27 years old, 5'2, 130lb. SX 8/25 Dr. Blinski - Miami, FL

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Hi RS ladies! Been stalking for a little while and...

Hi RS ladies! Been stalking for a little while and decided to finally start posting about my soon-to-be-BBL journey! I had a consultation with Dr. Salama last week and it went very well (expect for the 1.5 hour waiting time- bring snacks!!)! Dr. Salama was very kind and professional and made me feel comfortable. He answered all my questions and told me that with the amount of fat I have, he could give me an hourglass figure but not much projection. I have an ok-sized butt as it is but I would like to add a little more size (upside down heart is my goal). I'm 5'2 and around 130 lbs. Dr. Salama said I should gain between 8-15 lbs to get the look I desire.

I now have an appointment for a consult with Dr. Blinski on June 7th. I love so many things about Dr. Blinski. First, of course, his result! I look at his IG every single day and it's perfection. I also heard that he only does one surgery a day, which is so great. I definitely don't want a rushed surgery. When I called Dr. Blinski's office to schedule an appointment, Dr. Blinski called me back HIMSELF. I love that you can reach him when you need to and that he takes the time to contact his patients instead of having an assistant do it.

Blinski's current price is $6200 and Salama's is around $7500. Blinski does not use drains and Salama does. From everything I've read, it seems like no drains is safer and makes more sense for a BBL. I love both doctor's result but I'm torn! I guess I'll have to wait until after my consult with Blinski to make a decision. If anyone has any advice or opinions I would really appreciate it! Thanks ladies!

One more thing! The areas I would like to lipo are inner/outer thighs, flanks, maybe abdomen (worried about ripples) and possibly arms.

Leaning toward Blinski!

Pretty sure I'll be going with Dr. Blinski. I love the results the produces, especially on smaller girls like myself (I'm 5'2 and about 130 lbs with some muscle). I don't want an overly dramatic shape or a shelf, just a nice hourglass and a heart shaped butt.

My consult is scheduled with Dr. Blinski for the first week of June and I'm so excited. I've become obsessed with this BBL and it's all I can think about. Really hoping Dr. B can give me the results I'm looking for! I wish there were more post-op Blinski Dolls on here to talk to! Most IG pics I've seen are laying down and I'd really love to see some standing up and with clothes on.

A few more wish pics! I'm not sure if I have enough fat to achieve this look, but hopefully close!

Wanting an earlier SX date!!

I'm sure this is a longgggg shot! I am booked for my BBL with Dr. Blinski for October 20 but I would loveeee to have this done sometime in early August! If anyone decides they want to trade or give up their appointment, please let me know! :)

7 weeks til surgery!!

7 weeks to go and I am so nervous but so excited! Posting some more wish pics. The first one is literally exactly what I want. Tiny waist with hips and a beautiful hourglass figure. A cute little thigh gap would be nice,too. Hips are my main concern. I don't really want any more projection than what I currently have, just want my lateral depressions filled in to achieve a perfectly round, plump booty. I think this look is realistic for me, hopefully Dr. Blinski can help get me there!

6 weeks out!!!

I'm so ready.

Less than 5 weeks to go!

Getting blood work done 8/5 in Miami. It's getting so close and I am so excited. Still trying to gain some weight, stopped working out entirely and eating lots of food (mostly healthy stuff in large amounts).

Still need to buy my second garment. They recommended one from Nordstrom, anyone have any other recommendations?

Posting some more wish pics. I found this girl on RS, she had her bbl done by Dr. Hazani in CA and I absolutely love her results. I can't remember her username, hope it's ok I am using her pics. If not, I will delete them of course.

3 weeks 6 days til SX

I really love the super tiny waist/ juicy round booty look. Really hoping Dr. B can give me that. 27 days to go!

Bloodwork done/ Paid in full!

Flew down from Orlando for the weekend to have my bloodwork done. I went to Family Florida Lab, Inc. (about 10 min from Dr. Blinski's office) and it was $78 for everything. I guess I will hear from them on Monday since it's the weekend now.

I also stopped by Dr. Blinski's office and paid the balance for my sx. I have also booked Miami Escape for 3 nights! It's really starting to feel real now!!

I spoke with Melissa about my weight, she said I still look small but she can tell I'm a little thicker. I don't feel small at all, but I will continue stuffing my face for the next couple weeks. I asked her about harvesting fat from my thighs and she said she does NOT recommend it. She said maybe a little from the inner thigh, but nothing else, as it usually creates more cellulite. I'm upset about this because I have a lotttt of fat on my thighs. Even when I was at my fittest (115 lb with muscle), I had saddle bags that refused to go away. I was really looking forward to having them sucked out.

Does anyone have experience with this? Lipo of the outer thighs and/or saddlebags? Any input would be appreciated.

I'm attaching a few more wish pics. 19 days to go!! Hope you girls are all doing well!

IG surgery page

My sx is only 18 days away and I've created a surgery IG account to post pics and updates. Follow me @blinski0825

Tomorrow is the big day!

My surgery is in about 15 hours! Most of my posts and updates will be on my IG. My RealSelf app stopped working and IG is much easier. See you ladies on the other side.

Made it to the other side!

750cc each side. Keep in mind I had a big butt already and mainly needed contouring. Feeling surprisingly well so far! Will update later.

15 days post-op!

I'm so sorry I haven't updated here. My RS app refuses to open and the desktop version on my phone is soooo slow. I'm really active on IG if you want to see my updates add me @blinski0825 (DM if not a SX page).

Anyway, I'm feeling great. I've gotten 4 professional massages so far and my bf massages me most nights at home. Still kind of stiff and my tummy is hard in certain spots. I don't feel like I've lost any volume at all. I love my results, just hoping my butt will drop and fluff a little.
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