Just Scheduled BBL with Hasan! - Miami, FL

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I just scheduled my BBL with Hasan for Dec. 3rd. ...

I just scheduled my BBL with Hasan for Dec. 3rd. Like most, I've been lurking on this site for a while and finally got up the nerve, time, and funds to get surgery. I'm researching recovery houses now... I called Moni's recovery house but they're booked during the time of my appt. I've been trying to find info on Xanadu through Vanity but I haven't seen much of anything. Anyone know how they are?

Booked the Recovery House!

I'm going to try and do well with these updates because I really appreciated reading these when I was researching my procedure:
I just got off of the phone with Rosemarie and I'm booking at her recovery house for 7 days (A & R Recovery). It's DEFINITELY more expensive than some of the other options now that they've changed their prices on the website and b/c I'm bringing a guest. When I was researching, she had great reviews from other girls. Fyi, they charge 100/day if you bring a guest, she gave me a $100 discount. I don't know if that was always a policy but it is now. My sister liked how that house looked better since she'll be sitting around reading or on the computer, so her comfort was a big factor in that decision. So for 7 days for me ($1650) and sister ($600) brings that total to $2250. Without the extra person it's about the same as Mary and Elite Nursing Concierge because Rosemarie includes all of your supplies in the cost. I purchased an extra faja for $100 and she threw in a massage (better than nothing i guess), and still probably cheaper than my sister staying at a hotel since 3 meals/day are included for her as well. I got the faja thru her b/c I didn't want to deal with sizing issues if I purchase one beforehand. I'm going to send her my weight/measurements 3 days ahead of time and she'll buy what I need. I know there is a markup.

Another FYI: If you didn't see it in the comments from my last post, Mary was $150/day w/o massages, $200 with... no supplies were included, but a guest was free.

Review of Rosemarie so far:
Rosemarie was very knowledgeable about the entire process and Vanity's procedures. I haven't heard anything from Vanity since I put my deposit, but it's still over a month away so we'll see. I'm waiting to hear when I have to do my bloodwork. If any VETS have insight on this please comment. Either way, back to Rosemarie. She told me that I'll have to go to Vanity the day before to fill out paperwork, do last min tests (pregnancy test, etc), and make sure I'm all paid up. She said for me to come to the recovery house early the day before so they can drive me to Vanity since all that has to be done before 3PM. All of our interactions have been pleasant and she definitely is already helping me feel comfortable. My 7 day package includes:
3 meal per day (me and sis)
-Transportation (me and sis)
-2 Massages (+1 extra)
-1 Garment (+1 extra)
-2 Lipo Foam Boards
-1 Lipo Board
-Boppy Pillow
-Yoga Mat
-Arnica Cream
-Feminine Pads
-Cleaning Wipes

If anyone has questions I'll do my best to answer them.

I'll do before pics and wish pics closer to the date :)

Reasons for choosing Hasan...info on complications from surgery

I decided to move parts of a discussion I've been having in the comments into a post because I do believe it's important. First, I'll address the death of one of Hasan's patients in 2014 that was in the news because that's how the conversation got started. If you search, he had a 51 yr old patient of his die after being taken to a hospital (following the procedure) of a lung embolism. Basically, that is fatty tissue causing a blockage to the lung. I did ask about this incident when I spoke to the coordinator over the phone, and she seemed open to talking about it and answering whatever questions I had. She said that the lady died, but the news left out that she had a pre-existing condition which she never disclosed that made her more susceptible to that type of complication. I'm not going to argue who is telling the truth, but what I will say that regardless of who you choose, DO YOUR RESEARCH on the complications associated with whatever procedure you are having, and do your best to prepare your body to heal as effectively as possible.

When I was researching Drs, I spoke face to face with a local one and asked him about the complication with BBL. A big one from the fat grafting is pulmonary embolism due to too much fat entering a vein or artery and making it's way to your lung. (Paraphrasing from what I remember). He said that the method to reducing that is quick movements when reinjecting the fat back into the body so even if you do get some into the blood stream, the amount is small enough to pass thru. I looked it up some more and that's one of the main reasons they make you wear compression socks after surgery , as the blockages usually start in the legs and move their way up. Clots are also a big reason they tell you to move around/walk to promote circulation.

Some of the rare complications that he mentioned for liposuction (& other surgical procedures) include infections, bleeding, skin ulcerations, nerve injury, seromas (fluid under skin), pulmonary edema (fluid in lungs), hemotoma (bleeding under skin), and puncturing an organ.

