Almost Time to Call Me NEW NEW.... or BIG BOOTY LOL. Miami, FL

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Hello Hell Helloooooo!!! My name is Nie Nie......

Hello Hell Helloooooo!!!

My name is Nie Nie... Im 30 years old. I am 5'9 and im 220 lbs and let me say that all of the weight is in the WRONG places! I have been lurking around on this site for a few years looking at everone transition for spongebob to hour glass and its finally my turn. I will be traveling to miami florida to Spectrum Aesthetics for the brazillian butt lift. I have been procrastinating for way to long.... so i have finally scheduled my date which is November 6th 2015! I am so EXCITED! I deserve this and im beyond ready.

So let me tell you why im doing this, TBH over the years i have pretty much let myself go. I have had two childrenand after the second one... my body was pretty much a mess. Not to mention the fact my lifestyle habits. So i basically just woke up, looked in the mirror and said to hell with this. Im tired of buying clothes to disguise my stomach or puttinf on certain pants and my butt being wide and flat in them. I have tried exercise but i feel as though i would be more motivated to work out if the body i want is already there, rather than working out and getting smaller and then still not having the shape i want.

My goal is to of course have a bad ass shape, but also to maintain it by diet and exercise. Something else that is important to me is to be able to where a fitted dress and feel sexy in it. Because in my entire 30 years i have never been a dress girl. I have always been a jeans and heels chic. The reason is because i have never had the shape for it. So yeah im ready for my moment.

Questions Ladies.....

Does anyone have a list of things that are mandatory for the BBL procedure?

Has anyone stayed in the recovery house provided by Spectrum Aesthetics?

Also, do we have to do our labs with our own PCP prior to surgery or does the doctor complete their own work up on you there when you arrive, kind of like a preop requisite?

Also, are there any other ladies that are going around this time that would like to meet up.... im traveling from jacksonville fl and more and likely i will be traveling alone. So if there is anyone who might need a buddy let me know.

I am so looking forward to becoming a O-Doll!!! His work is fierce honey... the sculpting and the booty work i have seen is magnificent.

Im so excited and i just cant hide it....

Well its sunday morning, i got uo thanked god as usual, did mommy dutied and the. Jumped on realself to look at you lovely ladies and your transitions. I am so looking forward to the new me. Sometime today im going to post some pictures of my body before and some now..... then people will truly understand the emotional stress and insecurities that i have developed over the years. I know people tend to say that you should love yourself no matter what... and yes i do love myself and yes i know how to dress or should i say disguise the stomach... but honestly, sometimes you want to wear cute little half tops and a nice fitting pair of jeans... without a "baby bump" when you dont have a baby..... I believe that the BBL is going to give me the figure i have always desired and of course i have plans for two other procedures in the future... which is the mommy makeover... but for now ill just stay focused on my bbl journey.

So are there any girls that are traveling around this time and staying at the recovery house.... btw im going to spectrum aesthetics and Dr. O is my PS! #ODOLL

10 days Pre Op and Im so EXCITED

So, Hello everyone, I have been medically cleared and now im just sitting at home feeling beyond ready. I have been waiting for this day seems like forever. I will be flying into Ft. Lauderdale 12/3 for my preop appt and medication pic up. Then ill be staying at Karlas recovery house through the 7th and then flying back to Jacksonville on the 8th! I have been saying that for 2016 i wanted to be a new me and this is my begining. Is there anyone else scheduled for the 4th? Let me know.

I really want to make this experience as pleasent as possible. I believe that everything is going to be great, although im concerned with post operative pain. But hey, Im ready either way.

Im not going out and by a bunch of the crazy stuff i have been seeing people post.

Im getting:

Baby wipes
Antibacterial soap
Compression garment
Arnica tablets/gel
Stool softener
Dresses And slides
and a pee easy

That pretty much it for me. If i forgot anything let me know!

Im Pretty thick, so here is a few wish pics..

I know most doctors hate wish pics but i just want them to have a general idea of what I want... I am 5'9 and im wide in the ass area just flat. So i what want is a lot of projection and i want to be shapely. You know... slim waist with a nice stout! Lol So here are some wish pics.

surgery next friday, and tomorrow thanksgiving... Glass of wine anyone?

So im trying to figure out of its okay to have a glass of wine tomorrow. Its thanksgiving, im generally a healthy person and I want to enjoy family and friends. I see where some doctors say 2 weeks some say 7 days. In my preop info it says no aspirin but nothing about alcohol. But i know alcohol things the blood but the affects are normally reversed within 24 hours. So do any of you havr any idea if i would be okay. I believe i would but im just asking!

aggravation..... but still excited

I swear it seems like every little thing that can go wrong is happening. I have been looking forward to this surgery and I am going to get it done because it is something that i have planned for for a long time. I have paid 1/2 of the amount due, purchased my ticket and I have to purchase a few last minute things. First thing i found out is that i have to catch a shuttle into miami because im flying into ft lauderdale..... Although I thought transportation would be provided. So thats more money. Then I purchased my flight to leave on the 8th which i didnt even notice and my last day at the recovery house is the 7th so now i have to get a room as well. Im just so ready to get this complete and get back to my regular scheduled program!

