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Ok so this is my very first post and I already...

Ok so this is my very first post and I already understand the frustration that I've read about oooo so many times. I literally sat her for about 20 minutes writing and then it all disappeared. Ugh!!!!! Now I'm not in the mood anymore so I'll abbreviate everything I tried to say before.
Background: I've always been very thin and boxy. For a visual think of spongebob. Then as I got older I got curves but not the cute ones. The ones that cluster in formation around ur midsection aka fat!
Journey: Began in 2011 when I decided to schedule a BBL with Dr. Jaime Campos in Mexico. After some unexpected family emergencies that escalated into a series of unfortunate events, I had to cancel last minute. Now u know i was pissed after my dream that was so close, it was almost tangible had slipped right through my fingers. Not to mention, the money and time spent planning. But... c'est la vie... and no experience lost...
Present Day: After seeing Dr. Fishers sculpting skills, I was sold and booked my procedure back in may of this year. They tried to quote me 5500 but I talked them down to 4500. So silly that u can negotiate something like that. Buying an a$$ is like buying a car. Rediculous!!! I've seen nothing but negative reviews about vanity's customer service so I made sure that every single thing that they tell me on the phone is sent to me via email.
Height - 5'5"
Weight - 155ish :(
Bust - 36
Waist - 29 (I think)
Hips - 41 (I think)
I'll post updated stats after I find my tape measure.

And so the countdown begins.

I'll try to take some pics of myself later today. U guys are truly pros at this... this picture taking business is no joke. It's like a project lol

Wish Hips

All I want for Christmas is a snatched waist!

Wish Bootaaayyyy

Booty booty booty booty poppin' everywhere!

How Do I Look Pre Op?

Here's what uve all been waiting for!!! All the flubber for the world to see.. (Insert crying face here)

Which Recovery House will I be using?

I'll be staying with Moni at new body recovery. You can find information on them at I spoke to Moni on the phone and she seems really down to earth. So let's hope this goes well. I'll be there for the 4 night package. I attached the pic of what's included.

More wish booty pics

Finally able to upload these. They wouldnt upload before. I have no specific about of CCS that I want. I don't want anything huge or even remotely shelf like. I just want to be shapely and have a cute butt that looks like I do 500 squats a day (when obviously I don't cause who the hell has time for that). Apparently, sometimes the gym can't always get us where we want especially if we are genetically predispositioned to look like spongebob. Fortunately, some dough and a scalpel is all one needs :).

Which Pre Op/ Post Op Vitamins will I be taking?

After taking a look at the popular make Me Heal and Vitamedica vitamins that everyone talks about taking, I realized that they were pretty expensive and would run me close to $100 and "ain't nobody got time for that". I then began a quest to find something comparable and came across these vitamins which have absolutely everything and then some. I found them at Vitamin Shoppe for $25.99. I started taking these last week and will continue to take them after. (Comes with 90 pills)

Updates: Medical Clearance and Vanity

Ok ladies. So it's been a while. I have so much to say but I always get nervous about writing too much then it gets deleted lol. But here goes...
Medical Clearance
Since my surgery is on a Monday and I'll be flying in on sunday, I had to get my bloodwork done earlier. I had my blood taken 2 fridays ago and by Monday they sent in my results. And I've heard so many horror stories about vanity's customer service that I called them like 100 times a day to make sure they had all of my information and that I was cleared. (Ps. Try to get everything in writing then print out and bring in the day of surgery). Well after calling and literally harassing them from Monday... I finally got a straight answer by Thursday!!! Every time that they told me that they would have someone call me back, I waited 60 minutes then called again lol. It's too late in the game to have anything go wrong. Long story short, I'm cleared. Yay!!! What a relief. I swear I was losing sleep over this mess. I asked for a copy of my results and they told me that I would have to wait until after surgery to get my medical records. Ugh so i asked for my hemoglobin levels and they told me was 12.4. (I kinda wish they were a bit higher)...
All in all, they haven't given me any issues so far. They are all super sweet on the phone. And I'm sure they were tired of my ass calling every 2 minutes but they never showed it... u just have to stay on them. And i noticed that they respond much quicker if u send an email. The only annoying thing is that my medical assistant. Switched 3 times in like 4 days. I kept getting "I'm sorry but she doesn't work here anymore, can I help u with anything. " I was thinking "damn, they go thru people like I change my damn panties"

