Round 2 BBL: Post op pics

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*Treatment results may vary

I had my first brazilian butt lift procedure on...

To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please click here.I had my first brazilian butt lift procedure on 8/14/13 and wasn't quite satisfied with my results because my skin was so tight I couldn't get all the fat in my hips or butt, so I'm going back to the king of contour himself, Constantino Mendieta to give me the bigger butt and smaller waist line I truly desire. My beginning measurements were about 38-35-42 now I'm 36-29(30 after lunch lol) - 43. Right out of surgery I was 45 in hips but I've lost a lot of volume a total of two inches sine then. But Mendieta says the second time around is the easiest, my butt should experience less reabsorbtion. Definitely looking forward to it!! Here's a picture of me altered in my surgery app as my wish pic. I lm not too far from that so I'm hoping when Mendietas gifted hands are through with me I'll look exactly like that!! Anyways I hope you all will follow my journey any question, ask away :)

Gain weight

Mendieta asks that I gain 5-10 lbs so I'm doing the minimum of 5 because ain't nobody got time for no extra weight left post surgery!!!! I'll post pictures a week in advance to show you the gut!

Today's wish pics

I love cabrals work and if he could just fire his current staff and replace them with some people with better bedside Care I'd g. To him jin a heart beat. He slays the hell out of a waist! Maybe mommy makeover I'll give him a shot

21 more days to go until the big day!!

My nerves are completely shot. Its a good sensation. Though. Mostly because I'm so close yet so far away. I've been getting a lot of inboxes regarding prepping for round two,, I can't tell you what to do but I can tell you what I've done based on research and recommendations from other women who were also in my position before.

1. Cocoa butter twice daily on area you're looking to starch for the injected fat (oil or cream)

2. Graphites pellets (five pellets 4x daily) reduces scar tissue so you can get more areas lipoed that has already been touched

3. Serrapaptase silica 120, 000 SPU 2x daily (reduce scar tissue)

4. Hand held ultra sound massages over lumps on skin

5. Multivitamin (gummy vita craves)

6. Geritol (1 table spoon daily) iron support

7. Vitamin C (1000 mg daily)

8. Three weeks preop no alcohol

9. 2 Manuel Lymphatic drain massages 3 days before sx.

10. Eat clean (detoxing 3 weeks pre op with the lemonade cleanse)

Maca Root (Bigger booty?)

My surgery girls have been raving about Maca Root and the benefits for making your ass and hips grow. Some use it topically, some orally and still get good results. So I'm going to try it after my Round two and see how it works. I know post op I'll lose the volume due to swelling and reabsorbtion, but if this works maybe I'll grow back the two inches I may lose. Another kicker is this: Maca Root supplement supports energy AND boosts up your sex drive for all my love birds out there. What a deal lol!

Apparently Whole Foods Market sells the organic brand which is what I'm getting in capsule form and I'll measure my self to give you guys an update. Wish me well
Link below:


No drinking for 5 weeks is going to be treacherous! Especially with the type of stressful work I do. Ughhhhhhh #Venting >_

Dieting - On a mission to lose 10 lbs!

On a mission to lose 10 lbs! I thought about listening to mendieta, but I figure if this time around he'll be working on my arms, legs and upper back... There should be plenty of fat to add to my hips and ass?? So yeah my gut has got to go! I miss my 29 inch waist.

So with 20 days left I'm juicing in the morning and at night, only having a light lunch during the day. Last time I wanted to lose weight quick I did the master lemonade cleanse forestry 10 days and lost 16 lbs... Not trying to go that extreme, but you get the picture. Just want to go into this surgery with a realistic canvas for Mendieta to work on, I'm not trying to be some miracle case and I have seen some of his miracle cases. They're just so rare!