There is more... but to much to type.... I will say that I am still excited and I am ready to bring in the new year in a fitted dress and a boost of self confidence!

Also.... does anyone know if you have to pay for prescriptions or if you have insurance can you is it instead. Im trying to budget my money out!

Im starting to feel excited.....

Well im at work tonight and all I keep thinking about is this upcoming friday and how long i have been looking forward to this. Originally I started my journey with so many different doctors in mind and finally I am confident and ready to be an O-doll! I have looked at so many reviews and done so much reasearch and now finally i can have the shape o have always wanted. I am SERIOUSLY going to be killing the gym post op when im healed. Because this is my motivation. To maintain, and be able to dress how I want.

Anyways, A lot of the things I was stressing about yesterday are a thing of the past. I will be catching the train from ft. Lauderdale to miami airport where Karla will pick me up and after that.... the real countdowm will begin. I cant wait to wear my first outfit..... I want nothing but curves and ass! Lol

Well... I guess thats it for now... Im at work and just thought I would post about my excitement! The real turn up will be when I land.... There will be reviews galore!!!!!

Leaving for MIAMI in the morning.....

So, I am finally down to the nitty gritty and im so excited. I leave Jacksonville at 7 am and I will be arriving in Ft. Lauderdale at about 0830 a.m. and then im on the train after that to meet Karla for my preop.

Im so ready to transform and be a better me! I know i have to get my prescriptions filled for post op and after that i guess ill just get my rest until the big day.... #Friday I hope that there are other girls at the recovery house whi are having there procedure Friday... that way we can transform together. I really have no one that can help me so Karla was my only option. I must say though... I have heard good and bad things about her reovery house and me personally I take heed but karla seems very pleasent and helpful so i will give my own opinion starting tomorrow.

Also, I called Spectr yesterday to confirm that Dr. Ormulepu was still doing my surgery due to what happened to anothef real self sister with Vanity and they confirmed that I am still a GO! #Thankful I have worked hard for this money and this is my gift to myself!

Also, how many massages did some of you ladies get post op. I am on a budget so i may just get two. I know that they are important so im going to def. get what i can afford.

Any advice ladies?

Spectrum Aesthetics.... here I come :)

Goodmorning ladies,

Its 630 in the morning, and Im at Jacksonville international airport waiting to board. I guess this is it.... the final moments of what we all have been waiting for..... I am so excited. I have been wanting to get this procedure for so long and its finally happening. I am confident that it will be worth it. Dr. O has done oustanding work from what I have seen in this site. And its finally my turn to get this fat off of me and to also start a new lifestyle. I am going to work and keep it off after this. So if any ladies are traveling to miami for a procedure today or tomorrow let me know.... there is nothing wrong with a little support and encouragement because although im excited im a tiny bit nervous.

Well I guess thats it for now.... Im about to board. Talk to you guys when i touch down in Miami. ????

Im here.... almost an ODoll

So After taking the Tri rail from Ft. Lauderdale and then getting lost in Miami airport.... I was then picked up by Karla. She was very sweet and likes to talk. The only thing that was a little weird for me was that she picked me up in the company truck that had spectrum plastic surgery plastered on the side and im a pretty privatr person so I was a tad bit embarrassed but WHATEVER. Child im about to get fine! Lol....

So anyway, we arrive at spectrum and there is a chic that works here who is a coordinator and lord jesus... let me say she is stacked up.... she is like a little nicki minaj walking around here! Lol ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ? ? Either way though... Everybody seems okay.... but I have had more interaction with Karla.

Currently, we are loading up another girl who just left surgery and she looks like she is in a lot of pain but she is tolerating it well.... she went to another doctor and I can tell because Osak gives hips and projection...... and she isnt sporting the ODoll look but she looks good though!

Well ill update in a few ladies.....

karlas recovery house

Well, Im here and its okay... im out on the patio in the back relaxing at this time. Im kind of a person who likes space and privacy... and I dont see a lot of that happening over the next few days.... oh well though. This is what i wanted so it is what it is....

So the recovery house is in a nice neighborhood that is somewhat quiet other than the kids i hear out in the distance. Its 3 bedrooms and in each room there are multiple beds. (This i was unaware of) I thought that i would have my own space to myself. Im funny about people and space. Its like if i want to be bothered then I will, If i dont then i dont. Had i known this I may have gotten a hotel room. On thr upside of things, Karla and the other staff that are here are really nice and helpful. They cook fresh meals and from what i see, they do the laundry and assist with showers and pretty much whatever you need. At thid moment im the only girl who hasnt had surgery yet..... Lets see how i do tomorrow. Lol I doubt if I spend this much time on details or updating LOL!!!!