Things Left to do before surgery and Nightmares

I almost have everything done.
What's left....
1. Book hotel
2. Rent car
3. Get hair braided (ain't nobody tryna be weak and comb hair)
3. ? I'm sure I'm missing some just don't know what. ..
So here's the plan...
I'll fly in to Miami december 6, sunday afternoon and go to meet with Moni from New Body Recovery to handle all the finances. My stay doesn't start until Monday but I ain't trying to shell out hundreds of dollars while I'm doped up on anesthesia. Then I'll prob go out on the town for a bit. I still have to get a hotel for that night. I'll prob stay at the one across the street from vanity. I have to look that up. Any suggestions???
I have all of my supplies already. I'll take pics and give a detailed list over the weekend.

O yea. And i keep having dreams that I'm on the operating table and instead of taking out fat, they take out an actual organ. Or that they use someone else's fat in me and I contract some disease. Or that the plane crashes or that. Dr fisher gets sick and can't do it. Etc...u catch my drift??? Man the mind is a dangerous thing. ...let's pray that none of that hapens!!!

Curveball: Medical Clearance Denied?

No sooner than I updated u all earlier..... then I received a phone call from vanity asking me for information about myself. The same medical questions that I had already answered in the questionaire on the portal. They asked if I'm currently on any meds and i suffer from migraines so i told them that I see a neurologist and take meds only when and if I get a headache.... then they put me on hold and come back and tell me that I am no longer cleared for surgery and that my neurologist has to clear me. Wth!! Now I have to wait because of the holidays and then try to schedule an appt to go see my dr so be can clear me. Remember those nightmares from last post lol ugh.... well now I'm going to try to do this on friday. Hopefully they will be open. But if not then I'll have to try on monday but I'm pushing this so close. #fingerscrossed

Medical Clearance Still Pending with 5 days left

Ok guys... so as expected, my nuerologist's office was closed both Thursday and Friday last week for thanksgiving. I called first thing monday morning and left a vmail. In the meantime I called vanity to have them send me my lab results since they said my dr would need to review my results. (How ironic since they refused to give them to me when I asked in the beginning). As usual, Fishers medical assistant had switched YET AGAIN! Then I had to call 12 times throughout the day starting from 9am just to get them to email me my lab results (which I didn't finally receive until 6:15pm) I faxed my results to my dr.s office this morning but when I sent them my papers, I realized that vanity didn't send the whole packet. My labs was missing page 2. Hopefully my dr doesn't notice when he goes to review it. At this point vanity is starting to work my damn nerves!!!! So My nuerologist was out the office yesterday and he was working in the hospital today. He's supposed to be in the office tomorrow so hopefully I can get him to clear me. I'm freaking out right about now!
Side bar: the request form that vanity sent my dr said that I'm having liposculture with brazilian butt lift!. I was like damn did they have to put my whole government out there like that? Now I'm gonna have to switch my dr lol. He's going to be all staring the next time I go for a check up lol...

Things are looking up!

Ok ladies. First off thanks for all the support thus far. I was literally over here sweating bullets at the thought of potentially not being able to have my surgery on monday. So i started my day off by calling my nuerologist office this morning at 9am and leaving a vmail with his nurse. (They open at 8, I figured 1hr was long enough for them to get themselves together for the day) then after that, I called every hr on the hr. Then at like 2, I started freaking out since they close at 4... and starTed calling like every 15 minutes. At 3, the nurse finally picked up and explained that she was reviewing clinical trials all day and had her phone on do not disturb. But she has caller ID so she saw that I called like 100 times lol. So i apologized for being her personal stalker and demanded an update. She said my dr said that I was cleared and that she just needed to write the letter today and he would sign tomorrow. So I'm happy but this isn't over. So i guess I'll give her until about 1pm tomorrow before I start harassing her again. I need to make sure that vanity gets the fax and i want it in writing that im cleared. Yall know they're slow and can't seem to get sh*t straight sometimes.

