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Hello all ..I am 37 as of November I am looking to...

Hello all ..I am 37 as of November I am looking to get a revision from dr. McAdoo this is my third time the second time I came down and then they told me that I needed to lose 20 pounds I wasn't able to lose the 20 I only lostt 18 and dr. McAdoo still would not do my surgery even though n 2015 he did me at the same weight but that's another day another time I'm doing a review on dr. Daniel calva he will be doing my BBL with 12 areas of lipo plus five post-op massages free he has the thing or advertisement on his page I don't see many reviews but from what I see he has done good lipo skills and sculpting of BBL is good I went to McAdoo and he was not aggressive enough I think with the lipo of so hopefully I can get him to focus on my midsection arms and back my but is kinda big it just needs to be shaped I'm not complaining I look better than what I used to if you check my previous round 1 story but I will be going December 16th I'm going to fly down there I'm really looking for a buddy so we can either rent a nurse and share a hotel or just go to a recovery place together someone just to talk to and be with so I don't have to be alone the first time I came with my sons and my uncle this time I will be coming alone so to have a buddy that would be great and to save some money on room food and transportation will be good to does anyone know any good recovery places because I am not going with vanity they only give you breakfast that is crazy someone that provides at least three meals and transportation from the airport to the appointment pick up your medication and take you back to the airport but very excited ready to get this long journey or just hoping his lipo skills are great n sculpting the booty

Deposit on FLEEK

just signed cancellation n refund agreement for third time it's joke when come to your money they do they want u may wonder why I am even going back one then I can say about them is for money they get ur ass in last minute n if u get everybody on same page that's working on ur team u be in out with a PHAT AZZZ my first time was a breeze no long wait surgery was great no complications no infections from Mcadoo he just is like fuck your aftercarei lucky when I got back Ohio I found dr Kurtis Martin in he looked after this AZZ for 100 a pop took stitches out check everything I'm hoping get there Friday do pre op surgery on Sat with dr calva recovery house or nurse 3 days go back 3 or 4 day check everything OK then 22nd back my babies in fiance/hubby2B...nice smooth but u no vanity..oops I mean the new

Pictures want post

Dam u real self I want show pic of me now if u want see before pic check round 1 review until I can delete some apps or pictures in my phone to have enough memory for RS
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