Sisters' RD2 Journey w/Dr. Fisher - Miami

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As promised a new review to document our Round 2...

As promised a new review to document our Round 2 journey with Dr. Hasan.

Sis and I have discussed and decided to go for our round 2 in January 2016.
We're positive and trust that he will be able to help us achieve our wishes!
Looking at all the ladies he has beautified sofar, we are conviced of his eye and hands of art work. His lipo skills look on point and his BBL's have the shape&projection we so desire!
This week we will be contacting Margaret to set our date, next thing is taking care of flights, etc.

We will be staying in a recovery home this time, as it will be just the two of us flying up and down to MIA for a week. So which MIAMI RH close to Vanity do you ladies recommend?

We both have uneven lipo spots with small pockets of fat on our abdomen and waist. Aiming that he will even that out and really give a shape to our bottom. I'm scared I might have some scarred tissue on my abdomen from rd1. So I am hope he is able to find some good fat somewhere for that bit of center projection.

Having gone through one round already we have a pretty limited supply list:
- chlorella pills (already begun taking those), adding vit. D,
- Iron tablets (replacing those with Floradix come December),
- Urinal,
- Chux,
- Diclofenac/antibiotics (from PCP),
- boppy pillow or foam rolls for flight back

To our current states:
Sis => 5.5" tall/ 138lbs
Me => 5.3" tall / 147lbs

To the RD2 vets: anything else we have to think about/take into consideration for rd2??
To HasanVets: any important tips/hints you'd like to share about dr. Hasan (ie. BMI/etc.)?

Ofcourse we'll be posting pics of our pre-ops before sx.

Talk soon, ladies!

Deposit & date done!

So hey hey all!
We have made our deposit for our sx date. It will be January 19. This coming week we'll be arranging flights, hotel, massages, etc.
Does anyone have the WhatsApp number of Ms.. Amy (care giver)?

And will be starting iron/chlorella too.
Who else is set to go to Vanity on the same date?

Help needed: Nurse & massages...

Dear girls,

We need HELP in finding a nurse for our post op care...! I know how supportive the ladies on this forum all can be, so pls pitch in and help us out.

I have tried Meika, however it took about a week to hear that she was not available on the date we asked. Ms. Mary and ms. Amy are not responding to my e-mail contact so I consider that lost.

Who knows other RN's can we contact for our post op care (approx 2days) and transportation?

Thanks a mill, ladies!

Nurse found!

Thanks for the tip, girls.
I reconnected with Amy via txt and she'll be helping us out for two days following sx. She said there is transportation available, but I'll follow up with her on what that means.

We will be booking the Hilton Double Tree.
Massages w/Marian are in booking process too.

We should be all set by next week.

Thanks for the help, girls!
Anything we can do to return to favor, just ask!

Big hug,

Done and ready

So, we are pretty much set.
Have our hotel arranged and staying at the Double Tree; it's close to the airport and Vanity.
We've also booked our massages w/Marian and have asked Amy to be our nurse for two days following our sx. I am looking at Uber for transportation, I just can't judge wether that is reliable.

We will have our first HB check right before Christmas and will e-mail the results to Margaret/Amanda at Vanity. The portal has been malfunctioning ever since a week after receiving the access, so that has no use for us. Shame because the concept seems effective.

We have our faja's from rd1 and we'll be getting those to a tailor to have them taken in. That should cover us for the first week. All we need is foam and an ab board; thinking we will pick that up at the faja boutique,, on the mall strip next to Vanity (pic attached) after our labs the day before sx.

Flights are also about to be arranged.
Ladies, ONCE more a question; as we will have touch down in MIA at 2:30PM, I expect we will be out of the airport at 3:30PM. We will head straight to Vanity for our paperwork/labs.
BUT: what time does Vanity actually close for stuff as labs/paperwork??

I am hoping we'll be able to meet dr. Hasan between his afternoon/evening surgery. Any feedback on that?

Wishing all the ladies good healing and happy "travels" on their way to sx!

Old years' update

Hi girls,
So these last days of '15 are just flying. Time is running away and we have approx 2.5wks until sx.
Today we paid our remaining balance at Vanity as well as paying and thus booking our massages with them. Our coordinator Maggie/Margaret has been cool. Very busy but always replied back in timely manner and is easy & nice to communicate with. Roxana, one of Hasans' medical assistants, has been a doll and helpfully too. No complaints from our side in wheeling and dealing with them so far.

