Soon to Be a Salzhauer Beauty WARRIOR - Miami, FL

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Hey ladies I'm super excited and scared just put...

Hey ladies I'm super excited and scared just put my $1000 down payment to have my BBL done with Dr Salzhauer in miami, I'm from the new York area and been researching this procedure for a while. Didn't want to go to DR although I'm dominican, it scares me to leave the country. Im 32, have a 2 year old via c section and my stomach got jacked up with that, I'm totally the outcast of the Dominican race bc I suffer from no ass at all syndrome. I decided to go with Dr salzhauer bc of his reputation, results, and medical background. I'm scared not gonna lie. My mother is a certified medical assistant so she will be going with me and my 2 year old when I get my sx. I'm an RN my self so knowing the risks is a bit scary, plus having a type A personality knowing I'll be placed under general anesthesia and not having control over things gives me anxiety, but f it all NOT REGRETS I can't wait. He asked if I wanted a tummy tuck since I have stretch marks, and belly looks jacked, but for now I just want the lipo and BBL XXL please lol, I want to have another baby in the future and since in a c section I feel that if I get tummy tuck now and end up having another baby that will defite the purpose, when I decide to close the baby factory up will definitely get a mommy make over for now please give me a small waist and big ass please, anyone made this decision before? I need all the help I could get from you ladies, pre op pics to come soon


I.still 6 months away and I'm I'm a nervous wreck, I work nights so when I won time for my nap before work I can't sleep, just thinking. . Where the hell I'm gonna stay, am I going to wake up from anethisia, how am I going to luck, am I really going to get what I want, i need help

Holy grammar

Excuse my grammar ladies I'm doing this From my phone after a 16 hr shift urgh...I'm looking through condos and things, anyone that's been down there have any suggestions of where to stay? I feel like the be at Western is kind of hood, maybe I'm wrong, I just been in best western here in jersey to do things, you know nasty things lol, and I keep thinking it'll be like that, anyone stayed there before? I would love the input

more wish pics

To massage or not to massage that is the question

I been doing major research and seen how certain doctors and bbl lipo ladies swear by post op massages, through research I found that doctor salzhauer doesn't really recommend bc he feels they are not necessary and it would be just an extra expense. I my self would like to know everyone opinion, do they really help? Do they maximize results? AND when do you start your sessions? I also included more wish pics and my pics that I sent to DR S, I will not be getting a TT only a BBL, since my baby factory is not done producing I'll like to hold off on the TT. I would like to hear from ladies that only had a bbl with no TT with a similar looking stomach as mine. September can't come soon enough.

Ps forget the pics the site is not letting post the pics will post later xoxo

wish pics and pre op

more wish pics

I know I have to be realistic, his not a magician and he has to work with my body anatomy, but I hope he could give a tiny waist and a huge ass lol


I been trying to update for 2 days now, and every time I'm done writing and hit enter it all erases, urgh annoying . Anyway, in just scared, I know Dr salzhauer is the best of the best, but how about if I don't get what I want? Are my expectations too high? Is my body structure not mean for a small waist, I know Dr salzhauer is not a magician. And he could only work with what have, pero I'm just so scar ed...I keep thinking maybe I should of gone to DR where they don't have a limit for lipo, florida has a 4 liters limeit...can't anyone give me an opinion. .and about supplies I know nothing. I feel like I'm so confused, idk know what the lipo foam is for? I Ned help thank you guys

exactly 6 months away from booty land

Started Buying Things

Hey ladies I just bought some pee thing on Groupon is cheap, go get it, lol... I been trying to contact my surgery coordinator and nothing, I sent an email I'm still waiting , I'm gonna call monday, see what's up, I just want to put some money towards the having that money in my account is dangerous, so many pretty shoes this season lol... well ladies is getting. Closer and I'm super excited!! I keep dreaming of it! I'm so excited..well ladies happy healing for those that made it to the promise land

second thing purchased

Hey ladies so excited finally it came back in stock, the bootie buddy, I hear heat things about it, how's anyone used it, or heard of it....I'm little buy lil being everything! !! I wanna call my surgical coordinator tomorrow and make another payment, I'm afraid something will happen and won't bet my survey.
..let's see if is allowed, to all the ladies post up happy healing

Condo is booked, is getting real!