On another note I spoke with Michael at Mendietas office and had to ask him why in the world is Mendieta so disconnected with social media, because when you think about it, if it werent for social media, Jimerson, Duran, Yily, Cabral and Salama wouldnt be as popular. Their popularity is attributed to social media and RS existing giving them constant free exposure and word of mouth business. So Michael agrees and says Mendieta should be posting more on his IG (@mendietamd) and Fb, of before and after work in the near future. Not to mention people can no longer say Mendieta is expensive considering Jimerson is 11k and Salama is 9k now. The demand is high so pricing naturally escalates as well.

3 lbs lost In 3 days!

When I got on the scale Sunday night I flipped at the numbers I saw! Couldn't believe I hit 181.00 I've never passed the 70s so for me this was really bad. I can't sit here and blame it on the holidays or mother's excellent cooking. I told my self I wanted to be 170 going in making me 15 lbs above my desired weight goal of 155 for my 5'6 frame. Since Sunday I've cut out processed sugars, alcohols, pastas, breads and added the lemonade drink (fresh lemons, maple syrup, cayenne pepper) 2x daily plus my vegetable/fruit Nutriblasts in the morning and night. I just jumped back on the scale, and I'm at 178. So I've lost 3lbs in 3 days. 8 more to go!

Wife beaters

went to Walmart on a mini surgery shopping spree, bought the camping chair, Grabber, igloo, feminine wipes, baby wipes, disinfectant spray, gummy vitamins, and WIFE BEATERS. I searched high and low in the women's department for a decent pack of shirts and couldn't find any with more than 3 in a pack. So I took my ass right into the men's section and grabbed two packs of the "fruit of the loom" A-shirts. They cover my shoulders, upper back and upper chest comfortably so I can wear them under my fajas and not crease. I liked them so much against my body I ended up sleeping in one last night. It didn't rise or fold. I paid 7.00 for 1 pack that has 7ct. Check em out.

Happy holidays!!

Hi Dolls, I hope you all experienced a magical Christmas with your loved ones! I'm sorry I've been away but as you can imagine these holidays brings the best and worst out of anyone. Only 11 days away and I'm hunting high and low for a decent stage 1 garment that can also serve the purpose of stage 2. In two more days I get my blood work and I'll know for sure if all my daily supplements have done anything. For my low hemoglobin. I am sooooo excited ladies, I'm eating right, no alcohol still and just trying to keep a positive mind frame. Wish me luck lovies. Talk to you soon!


7 DAYS AWAY! can you say nervous! Ehhh, on top of that I've been having the most amazing weekend.

12/28 My mother turned 55 with not one wrinkle on her beautiful face, we celebrated her birth with the entire family at a Polynesian restaurant and what made her night was when the half naked man brought her on the stage to dance in the show lol. Never seen my mom cheese so hard before!

12/29 Yesterday we had professional pictures taken with the entire family again and between all their melodramatic rants we pulled through and got some great shots in the garden. *whew! No rain either *

Now I'm just handling some final arrangements for this surgery, you can never be too prepared. Tonight I'm cutting the bottom out of my camping chair so I can sit post op (I'll post pics later) I'm going to pack my bags tomorrow for my stay in Miami, arrange my supplies in one area so I have easier access. Bringing out my Walker (Tabitha) too.

I'm still cleansing (not dieting) I'm trying the Sacred Heart Soup for 7 days again . Last time I did it I lost 11 lbs in a week this time I'll be less extreme, just need to release the toxins from all that holiday cooking and pizza and wings night watching football with the Bae.

Hair do for surgery! I thought long and hard about this and decided to take out my 24inch Brazilian weave and put in some Havana twists (finger Comber) I just remembered the last bbl how that long ass hair was in my face and how irritated I was. I was so close to ripping the shyt out, I ended up rocking two Jumbo pigtails until I recovered and could straighten my matted bed hair. I'll take a pic of that as well tonight and post.

Let's see... Is that all?
I'll give you all a final count of everything I've gotten for surgery and what I've used post op.

Lab Results back!