Tomorrow we'll be going for labs. I don't expect any strange things there either. So we should be cleared for surgery come first wk of January. And being 41 and all, I'll probably have the EKG at Vanity before surgery.

We're both really exited and have great expectations of Mr. Hasans' sculpture skills. Our bodies are quite straight again and we are going for that ultimate hourglass shape with a perky butt to compliment that. :D
And looking at his patients, I am most convinced that we have made the right decision this time around.

For now: I wish all of you dolls a grand New Years Eve and strong health & love in a beautiful bodified 2016!
Be happy and wise, all. Big kiss from these sisters!


I took the second pic while laying down on my bed, as we will be on a surgery table, and then played with the surgery simulator.
These are my pics to discuss with Hasan. I'll leave them up for a while and then take them down again.

* by the way, in none of the pics I enlarged my butt. I only attempted to sculpt (lipo) the shape with the simulator.

Local labs

So, we have our labs back. Hemo is way above 14 for both, the rest is good to. HIV/HGC won't be a showstopper, neither will the blood cloth indicators (PT/PTT/etc.). Those will be checked day pre-op.
So we are good to go.
Now focus on New Years and rest before we fly out. HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear dolls!!

Not long now.

In about a week we'll fly to MIA.
Bag is packed, we are only carrying hand luggage to save time after landing.

After checking into our hotel I will order our foams at ContourMD because that's cheap ($7,50) and delivery is quick enough.

Again with Vanity all is smooth sailing and Maggie/Roxana are very great in helping whenever we have questions.

Happy healing to all bootified dolls and to all the ladies who are up to visit Dr. "Make-me-beautiful" Hasan. ;)

Sick as a shrimp..

I kid you not. Woke up this morning with a throbbing head ache, feeling nauseous to the bone and nose sniffling closed.

Now that's timing..@#$/&
I will sleep, sleep and sleep it off until it's Saturday. And have some Tylenol before my head explodes, just hope it stays down.

Heal well to the PO dolls and good luck to the pre op dolls.

Tick tack...:)

Change of plans ..

Yesterday sis received a message that Dr. Hasan was called out of the office not to be back until further notice.

Today I spoke with Ms. Ana and she and Yisel confirmed. We discussed and she indicated that Dr. Fisher would have time and place for us on the 19th.
Seeing we have all booked and also trust Mr. Fisher, we will be trusting him with our lives.

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get... So we're going with the flow.

At the airport...

..waiting for our flight to Miami. It's earrrrrly...

at Vanity

Yes, after a 10 hour flight we made it to Vanity. We met Margaret and she is great, enthusiastic. Bloodwork and paperwork was done in high speed. Now I have to get an EKG and then done.

Yisel is a doll as are all the ladies here!!

I am up at 8AM and sis at 11AM.

The deal has been sealed!

We are here again!
I am feeling good! Sis is also out of surgery. Will update later on laptop, phone socks. :D
Big kiss

Delayed but not forgotten....

Hi ladies,
We have been missing in action. Reason is simple we are exhausted, and sleep a lot.
Today is day two post op and I can honestly say, we feel better today.

What can I say........, I'll start at the beginning;
After landing on Monday afternoon we went straight to Vanity, there we met with our coordinator Margaret. She took us straight to the back where we had our blood drawn, I had my EGK and we did our paperwork. All was taken care of quite fast and we were able to head to the hotel.
I agree that everyone at Vanity is very kind and helpfull. The lady that draws blood is an angel too.

Morning of our sx nurse Stella (who is our life saver and kind as well) picked us up and we went to Vanity. There we were taken straight to the back to prep for surgery. We ended up sitting in the prep room in a comfortable chair. I went to pee and changed into my surgery outfit. Then mr. Fisher came in and we discussed post op to us. As this is our rd2 we would be in more pain due to scar tissue and sensitivity of skin. He explained that the drain may be annoying but necessary and prevents seroma's because of fast draining of the fluids.
And he has been so right. The draining hole is painfull at times but first two days my drain bulb filled up to 100 every 2h - so that is good.
After the post op talk, he moved on to marking me and asking me what I wanted. During mark up he mentioned I have many irregularities and scar tissue, also unevennes. He said that he would do his best to fix that. I told him I wanted the tiny waist and the perky, small but. I said that I don't feel that a big ol' booty would fit my short legs. So I said; "you know the butt which the real brazilian ladies have, perky, center projection not a big, wide butt for me". He said, I got it. Then Rick came in for the anesthesia talk. All clear there too. Both Fisher and Rick are cutie pie's and personable. I then walked to the OR with Rick where I layed on the bed. Talked to Rick a bit more and before I could say 'see you later', I was out.
Also woke up shivering but the nurse was too sweet, covered me with blankets and a warm blow thing. I try to control my shaking while she was sweet enough to stroke my hair every now and then. When I was able to talk I asked her is my sister was ok, and she said yes; in OR now with Fisher.
Stella came to pick me up and as soon as I was in the hotel, I went to bed and slept....