Good to Go! Question about Moni

Ok. So between Thursday and Friday I literally called Vanity a million times and by mid friday they finally received my clearance letter from my dr. Then friday evening I received a call from Ana with my pre-op instructions.... YAY!!! Finally now I can breathe.

Does anyone know how Moni accepts her payments? Can I use my credit card? I'm going straight to her after flying in tomorrow and I don't want to have to carry all that cash on me...

I'm Here!!!!!

I flew in yetserday. Flight landed around 2. I called Moni a couple times but no answer... i finally spoke to her at about 8 or something like that and she said she was busy during the day and she puts her phone on mute and disnt see it. ok they called me in... I'll update a little later...

Going in

The infamous blue slippers

On the other side

Hey guys this will be short. I know we worry when we haven't heard from each other after surgery. I'm doing fine. Just very sore. These meds def work. Feeling drowsy. So I'll try this again tomorrow. Ps. The ass is huge lol.

Thank you all soooooo much for the well wishes. I love u guys. Def feeling the support. I truly appreciate it. ... until tomorrow. ...

Day of BBL - Dec 7th

8 am - arrived at vanity. (Ps I don't know about u guys but my GPS kept taking me to the Plaza after vanity so I was driving around like a crazy person for about 30 minutes trying to make it on time). The door was open but I was the only person in the waiting room.
8:15am - someone came out called my name and brought me straight to the back. As soon as I got back there, I changed my clothes took pics, filled out a million pages and signed my life away
9:10 - met Dr fisher. He was super cool and very honest about my expectations. He even sat and talked to me about online shopping and amazon. Lol. Then he had me take off my robe and he took pics and marked me up. I was sooo suprised that he took as much time talking to me as he did. We looked at wish pics and talked about life like we knew each other.
9:28 - met moni for the first time. She popped in while I was talking to fisher. I paid her and she took my license and health insurance card to pic up my meds. (While dr. Fisher joked about me giving him some of that money lol)
9:39 - 9:48 - dr. Fisher finished my consultation and I was walked to the back
9:53am - this is the last time that I remember. Can't remember the anesthesiologist's name but he was nice. I kept asking "did u do it yet? I wanna count down" lol but that's all I remember
2:00pm - I woke up freezing (teeth chattering, can barely talk because im so damn cold) asked for a blanket. Then I was still cold and asked for another blanket and the lady said "mami u already have 3 blankets" and of course I responded "what's ur point? I'm still cold, can I get another blanket or not?" (O god forgive me for being rude. Let's blame it on the narcotics!) Then when I asked for the time she told me it was 2pm. I asked 3 different people at 3 different times to make sure they were telling me the right time lol. Next thing u know I was up kneeling on a chair and having some gatorade.
2:30pm - I was wheeled out kneeling down out the back door and Moni picked me up in her van. (She has a mattres's across the back so u could lay down

How do I feel Post OP Dat 1 - Day 11

Day of BBL - I felt great! Obviously it was the anesthesia doing its job. I fell asleep on the ride to Moni's and was a bit wobbly when I got out the car and I think I cursed a couple choice words when I realized that I had to climb the damn stairs when I got to the house. But before you know it, I was in the bathroom doing a booty dance and talking about "what are these girls talking about? Thats it? OK I'm gonna be doing back flips tommorrow!" (My future self is slapping that damn chick) the rest of the day was pretty much painless. Just weak and numb and drowsy. I slept ate some soup and slept some more. And woke up to pee like every 2 hrs at which point I would ring the bell and Moni would come help me walk to the bathroom then I would use my female urinal which is GOD'S GIFT TO WOMEN. I freaking love that thing! Then I'd do another boots dance and go back to bed
Day 1 PO - HELL!!! HELL!! HELL!!! Did I mention it was HELL!!!??? I spent the entire day dizzy so dizzy that I could barely walk to the bathroom and when I did I could even wipe myself. Def needed lots of help this day. And yep now the pain was whooping my ass. Dr. Fis her gives oxy so I was on that every 4 hrs. Omg the meds really work because I could feel them wearing off when they did. I have a pretty high pain tolerance so today is the only day that I actually took the meds on a schedule. I barely made it to my post OP visit. Then my body kind of cruised on auto pilot while moni gave me my massage and washed me up.
Day 2 PO - I did a lot of walking around today. I was super stiff but it helped to keep moving. I only took the pain meds 30 min before the massage today and that was it.
Day 3 PO - not as good as day 2. Spent most of it in bed.
Day 4 PO - very stiff and sore and flew back home which is a story in itself that I'll update u guys on later
Day 5 -6 same
Day 7 PO - had my PCP remove my drain.
Day 8 PO - OMG it was like back to day 2. I had so much swelling and bloating now that I had removed my drain that I could feel my skin stretching. It was awful and I literally did not sleep all night. My poor vajayjay was on fire and look like a waterrible balloon that was about to burst.
Day 9 PO - like majic, all of the swelling disappeared. This was the first day that I felt great and almost normal with no pain whatsoever. Just some stiffness here and there.
Day 10 - 11 still feeling great