Just got my hemoglobin levels results! Let me start by saying I'm anemic and never had a high count, originally started at 11.6 and in 6 short weeks I'm at 13.3. Ladies my daily supplement regimen worked! I give all the credit to Geritol (liquid tonic) and spinach. Although it absolutely disgusting, it's still the most powerful iron supplement I've ever taken. I promise to take this everyday after my surgery for at least 2 months to recover swiftly.

Ladies if you can't walk into a Walmart or walgreens and buy this just order it online thru amazon or the site itself. It's so worth it, trust me. and for those of my bbl sistas going to DR they will refuse you if you're below a 12, which is 13 in the states!! So start now!

As for me I'm going to bask in my moment a little more lol

Happy New Year dolls!

Happy new year dolls, hope you are are recovering well and preparing yourselves for your big day! I'm beside myself right now, I know this isn't my first plastic surgery but each time feels surreal all over again all due to the element of surprise. You have no idea what you'll look like after, some get great results, and some get nothing like they aspired. So my best advice to anyone is to be realistic with yourselves and not expect to look perfect. Just keep an open mind and know that your results may be gradual overtime.

On another note. Here are some pics of more supplies I've recieved from Walmart and Amazon.

1. Ice/hot pack (for swelling)
2. 32 inch grabber
3. PEZ funnel
4. Arnica tablets
5. Chux pads

Misery at its best :=(

! I feel so terrible. All year I haven't had a cold and now just four days away my nose is running nonstop I have a serious migraine, the back of my throat hurts and my ears are ringing... Just a bad combination. Today is preop and I have to pay the remaining balance I'm hoping they won't notice I'm sick otherwise they'll cancel my surgery, ugh so frustrating with no time left!! Pray for me ladies. Any natural tips you have to stop this cold I'll take. THANK YOU!!

Pre op Day 4 days away!!!

Today ended better than a began

I had my massage with the sweetest lil Peruvian lady named patty at CS post lipo massage. The lady was sweet but the massage was a bitch. I originally came in for the lymphatic drain massage to help speed up my healing post op but after she examined my body and felt my skin she decided I needed cavitation . She said my stomach had fibrosis from my previous surgeries and unevenness. So the work begin she applied the ultrasonic gel on my stomach begin massaging my skin with the cavitation machine. It felt like small electricity stinging my skin but it wasn't as bad as the manual massage. She started beating on my skin like kids do with play dough. Mind you my skin is still very sensitive from the lipo I had in August so I was not at all enjoying this "massage" . She then starting using this derma machine that sucks the skin and she says it's more aggressive method to break down my scar tissue. Do I feel a difference ? Not so much , my body aches and my skin is more tender but I'm sure that will calm down until my next visit Saturday, my total package for six was $150. 1 hr each session

Next was off to my appointment with mendieta 1 HOUR LATE, ugh that's what I get for being greedy and stuffing my face at this delicious Cuban restaurant hehehehe.
I met with Andrea, cute petite blond who also got a bbl with mendieta she told me what I'd be doing this time basically cleaning out my entire back and hopefully arms if I have more fat to take. And then putting all in my assssssssss!!! I'm shooting for 1200 cs each cheek but I'll be content with 800 if that's all my cheeks can take. I paid my balance and then got to give Mendieta the lavish tie I bought him at Macys as a Christmas gift. He was soo happy at the gesture which is all that matters. He kissed my cheek told me how beautiful I looked and asked me if I was ready for the newer me on Tuesday and I started screaming in the office "HELLS YEAH" like I lost my damn mind lol. Now here I am home packing bags and arranging a few things before the last day.