Surprisingly time is moving along pretty quickly! I just booked my condo through in surfside which is pretty close to where Dr S office is, I had spoken to my coordinator Monica she's so sweet btw, I talk to her like I know her she most think I'm nuts, but she really made me that comfortable, well anyway she recommended a place in surfside, but i decided to with the condo although yhe place she recommended was great! Condo is pretty cool 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, pool at premises and the beach across the street which is great for my mom and daughter since they are coming down with me. Walking distance to everything as well, Publix, pharmacies etc. had some good places as well, for my salzhauer dolls that are traveling like my self. I'm so excited to see how I'm going to look! I see all my salzhauer beauty warriors post op looking great so I'm excited!!! Is so close I could taste it, just working on 10 to 15 lbs to lose, I'm at 194 which is 2 pounds over what I'm suppose to be, so wish me luck girls. Is just difficult bc when I stress I eat, and since I work at night I been to tired for the gym, but I gotta suck it up and get on the ball, I would hate to get cancel bc of my weight

wish pics of the month

I need help

Hey dolls, I have a question, I am getting massages once I get back to ny, but Idk if I should get some while I'm still in miami..I know Dr salzhauer doesn't think they are necessary but I want to get them, did any of my beauty warriors get massages while in florida? Who did u use? If any of my salzhauer vets could help me that would be amazing I need your input! Thx guys 99 days to go and I will be a Salzhauer beauty warrior!

flights officially booked, is getting real!

I feel like the days are flying by, I'm getting so nervous! I'm like I hope I don't die, I know super dramatic but is so legit, I hope all goes well, sometimes u feel they're so focus in the media/social network thing that it becomes first instead of the patients, idk like they are focusing too much in video and being funny and reality type show that u just see the bodies laying there while they Crack jokes, which is cool for them but makes me nervous, scared..anyone feeling that way? Well I officially booked the flights for myself, my mother and daughter is totally happening holy shit 75 days to go pray for me

Preparation mode

So ladies the day is fast approaching and I'm having a difficult time losing the last 10 lbs, I'm 5'5 and weight 194lbs right now BMI is at 33, idk if you ladies are like me and eat when stressed. Is not like im not trying, I spin, do kickboxing and eat clean except for the days that I "eat my feelings" lol. .questions for the vets how does it work with weight in, is he super strict with this? I'm so nervous, I invested so much cash already, with airline tickets, condo, everything I'm so scared, which makes me nervous, which makes me eat lol. Well anyway I'm preparing anyway started drinking a mix of emergen-c and iron to increase my hemoglobin just in case is low, any other ideas to prepare, thank you ladies and happy healing

increasing my hemoglobin

I hope he could do something with this

Nervous, just plain nervous ladies

Holy shit less than 4 weeks

Omg the anxiety is so real. Filling my leave of absence paperwork is crazy, I had gone to the ED not long ago and they ran some blood hgb is at 12 I know that the cut off for Dr salzhauer, hopefully I could raise that, and I'm still not to weight wtf am I gonna do, just 3 pounds away, but weight my self naked in the morning, in the afternoon is more..I'm nauseous and everything my nerves killing me

It got too real today

So today was my pre op ladies Monica called and went through everything with me, so scary, I'm so scared I'm still 195 how the fuck am I gonna lose 5 pounds by September 11!!! I just don't even wanna think that I'll fly there and they'll be sorry chick your too fat! My bmi is at 32.5! Today I paid my balance, so is official, balance is paid, tickets are bought and condo is paid for as well..all is left is getting clearance,today I had my blood done and my pulmonalogist only has only open on Tuesday and that's bc they squeezed me in! Ladies the fear is so real, how about of I don't wake up, I have a 2 year old, or how about if I don't make it through the night, how about the pain, how about of my body structure won't let me have a small waist that I dream of, I need help, I need you ladies words advice. No one understands this journey other than you guys! Monica and Rebecca were really sweet today trying to calm my fears and being super reassuring, is just so scary. The day is so close I could smell it. Less than 20 days

military diet

Hello ladies I started the military diet today, I weight my self in the morning when I woke up I'm at 193 1 pound away from weight and my bmi is 32 point something, I started the military diet today is 3 days, wish me luck lol 11 days until I Fly to miami, 12 until surgery jesus christ, tomorrow I go for my PFT testing at my pulmonalogist for clearance, keep me in your prayers ladies

Got my labs, will get result from PFT Thursday

Well my hemoglobin is at 13.5 I was aiming at 14 to 15 bug 13.5 sounds good lol, had my PFT today and I have another appointment Thursday to get results, hopefully I passed and I could get my sx done, well guys 8 days until miami 9 to sx

Help Vets or my other future beauty warriors

So I want to get massages, although dr salzhauer does not feel they are necessary, I feel their has to be something to it, I have an appointment Already for when I get back to ny, I arrive the 17, my appointment is the 18. My question is, should I get a massage in miami and if so, how long after sx 2 days or 3 or even longer? Help please! ! 7 days until miami 8 until surgery, pray for me

more wish pics

eventful day

Well ladies I just got cleared today and all my paper work was sent out to tati. I also received my medical leave paperwork for my job. I'm so nervous and scare, I'm basically ready to go. Today I bought my luggage and the knick knacks I need, dresses, Arnica, boppy, comfy pjs etc I just have to pack and go, I'll be a beauty warrior in one week. 6 days to miami, 7 until surgery, pray for me