Itchiness - Help!

Ok so I am so ooooo itchy that I don't know what to do with myself. I can't think of anything else besides scratching. Last night I literally ripped off my garment and started rolling my back on the wall to get some relief. I'm on claritin during the day and benadryl at night but they don't seem to work very well. Has this happened to anyone? Can some of you vets offer some advice on how I can combat that God forsaken torture chamber that is my body and this damn straight jacket aka the garment.

Moni New Body Recovery Review

First off, let me say that it takes a special person to selflessly care for another stranger in the way that is offered at New Body Recovery Services.
I POsted the details about what I paid and what was included in my "where am I staying" post above. But here are a few more details.
Rooms - single occupancy full/ queen size bed. TV with cable and free wifi. (If ur like me, u may use the TV but be too oUT of it to even surf the web)
Care - 24hrs around the clock. You have a bell in the room and within 137 secs of ringing the bell even at 3am, someone is at ur room checking if ur ok. (Yes I have OCD and I count everything #DontJudgeMyLife lol) My amazing caretakers were Moni, Shelle, and Tracy. Each of them were equally amazing!!!

From the moment that I met these women I immediately felt like I was visiting family. Not once did I feel like I was at a hospital being cared for by a nurse. I mean these women had to wash me in the shower, and even wipe me after I used the bathroom when I was incapable. One may say that they were simply doing their job but believe me.... there's a difference. I couldn't have made a better choice and I'm so happy that I stayed there. If you guys are looking for somewhere to stay, I Def recommend them 100 percent.
Food: 3 meals a day and snacks and juice/ water whenever u need. Tracy did all the cooking while I was there and this chick puts her FOOT in every meal. Stirfry, meatloaf, eggs, fresh fruit with every meal, stuffed chicken (all low sodium, low fat foods)
Massages are included in the package so it was very convenient to have them done right in the house and not have to go out.
I can't think if I'm missing anything but if u guys have any questions, feel free to ask

Post OP pics

Pre OP Measurements
Waist: 31"
Butt: 40.5"
12 days Post Op Measurements
Waist: 30" (very swollen)
Butt: 43"

Ps. Idk how u ladies make taking pics looks so easy. This was a damn project. And the mirror is still dirty, the lighting is still off, and these pics do no justice

Vanity Cosmetics Review

Ok. So here goes....
Pre OP
Coordinator : my coordinator was great. Easy to understand. Seemed to have my best interest at heart (even tho we all know they'll tell u damn near anything to get that commission) stayed in contact with me. Responded quickly to my ZILLION questions.However, the heffa told me that I would be perfectly fine to fly home at 4 days po and that removing my drain that quickly was ok. Come to find out, dr. Fisher was pissed that she told me that and asked who my coordinator was. Of course by the time I had my surgery, she didn't work there anymore like most of the damn coordinators. He does NOT recommend that you remove your drain before 7 days. He will do it because he doesn't want u flying with it but he strongly recommended against it. (As u all know, I flew with mine against his will but we won't tell him that lol)
Surgery Wait time: from the time that I entered the door to the time that I was under anesthesia was about 2hrs. This all went very quick. Keep in mind that I didn't have the opportunity to go in the day before to fill out papers and do my consult. Everything went very quickly and I was impressed.
Post Op Recovery Care: the nurses are very nice and accomodating. Not much to say here as my time in recovery was very short
Post Op Follow up: I was suprised that dr. Fisher met me for my post OP follow up since a lot of people say they don't get to see him. He was the same cheery person that he was the day of my surgery and told me that I looked great and that he was able to get out a lot of fat. (I should have taken this opportunity to ask him more questions but I was too out of it to think straight)
Post Op calls: Vanity has called me about 5 times in the past 2 weeks to check up on me and ask how I'm doing.