CS Post lipo massage

Pics from today

Momma's support. <3

Ain't nothing like having the support of yo momma. Finally I broke the news to her that I'm having surgery on Tuesday.... Well maybe it didn't go in that order. More like she forced it out of me, literally twisted my arms. See The first time I knew I was getting round two done I hinted it and she blew up on me saying all kinds of shyt like "oh you're getting addicted!! " "may God save your soul! " lol my mom is a saved, sanctified spiritual Haitian woman who doesn't belive in altering God's temple. So each time I come to her about a piercing, changing my hair, surgery and Tattoo (the worst) she flips out! So I cautiously told her I was going on a businesstrip for 6 weeks with the intent of healing up away from her eyes and hoping she'd never find out. Well She didn't believe, she attacked me on the spot saying I was lying to her and that I'm taking off to have surgery again I told her that wasnt true but after an hour of going back and forth (this woman is relentless) I finally gave in and told her the truth. I told her I'm 23 no kids, engaged and want to enjoy MY LIFE AND BODY... I think that kinda shut her up because she ended the conversation saying I was a lost cause and told me she loved me lol. That's all that matters is her support and love. So now that my mom is in my corner, f*ck a hater and frenemies who don't have my back on this. You ladies on RS literally support me day and night, thank you lovies!

1 day away!

Yesterday was eventful. My girl friend and I went to Miami and I got my last pre op massage. This one was a lot easier than the first, maybe because I had my girl with me and we talked the whole hour. She did the same as last with the cavitation treatment and used a few wooden tools to break up the fibrosis in my sides, then she hooked me up to this electro lymphatic drain machine and I felt violent jolts in NY body, all of a sudden I was oozing out of my belly button. Gross I know. She said this was much more effective than the manual lymphatic drain massages so I let her continue for the 20 minutes. It felt great after all was done

Then we had lunch at the Latin Bohemia grill in coral Gables. The food there is amazing if you haven't been! Best Cuban coffee as well

Finally I found the best garment for me. I went to boutique de Fajas in Miami with the thought that I was going to return my XL Diane fajas and get the XL Ann cherry white body suit well I ended up falling in love with this two piece, L sleeve vest by Diane fajas and L Isabella body suit by Ann Michelle. It feels soo soft inside, love it. Just note they run super small so suck in that stomach and button up!

Now bags are packed with one day to go and heading to Miami tomorrow night.


I FIND ANY PHARMACIES WITH PERCOCET IN STOCK!!!! UGH, WHAT GIVES?? I've called 40+ and went to over 20 in a fifty miles. Radius no effin luck! Sx in 1,day and no narcotics, Grrrr not happy right now,!!


Finally found a walmart pharmacy that had it in stock waited an hour to fill it up but at least I know I'll be just fine on Tuesday. Wooooot! Can't wait for this damn anxiety to settle

Thank you for the warm wishes ladies!

Last night I couldn't sleep, maybe got a total of 3 hours, my heart was rumbling in my chest so my hubby held me the entire night until finally I called down. Idk what was up I just kept having strangest dreams that felt so much like reality. Ugh I hope tonight is easier on me, if not I'll just take a valium, that eased me the last time.

Anyways so here are my measurements, (pics coming soon)

Right arm 13
Left arm 13
Bust 38
Underbust 34
Waist 32
Lower waist 37
Hips 43
Right inner thigh 25.5
Left thigh 25.5

Wishful measurements post op

Arms 11
Bust 36
Waist 27
Hips 45-47 (fingers crossed)

I'm trying to go in with low expectations so I don't beat myself up later about it lol like last time hehehehe.

Cold! HELP!

I came down with a cold last night, do you guys know if they'll still let me get surgery today.??? My nose is running like crazy! Ugh!

Patiently waiting

I'm in the waiting. Room now with my medical dress on, booties and hair net. No contacts in and dehydrated like a mutha! Pregnancy test ready negative, yippee. Just met with Mendieta who gave me a big jug and took my pictures. He asked me what I wanted and I said make me a “barbie of Miami " I want full hips and ass for days. So he marked me up especially concentrating on my back and arms. I'm not too concerned about my stomach. Or inner thighs right now lol.

