Heading to Miami for bbl and lipo with Dr. Ortega!!!! - Miami, FL

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I'll start off with the obligatory, I've been...

I'll start off with the obligatory, I've been looking on here for months intro and dying to get my old body back. I'm 5'9 and weigh 240. I've been consumed with work for the past 1 and a half that I look slump from not going to the gym and eating out.

I am searching for a doctor to sculpt me back. I live in Houston and refuse to get the surgery here because the average runs from 9,000 to 10,000. I'm going to Miami! I've narrowed it down to three doctors: Dr. Ortega, Dr. Fischer and Dr. Omu. I'm open to suggestions and feedback, which do you feel is the best?

I have the money for the surgery already and I'm trying to find the one to assist in making me feel happy again.

I just made my deposit with Dr. Cortes in Miami!!!

I am terrified and nervous! Is it weird that I have had nightmares about it already? I dream he will forget to lipo a side or will make one bigger. It may just be my nerves. My date is July 25th and I just made my 300.00 deposit with Liz (Dr.Cortes assistant). She has been extremely helpful and her response are immediate. She didn't get my pics in the email I sent, but said I could text her them and get my quote. She said it is 4000 for lipo and bbl and I can get in january, but I said I want asap so I am paying 4,900! Lol. My patience will get the best of me one day, but they accommodated my request and scheduled me 24 days after I requested. Awesome!
I've read mixed reviews about all doctors, so please only positive and encouraging vibes on this page. I chose this doctor because I loved his work. I will be staying in a hotel and will hire a nurse. I cannot and don't trust the recovery houses, I've read too much drama.

My paperwork!

I need a list a vitamins???

Hello ladies,

I'm stuck on seeing what vitamins to get. I reached out to Lizabeth, but with it being late I didn't get a response. I see everyone posting vitamins and wondering which ones I need or what do you suggest?

My surgery is on the 25th and I'm leaving on the 24th! I'm so nervous and so excited. I think about it every chance I get. My family and friends can't handle it. Lol

BBL is July 25th....getting nervous!

I can't sleep and of course have my bbl on my mind. I check my newsfeed and BAM there is a negative review about Dr. ORTEGA. FML. Now my stomach is in knots.

I paid for my room on airnb and my sis and mom took off work to go down with me. I need words of encouragement at this point. Any advice?

Some of my supplies! Leaving to Miami on the 22nd!!!!

Some of my supplies.
Last minute shopping for my trip! I'm leaving the 22nd for my surgery on the 25th! I'm so excited and scared.

Wasters trip due to the incompetent staff!

Well, my sister, mother and I went to Miami and stayed at Airbnb off 81st near Bal Harbour. I am excited and nervous because the next day was my surgery with Dr Ortega. I get a call from a male consultant (I had no idea who he was) and he wanted to confirm the time and my surgery and weight. I told him and he said I was over weight for the surgery that there was a bmi max. I'm like what the fuck?! I'm driving to the office now. I couldn't find the parking so while my mom and sister were I at light I jumped out to go into the building. I get inside and I explain what's going on and the take me behind reception to get my weight. I was 245 and she said they couldn't do it. I was fucking pissed because they knew my weight when I scheduled it, got my blood work done , etc. I said we came from Houston can I get a tummy tuck and she's like no sorry. I was so heartbroken and she says that they will keep the 300 for up to a year and I can come back. Yeah, because I can take time off again and just fly the fuck out to Miami. Horrible experience!!!!

I am scheduled to get extreme full body Lipo, bbl...

I am scheduled to get extreme full body Lipo, bbl and face Lipo! I paid my 500. 00 deposit and I am excited. I've lost 21 lbs so far and losing more day by day. I don't know if I should go under general anesthesia or regular anesthesia. If I do it will save 1,000, but I will be awake and with Dr. Velillia (dr. Lipo). Any suggestions? Follow my ig @bodyunderwork

Dr Jose Zayas

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