Big shout to @sept15 and her BFF they will become beauty warriors today, I'm so excited for her and her friend, ladies let's all pray that they make it well!! I'll be there tomorrow girl! 1 day to miami 2 to surgery, pray for me too

Today is the day

Hi ladies I arrived in miami yesterday, met dr miami and he is absolutely amazing! Everyone has been great. I am here today in my room with my blue robe, just rook some pics with tati, spoke to Barry and I loved him, now I just wait, I'm scare but calm, ladies keep me in your prayers, I will update as soon as I can, @sep15 hope you are doing good, I'll be a beauty warrior, I just got marked here we go pray for me

Day 2 post op

Ladies I made it to the other side I'm officially a beauty warrior, is rough the recovery plus I got drains put in to avoid seronomas according to very uncomfortable but this too shall pass, it feels like I worked out for days non stop and I'm sore and stiff border like excruciating pain, I will update more later, any questions I'm here to answer

Actual day 2 post op lol

The other day I said it was day 2 when it was actually day one. Well ladies recovery is tough but doable, the draining is crazy, Dr salzhauer now is putting drains if you're from out of state, is cool but uncomfortable. I my self keep draining more from my right side, pain too. Is strange to describe is like stiff, soreness and pain. When I get up I'm soooo dizzy and move at a speed of molasses lol. I hope my ass is big I don't feel it heavy or see it that way, everyone is telling me is big but idk, maybe is the depression mix emotions we go through during recovery, I don't wanna think I'm going through this for nothing. Yesterday when yeilini gave me a shower I saw my waist looks good still swollen but good, she told me I could hang out on my boopie which I do, so I alternate from laying on my stomach to sitting on the boopie, is great having my mom here, but I'm debating if to hire a caregiver to shower me, since my mom gets nervous when she sees me in pain. Oh and btw idk if anyone experiencing this, I'm soooo itchy! Especially today, is rough ladies but doable all I think everyday is "this to shall pass" to my homies @sep15 and @haideeniyi thank you, you guys are helping so much through this , we could get through this and look amazing xoxo

Day 3 post op

Still feeling weak, dizzy, drained, but better than day 1 or 2. My back kills me from laying on my back but I switch from my back to my boopie, ladies recovery is tough but doable, so don't be scare do it! You definitely need help, plan for that. .force your self to eat, I'm not gonna lie in never hungry, I'm forcing my self to eat, but so not hungry. I hired someone to come help me shower today since my daughter freaks out lol, but that's all I need, the rest my mom has it, I'm still draining way less but still..well my ladies happy healing..and to the homie @haydeeniyi thank you it was a pleasure to talk to you, and know everything I'm going through you have too lol

Freaking The Fuck Out

I just had a complete meltdown I had my caregiver take pics of me, my waist and my belly are tiny but when I turned it looks like no lipo was done to my back, I been crying for hours I called the office but is a Jewish holiday so no one is there, but I called taylor and cried like a baby to her , it was pretty bad. She had yeni call me and everyone is just saying is swelling, bc I don't get that from that after pic I'm on that pic of today..I'm so scared to think, all this pain, money, time has been for nothing, am I putting the lipo foam right? Is the faja tight enough? I'm scare I'm so scare it doesn't look like swelling it just looks like back fat, I can't stop crying, taylor has been a doll though I thank God for her. I'm not a person to cry, but I can't help it, the tears the fear is all there

Day 4

Well ladies I'm calmer thank god for xanax lol, last night was rough bc the back pain, I want you girls to know is rough but is so doable and we could all go through this, today I felt so normal that I was like "I could do this again" I'll tell you guys this much is emotional, I cry then ai laugh then I cry again hot fucking mess, lol. Everyone at Dr miami office have been amazing! They check on me and see how I'm doing and if I'm uncomfortable about something they ALWAYS try to fix it, taylor is the BEST by the way I absolutely love her, she probably hates me lol bc I'm always crying but she has the patience of an angel. Yesterday I hired a caregiver to shower me since my daughter freaks out when my mom tries, so just for a shower is super cheap, I called helping angels warning don't do it to your self, they were rude, the care giver although a wonderful woman she had no idea what even lipofoam was, and kept talking to me about religion, ladies I love God, but I that moment it was not the right time, my experience with them was horrible, they are not associated with Dr Salzhauer, but they are an agency they sometimes recommend, I told them not too, they suck. I'm doing much better still scare my results I feel like my ass is not big, and that looks the same and my back chichos wtf, but I think all these feelings are normal and I have to calm the fuck down lol alright ladies hang in there and trust me is not that bad, the emotional factor is what sucks