I got on the scale and recorded my weight at 174.00 started off at 182 one week ago. Officially down 8 lbs.
Nurse Valerie says I will not be able to fit in my isabella garment by Ann Michelle out of surgery so I have to buy a marena garment from them and pay them at post op tomorrow, which. I'm fine with. But ugh bummer.

Now she's attempting to put in the IV in my back hand but they can't find any veins so again I'm patiently waiting. Until my veins want to act right. Pray for me dolls!

Out of SX

I can confirm that round two is all easier than round one. The first time I was near death maybe because going in my hemo was 11.6 but this time I'm energized, talkative and ready to conquer th e world lol, maybe not. So I got my arms lipoed, full back upper and lower and I believe he got some of my inner thighs. Either way I'm sore all over. The pain is In comparison to severe menstrual cramps, aside from that I'm walking by myself and all. He took out 3800 ccs of fat and because my fat was once again very bad fat he only injected 500 ccs in each cheek. At this point I'm not expecting a massive donk lol. Let me say this ladies you will not know what the doctor is working With until your open on the surgery table. Some people have hard fat, some liquidy fat and others visceral fat these aren't accepted for transfer and if they are they will create lumps and unevenness in the butt. So please go in with an open mind. I know I did since having my first round. I do not have drains this time around just open holes an I'm pouring like rainfall. My first massage is tomorrow, once my swelling is controlled I'll post pics. But for now I need to Recover. Thank you beautiful dolls for your prayers and kindness

Garments and swelling

I mentioned earlier I had to purchase a marena garment and you dolls know it doesn't provide the exact compression like salome, fajate or even fajas MYD, so on top I'm wearing a vest with sleeves compression is very tight and below I have my Ann Michelle waist cincher over my marena body suit. It doesn't feel nearly as uncomfortable as I'd think it would fresh out of sx, But my swelling is out of control, my only hope at reducing this swelling fairly early.... Oh and back on GERITOL!

I'll post pics Friday. Sorry ladies don't mean to make you wait but I feel raw without this garment on and I am PADDED up. My body needs to adapt to it for a few more days.

So far I'm pleased. Measurements over garment 36-30-46 swelling and all. Let's see how small I can get this waist. ;-)

Day 1 post op sleep

I have not taken my garment off I have not idea what I look hidden under all these pads but I do know that I am very grateful to have made it out safely by the grace of God. My team of supports including my amazing cousin Missg2dag has been with me from pre op to now changing my dressings, making sure I walk, and feeding me. My hubby, mom, sister and friends have all come to be with me. Even though I told them I am not that bad lol. I guess you can never be too loved. Last night's sleep was only difficult when I laid in one position too long. Even though I had arm Lipo it didn't nearly as much as I thought it would so I used my arms to keep pushing my self up so I can stretch the stiffness away, believe me that helps a lot. My inner thighs and lower abdomen and back is where the discomfort lies but other than that I've drunken 10 bottles of water so I'm no longer dehydrated and I'm draining like crazy which is a good thing. This time with no drains in its very messy so thank God I bough those Chux pads on Amazon otherwise I'd be using every towel in the house. Underneath my sheets in have a clear plastic shower liner so I don't mess upthe mmattress in case the fluids seep thru the pads. Other than ladies I start back on my post op vitamins and high protein powder carb diet for a Speedy recovery. I have my first post op massage today, I know it's gonna be a bish but I have no choice if I want this swelling down. Thank you for the love and wishes I'll update later tonight :)


Going to my second massage post op massage. First one yesterday did not bring tears to my eyes but it was uncomfortable. I got the manual lymphatic massage and the ultrasound sound massage to reduce the inflammation. I'm so ready to be at week 4 lol. I want to put on a show and wear and sexiest lingerie for my man.