Welp, I have gotten my prescriptions filled and now im just waiting to go and pick them up and then come back eat, shower, and relax.... Get ready for tomorrow!!!

Today is the big day....... BBL BABY

Goodmorning Everyone,

How are you? Its the big day. Right now I am up dressed in a big loose maxi dress with no make up, no anything... I look a mess!!!!! And being as though im a person who draws on her eyebrows.... just imagine my struggle! Lol But either way..... im ready.

Ill post again once we get to spectrum!

Just met Dr. Ormulepu and he is very attractive lol

So how about I just met Dr. O and he is very attractive honey..... The point of this post is supposed to be about my BBL but baby that man stole my attention and on top of that he is older! Lol okay let me stop but seriously, he came in and introduced himself.... he was straight to the point but very pleasent. I didnt have a problem with anything he said or his interactions either. I told him what i wanted... and I told him I wanted this waist to be tiny and my butt big.... with hips as well.... he told me he got me and that was about it. Im the 1st one up for surgery and im currently waiting. Im so excited.... so here we go in just a bit... see you guys when im finished!

my ASS is huge.... #ODoll post op day 1

Well all i remember is being woke up and taken back to the recovery house where i was taken very good care of by karla and staff. I was leaking and draining everywhere but they said that is to be expected. So my bed was covered with chuck like padding. I was given a hot meal and offered assistance with almost everything. Now lets talk about the pain which for me wasnt that bad. I have read so many stories of women saying the pain is excruciating but mine was bearable.

So i finally here comes Yazna, she is so sweet but i just wanted to whip her ass. The pain that she inflicted upon me was no joke but i can see the importance of the massage. She got off so much fluid.... Im just thankful everything.... Officially an Odoll!

post op pic's. .... day 1

Pictures for my bbl chics

Monday morning.....

Well its Monday and im gong for my post op. Appt just to hear my progress, and find out if my drain is going to be removed. I hope so... but if not i will take it out when i get home or one of the nurses inwirk with will. First let me say that this has been a long journey.... and although exciting. ... im glad it's complete. Well thats it for now... i will ppst more pics later.

My Last day @ Karlas was my worst day!

So, first let me say.... i give credit where credit is due and Karlas recovery house is clean and they cook food for you on the spot and assist with bathing and everything else. Thr staff itself was really great although most of them speak no english AT ALL. They do keep their cell phones available to use google translation for any and everything.

My problem on this particular day actually started the night before. I paid 400.00 to stay 4 nights and leave on the 5th day. But upon time for me to leave i decided i would enjoy staying there where there are people i know rather than going to a hotel in Ft. Lauderdale and just being by myself. So i asked Karla and she advised me that the price would be 120. I had 100 dollars in my bra and i knew I had more money in my bags but being as though i was drowsy and tired from pain meds i didnt feel like getting up and getting the 20.00 at that moment. So I told her ill get up and get the 20 once i get up. So anyways the next morning im woken up extremely early about the 20.00 again as if im about to flee the recovery house without giving it to her. Which kind of upset me but i gave the 20.00 to the lady at this time. So now i attempt to go back to sleep and here they come saying we have to move our things out of the room so they can clean it because more girls are coming. Well hold on now, check out time is at 11am and its 9am so now i have an attitude. Then to make matters worst... I had a massage scheduled with yanza for the afternoon which was painful, but she is Awesome. Before yanza arrives karla is saying that we all need to get ready tongo to spectrum, do our massages there and get dropped off to the airport. EXCUSE ME..... my flight doesnt leave until 855pm and i am not sitting at the airport all day. So after my massage is complete, I call Karla and she is nothing as she presents herself to be when she initially is trying to get your money and book you at her recovery house. She told me several times that if i missed my flight it isnt her concern or her problem. And let me say, at this point I thank god she was no where near me because she may have just gotten slapped! I am a customer, so it very well should be your concern on how i get back to the airport that you picked me from. She even promotes that they provide transportation but its done at her convenience. I will be having another procedure at spectrum but i will not be staying @ Karlas. Its funny because when i first walked in the door, there were ton young ladies complaining about her attitude and service and i shrugged it off.... i guess she had to show me first hand herself!

day 5 post op pics

Well, as of right now i am satisfied with my procedure, but i wanted more projection. Everyone else thinks it looks great, but i believe that im missing a little bit of projection. Either way though, im getting the mommy makeover next, so lets see how that goes. I think with the tummy tuck and breast lift in sure to see a little difference.

home and in pain.....

Well im home and im very happy to be here but im out of pain meds and im miserable. The only thing i can do is take ibuprofen and tylenol and that mess doesnt work. Its like if im up moving around im ok... but if i lay down.... the oain starts. Its making me beyond irritable. Does anyone else know how long i shoukd expect to be in pain? Im officially one week post op. All andwers are welcome.
Osak omulepu

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