Round 2 W/ Dr. Hasan - Miami, FL

I have scheduled a BBL with Dr. Hasan on January...

I have scheduled a BBL with Dr. Hasan on January 26, 2017. I have been working with the coordinator Margaret, and she has been great. I had a virtual consultation with Dr. Hasan, since I live on the west coast, and he said I should have great results. I placed my $1,000 deposit to hold the date and I have been paying off the remaining $4,300. I have received my pre-op instructions, and I have booked my flight and airbnb. My friend will be staying with me while I recover in Miami.

Changed Docs to Dr. Calva

I switched doctors from Hasan to Calva. Dr. Hasan has a restriction that you have to be 199 or less to have surgery. I'm 5'10 and my BMI was fine but I had to lose 15 pounds for surgery. I changed to Dr. Calva after seeing his pictures and his results are as good as Hasans! This way I won't have to lose the extra weight and I can have more fat for the doctor to graft. My surgery is gonna be on January 26! I can't wait.

Blood work

Got the email that my blood results were normal! I was so nervous about my hemoglobin being under 12, but I was taking iron supplements a month prior to my blood work getting done, and my hemo was 15.6! Less than 2 weeks to surgery...can my Eres girls tell me if the scale at the office is generally heavier or lighter?? I don't want to make the BMI requirement at home and get there and their scale be 5 pounds heavier!
Miami General Surgeon

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