Right now I'm laying in the back of my sisters car on my stomach in this ugly Miami weather. My skin is terribly sensitive since my garment are being washed I have on a short marena body suit and a waist with no sleeves. My inner thighs are crazy swollen like hammocks I'll take pictures for you tonight


Massage went very well. She took her time and worked on my problem areas which are my inner thighs, (see pic) purple and swollen. I haven't worn Mt sleeves all say since they're being washed aside from that. I'm fine. Thanks for checking up on me dolls!

Quick pic

Swollen wearing waist singer and short marena body suit


Post op 2 days


Football wife, missnewbooty and all my other bbl sistas who asked about the cocoa butter regimen I was on, it worked! mendieta confirmed my butt was so stretchy it could've easily taken massive ccs this time but unfortunately for me (my luck lol) I didn't have enough good fat to offer my ass this time around which is why I didn't get a lot of ccs Grafted to my butt. No here nor there I'm just glad to know my little experiment a friend of mine shared with me actually worked. So for all my ladies with tight skin, or even those who think their skin is stretchy use the damn coca butter anyways what do you have to lose. Better that than to go for round two because you couldn't get enough ccs the first and
Learn from my mistake. Mendieta laughed when i told him my secret and he said "i gotta share this trick with the other barbies as we'll"lol

So I'm not gonna lie I loveeeeeee my results. I did my big reveal today at my post op appointment with him and I can honestly ask my self "what waist??" And "what love handles??" Now just waiting for my bruising and swelling in my back to decrease. Mendieta said my hard was so fat I literally broke his cannula ...can't say I'm proud of myself for doing that :( ugh but he got the job done one way or the other. He said he literally broke a sweat working on my hard ass fat lol, lord please bless me with soft fat for the future.

My massage with Patty who by the way is her bday today!! Woot woot (she is soooo lovely)I recommend this doll to anyone in miami looking for post massages. Today was a little rougher I had my bae with me who held my hand the whole way thru and I literally channelled all the pain to him I think I broke a few fingers on his hand lol. Nah j/k

Oh and shout out to Norma and Valerie from the mendieta team these ladies are amazing. I had my stitches removed and the whole time I stood up because I was definitely not laying on this bootay. They gently brushed my hair and made sure I didn't feel nothing more than a sting, she said I won't make you sit only if you promise not to pass out lol I said "deal!!" and sucked in a deep breath and had each suture removed at a time. I loveeeeee the whole team. I met a few dolls who claim to have profiles on RS that were at reals self. Some 3 weeks post other 6 months post and they looked good. Just boggles my mind like why people want soft moderate looking booties. ME?? It's GO BIG OR GO HOMEEEE! Lol anyways that's the Percocet talking .

Was talking to a few girls who are considering a round 2 or 3 in the summer of 2015 and ladies I may just consider another round. Not for booty but for hips and boobs. Babyyyyy hips is where it's at and I know I'll never have any unless it's under the knife and noooooo I'll never consider injections... cheap or not. my hubby is like over me and my fascination with surgery , all he wants is a sexy body. Meaning slender legs small waist and plump booty. But I like the exaggerated look. Lol anyways like i said it's just a thought. But where in the world would my surgeon take the fat out??? I literally had 3100 ccs sucked out of me dry and I'm in no way considering gaining weight for some damn hips, so for now I'll start the macca root pills see how that works and take this recovery one day at a time. Oh and dolls if you need anything at all PM me or comment. Love you all!!! Xoxoxo