ALL IN ALL... I would do another surgery with them. They were a bit annoying before my surgery but u seriously have to stay on them and get everything in writing. Even tho I brought all of my emails and receipts I didn't even need any of it. All of my records were up to date when I got there. I think that is because I stayed on them and had them email me everything.

A couple before and after collages for u guys

I forgot to mention my pre OP weight.
Ok so the scale at vanity said that I was 153. Then 7 days later when I had my drain removed at my PCP, the scale 169. WTF!!! Yes I flipped out and told her that the scale was broken and needed to be calibrated. Then at 12 days PO (today) I stepped on my scale at home ( I have on my garment foams and PJs) and the scale says 166. OMG has this happened to anyone? Is this all water weight? I am pretty swollen.
Guys I gave Fisher the conservative speech and told him I wanted a nice shape and didn't want to look like a stripper. And I guess he delivered but now I'm thinking that I shouldn't have asked for this because I do wish it was bigger :(. I'm so scared about it shrinking that every time I take off my clothes to shower, I pull out the tape measure. At the end of the day, I look 100 times better now than before surgery but I don't want to do this again and I want to keep the inches. When can I stop worrying about loosing volume?

14 Days PO - First Day Back to Work

I swear today was the longest day ever. I still haven't felt any actual pain since about day 8 so I'm ok in that department but omg I was so uncomfortable. First off I did my hardest to disguise my garment aka straight jacket but it's so bulky I felt like everyone could see it. (Prob all in my head) I used my boppy pillow to sit on and a throw pillow for my back. It worked out ok except I was so paranoid that I never actually put my entire weight on the chair. I had quite a bit of meetings today and I couldn't bring the set up with me everywhere so I would sit (leaning forward) on the edge of the chair with my weight on my thighs and Butt off the seat. Luckily I didn't have any long meetings today. I did get up often for "bathroom breaks" and "smoke breaks" (even tho I don't smoke). All in all it wasn't painful just Very uncomfortable all day. I guess that this will be my set up from now on until I am able to sit unassisted but it's so hard to focus on work when ur focused on not squishing the new prized possession.

Calling all Vets! I need ur Help!!!

Here are a couple questions concerns. Any answers would be so helpful

1. When should I stop wearing the compression socks. (I called vanity and they told me I don't need to wear them anymore)

2. My feet are SUPER swollen whether I wear the compression socks or not. They hurt. I can feel them throbbing. My toes look like sausages. Whenever I lay down on my stomach I keep them up in the air to somewhat elevate them but I don't know what else to do. When I do wear the socks, they are still swollen but my legs swell so much that when I take the socks off its like u can see the skin bunching over where the socks were.

3. Vanity put me in a size 42 garment which was way too big. And Fisher told me that I shouldn't switch garments until about 4 weeks. But from about day 2 I switched to a size 40. I have been in the thigh high size 40 vedette for 2 weeks and the waist is now way too big and I have so much swelling on my stomach and the triangle keeps sliding up my back. I called vanity and they told me to get a smaller size. I already have one so today after work I put on a size 38 which feels much better as far as compression goes. I am still able to fit 3 foams inside (1 in the front across my stomach and 1 on each side that wraps around to my back) this new garment is a full body garment to my ankles. Maybe this will help with the swelling? Do you think it's too early to switch sizes?

4. I am going to start my massages back up tomorrow after breaking for a week when I removed the drain. How many massages does one really need post op? (I'd like to buy a package since it's cheaper that way)

5. What is the difference between localized swelling and a seroma? (I'm afraid I may be getting one on the side of my stomach. Another reason I really wanted to change garments)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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