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I am not new to Realself. Actually I live here...

I am not new to Realself. Actually I live here and I have RF status but I created a new profile to shake off some unwanted followers who are not here for the same reason as I am - to share experiences and encourage each here I am ..made my booking with Hassan for Nov 17th and would love to hear from other sisters going around that time,,I appreciate any advice you veterans can offer thanks!!

Booked ad Tickets Bought!

Bought my tickets ad hotel and paid $1000 to reserve my far my coordinator Yeseniohas been marvellous...she responds really quick all the time...I am cautiously impressed with all I have heard about I am set to arrive in Miami Nov 16, head straight to Vanity for labs then surgery next day. They will not accept my test results from my country. Strange Ortega's office accepted it..well...

Some Pics of looks I like

Wish Pics!!

Reality!! Current pic

look at that flatty omg lol

Am I alone on this?

Since Realself introduced me to the world of BBls I now look at so many girls on tv and even the streets and the internet and I am convinced BBL was just the best kept secret because so many ppl seem to have had it...I have now become somewhat of an expert and I am able to recognize these jobs now I was soo in the dark!! But I have always been saying it is just weird how all these vixen looking women start appearing all over social media etc hmmmm..anyway I never thought I would be able to afford something like this..In my mind those things were reserved for stars lol November 17th come on!!!


In this naked pic of me I used a surgery simulator to tuck in my waist as I would like it..originally I was set out to just do some lipo but then I learnt about bbl and then I said why not..I always wanted a good shape ass..I have zero ass and now I can buy it lol

Little Confused

Sigh..I research so much I m confusing myself a bit..I listened to sme vets and determined I needed a extra large vedette 929 so I ordered one from the vedettestore. By the next day I saw competing advice and then I determined I needed medium instead so I went on ebay and bought that same 929..Today I am reading again and I think I need large! I am not buying shit else those two better work one way or the other ...I am 5feet 11.5 inches last time I weigh I was 170 pounds but not so sure this minute

Vanity Trying to Sell Me Garment

I got an email from Vanity STORES asking if I already had a garment reserved bc they recommend I buy it from their store instead. They say 99% of persons that come with their own is wrong size or type so they advise I buy their $120 garment to put on coming out of surgery. I just do not like the idea of paying $50 more for something just like that and I have a vedette 929 size medium, which is my regular size and xl. What do you guys recommend?

4 Days Away to being HASSANIFIED!!!

The time is almost here...four days to show time. What am I most nervous about? No flight delays, everything going smooth with Vanity and my labs, not waking up to excruciating pain and SEROMAS! I am just praying all goes according to plan...can't wait to meet my upgraded body!!

Sgned up for UBER

Hey guys, I signed up for Uber since I will be traveling quite a bit in Miami and I used a code from a fellow Realself doll so my first ride will be free!! Awesome I am sharing my code with who have not signed up yet for your free ride (and when you use it I get one too :-))

Code: fayolaeue




I AM doing great guys just sleepy so cnt be long. all went smooth this morning and here is shot wearing pads so I think I wil get my dream waist. he said possibility loose tummy skin but lets see. no gigantic but just projection n good size fr frame. tomorrow I go fr first massage so will see my body thn. Pain iis almost none except discomfort getting off bed..sleeping again just nw so let me go...I was sleeping n texting my sis snatchmywaist428 a lot of hearts lol


hI EVERYONE, I am finally staying up longer periods now so I can write you something. I am doing well, very well, I came of painpills but felt a bit too sore so I went back on. I am not rushing anything. Dr took 4000 cc fat total n injected 780 cc each cheek. He asked me how big I wanted my butt and I said big but not tv vixen big, enough for my frame that looks naturally mine as I don't want to look fat. I am 5'11 so I cannot afford to look thunderous lol I love my results tho it is early bc I see a lot improvements already. my stomach is so flat and waist trim. my fajas are all already too big and tonight I am jus in a cincher with foams n ab board and my butt out in air

Pics and update

Heyyyy ladies! I am still here but haven't updated in a while bc I didn't think many people was interested until I checked feedback on the last review. I have been enjoying my new body so much. I am happy I made this decision and even though I'm still healing I can say Dr Hasan exceeded my expectations. I did have modest expectations anyway. I started sitting week four. I sit normally now and I have not noticed any volume loss. I stay heavily compressed at home but go light to work or on errands. I'll attached some recent random pics

more pics

Here are more pictures. Right now it's my stomach I'm not all happy about yet as it still needs some smoothing. It's flat but not all smooth. I wear a faja with three foams ab board triangle then waist trainer over it.

Hasan..still the man!!

still holding up:-)
Miami Physician

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