Yesterday, being day 1 post op we had our massage at Vanity. The girls were nice and attentive, meaning they took notice of how we reacted to their massage and as soon as I really was too much they said; enough for today. We try again tomorrow. Which was appreciated by both of us.

Stella has been giving us fresh fruit, coconut/pineappel juice, brown rice and vegetable soup. All good things. She helps out where needed and does our grocery shopping. I would not know what we would have done without her.
I highly recommand to do what we did: hire hotelroom for privacy and then have Stella/Amy to help you there. They are golden.

Now for our recovery; oooooooooowwww, was mr. Fisher right. This round has been though sofar. We haven't passed out or anything but the body has had a serious blow and is filled up with fluid. Sis is like a blowfish, so much swelling which is slowly going down.
This is a light year different compared to our rd1. The one thing in common is the stiffness and soreness. Getting up from the bed? You mean ssssliding of the bed, lol
Because of all the swelling I can't see anything right now so patience is my best friend again.

We try and laugh as it helps our healing. In addition we rest, sleep, and rest some more. Eat a lot of fruits and try and drink.
Today we go for our 2nd massage and I will try and make pic tomorrow to post, I know you ladies are curious. I just need some more strength.

Gotta go, because Stella just brought us champion breakfast!!! Get that iron and strength up.. love her.

Good luck to all the ladies coming and good luck and strenght to all the ladies healing.

Just to be clear...

Wrt. the results thus far we have no regrets at all of going with Dr. Fisher!

If his long term results are as his personality then we feel very good & confident about it!

Pic update

He girls, I know you have been waiting. So enclosed some pics of what Dr. Fisher did.
He did everything he could to take away the serious amount of irregularities on tummy / sides and back created in Plastica Contreras.
I told him didn't want a shelf, it looks as if he did give me that....aaaarrrggh. I'll double check w/him and pray it's just and only swelling. I can see the contour shining through and that's a very promising one...!

Pls respect and don't use them with asking. Tx!

Status day 4 & reviews..

So where are sis and myself at day four...
Our bowels are on the move since day two so no issues there.
We have been eating fresh fruit, brown rice/sweet potato with veggies and soup since sx; all made by our fantastic care giver Stella (works w/Amy). We have been up every day since sx for at least an hour to get our massages at Vanity.

Time to review;
Seriously, Stella has been our life saver since day of sx. Picked us up, cleaned us up, made sure we got our mess, got our fajas cleaned and most importantly taken in (Vanity gives too big or wrong shape fajas). So got champion breakfast we gave strength, helped out at Vanity and wherever we needed help in Espagnol and showed tender care. In addition she is good and funny company too. She stayed with us for full three days after sx and we needed that. She is the best, we highly recommend her services after sx. If you want to have her info, let me know.

We have had no problems with the people at Vanity whatsoever. Our patient coordinator Margaret is an angel and has shown her real service when we needed her, I appreciate that more than she knows. Girls at reception are nice. The bloodwork lady is super sweet and good. My massage girl Maria is the best. Takes all of the fluid out, explains things and answers any questions I have plus she is really nice. Ask for her if possible.
The whole process has been smooth and little to no waiting.
Everyone is super busy, you can tell but always willing to help. And yes, everyone speaks Spanish and most also English even a bit. But that's no problem, so we adjusted and went with it. And as it's proven; Spanglish works fine, and if not there is always someone there to really translate. No problem.
The fajas I touched base on, but I think that's a purchasing decision and their management needs to review the current supplier, looking at the shapes given by the surgeons vs. shape of the faja.
If you don't mind then go with Vanity. If you want the proper hourglass faja then I'd suggest researching and reach out to fajas vendors or be advised by Marboston on ebay.
You do not want a loose faja on the waist/tummy either. You need firm com


You need firm compression on tummy and waist and lots of flexibility on hip/butt when you get the good/deep lipo and bbl by Dr. Fisher (and Hasan, I assume).

To close: good reviews and happy with things. Be friendly and verbal. That will take you a long way.

Any questions or things I forgot, let me know.

