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Hello Ladies I'm very new to this site. I have...

Hello Ladies I'm very new to this site. I have been stalking this site to make the most valuable decision ever.. I started out wanting J curve i was so set on like crazii.. until i came on this site and done some research.. Hasan have me hands down. His work looks amazing. Ik ever one is different believe me ik. Well, i plan to have my sx February 2016. Reason why this time thats the time i have vdays available. I have to lose 30 pounds n i have been honestly working on that. With the help of u ladies n motivation to do this for himself. I want my clothes to look great on me again n Hasan is the man for that.. I would love to feel welcome on this site so please feel free to chat wit me.. oh I've also took the honors of using some of you ladies wish pictures well. Anything u feel would b helpful to me please share you ladies are now my family..

Recovery stay help please

I'm in need of communication on here. Can someone please help me out here. I'm searching for a recovery home something nice a very professional pplz. Please share wats included or a number something. Thank you.

Hasan Doll i will be

So i received my email for Martha at vanity. She is really a nice person. She listens to all ur concerns and answer every question as if she was taking notes. Thats what I'm talking about. So i have list n my lab list. Which i have labs already scheduled for December but I'm going in January that way anything wrong it an can correct n it willnt be an xtra charge for me per my doctor.. these days are moving fast b4 u know it it'll b 2016 n i truly believe thats when I'm going to freak out.. Lol.???? any ladies having sx in February around the 19th. Can't wait to see this new body. I will be posting all my b4 pic soon n wish pics.

what you know about Hasan

Umm yeah he is my choice for my sx. Im ready for him then I'm not Lol.???? so much to do with everything house, children n bbl..I'm moving at my own pace I've scheduled my lab work for December so i can know wat my levels are n get wats needed corrected down b4 my sx. I've lost 10lbs in the past 30 days working on the 20lbs. Which i will lose do to my determination. Im 5 71/2 with 200lbs ugh fr. I let myself go. Focusing on my family needs instead of my own. Well that's over im doing this for me. Where are some wish pics although my husband disagree with all but the first one..smdh.

more wish pics

Thats not the first one sorry ladies..

working n working on weight lost

Trying to stay focus reason i haven't been on here. Working on my weight and other things as well. I'm proud to say I've lost 18lbs and so far staying off. With about 10 inches as well. I was told to lose 30lbs but I'm going for 40lbs i have til Feb. To get this weight off n I'm doing good thus far. Congrats to all who have came out with a successful sx n. Praying for all us new comers. Feel free to share ur sx experience with me. I'm going to try to b on more now that i have squared away somethings.

whew its been awhile ladies

Its been a long time okay. I have changed my date until March. I'm excited but i still have alot of this i been tryn to accomplish..I promise you all i will take you all on the journey with me. I purchased all i need for after the sx. Now my flight are in process waiting for my agent to contact hopefully Monday to pay that off n I'm all set to go..wishing all u ladies a safe and Blessed recovery. Ttyl


So what's going on is this true about Dr. Hasan? Can anyone verify this? Are they really saying he isn't coming back whats the deal.? I spoke with these pplz this morning n wasn't informed anything about him leaving nothing bout he wasn't going to be able to do my sx. So help me if this is that refund me my money now rt. I will be contacting them n the am about this rumor fr. N I'm not listening to know bottom person that just moves the phone lines


I talked with the pplz of vanity n yes, Hasan as they say have an emergency. At the moment. They also said he haven't given a day nor time of return but he was there today for some reason.. any who the young lady who is handling changes of his schedule will contact everyone if their date has changed. So I'll wait i come this far. Let's see wats going to happen. Refunds are available ladies n if u paid for flights they said a form they give to airlines will help n refunding. Dont know the truth to that either..

bbl pillow

My pillow was just canceled from off ebay. Wat is next ugh.. that bbl pillow wasn't easy to find..Can any of you ladies please tell me where i can grab another one At. Like Today to be here by Monday please and Thank you in advance


The days are going by fast and time is getting short. Last payment Monday. I'm getting very nervous. I have everything coming through the mail next week now its just putting my fear behind me and let my faith n God take control. Here are a few pics as i promised. Not a site but hey thats y we all are on here right. Not to judge each other but to uplift one another Hasan due what u know how with this Patrick shape. Lbvs comments are welcome.

The house

I'm all paid for the Cosmicare Recovery house Vanity need to move that money like now before they cancel my pymnt and have to do that over..ugh The count down is real n I'm super nervous. Ladies not to scare anyone but turn your tv on Dr. OZ at 4pm BBL is the topic of the show dont want to miss out on what these Doctors are doing to us woman. Best have knowledge then know knowledge at all.. Have a good day.


I need so points on losing nine pounds i have 30 days b4 sx can some please talk to me .. Thank you

Vanity is a Fkn mess update Hasan

So talkn to these pplz just now. This what these pplz sayn those who have sx in 3wks should receive a call 2wks in advance to let them know that if HASAN is coming back or Not. N if u have a price with Hasan n have to go to another doctor like Fisher the price is more than Hasan. I'm bout done n lookn for a refund n live my life. I'm fully paid with everything n u really think i have more money to give Hell Naw. Wait for this call tomorrow from the the manager i spoke with today n she been TOLD this isn't that. You will be refunding me my Money. The Fkn nerve of that place playn games with pplz.

Any more cancelations


These Days Tho

I've literally packed my bag already. I guess to takr my mind off everything with u know who. Have anyone been canceled for March do share plz n thank you. Even if my date is canceled I'll take fisher a big deal it is but he is one of the Best anyway. So I'm done with been stressed I'm cool Just waiting for the change i been wanting for yrs.


So with that being said to keep my wknd at a relaxing point i really hope you all pay close attention to the next update. Believe you dont want to miss this one..rt

cosmicare recovery house

How many of you ladies stay at cosmicare recovery house? What was it like? I've spoke with the young lady Keisha several times she seems very nice. What was anyone experience there? Please let me know. Thanks so much
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