There are DEFINITE risks/complications with this (and any) type of surgery, even tho they are the rare cases. From what I have been reading, most dolls that experience complications get infections or dizziness/fainting/low blood pressure due to the blood loss and need to be admitted to the hospital for treatment... i've read some who experienced "garment burn" (garments that are too tight creates sores that look like 3rd degree burns) and fat necrosis. The best thing I can say is make sure you do read all of the possible negatives, be HONEST and thorough in disclosing all of your pre-existing conditions, and again, prepare your body to heal as much as you can before and after surgery.

Let me also say I'm sure there's a bunch of stuff I've missed. I just wrote this as a reaction to replying to another user. I am also by NO means a medical professional. You'd all be better off using google, or more importantly, asking your doctor or surgeon. It's just good to be aware of the risks so that we better take care of ourselves. And also try to learn the early warning signs and symptoms.

I'll end on a happy note...that the complications are rare, and Dr's check your information to make sure you're not at increased risk for any of the issues i mention. So keep yourselves safe dolls so we all leave this experience with positive memories :)

How active were you after week 1??? Flight Booked! & Birth Control question

Hi Dolls
I've booked mine & sis's flight down to Miami, but here's my question:
I'm staying in a recovery house for a full 7 days (A&R Recovery), but I'm going to book a hotel for 7 more days in the area before I hop on the plane. There's some nice places on the beach where I can walk up and down the street or boardwalk. Also there's some places next to some nice malls. Am I being too optimistic? Or will I be still stuck in bed for most of the time on week 2? Any VETS have some insight?

Also, the pre-op paper said no birth control for a week before surgery, but the surgical coordinator for Hasan told me to stop a month before (which is pretty much now). What did you guys do?

Not too much new, still waiting on blood work papers

About 10 days ago I got an email for the patient portal that Vanity uses. I posted a pic of the home page w/ your personal surgery countdown. From that site, you get some supply lists and general information (nothing near as detailed as the lists girls post here). You can also email your surgical coordinator.... the site admin takes about 2-4 days to transfer your question to the nurse and she usually responds in 24/hours. I got a 1 week before surgery & day of surgery paper that I'll type out some of the instructions at the bottom of this post. I'm still waiting on my blood work paper work.

I booked 2 hotels that are the same price, one near the airport and one near the beach (nice view while I recover?? lol) for week 2. I haven't decided with one I want to stay at yet... I'll cancel one before December hits.

I'm still in the process of buying supplies for my trip. I'll put where I got some of mine & the prices so you guys know what to expect. So far I've gotten:
-4 maxi dresses to wear while recovering ($28, Goodwill, in case I bleed on them or something)
-2 Pack Pineapple Bromelain Pills ($9, Amazon.com, for swelling)
-Arnica Montana Pills ($7, Amazon.com, for bruising)
-32 oz Hibiclens ($18, Amazon.com, to shower with for 2 pre-op and some post op showers)
-Dial Lavender & Jasmine antibacterial body wash ($5, drugstore.com, less harsh so I'll use this 1 week post-op)
-Healthy Mama Stool Softeners ($15, drugstore.com, I hear a lot of people recommend laxatives and these are gentle and meant for pregnant women so I figured they should be good)

I still want to get an ez-pee, extra compression socks, benadryl for itching, baby wipes, something for scars, and maybe a waist trainer for compression. My surgical garments are provided in my recovery home package (listed in the 2nd post I did).

Highlights from the "week before/day of" paper:
1) You must confirm your surgery 72 hours before your date or it will be cancelled and $1,500 will be deducted from your account. It is a requirement that someone brings you to/from the clinic before & after your procedure.
2) 30 days before surgery: No smoking
3) The week before surgery: No alcohol, no natural teas, no herbal life, no protein shakes, no aspirin, no vitamins, no birth control, no acrylic or gel nails, no nail polish on hands or feet.
(However, I will add the nurse told me no birth control 30 days before)
4) "PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE TAKING ANY MEDICATIONS" ... (From what I've seen they will require a medical release from your Dr if you are on medications, but ALWAYS be honest about any and all conditions you have!!)
5) They day of surgery: No jewelry, no piercings, no creams, no makeup, no eye contacts
6) Important info: An assistant will call you the day b4 surgery with last minute instructions and your surgery time; Shower with antibacterial soap before surgery ; Do not eat 8 hours before surgery, not even water ; After surgery it is recommended you walk 20 mins per hour starting the day of surgery.