Pics swelling

Stomach pic





Stage two garment

So last night I got ballsy after my masseus suggests I switch to my stage two fajas. She swore up and down my body could handle it and if I want to look like my results came from "Brazil" I need to step into that tight ass fajas Pronto. So my dumb ass gets home taken some pics out of my marena garment and thenI i stuffed my swollen ass in that Ann cherry garment like a freaking sausage. For a minute I was okay until I added my padding, lipo foam, pads even tried to fit my ab board but I felt like I was calling it close so I laid on my tummy just relaxed 30 minutes later I was up on my knees stretching out the stiffness from the fajas and and I literally fell asleep in the doggy position. Not sure how long I was like that but all I know was my hubby came through door after work saying "HEY BAE, U OK??!" I'm dazed as ever, uncomfortable from sleeping in the doggy style position lol. Later when I fell asleep the "better" way on my stomach, that is... tell me why middle of the night I jump out of bed like I had ants eating at me and stripped completely naked out of that Damn fajas pads, wife beater and all. My hubby looked at me like I lost all my marbles and told me to get my ass back in it and I told him over his dead body. I slept fajaless ladies. I'm. Pretty sure my results won't be off because of one night but I just couldn't. Back in the marena garment I go until week 2!! Just be mindful of when your body is ready to transition. Don't force it. :)

Last massage w/CS POST LIPO

Today was my last message with CS Post lipo massage with the package I had. I absolutely love patty. She's very funny. Personable and patient. She doesn't rush you, isn't harsh and understands how important her work to hour body is for your results. I recommend them to anyone, they're super affordable compared to other clinics charging 90-120$ per session. Hells naw! I'm going to miss her and may continue coming back once a month for the next six months and may come back for thecavit treatments just in case I develop fibrosis. Next up is massage Envy. Let's see how they compare to my patty!!!

Black and blue

Ladies I wasn't black and blue like this my last surgery. I think it had something to do with me taking the Arnica tablets Two weeks prior and during. I'm kicking my self wishing I had done it this time. Cuz now I'm swollen beyond recognition. 

On. Another note my mom came over to see me and she finally saw my body and her jaw dropped. She loved my new body and told me she understood why I did it but she strongly recommends I stop changing my body. I told her if I do anything else it will be my boobs I want high profile implants and just work out to slim down some more. IIIIFFFFF, after 6 months I'm not content with my curves then I'll Holla at my poppa Cabral and get some hips and more lipo. He quoted me 3500 about 200 less than Duran for a full bbl. So we'll see... But for now. I pray I learn to love me and enjoy my body, cuz at the end of the day that is all that matters :)


Dolls, a lot of you are losing a lot of weight within your first 60 days post op. are you changing anything in your regular diet or is the weight just falling off??? I'm afraid to go too extreme and lose any ass but I want to shrink this waist. Should I just wait a month and start waist training again and do Crossfit? Tips & advice appreciated!

Post op day 6

Day 6 update, first day driving, wasn't as bad as last time. I found my perfect adjustments this time with new pillows. I had my massage at massage Envy and let me tell you dolls it is nothing like having a lipossage. Their technique is very soft, light to touch but they say it's effective. We'll see, I still love patty better so I'll probably keep going to her at least once a week. Today I started a 7 day total body cleanse. Recommended by my therapist she says I'm packed with fluids and toxins in my liver and kidney that I need to rid before I can began feeling myself. I had Norma from mendietas office place a script for Atarax which is supposed to be a very strong anti itch medication the girls really recommend this so I'll update you and let you know how it goes, cuz right now I'm burning up with the itchies. Last, I've decided to go back to work five days earlier, just sick of sitting at home doing nothing. I wanna be proactive and around people. I think I'll recover quicker that way.


IT IS THE HARDEST DAMN THING TRYING TO CONTROL MY APPETITE!!! last time I was hungry at all post op. This time I'm snacking on everything like my inner fat girl is trying to escape out of me. So tomorrow unfortunately ladies I just go on a strick high protein low carb regimen so I don't ruin my results. I can stress to you ladies how much I look forward to getting back into my Crossfit. I miss working out and want to tone up fast!! I thank all you ladies for your concerns, positive feedback and love. Muahzzzz Xoxoxo!!!

Two weeks update

Hey lovies sorry I've been somewhat MIA just been recuperating. Day three of working and it's not bad, but sitting down for long periods and suddenly getting up is a bish! If you've had inner thigh lipo done before you know what I mean. You will literally be shuffling for at least a minute before you can walk like you don't have a pickle in your azz, sorry to be blunt. Inner thigh is still lack and blue literally. I feel like it's going to be permanent, only because it hasn't let us at all 14 days later. Any tips and advice would be sooooooo appreciated.

