Round 2 W/ Dr. Hasan - Miami, FL

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I have scheduled a BBL with Dr. Hasan on January...

I have scheduled a BBL with Dr. Hasan on January 26, 2017. I have been working with the coordinator Margaret, and she has been great. I had a virtual consultation with Dr. Hasan, since I live on the west coast, and he said I should have great results. I placed my $1,000 deposit to hold the date and I have been paying off the remaining $4,300. I have received my pre-op instructions, and I have booked my flight and airbnb. My friend will be staying with me while I recover in Miami.

Changed Docs to Dr. Calva

I switched doctors from Hasan to Calva. Dr. Hasan has a restriction that you have to be 199 or less to have surgery. I'm 5'10 and my BMI was fine but I had to lose 15 pounds for surgery. I changed to Dr. Calva after seeing his pictures and his results are as good as Hasans! This way I won't have to lose the extra weight and I can have more fat for the doctor to graft. My surgery is gonna be on January 26! I can't wait.

Blood work

Got the email that my blood results were normal! I was so nervous about my hemoglobin being under 12, but I was taking iron supplements a month prior to my blood work getting done, and my hemo was 15.6! Less than 2 weeks to surgery...can my Eres girls tell me if the scale at the office is generally heavier or lighter?? I don't want to make the BMI requirement at home and get there and their scale be 5 pounds heavier!

Before Pics

Pics were taken this morning, I am 5'10 and was 220 this morning. I still have a few days to lose a few more pounds so I've been hitting the gym so I can get the best result possible. My bust is 44" waist 35" and butt 50" (I'm a big bitch lol) I'm hoping Dr. Calva can snatch my waist!!! Surgery is next Thursday on January 26 at 6:30am! Can't wait.

3 weeks 1 day post op

I would say 80% of my swelling has gone down. The remaining swelling is in my lower stomach/vagina area. I have had no seromas as I was religious about compressing my stomach and back throughout this journey and still am. I am obsessed with my results. My waist is 30" now and my butt is 51.5" and was 53 right out of surgery. I feel like my old self again and the pain is completely gone. The only thing remaining is the numbness from the liposuction which is to be expected. My butt is getting softer, but is still pretty hard. Dr. Calva was amazing, I wouldn't have changed anything about my journey, it was all worth it now!

6 weeks

Stomach and back are still numb, my butt is still 51 and waist is 30. I bought the vedette 111 and love the garment, I wanted more compression on my stomach so this one is perfect. I got it in a size small since the waist was for 27-31 but it is pretty tight on my hips but I am still loving my results. My scars are still very visible so I'm hoping those will be fade, I'm applying scar cream everyday.

Stomach pic

Still seems a bit lumpy, but I am massaging everyday as well as wearing my ab board and compression garment..should smooth out over time.
Key Biscayne General Surgeon

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