Day 10 PO

So, today we're ten days PO. Not feeling to bad at all. Stiffness in back/neck is annoying, especially when I have been on my tummy for too long . I am up and about pretty much all day, in the evening I just lay on the couch.
I started to massage myself (sides/tummy) with a dough roller/bio oil, right after showering when I am nice and warm. That feels all right because there is only a bit of hard swelling.
I am just very tired from the anesthesia other than that....again not too bad.
These are the things I recognize from rd. 1 and it's all right.

As for my body; I love the way mr. Fisher has contoured me. My butt is still riding high and hard, but that will drop. I wear my foams (4) and ab board during the day, at night only the foams. The board was crushing my ribs.. :-S

By the way, ladies...when you come down to Miami for sx and you are here for a week, don't overpack - LAST THING you want when you go home is a heavy ass bag to carry. You will not be needing that much - whether you stay in hotel&hire nurse or when you stay at an RH. They will have or get food/chux/gauzes/tape/etc.

Your bare necessities:
- vitamins (including arnica/brom.),
- urinal / funnel,
- maxi dress (2),
- flip flops,
- robe or big t-shirt,
- hoodie /vest of some kind,
- 2 pairs of undies; arriving/leaving (you'll be in your faja and that is enough hassle, trust me),
- sweatpants & 2 tshirts,
- small shampoo/soap, deodorant, tooth brush/small tooth paste, skin moisture, chap stick
- phone/tablet + charger
All should be able to fit in a carry on luggage and hand bag.

That's about it, I'll post pics this weekend. Now I am going to catch some zzzzzz'ssss... gees, I am tired.

All about that bass...

Yeah, so my 5 yo. son just turned up the music to one of his favourite songs....and had me dancing to "All about that bass, no treble.." LMAO!

2Weeks po

Exactly two weeks ago today I walked into the OR with Rick.
Can't believe how fast time went.

My body is working hard to recover and changes daily.
My belly and sides are hard as a rock and sting at times, like pins and needles. I massage them under and after a hot shower every morning. And I noticed that works.
My bottom is ferm and tight and I feel all kinds of stuff happening in there; tingles, throbs, pulled and what have you not. I just let it be. It has started to drop a bit and I am deeply hoping it will drop so that the center will achieve some projection.
My swelling and bruising are slowly coming down. Don't pee as much so I am assuming I have no heavy fluid build up anymore.

I am very tired and obviously my neck and back muscles are a bit sore. But only two more weeks and I will start sitting normally again. ;)

I have enclosed some pics and will leave them up for a while. Pls be discrete with my pics. Thx ladies..
Any questions just ask, xoxo

This is where I came from...

Last year January, before rd1.
What a change....unbelievable.

If I would have known then, what I know now; I would have never gone to Contreras, but straight to Fisher...
You live and learn, I always seem to take the long way... *sighs*

4 Weeks PO

And yesterday I hit the 4 week mark. By now I am slowly sitting on my butt with a boppy under my thighs. I also sleep on my sides but not on my bottom just yet. I have refound my sleeping position on my tummy (without all the pillows) as before the BBL and I am sleeping just fine. Still stiffness and swollen when I wake up. After moving for 10 minutes that's all gone.

I daily wear my faja/ab board and foam. Last night I forgot the ab board and only slept with the foam; big mistake. I had the wrinkles from the foam on my skin this morning. So back in the ab board goes.
When I go out at night, I wear my latex squeem and foams underneath. That just gives me a less "imprisoned" feeling. That's the only thing I'd like to loose: the faja. Yegh, it annoyes the hell out of me this round, as where round 1 I had absolutely no problems with it. Oh well, bite the apple and move on.

I also still massage everyday after my warm shower. Since a week I have added raw shea butter, 100% pure - to my massage with bio oil. It works wonders for my skin. I picked this tip up from another BBL queen a long time ago. So my that's my helpfull hint of the day! LOL

I have also enclosed a pic for ya'lls view. As you can see still lots of swelling in my butt and sides. That needs to go down because it is BIG now - I need it to become fit and perky..., and then I can't wait for the fat to "drop" because I feel the bottom is still ridin' high... :)

However: I am super happy with the contour and shape sofar and it can only get better. I really, really am very happy with Fishers' sculpting.


Oh and I learned that both sis and myself received approx 800cc per cheeck.
Whoa, a lot...I need to adjust for a minute. I know a percentage will be reabsorbed, so we'll see...