Day 6

Getting my drains removed tomorrow, I'm so fucking excited!!! again taylor, and the best nurse ever yeilin are the BEST bal harbour has the greatest team! I'm feeling much better, still moving at the speed of molasses but I'm moving and eating, yeilin told me to take breaks from the faja and it was the greatest. I'm super swelled up and my body be taking the shape of the faja, faja has a bulge, I have a bulge, but I do know that won't stay, i am hopeful my body will look great! And maybe I'll start planning round 2 lol #BootyGreed, also yeilin took picks and the back chichos are swelling bc they are going away, I just need to calm the f down and take a xanax lol.. ok my ladies happy healing, and BIG huge shout to @haydeeniyi she's been great super through this, we throw info back and forth and ladies sometimes that's great to have bc you know you're not alone

sorry ladies is Day 5

I'm only 5 days post op

I think I'm at 7 days po

Well ladies I'm home. The flight was rough. On my follow up appointment the removed the drains, it doesn't hurt it just feels extremely weird so get ready, they also removed fluid from my lower back, a needle is inserted and fluid is drained by a suction machine, just feels like pressure not pain, what hurt me was the needle. ..I'm still super uncomfortable bc is not so much pain , is how uncomfortable you are, you can't sit, lay, i haven't had a good night sleep in ages. Today I have my first massage, hopefully it helps bc I'm retaining so much fluid! And you see the lumps, my body is taking mimicking the faja. I can't wait for the stage 2 fajas..I know. He snatched my body , and during post op appointment I left without the faja bc you could take an hour break ladies out of the faja, what I do is shower and just lay down without it, after an hour I get back in my armor lol, I'll look good when healing gets better I'm confident, his my new doctor and I wanna go back for more l, next will be TT AND BBL, or just Round 2 of BBL, but he wants me to get the TT LOL idk. Any questions just asked. Happy healing to my @sep15 and @haydeeniyi have a good flight

some pics from day 6 from my follow up appointment

Hey ladies u know I'm always at your feed, but I'm trying to give the future but warriors step by step of my experience. Everyone's experience is different, but when I was pre op I was hungry to read from the vets and wouldn't find anything, and I don't want the to be me, so here's another post lol

Day 8, first massage in the bag

Well ladies feeling more normal 8 days post, but still uncomfortable I HATE sleeping on my stomach so if you're like me start training your self. Yesterday I had my first massage, and I have no idea how woman do this 2 or 3 days post, ladies you are my hero's bc I was 7 days post and holy shit I was in pain, but I left with my body feeling less hard and with more sensation. I'm retaining fluid so another 120cc of fluid had to be drained from my lower back. The tool for the massage are like torture devices but I could see how it would help me mold better, but again that pain was no joke. My massage spot uses all these different techniques and I LOVED IT rejuve face and body spa in NY is amazing, I even left wearing a new faja, a MariaE I know nothing about fajas but I hear these are good and the compression is giving me is so much better lol, I keep looking in the mirror like damn that's me lol. My lovely angel taylor had meds called in to my pharmacy and I'm basically set, sitting remains being a challenge but we're getting better. Monday I'll be back for massage 2 and maybe more drainage hopefully not, bc it hurts a little but Mary and all the girls in the spa are amazing I'm in good hands. I think I might want a round 2, not that my results aren't amazing but you know that boot greed lol. Well ladies who are pre op, ask away, and all post op happy healing, this shit is totally not for the weak!

9 days post op

Here are some pics, no thing new to update still sore but moving around much better, these are from when I'm taking a faja break

Day 18

Well not much to report, feeling better but still having a difficult time sleeping. Less swelling but still super swelled up and still draining this god dam seroma, I hate it, is frustrating but you gotta do what you gotta do. I'm still getting massages they hurt ladies but they are highly necessary. I opened a surgical account follow me at @newbody2015cc and follow my journey in IG as well

planning round 2

So I will def be getting round 2 although my bootie looks great from the back, I have no projection, so round 2 is happening and since my dr miami is all booked I'll be heading to dr fisher although cabral In dr keeps going through my head. As far as recovery, I'm back at work. And about 98% back to myself. I'm sleeping all night, I'm sitting, and def getting smaller, but I still have swelling on my lower back and abdomen and at times some burning feeling and the itchiness is crazy but overall more like my self. Let's see what happens bc round 2 is def happening


Any if my RS sisters have been patients of Dr. William jimenez uribe in cali colombia? I would love to see more before and after pics of his dolls, I'm pretty sure I'm going to him but seeing more pics would be amazing
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far my interactions with bal harbour have been excellent, I just hope it continues that way, and I could finally be happy in my own skin

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