Oh and arm Lipo is whatever. Doesn't hurt unless you plan on doing push ups lol, which u shouldn't be doing anyways til like week 8. What I do hate is the Damn sleeves! Which I've gladly tossed.

I'm loving my front and back but not my side. I've lost a lot of volume once again!!IIt's like my body just does not likefat in my hhips or ass!! Ehhhhh. My hips have completely reabsorbs and my measurements are probably back where they were a few months before I gained the weight for sx. So can I say I'm unhappy... Yeah somewhat but do I see More definition in my shape absolutely! I've lost no weight, which is fine ill worry about that in a few more weeks. I just ordered a new waist cincher size medium. So plan is, if I don't get the "hippy" appearance thru waist training by summer, plan is to visit Duran or Cabral for full body lipo and bbl. Vain yes! But who cares!?! I ain't got no kids, I got an excellent paying job and supportive hubby who'll do every and anything to see my happy! So with that being said. Tootles dolls. Gonna see if I can get some shut eye!

Taking a Hiatus

A lot of RS dolls go MIA after a while of positing because of drama they've encountered on here but that is not the reason why I'm taking a break from real self. I need to take time to heal and appreciate my overall transformation with out further conflicting emotions. Just didn't want you all to think anyone ran me off here lol or something terrible happened. I wish all you pre op dolls well and post op dolls the absolute best. Xoxoxo


Hey lovies!

I'm back and we'll! No major complication, My nerves damage is still present but not nearly as bad as when I first came out of surgery. I have not went back to see mendieta since my first post. Honestly I don't feel like it's even worth the drive. As far as my results I don't feel like I'm at my wish pics level but it's coming around. I have an hour glass shape but of course I WANT MOREEEEEE!!! On a good day my measurements are

Bust 38 waist 30 hips 45

Am I satisfied? not entirely because I have unevenness in my stomach, slightly loose skin and some hard spots. I've been having cavitation treatment which has helped but not a drastic improvement from where my skin was pre surgery.

So after further evaluation of funds, soul searching and consulting with my hubby I've decided to go for my last and final round with the king of bodies, Hector Cabral. Yes, I know he's widely criticized for his poor after care or even lack of attention but of the year I believe Cabral had truly cleaned up his act and after talking to him and his team (Maria and Isabella) I feel very comfortable and safe. I've been studying his work and there is pure consistencies of vixen bodies. He quoted me 5500 for lipo, bbl, Bl, ba and honestly that much less than anything I've gotten quoted in the states not to mention the expertise this man has with his hands!!! So I've booked with him for 9/5/14. Super excited! I'll continue blogging on my next page dedicated to Cabral, solely.

Round 3 in 28 days!!!

Sorry ladies for going ghost, for those of you who inboxes me thanks for your well wishes. I've pretty much booked and confirmed my surgery date for my round 3. I am going to Domincan republic, I pretty much feel that's the only place I'll get the results I desire. I'm not nervous, anxious or excited more so just prepared. I'll be created a review under the doctor I've chosen and include their I for as well as everything. I've done so far. This review will be for the dolls to be, so if you ladies have any questions whatsoever please inbox or comment, other than that leave all negativity on your page! Good night ;)!

Round 3, New Review

Please click the link to read and comment on my Round 3 Review!


I've been getting requests to post before and afters, originally I had Kirsty remove all of my pics from my blogs because people were stealing my pics and creating memes. This round I've decided to repost pics, but I won't be doing so for another few weeks until my swelling goes down. Just want us all on the same page.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He is the most sweetest doctor ever. His bedside Care is everything a patient desires. With his team of nurses and coordinators anything you need they will see it through. I can't recommend a better doctor for contouring.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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