Editing on Realself

Is there a way to edit these individual posts? The picture in the last one didn't load... So I'm trying it again here.

Labs Scheduled

I have my labs scheduled for early Tuesday and I'm nervous something will be too low, and I'll be in a mad scramble to fix it. Once these come back and I'm cleared for sx I'll buy the rest of my supplies and post before pix and wish pix!!

1st "issue"... hopefully it will get solved quickly

I had my labs sent to Vanity on Nov 11. I emailed the surgical assistant thru the patient portal and she said they received them, but I guess they hadn't looked at them yet because I never was told that I was cleared for surgery. (I looked at my results online and everything is in the ranges it needs to be). So today I called to ask when I find out if I'm cleared/have they looked at the labs, and no one can seem to find them. I've called 4 times since the morning trying to speak to different people. Finally the last call they said they'll call me back, and also took my Dr's office number (3rd time I've sent it) in case they can't find it. I obviously don't want to put any more money down until everything is guaranteed. So far I just have my deposits paid, and once I'm cleared I will do the rest for Vanity & my recovery home. I'm staying with Rosemarie and A&R recovery.


So my Dr's office says they faxed everything Wed AND Fri last week since I had called back last week to double check they had sent it the 1st time. I'm honestly embarrassed to have to ask them to fax everything again today. I double checked the fax number and they have it correct. Plus, the one assistant did say she received them from Wednesday (via email). The one I spoke to today said, "I don't know why she said that," because she says she went thru all the faxes page by page and did not see mine. If Vanity still says they don't have my labs tomorrow I don't know what to do. I dont want to call back that lady at the Drs again, I can tell she's getting frustrated with me. Maybe I'll have to go pick it up and fax it out myself or something as a last resort.... hopefully it's resolved this time tho.


I gotta say my Dr's office is awesome... they sent everything out again for me right away, and I just got the call from Vanity saying they got everything! (woohoo!) I'm super happy Vanity called back liek they said they would too...Dr. Hasan has to look it all over so hopefully I'll be hearing back that I'm ready to go soon.

Recovery House Blues.... Who has stayed with A&R Recovery???

Like I stated before, I chose to stay with Rosemarie and A&R Recovery because I saw so many good reviews. Well, the last week or so, I've seen HORRIBLE reviews. Look at LovelyLane124 page and you'll see what I'm talking about. A bunch of people cosigned what she said too. Has anyone stayed there recently?? I'm not sure what to do since I have my surgery in about 2 weeks... It might be near impossible to find someone else at this point. My sister will be with me so maybe I'll have her in case things really are that bad?

IRON SLIGHTLY LOW :( :( :( Help! Advice!

I was told my hemo is 11.4 and needs to be 11.5 or I will be turned away for surgery when I get there. It doesn't seem like a lot, but I am worried because I'm supposed to have my period the week before surgery and I don't my hemo to drop anymore! I'm coming from out of state with my sister to stay 2 weeks in Miami, and I can't risk being turned away the day of after spending all that non-refundable money. ANY ADVICE is welcome!!

Wish pics!!!

I'm less than 2 weeks out... so this post will be wish pics and the next will be before pics :) I don't want a huge booty... just a tiny waist and a nice round upside down heart shape.

Before pics

My before measurements are 41 bust, 30 at thinnest part of waist, 34 at biggest part of stomach, 40 hips. Height is 5'9. I'll probably be btwn 160 & 165lbs by surgery... I've already gained about 5 lbs so I should be close to 160 now. I was told not to gain any weight by Hasan's assistant.

1 WEEK... Starting to get nervous

Next week Thursday is my day! Starting to finally get nervous about everything and the whole pain & recovery process in general.
I'm getting my bloodwork redone this Friday to make sure my hemo is above 11.5 like Hasan requires (it was 11.4 before). The results should come back before I have to leave.

Holy crap, only 3 days! What should I pack for clothing to wear??

Omg, I'm starting to get a little nervous now!
VETS: I packed 5 maxi dresses, 2 robes, a bunch of tank tops for under the faja... what did you wear the most??
I bought some XL underwear (I'm normally a medium) since everyone says your regular underwear won't be big enough. Anything you guys wish you brought that you didn't? Can I wear leggings?

In Miami! Surgery day tomorrow

I arrived this morning and went straight to Vanity from the airport to sign all those forms. I'm at A&R recovery right now. ... the house is beautiful and everyone has been super nice and accomodating. There's one girl here who had her surgery yesterday and one that I know that is coming tonight who has hers on Friday. I'll try my best to keep updating but I'm unpacking right now :)

At Vanity! Day of surgery!

