welcome a "local" sister just stopping by to check on me. Also to vets that did it solo, what did you do about your valuables (cell, credit cards and $) while in surgery and while you were incoherent. Any advice would be welcomed.

It's starting to seem real now

It's starting to seem real now. I'm about 34 days away from my surgery date. I'm excited a little nervous but good. I'm going solo so that's made it a little more concerning. I know lots of ladies do it alone so that's given me inspiration and courage. I spoke with Kaila today at vanity. She reviewed my info meaning weight stats, medical history and will be emailing me the lab paperwork today. I'm scheduled for a physical with my PCP October 1. I'm starting my vitamins now I think I'll do my lab work a few days after I'm seen so I can have 10 full days of iron supplements in my system. I'm taking vitron C. I'm giving myself a window so if I need to bump up my H/H prior to surgery I'll have time. It's a good healthy salad everyday from here on out. It's not a diet I actually love salad and spinach! I'm sure it will help with my labs as well.

I also finally spoke with Moni, from NBR. We hit it off in the first couple minutes laughing so that was a good sign so I'm going ahead with staying with her. Waiting to get the info for the deposit via email. I've been reading everything I can so I'm prepare as much as possible. Still have a million questions. Any ladies that would like to he'll by sharing advice it would be deeply appreciated. I'm like do what do I do about my valuables during surgery, like my $ credit cards etc. As an African American woman what we doing about our hair?!? Most likely I'm going be in a weave (hair extensions) I think I will wait til a few days prior to my surgery to get it done so I'll have the maximum time before I need to return to a salon after surgery. And what we do about that. I'm sorry but u know the salon is an ALL day process. Any advice my RS sisters ??? Not gonna smash my booty tryna get cute smh. Lol what's the weather like late October in Miami anybody wear anything besides maxi dresses following surgery??? I'm thinking sweats, yoga pants is that bad or a problem. I'm doing a non stop flight so about 2-2 1/2 hours 1 on the plane the booty buddy isn't available any more. I'm purchasing a buckwheat husk pillow, half foam roller and boopy. I think I'm getting a rental for the day before to drop off at the airport then taxi, user or friend pick up on return. I'm trying my best not involve other people because then I won't have to worry if something comes up. Sounds sad but paying someone for a device is sometimes easier and more reliable than friends and family. Gonna try to upload my before pics as well as some wish pics I've borrowed for my fellow RS ladies

Why am I fascinated with the On the run tour lol

Why am I fascinated with the On the run tour??? lol for anyone that doesn't know that's Jay Z & Beyonce. I think it's because i was in the city the other day and i saw a queen steppin! I mean she was prancing like she was one of Beyoncé's dancers lmbo!!!! She had on high-waisted skinny jeans and a cropped shirt with some high heeled sandals blonde weave down her back and couldn't do anything but look. She was serving, slaying and killing everybody she came on contact with. All I could think about was that's what I'm wearing for Christmas, modified a little. Cropped sweater & boots oh and no blonde hair.

I bought a few seamless camis today. I think these will work great instead of "wife beaters" style. My son had scoliosis and wore a back brace for a while. I use to buy these really expensive shirts to go under neath the brace and I remember a lot of girls that wore similar braces raving about these seamless camis because they don't ride up. I also bought my Nivea Q10 skin forming & toning Gel-cream. Collecting my supplies as I go I'm now 29 days out. I'm calling Vanity again today because I need my lab paperwork and they haven't emailed it despite me calling for it 4 times now. Smh.
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