This morning I woke up butt naked and found my faja, foams and ab board on the floor. Can't remember anything so must have peeled everything off in my sleep.
And dolls; I slept like a new born! lol

After my shower I put on my squeem, side foams and ab board. Without a hitch on the second row (only has two rows). That made me guess that I don't have a lot of swelling left, and I should probably move to a squeem size xs.


This morning I put on my jeans (Levi curved), over my faja with foams and ab board. I actually felt normal.
Did notice that my xs faja is loose, even with foams and board. So now I'm wearing my squeem size S also over everything for more compression.

I am hesitant to move to something more tight as my skin is just sensitive to marks. So contemplating a bit more.

I feel good, still tender and sore on my sides. My bottom is still firm, as where the swelling on my "shelf" is slowly subsiding. Moving towards 6 wks post op.

Take care, ladies!

slow dropping..

This week marks week 8. I have started working out since week 7; doing arms, abs and lower leg exercises combined with 6min of cardio to warm my muscles. It feels good to be active again and have the blood flowing.

And where my bottom was still quite high last week, yesterday I noticed the swelling went down a lot and made my butt look as if it's dropping. This is good! Now the next couple of weeks there will be room for the transfered fat to settle.

I feel good, sometimes a bit stiff and some occassional burning sensation when I get up. Nothing special really.

I still massage daily with shea butter and wear foams/ ab board and faja.
The faja has gotten way too big and I will have that altered this weekend. Oh and I have mornings when I wake up butt naked to find all of my stuff on the floor again. :))
I hardly swell up and put everything back on after showering.

It feels comforting to know that I am walking the same recovery path as most of Fisher's patients.

For all you ladies about to have surgery: good journey,
For all you ladies who just came out of surgery: heal well!

Take care, all!!

5 months PO; time flew by!

I realized that I already passed the 5 month PO milestone already. So here is a small update...

I had gained a bit of weight because of hectic on a professional level, as to where I fell for the easy and quick bites. Not smart, I know..
By now I'm already working that of by no-to-low carbs and working out 4 times a week for the past month. So I should be able to loose that extra fat within 3months.

I still am a happy lady, especially with the contour that Fisher created! Gorgeous, a genuine hourglass!! I have had people complimenting me but also asking me straight up if I had something done. Which is not strange as these curves are quite unusual over where I live.
My boyfriend thinks it's a bit too much (tight abs, xs waist and a full butt).. I don't think he likes it...but he hasn't confirmed nor denied, just no straight answer, even though I've asked him many times directly.

Just not too happy that Fisher didn't lipo my upper abdomen (right under breasts) and upper back. It is not a show stopper, I just need to stay keen on staying tight and not gaining an ounce.

Unfortunately my butt still hasn't really dropped, so at 5 months I still have that god forsaken, bloody shelf!! @#$/&*
Something I specifically requested to please remove the bleeding stupid shelf/high butt; injected by team contreras.
I am still hoping that's swelling and it will disappear when I hit month 10/12.
PLEASE anyone have swelling on lower back/upper butt 5 months PO bbl from Fisher?
If so, did it decrease after approx a year or sooner?

I've enclosed a pic for you guys taken end of May (4months PO). And will update again with a pic at 6months.

For now; be safe, happy and healthy!!
Big bisous!

Approaching 8 months PO

And I am all back to normal again, incidental swelling when I have my period.

Clean eating, working out 4x p/wk is agreeing with me. Still have visible unevenness on my stomach from rd1 @Contreras - looks somewhat deformed because I am loosing weight. That's somewhat awkward at times.
If I ever were to go back it would only be in an effort to get that back to evenly smoothness again.
However Fisher did the best he could, and he was able to take away the hyperpigmentation also caused by rd1.

About my derriere; I am so happy with that! He gave me a nice, modest but quite perky behind!! It fits my frame and I live and love it!
His contouring is an A++, my body has an explicit hourglass shape. And working out these last months have improved it even more.

Will get some updated pics online this week.

Questions? Ask!
Love, health and safety for all dolls out there, xoxo

Pics almost 8mo

Bit swollen as it is day 1 of my period..
Miami Physician

Dr. Fisher performed surgery. He did his best in revising the mess (uneven/skin marks/etc.) made in Plastica Contreras. He shaped my body, waiting for the swelling to go down and dropping of my butt to achieve the short and perky bottom I seeked out to get in the first place. In addition to his experience; he is also a personable man. All the ladies (Margaret/Yuliet/Yisel/Maria) at Vanity have been helpfull, caring and sweet. No complaints in my experience with Vanity ladies whatsoever.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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