Here now a little early. My appt is in 20 minutes and I'm waiting to see/meet Hasan. Wish me luck and safe/healthy /great results!

Back at A&R recovery

Hi dolls! I'm back at the recovery house and laying on my stomach. I'm typing this with 1 finger because I'm super stiff. The chef made some really good chicken soup for me and the nurse checked my blood pressure. I had to get a larger faja last minute bc the nurse at Vanity said the 1st one should be looser when I tried it on pre-op and mine was snug. The driver at A&R went to the store to get one for me so I wouldn't have to pay Vanity's prices. $125 at vanity if i remember correctly. ... $75 at the store.

I'm pretty weak right now so I'm headed to bed. I have a follow up tomorrow at 10AM.... I'm not looking forward to having to take the faja back off lol.


2 Am bathroom wake up lol... moving suuuucks.. laying down feels great lol. Still a leaky mess. They've changed my bed pads maybe 5 times since I got back at 6pm yesterday.

Bleeding and peeing..... peeing and bleeding.

12 hours after surgery. Woke up about 5 times to pee. Had to change out my pads every time I got up. Pain is a 2 when laying down...9 trying to get out of bed. I'm walking soooo slowly. I haven't seen my body yet .

I know some of you will be disappointed but...

I didn't want a big butt. ... just a tiny waist. Its been less than 24 hours. I had my follow up and took my 1st shower. My 1st massage is tomorrow, but I've been draining a lot on my own. I see the fluid pockets too. By the way, taking the faja off for the 1st time is NO JOKE ... I can't even imagine how this massage is gonna feel tomorrow lol.

Day 3... booty greed is real lol

Already thinking I should've gone bigger on the booty lol. As long as it doesn't shrink and the back swelling goes down it will be perfect for me. I started draining again after my massage yesterday (saturday). Sx date was Thursday afternoon.

VETS... what should I do??

My smaller faja feels great around my waist, but it feels like it's strangling the life out of my butt /thighs. Can I cut it or should I try another brand? I have my surgery day faja on with foams to keep my stomach compressed right now. ..

ONE WEEK REVIEW /review of vanity

Today I went to Vanity for my 1 week follow-up. Everything is looking good. I had a small pocket of fluid next to my belly button and the nurse drained it with a syringe and told me to keep the area compressed and my body would naturally absorb the fluid.

Vanity overall wasn't that bad.
1) I expected some level of BS due to all my research and reading the previous reviews. They were horrible when it came to keeping track of my labs, but they did return my calls before the operation. They called 3x post op (so far) to check up on me.

2) My coordinator JENNY was excellent!!!! I can't recommend her enough. She answered every one of my questions, and directed me to the right people when she couldn't. She gave me her personal # when I was having problems talking to her thru vanity email, and even came down to meet me and talk to me on my preop day. She still messages me and asks me for updates a week later. An instagram doll had a question about her surgery and couldn't reach her coordinator. I texted Jenny and got a reply in minutes. I definitely recommend requesting her.

3) Hasan- I only saw Hasan once for 10 mins right b4 surgery when he came in to mark me up. He wasn't rude, but he was not very personable. He definitely was straight to the point, and that was really the only interaction I've had at all. So far I'm loving my results tho, so as long as things keep going well, I can't complain... he did exactly what I asked him to do. All pre-op and post-op was done through nurses. They have all been nice.

Recovery House Review

As I stated earlier in my journey, I stayed with Rosemarie's recovery house. I was definitely nervous because right after I booked, a bunch of mixed/negative reviews came out about them. During my time there I have to say it wasn't that bad:

I was picked up on time at the airport. Rosemarie had given me a description of the car and the name of the driver. He kept his hazards on when he drove around so that helped to distinguish him. I asked the driver his name when he came out just to confirm (he spoke mainly Spanish). We went straight to Vanity for my pre-op and then to the house.

The house was very clean and neat. Rosemarie was away for a few days but was still available through text/call. As soon as I walked in I was offered food & drinks (by Maite) and asked if there was anything special I needed. I requested Ensure and pineapple juice. They already had pineapple juice, water, and gatorade, and the girl (Barbie) picked up Ensure for me later that day when she went to purchase the rest of the items included in the package. There was one other patient there so I got to choose from the 2 remaining rooms. I chose the room in the back because the house did echo and could get noisy when a lot of people were in the common areas.

The day of surgery they hired a nurse to stay 24 hours (she spoke mainly Spanish). I had my sister on the other other bed, so the nurse stayed in the common area and would come check on me periodically to take my blood pressure and temperature. (I will say I thought it was odd that when she checked my temperature and it read 86ยบ, she didn't check it again... Not sure why since 86 means you're about to die from hypothermia lol.) Barbie would come check on me as well, and Maite (who cooks and cleans) would come to ask if I was hungry/wanted anything to drink. If I wanted food, she'd bring it to me in bed. Maite always did my laundry and returned it folded, changed my bedding, and cleaned my bathroom. She worked extremely hard and was always pleasant. Barbie always checked to see if I needed anything and made sure I was always comfortable. Rosemarie was also nice but not as proactive as the other two. You'd have to specifically ask her to do things, but she would help when you asked.

I only really had 2 issues while I was there, and one wasn't their fault.
1) One night a girl (and she brought friends) who was supposed to to stay at the house but cancelled and wanted her $ back started violently banging down the door at 10PM for maybe 45 mins when everyone was about to go to sleep. No one knew who it was at the time, and it was late. Plus when you've just had surgery, and you're in a strange place, you feel extra vulnerable b/c you know you can't fight or run if you have to. The police took forever to come and it was a whole big scene for a few hours.
2) When Rosemarie did return, more non-patient guests would also come by the house. It would be one thing if we were told about it, but when you walk out to a common area and see strangers staring back at you it gets annoying.

On a separate note, the two people who were the most helpful during my stay (Barbie/Maite) are starting their own recovery house.
The website is;
www anewliferecoveryhouse co ==> (put the periods in) (yes it's .co)
Email: Anewliferecoveryhouse@gmail.com
Contact #: 786-641-9671
The first 20 patients to RSVP will receive a FREE surgical garment and 3 FREE massages

3 week progress

I don't think these pics do my waist any justice. I'll try to get better ones. My butt slowly softening up and hopefully it settles soon to give it more of the upside down heart shape. My seroma is slowly going away on it's own ... I've been wrapping it to provide extra compression.

Love my results so far, but....

I love how I look so far. I'm nervous about losing anymore size in my butt... it was down another half of an inch this morning. I haven't been sitting directly on it and I'm still sleeping on my stomach. Hopefully it fluffs like everyone says.

These pics are from a couple days ago. Hasan got so close to the muscle you can almost see abs! I can't wait to start working out! I still wear my foams under my faja just for extra compression and i like the feeling better than the faja material. My seroma is still there but too small to aspirate so hopefully it's gone in the next few days. Once it is I'll switch to spanx during the day.


So I was trying on some outfits this morning, and I LOVE my waist. I'm now wishing I had let Hasan do his thing with the size of my butt because I'm losing volume, and I miss the size it was in that previous post. I'll have to update with pictures soon.... But overall I do look a lot better in clothes and I do have an hourglass shape.

Anyone who says you can achieve these shapes from diet and exercise is full of shit lol. I've always been active, and if I got my waist to where I wanted it, my ass was gone...and if I had an ass it's because I was gaining weight everywhere. Even though my butt is slowly approaching it's original size, it's still more than I would've had if I had lost the weight to get my stomach to how it looks now. I probably couldn't do a round 2 because I don't have any fat left on my stomach, but we'll see how things look after the 3 month mark.

Overall (so far) I'm happy I did this, and I'm happy I chose Hasan. I can't wait for the recovery/healing stage to be over because I'm definitely sick of these fajas and the random swelling lol.

6 weeks

I'm very happy with my results so far. Like I said before, my butt is maybe only an inch or 2 bigger than what I started with, and I know most of it is the mini laterals/hips he added. It does poke out more since the fat was taken from my back, so I'm happy. My waist is about 4" smaller than I started with... and that fluctuates with swelling and diet.

I can't wait to start working out like normal. I can feel soreness in my butt if i jump or bounce even though it feels pretty soft. There are still a couple of hard spots deeper beneath the soft fat on top.

I don't wear my faja anymore when I'm in public, but I wear it around the house and to sleep. I usually put my foams in (to keep the skin smooth) and a waist trainer on top to sleep in.

If I was only rating results, Dr. Hasan would get 5 stars. Luckily results are the most important part. I deducted a star overall because I never saw him before or after my surgery day. I only was able to receive care from the nurses who were all very helpful and nice.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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